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The Beast

Name:Yan Ren

Where:Beverly Hills Wharf (Aberdeen)

Objective: Attack him with a critical strike!

Fighting Style: Unknown

Yan Ren does not fight back. Instead, Ryo is given 5 tries to knock him to the ground. Each time he's defeated, his pain threshold increases. Try to use Ryo's most powerful moves. The Elbow Assault, Stab Armor, Brawling Uppercut and Brutal Tiger are some of the best moves to use against him. Do not bother using throw moves as they do not work on him.

Bets start at $10 and increase $10 after every victory Ryo has. If you lose, the bet will decrease by $10. Going no lower than $10 or higher than $50.

The Mongolians

Names: Nadam, Agon, and Uzun

Where:Former Barracks (Thousand White Qr, Kowloon, the first opening to the right after entering the Thousand White Qr from Dragon Street)

Objective: Don't stop! Don't let them get close!

Fighting Style: Mongolian Wrestling

Stay away from these skilled Mongolian wrestlers for 30 seconds without being caught to be the winner. They will try to grab and perform wrestling moves on you. Get caught once and you lose. Difficulty increases after each man you defeat. Starting out with Nadam Begue for a bet of $10, the smallest and least skilled of the group. He's tough, but easiest to dodge. It's possible to endure actual combat with Nadam instead of constantly dodging. If he's not ready to grab, you may find it useful to try a punching combo on him. Making him dodge the attacks will help kill time. Just be sure to have your finger near the Y button afterwards incase he decides to dash at you.

Once defeating Nadam, you have a choice whether to quit or challenge the next opponent, Agon Girei for a bet of $20. Agon is a bit faster, tends to attempt grappling more and has a longer reach than Nadam. You may want to try using the punch combo on Agon like with Nadam, just not as often.Since Agon is faster, you'll definitely want to be prepared to parry after attacking. Keep alert and make sure to dodge alot.

If you succeed over Agon, next comes the giant Uzun Temur for a bet of $30. Uzun is the strongest and most difficult of all. He has a wide reach and will try countless times to grab you. You'll need to run alot using the L or R triggers. Running around the ring is a great way to escape him for a short period of time. Just remember not to run for long or Ryo will lose energy and stop to catch his breath. It's best to run around the ring 2-3 times, then stop and dodge with the Y button. Repeat this process. Trying to hit at Uzun is a very bad idea.

If you make it through Uzun, you'll then have a choice to battle Agon and Nadam at the same time for a bet of $40. You should really focus on running now! Try running around the entire ring in circles 2-3 times, then stop and parry with the Y button for a few seconds before running again.

It's not over yet. Make it through Nadam and Agon and you'll have to face Uzun and Agon at the same time for $50. Just do like you've been doing and run around the ring, stop before loosing breath and parry a bit before running again.

If you are able to outcome Agon and Uzun, you'll now be set for the finale! For a $50 bet you can now challenge ALL fighters at once! This is a very difficult battle. Do your best to stay away from them as much as you can. Run and dodge!

The bet will go no higher than $50 at this point, but will drop $10 after every loss.

Iron Thrust Style

Name:Hanqing Qin

Where:Former Factory Site (Thousand White Qr, Kowloon, the second opening to the right once entering the Thousand White Qr from Dragon St)

Objective: Iron Thrust is a deadly blow. Do not get hit!

Fighting Style: Iron Thrust Style

Unlike other battles, with Hanqing Qin you must not worry about beating the opponent regularly, nor do you have to worry about being defeated in normal battle. Hanqing Qin's battles are more QTE based. Within a 30 second time limit, you must fight Hanqing and overcome his Iron Thrust blows by hitting the B button during QTE's numerous times during battle. Once the time limit is down to about 7 seconds left, Hanqing automatically grabs Ryo and a command QTE will appear. Mimic the exact button command and Ryo will dodge the blow and respond with a gut punch. The battle is automatically won if done right. If you fail the command QTE however, Ryo will be hit with a fierce blow which ends the match.

Bets start at $10 and increase $10 after every victory Ryo has. If you lose, the bet will decrease by $10. Going no lower than $10 or higher than $50.

Command QTE listings for the first 10 levels of difficulty

B <
B ^ <
B Y v
B v A X
B ^ v A
B Y v A X
B > ^ v X
B > B > <
B X A Y >

(Button colors are based on the Dreamcast controller)

Acrobat Style

Name:Enjiang Zhou

Where:Thousand White Qr (in front of the Thousand White and Ghost Hall Bldgs)

Objective: Catch the man evading with light steps!

Fighting Style: Acrobat Style

The simplest street fight of all. With Enjiang, you must simply catch him to win.You have 30 seconds. He does not strike, but evades while jumping. When Enjiang's feet touch the ground, the B button icon will appear in the corner of your screen for a split second. When you see the icon, press the button immediatly to grab him.

Bets start at $10 and increase $10 after every victory Ryo has. If you lose, the bet will decrease by $10. Going no lower than $10 or higher than $50.

Iron Head Style

Name:Dongshan Su

Where:Thousand White Qr (Construction Base, behind the Thousand White Bldg)

Objective: Iron Head is a deadly blow. Avoid it!

Fighting Style: Iron Head

Dongshan Su is a very large man who continually uses Iron Head headbutt's throughout the match. It's useless to try and battle Dongshan, as he can block just about any move you throw at him. Especially with a 30 second time limit. The ring is very small, so what you need to do is stand close to the ringside and wait for him to do another headbutt. While he's charging at you, press the Y button and parry his attack. This will send him flying out of the ring. If he doesn't go out by the charge impact alone, try hitting him to send him out. Moves like Hold Against Leg or Elbow Slam will work nicely.

Bets start at $10 and increase $10 after every victory Ryo has. If you lose, the bet will decrease by $10. Going no lower than $10 or higher than $50.

One Eyed Man

Name:Zhouhong Kong

Where:Star Gazing Point (Stand Qr, north of the fountain)

Objective: He's extremely strong! Find out his weakness!

Fighting Style: Unknown

Zhouhong is very strong and a master when it comes to dodging moves. Much like with Dongshan Su, you'll need to exploit his weakness. This being his blind spot. Zhouhong has a eye patch over his left eye that he lost fighting a tiger while training in the moutains. Use the Y button to parry and get to his left side. Once you are in his blind spot, you have a clear chance to strike. Repeat this process and take him out. You have 30 seconds to do so. If time runs out, you will not gain nor lose any money since neither fighter was victorious.

Note: After a few seconds, the camera will go into first person mode for this battle.

Passsive Raid Style

Name:Ma Wenyuan

Where:Small Dragon Garden (Stand Qr, east of the fountain)

Objective: Watch for the chance to attack and strike!

Fighting Style: Passive Raid Style

The concept of this challenge may seem easy, but don't let it fool you. Ma Wenyuan is a master at parrying attacks. There are a couple of methods you may want to try. If you stand still for a short period of time, Wenyuan will throw a punch toward you. If you are quick enough, you could counter his punch with a move like the Counter Elbow Assault ( < X+A ). If that method fails, try confusing him by parrying around him and throwing numerous blows at him. A sweeping move like the Crawl Cyclone ( < < A ) or a quick punch like the Tiger Knuckle ( X ) are two good moves to use. If you've bought and equipped the Machine Gun Fist throw move, near the end of the 30 second time limit, a command QTE will break in with the same button command as the Machine Gun Fist ( > > B ) Get the command correct and Ryo will strike Wenyuan with the move.



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