Username: Yama
Name: George Melita
Location: New York City
Position: Owner / Designer

 I've been a fan of Shenmue since the day it was announced and I first saw the CG still shots via print out. After much anticipation I picked up the Japanese copy of the game in NYC upon release. Nothing had ever shocked me as much as Shenmue. It looked so good one would think it was a point and click adventure. Suzuki-san's F.R.E.E. engine was without a doubt one of the most groundbreaking, ingenious ideas of that gaming era. From the abundance of minor details to the shocking scale of the journey; Shenmue continues to amaze me even in 2010. From Japan to China, from Kowloon to Guilin. No game's explorative nature ever felt so true to life.

I joined the Dojo quite some time ago in it's earlier stages. A few months ago Hellraiser (former owner) asked me to kindly take over the ownership and direction of the website. Though I tend to many projects through both work and hobbies, I happily obliged as I care for the series and community immensely. Many know me as a former GameSpot Moderator and currently the owner of; a leading Resident Evil / Biohazard fansite.

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