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Around June 1999, a few months before the release of Shenmue in Japan, Sega gave out this demo for the game. The disc includes a mini-game in which Ryo is searching for SEGA executive Yukawa-san. There is a QTE demo in the game as well, involving two thugs who run into Ryo. You can only play in Dobuita, as various people stand blocking your way (there is a picture of one below) to other areas. The demo also features high-quality renders of characters explaining various points of the game, which can also be found in the Shenmue Passport.

Jewel Case and Booklet
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This promotional vhs tape came out before the demo which is also called "What's Shenmue". It contains almost 30 minutes of footage of Shenmue 1 and 2 or what we call beta-footage. For example we see some characters that are out of place and Ryo riding a bike through Dobuita. Our site was able to get this media with the help of Ryohazukigirl, we got a complementary copy thanks to her.


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