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Project Berkley was the code name Am2 called Shenmue before it's official title name was announced, this disk was released along with Virtua Fighter 3tb in Japan in 1998. The disk consisted of a cg intro, a look back into Yu Suzuki's past games and his views about his upcoming title Shenmue which he defines as "FREE". A new genre of gaming that stands for "Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment. It included sculptures of the main characters and preproduction art of Shenhua and various other characters in the world of Shenmue.

"The screens you see below is that of the intro of Project Berkley, it's a short clip involving cg versions of some of the characters of Shenmue. It gives us some hints has to where the story might be heading after Shenmue 2. There are two scenes in here that has already taken place in the game, the beginning has Xuiying practicing her Baji-quan like we see at the end of the Kowloon chapter and Ryo yelling out "father" like we see in the intro of Shenmue."


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