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Not sure what section I was supposed to start this in but I guess the future of Shenmue is somewhere where you guys might have a better chance of reading it.
During my mid teen 14-16 I studied Kung Fu ( I am 39 now) and was described by my sensei as very talented and amongst the best he has seen for my age. Sadly upon leaving school ( we leave at 16 I the UK unless we choose to stay for further education) I started shift work in a local factory and abandoned my club. Despite this I have always remembered my training and have continued to have an interest in martial arts by being big into beat em ups, esp Neo Geo 2D fighters and Sega 3D fighters.
So after once again completing Shenmue 1 & 2 at Xmas on Dreamcast which I have done every year since about 2008.I also for the first time completed the Xbox Shenmue 2 via my 360 for the first time and was pleasantly surprised how good it was ( apart from Rens voice ). But this time I found myself thinking more deeply about the martial arts side of the game and the training/discipline involved in them. Karate appears to be what Ryo is taught by his father despite him saying Ju Jitsue although both are of Japanese origin.

So after 24 years out the game I decided to join a local Karate club, due to the influence of Shenmue, although I dident tell my instructor I was tak8ng it up because of a videogame. After only a month I am very surprised by the similarities of Wado Ryu Karate and the moves Ryo uses in Shenmue. In fact so much of it makes sense and I feel the Shenmue vibe when training as so much of it seems familiar. My instructor has commented how I seem to be naturally picking up Karate but he doesn't know how I believe it is because of Shenmue. This may sound a little sad or egocentric to some of you but I think it shows just how powerful Shenmue is a game and way of life.

On a different note I have had a Shenmue tattoo this morning and will post a picture next week after the scab/swelling has gone down.
by STE C
Fri May 02, 2014 9:34 am
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