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In Shenmue 2 we first got a glimpse of Shenmue when it was being made on Sega Saturn. It was long rumored that a Virtua fighter rpg was being developed so it must of originated from this Saturn Version. Even Shin Ishikawa mentioned 2 years was spent working on the Saturn version of Shenmue. Looking at the video clip now its no wonder that so much of the game was finished in those 2 years. But in the end the demise of Saturn worldwide made Am2/Sega move the project over to its last console.......Sega Dreamcast.

While we are on the subject of Shenmue Saturn let's take a look at how Ryo came to be from Akira of Virtua Fighter to how we know him now. The first pic is Akira from Virtua fighter 2 with a bag similar what Ryo carries, second one shows him on a boat like Ryo at the end of the first game, the third is from Project Berkley or what it was called then "Akira's Quest" and the fourth is now Akira from Saturn where he retains only one wristband. The fifth image is of the same model from the Saturn but updated with Dreamcast graphics. Lastly the sixth pic is the final version renamed to Ryo.

Just some interesting things regarding VFRPG....I was able to work out that Virtua Fighter 1 is set in 1993--which is in fact the year it was released, appropriately enough. Akira's birthday we know is in 1968, and in VF1 his age is 25. All of the other character's ages work out too. So in 1986, Akira would have been 18, like Ryo! So this would seem to confirm that VFRPG was intended to be set before the first Virtua Fighter game, in September 1986, perhaps the first day in the game was Akira's Birthday (23rd September), like in Shenmue the first day is Ryo's (29th November). ~Miles Prower~

Staff member Landc managed to find Ryo's Saturn model in the Dreamcast version.


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