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Aberdeen: Ryo Hazuki starts his journey in the Aberdeen district upon his arrival in Hong Kong at the start of Shenmue II. Aberdeen is a rough area filled with warehouse gambling parlors and home to a variety of street gangs and tough guys. It is a very different environment from Ryo's home in Japan. Aberdeen is on the water and contains several of Hong Kong's larger docks. First is the Worker's Pier, used by passenger ships. Commercial ships dock at Fortune's Pier, home to many warehouses. Foot traffic in fortune's peir is usually limited to dock workers. But the many gambling houses make it a hot spot for shady characters and gang members. Queen's street is the gateway between the rough dock areas and the more metropolitan Wan Chai district. This street is lined with brick buildings and brownstones that reflect Hong Kong's British governors.

Worker's Pier: Passenger ships disembark at Worker's Pier. The pier itself is full of stands selling a wide variety of merchandise, and shops and service for the traveler.

Fortune's Pier: On the commercial side of Aberdeen docks, at Fortune's Pier you find employment carrying crated and money-making opportunities in the warehouses.

Beverly Hills Wharf: Beverly Hills Wharf is home to the Heavens street gang. The entrance is zealously guarded by the Heavens, a local street gang, and you can enter only if you have the right credentials.

Wan Chai: Wan Chai is the center of commerce, shopping and living in the parts of Hong Kong. Wan Chai is made up of 6 quarters. The Green Market Qr, South Carman Qr, Wise Men's Qr, Golden Qr, Lucky Charm Qr, and White Dynasty Qr.

Kowloon: A short bus ride from Hong Kong lies the fortress city of Kowloon. This old city was built at the top of a large hill where it could easily be defended from siege. Because the city's size is limited to the flat mountain-top, it has grown up instead of out. The city is filled with tall buildings housing both residences and shops. Some of the buildings are barely habitable due to their age, with towers and floors that are literally crumbling away. In the center of the city is the yellow head building, home to a large scale mafia organization of the same name.

Guilin: Founded during the Qin dynasty over 2,000 years ago, prospered in Tang and song, flourished in Ming and Qing; used to be the provincial capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


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