Shenmue Master Interview with Shenmue Music Composers


Shenmue Master has released an exclusive interview with Shenmue music composers Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Yuzo Koshiro, and Ryuji Iuchi.

Links: Interview | Shenmue Music

Shenmue Gaiden: A Christmas Tale


Community member ShenSun has released the latest instalment in his Shenmue Gaiden series, titled "A Christmas Tale".

Though a slightly belated release, ShenSun made it clear he wished this to be delivered before the 2018 Christmas period.

"A Christmas Tale" is a lighthearted, click & point adventure game set in the Shenmue universe, featuring many memorable characters and environments.

For more information, including plot synopsis and how to download & install, please visit the dedicated forum thread here.

Help add Ryo Hazuki to new Sega mobile game


If enough people follow the developer on Twitter or pre-register on Sega's website, Ryo Hazuki will be added to a new mobile game. The Phantom River Stone blog has full instructions for playing your quick and easy part in achieving that goal and bringing new awareness to the Shenmue franchise.

Links: Twitter Account | Pre-Registration Page | Forum Discussion

More books donated by fans to Guilin school


A primary school for underprivileged children in Guilin, China, has recently received a donation of 166 books, paid for by Chinese fans of the Shenmue series of video games partly set in the remote area. [Read more]



Links: Watch on YouTube | Rising Tiger Films

Game Sack: Games DESPERATELY Need HD Remasters (Shenmue)


The latest episode from Game Sack talks about games that need HD Remasters and they include the Shenmue series as their top pick. Click here to watch it! #SaveShenmueHD

Kickstarter Update #79: MAGIC 2018 Participation Info


The latest Kickstarter update covers some initial details of next months MAGIC Monoco conference.
Yu Suzuki has been confirmed to be in attendance.
Please view the link below for the full update.

Links: Kickstarter Update #79 | Forum Discussion

Three New Shenmue III Screenshots from MAGIC Conference


Three new screenshots were just revealed at the MAGIC Monaco conference, one showcasing Ryo and Shenhua with facial expressions. Check them out below, and stay tuned for the actual MAGIC expo next month!

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

Sega Europe's "Fun Mid-Week Nostalgia Fuelled Poll"


Sega Europe have posted a poll on their official Twitter asking fans to name their favourite console and video game.

Please take this opportunity to vote for Shenmue while reminding them of the importance of releasing HD versions of both titles before Shenmue 3 arrives later this year.

Visit this link to vote and remember to use the #SaveShenmueHD hashtag in any tweet you make!

January 3rd: Tweetathon to #SaveShenmueHD


This Wednesday, January 3rd, gamers are invited to take part in the first #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon of the year by tweeting the campaign hashtag and asking Sega to remaster Shenmue 1 & 2 in time for Shenmue 3's release.

More details on this regular event are available at, where you can customize a pre-loaded AutoTweet for easy participation every month.

Kickstarter Update #78: Then, Now and Tomorrow


It's the season of giving and sharing and 2017 is nearing it's end so it's time for this year's final Kickstarter update!
In a casual conversation Yu Suzuki and Hiroaki Takeuchi reflect on Shenmue III's creation so far and we get some insight what is done right now and looks into the future, forward to 2018, the year of Shenmue. Merry Christmas!

Links: Video Interview | Kickstarter Update #78 | Forum Discussion

Yu Suzuki interview (Gamescom 2017) by Shenmue Master


YouTube: Shenmue Master Interview

Shenmue 3 nominated for Most Anticipated PS4 Title


Shenmue III is nominated for "Most Anticipated PS4 Title" in the official PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year awards! To quickly cast your vote, visit this link and scroll down to the relevant category - you don't have to vote in each one.

Yokosuka tourist map

Update: the English version of the map can now be downloaded as a PDF from the Yokosuka City website:

The official Shenmue-themed tourist guide pamphlet that was announced at the start of the month is currently only available in Japanese, with an official English version on its way.

For those who can't wait, an English fan translation of one of the maps & accompanying notes has been carried out on the Phantom River Stone blog.


The post also contains real-life photos of the gantry crane and the warehouses that served as inspiration for the Shenmue harbor area.

View the translations and full-size images at the Phantom River Stone blog.

Yu Suzuki at MAGIC 2018 + Shenmue III on Facebook


Yu Suzuki has been announced as a guest at MAGIC 2018 on February 24th in Monaco, where organizers say he will share "the latest cool stuff" regarding Shenmue III. Fan attendance is free however advance registration is required.

Meanwhile a Shenmue III page on Facebook has been confirmed as official by the game's worldwide publisher Deep Silver, with content from recent updates being shared on the social media platform.

Kickstarter Update #77: New Character & Lakshya Digital


The latest Kickstarter update introduces us to a new character as well as India based art studio Lakshya Digital, who are assisting the Shenmue 3 team with character production.

Links: Kickstarter Update #77 | Forum Discussion

Shenmue II Music: Queen's Street - Night (Extended)


Listen: Queen's Street (Night) | Shenmue Extended Music | Shenmue II Extended Music

Dec 3rd: Yokosuka tourist map + #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon


This Sunday, December 3rd, Shenmue fans are invited to participate in the monthly #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon by posting the hashtag on Twitter and/or customizing a preloaded message at for automatic release on the day.

The campaign aims to publicly remind Sega of the need for new versions of the first two Shenmue games in time for Shenmue 3's release. With Sony's PlayStation Experience only a week away, another opportunity presents itself to announce remasters at a major industry event. Will the chance to introduce new players to Ryo's quest for vengeance be seized before 2017 comes to a close? Now's our collective opportunity to spread the word and be heard on the 3rd!

For its part, Sega will be marking the date this Sunday with an official Shenmue-themed Yokosuka tourist map, available at select locations and online, with an English version forthcoming. More details of this can be found at the Phantom River Stone blog.

Kickstarter Update #76 - Say Hello to the Deep Silver Promo


After a long break we finally get another Kickstarter update, giving us some insights as to why there was a pause in the first place and further information of Deep Silver's involvement in the project.

Links: Kickstarter Update #76 | Forum Discussion

Shenmue Undub Playthrough & "Vengeance" Campaign Trailer


Mr357 is returning today at 3pm CT to do weekly playthroughs using the updated version of the Shenmue Undub. We also have a new Shenmue 3 campaign trailer made by ShenP1.

Links: Shenmue Undub Playthrough | "Vengeance" Campaign Trailer

Shenmue - The Sadness I Carry On My Shoulders Ambient Cover


Sounddole VGM Covers on YouTube has uploaded his own rendition of the Shenmue music track "The Sadness I Carry On My Shoulders.


Shenmue voice cast reunites for hurricane relief


Members of Shenmue's English voice cast have unofficially reprised their roles to support charitable relief efforts in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean following the recent series of hurricanes.

To hear new dialog from the familiar voices of Ryo, Xiuying, Fuku-san and more, check out the video and full report and consider donating to the cause.

Shenmue II Music: Scarlet Hills - Night (Extended)


Listen: Scarlet Hills (Night) | Shenmue Extended Music | Shenmue II Extended Music

November 3rd: Tweetathon to #SaveShenmueHD


The monthly #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon takes place all day Friday, inviting gamers to share the hashtag on Twitter requesting remasters of Shenmue 1 & 2.

Yu Suzuki and others involved in the making of Shenmue 3 have repeatedly expressed their desire for the saga's original chapters to be re-released in time for the new sequel, and have encouraged fans to make our feelings known to Sega.

So please join us by taking part on November 3rd (always the 3rd!), urging Sega to finally commit to restoring the first two games in this landmark series.

Shenmue II Music: Wise Men's Qr. Night (Extended)


Listen: Wise Meb's Qr (Night) | Shenmue Extended Music | Shenmue II Extended Music

Gamescom 2017: Recap by Shenmue Master


Trent and Shendream from have written a recap of what they learned from Gamescom. English translation by Dojo member Yokosuka.

Link: Gamescom Recap

Shenmue II Playthrough Part 6 (English)


Links: YouTube | Twitch | Playlist

Shenmue II Playthrough Part 5 (English)


Links: YouTube | Twitch | Playlist

October 3rd: Tweetathon to #SaveShenmueHD


With Paris Games Week approaching, Shenmue fans are invited to remind Sega of the need to confirm and release new versions of Shenmue 1 & 2 in time for Shenmue 3's release.

The monthly #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon takes place all day on the 3rd, with gamers around the world tweeting and retweeting the hashtag in a show of public solidarity in requesting these remasters.

Thank you for your support!

Kickstarter Update #75 - Dev Room Progress Report Vol. 4


Shenmue III's dev team gives us an insight on the work on facial animations in the newest Kickstarter update.

Links: Facial Animations (Video) | Kickstarter Update #75 | Forum Discussion

Ryox - The Place Where The Sun Set (Shenmue '80s Remix)


Links: The Place Where The Sun Set | Riccardo Favaro's Channel | Bandcamp

Shenmue 3 - A Real Chinese Town Uncovered


Dojo member Sergeynest has put together a video comparing photos from a real Chinese town to what was shown in the recent Shenmue 3 teaser. Click here to watch his video.

Shenmue 500K interviews Yu Suzuki


The Shenmue 500K group has published its recent interview with Yu Suzuki on its new website.

Among the topics discussed are the effect of the Deep Silver partnership on Kickstarter stretch goals, the Shenmue prototype built for Sega Saturn, a Tomato Convenience Store in Shenmue 3, and Ryo Hazuki in Virtua Fighter.

ShenmueDojo Live Stream Resumes Sept 8th


We will resume streaming on the Dojo's Twitch and YouTube channels this Friday, the 8th of September at 9 pm BST/ 4 pm EST/ 1 pm PST. We'll be playing Sm1th's Shenmue II in English.

Live Stream: Twitch | YouTube

September 3rd: Tweetathon to #SaveShenmueHD


With many recent quotes from Yu Suzuki and other members of the Shenmue III team, demand for Sega to remaster Shenmue 1 & 2 is a hot topic leading into this month's #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon.

Throughout Sunday fans around the world are invited to tweet the hashtag and retweet others doing the same. To make sure you never miss a chance to spread the word and be heard on the 3rd, you can also set up a customized AutoTweet at for simultaneous release with hordes of fellow campaigners!

Famitsu Poll Results: Best All-Time Game Top 12 [Sept 17]

In June, Japanese gaming site Famitsu Online ran a poll to find out which game their readers thought deserved the title of Best All-Time Game on any system, as reported earlier on the Dojo.

The results of the poll have now been published in the Weekly Famitsu magazine, and both Shenmue titles have scored remarkably!

* 12th: Shenmue II
* 10th: Shenmue I

The Top 12 rankings are as below.


Article at the Phantom River Stone blog.

Kickstarter Update #74 - Gamescom Travelogue


A small update has been released today, with a few pictures from the teams trip to Gamescom, as well as a few screenshots from Shenmue 3.

Links: Gamescom Official Site | Kickstarter Update #71 | Discussion Topic

Interview with Shenmue 3 co-producer Cédric Biscay


While in Cologne for Gamescom last week we had the chance to speak with Cédric Biscay, President and CEO of Shibuya Productions and co-producer of Shenmue 3.

Topics include comparing Cédric's role in such a dream project with that of new publisher Deep Silver, the feedback received on Ys Net's recently released teaser video, HD remasters of Shenmue 1 & 2, the perils of working on a series that he loves, and plans for the fan event that previously showcased Shenmue 3 footage - his company's homegrown Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC).

Discussion: Forum thread

Vote for a Yu Suzuki 2018 industry event


After a huge turnout from both the press and public visitors at Gamescom in Germany, the head of Shenmue 3 publisher Deep Silver in France wants to know where they should bring the game's director Yu Suzuki next year.

According to the votes cast so far, it's looking good for Paris Games Week, but Japan Expo is also in the running and other suggestions are welcomed. To voice your opinion, respond to Olivier Comte's tweet here.

Famitsu & 4Gamer Interviews [Gamescom]


Two more Japanese interview articles about Shenmue III with Shenmue director Yu Suzuki have been translated, from the Gamescom event.

Suzuki reveals his aim for the graphics, how long after Shenmue II the new game picks up the story, the inclusion of wood-chopping and more.

Famitsu Interview [Discussion Thread]
4Gamer Interview [Discussion Thread]

GAMEWatch, Game*Spark & Dengeki Online Interviews [Gamescom]


Dojo contributor Switch has translated three new interviews with Shenmue director Yu Suzuki from this years Gamescom. Executive producer Hideaki Morishita also makes an appearance to discuss certain aspects of the development process.

These interviews include (but are not limited to) the latest information on character models, gameplay duration and scope.

GAME Watch Interview | GAME*Spark Interview | Dengeki Online Interview | Shenmue 3 Teaser

1st Shenmue III Teaser


Sony have just released the first real Shenmue III teaser on their YouTube channel, giving a glimpse at some breathtaking enviroments, new character models and fighting animations.

Links: Slacker Backer Campaign - Forum Discussion

Gamescom 2017 Update #3 & Deep Silver Partnership


The official Shenmue 3 website has released an update covering new Gamescom details, as well as the announcement of a new partnership with publishing company Deep Silver.

You can view the update here and discuss this on the Dojo forums with other members here.

Shenmue Passport Disc Unlocked


A new software hack allows access to all areas of the Shenmue Passport disc without need for a dial-up connection. Until now, a Dreamcast with internet connection has been required for access.

Read the full report & Instructions for applying the patch at Phantom River Stone: ... -skip.html

Sega "actively pursuing" a Shenmue Remaster (MVCUK)


MVCUK recently got in touch with SEGA Europe's vice president John Clark and specifically asked about Shenmue. Here's what he said:

"It’s something we would love to make happen, something we are trying to make happen," Clark says. "I think we want it to happen as much as anybody out there. Yes, it’s a serious task and it’s not a task that we’re not working on, if that makes sense. It’s something we’re actively pursuing."

Master Wu LianZhi Interview (Bajiquan)


This is a short Chinese promo of a longer documentary about Master Wu LianZhi 's Bajiquan style that influenced the Virtua Fighter series. Translated by Dojo member Yuk02. Watch it here.

August 3rd: Tweetathon to #SaveShenmueHD


This Thursday, August 3rd, Shenmue fans are invited to join the monthly #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon.

Less than three weeks away from Shenmue III news and footage being presented at Gamescom, this Tweetathon provides the fan base with a collective opportunity to lean on Sega to join Yu Suzuki in Cologne and confirm remasters of Shenmue 1 & 2.

Simply tweet the hashtag and retweet other participants to help spread the word and be heard on the 3rd! Full campaign details at

(Image by JW85 - spotted in Splatoon 2 by numerous Nintendo Switch players.)

Kickstarter Update #71: Gamescom 2017 Update #2


Todays update reveals some more info of how the Shenmue 3 team will attend Gamescom 2017.
Even with the game's reveal happening behind closed doors Yu Suzuki will there for the fans with a Meet and Greet.

Links: Gamescom Official Site | Kickstarter Update #71 | Discussion Topic

Announcing: the Virtua Fridays stream


Starting this Friday at 9PM BST/1PM PT/3PM CT/4PM ET, our very own Jibby will be taking us on a tour of AM2's finest games, until Mr357's Shenmue II stream begins in September.

As with the Shenmue streams, Virtua Fridays will be streamed on the Shenmue Dojo's Twitch and YouTube channels.

Hope to see you all in chat for the inaugural stream this Friday!

Kickstarter Update #70: Gamescom 2017 Update #1


This update reveals the first round of information in regards to Shenmue 3 at Gamescom 2017 event.

Links: Gamescom Official Site | Kickstarter Update #70 | Discussion Topic