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Re: A new converter for Shenmue geometry including textures

Bit useless, but I obviously found some use in it.. It's a simple batch script to automate the decompressing, unpacking and converting of various file types. I found it helpful when I wanted to extract multiple models using this method but not have to process each file manually.

1. Extract the archive somewhere.
2. Copy all of your files you wish to decompress, unpack & convert to the root folder of the newly-created "Shenmue_Model_Extractor" folder.
3. Run the 'RUNME.bat' batch script and follow the prompt(s) as necessary.

Download link

NOTE: If any updates for the above tools are published then you can simply replace the executables and the script should still work, as long as the parameters do not change.

EDIT: Here's a MAXScript script that will loop through all of the objects you currently have selected and if they have a material with a diffuse map assigned it will copy that diffuse map over to the opacity map and set the Mono Channel Output to Alpha and the Alpha Source to the Image Alpha accordingly. This was useful when previewing the extracted foliage meshes along with their extracted materials, now simply selecting them directly after extraction and importing into 3ds Max, you can get a relatively good representation in a couple of seconds. The script also supports Multi Materials, just in case the unpacker/extractor end up utilising them. Otherwise, I'm sure the functionality will be useful to someone, somewhere! :rotflmao:

MaterialArray = #()
MaterialCount = 0

for obj in selection where (mtl = obj.material) != undefined do (
if (classOf mtl == multiMaterial) then (
for m in mtl.materialList do (
append MaterialArray m
) else (
append MaterialArray mtl

for mtl in MaterialArray do (
if(hasProperty mtl "diffuse") then (
mtl.opacityMap = COPY mtl.diffuseMap
mtl.opacityMap.monoOutput = 1
mtl.opacityMap.alphaSource = 0
MaterialCount = MaterialCount + 1

print("Processed " + MaterialArray.count As String + " materials.")
by -ThreeBlades-
Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:35 am
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