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Shenmue Comparison Thread

Started this thread as a catchall for general comparisons. The other thread seemed to be focused specifically on the comparison video that was posted.

Here's a comparison between the new forklift screenshot and a screenshot from 4k, 16:9 emulation.

Shenmue Tree - courtesy of Sappharad

Shenhua Promotional Comparison - courtesy of Jibby

Shenhua Retail Comparison - courtesy of Jibby

Shenmue 2 Street- courtesy of BlueMue
by TheThreeevils
Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:59 am
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Re: What trophies/achievements do you want to see in 1 & 2 H

Not sure how legit this so take it with a grain of salt (I don't know anything about but it does look to be pulling the info from the steam API) is but I thought it was very interesting either way. It's an achievement list pulled for the games Steam listing. Obviously probably a work in progress so far too, but cool to look at :P

Shenmue I (24)
Shenmue II (24)
by SheepheadCG
Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:09 am
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Re: Remaster VS Original Comparison Video

iyapol wrote: Shenhua could be cross-eyed for all I care - we're getting Shenmue HD!


are you sure m8
by dietsoap
Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:51 pm
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Re: Concerns about Shenmue HD.

While I agree, the Xbox version looks stunning emulated at 4k.

It already looks better than the HD port imho.
by Esppiral
Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:21 pm
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Re: Any chance of a Collector's Edition?

Spaghetti wrote:
Peter wrote: Tweeting Sega Europe is your friend. I'd be all over that in a heartbeat.

I guess we all just found something to do on the third of the month now...


hahahaha :rotflmao:
by celsowm
Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:00 pm
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Re: No Time Skip In Shenmue I

I like to mention the facts about how the Beta of Shenmue technically has both a time skip option and save anywhere with the aid of its debug options. Not everyone knows about them so it might be interstings.

The save option brings up the regular menu where you select a file and save, just as one would expect. It just isn't 100% on the spot though as Ryo will be standing at an entrance point of the area he's in. NPCs also have to respawn wich can mess up their routines a bit.

The clock can be turned forward and back at 3 different speeds each at any point. This definatly messes up the NPC routines as they just can't keep up with their schedules and thus the streets will be very crowded and stores open with no one inside to attend it. These results are amusing in their own way but not something that should be seen normaly. Of course messing with the time whenever you like goes much further than skipping time in Shenmue II.

These examples shows where the problems are and why these features were ultimately easier to pull of Shenmue if not the only way to pull them of at all at the time. That is not to say that it's impossible to make this work properly with todays technology. The save files can be much much larger and include all the necessary locations and routine points of the NPCs as well as Ryo's of course.

The time skip wouldn't really mess up the NPCs the way they work in Shenmue II because you don't really see things moving about and the time will skip to the point where Ryo has to go to bed. Of course that means only points where Ryo has to wait for the next day are sure to work without issues but adding these would be enough.
Another approach to save some time would be to allow Ryo to advance time quickly in his bedroom until he can go to sleep. Or just make it possible to go to sleep whenever you want... though that approach really goes against the foundations of Shenmue.
by BlueMue
Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:00 pm
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Shenmue HD Fact sheet

I just put together this helpful fact sheet of all we know so far.

Shenmue HD fact sheet
includes both Shenmue 1 and 2

-1080p for consoles
-Scalable screen resolutions for PC
-Trophy/Achievement support
-Dual control scheme - updated or classic
-Dual audio language options - English and Japanese
-French, German, Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese subtitles
-New HD UI (user interface)
-Port is based on the ORIGINAL DREAMCAST SOURCE CODE – no emulation

- An artwork (?) poster comes with all standard physical copies of the game.
- NO collectors edition is planned
- Shenmue 1 will NOT include time skipping feature
- There are NO CURRENT plans to include a save transfer feature that carries over to Shenmue 3
- The version of Shenmue 2 included is based on the original Xbox port (the improved real-time shadows will carry over)

-Gameplay supports 16:9 widescreen but cut-scenes only display in 4:3
-New sky box for Shenmue 1
- New lighting

The following questions remain unanswered:
-What aspect ratio will the games run at? will there be a choice? -UNKNOWN
-Will the bloom effect be included in Shenmue 2? if so will there be an option to turn it off? - UNKNOWN
-Will the motion blur effect be included in Shenmue 2? (i'd rather it wasn't) If so, will there be an option to turn it off?- UNKNOWN
-Will the passport features of Shenmue 1 be included? - UNKNOWN
-Will the 'Shenmue collection' extras from Shenmue 2 be included? - UNKNOWN
-Will the photo mode option of Shenmue 2x be retained? if so will the comics still unlock when one has collected all the required NPC photos? UNKNOWN
-Will there be any enhancements for XBox one X or ps4 pro? - UNKNOWN
-Will the audio be improved over the original release, e.g. uncompressed dialogue audio? - UNKNOWN
-Will the Guilin intro music from the xbox port be corrected? (the wrong track was used in the original xbox port - the cut-scene where Ryo steps off the boat)- UNKNOWN
-Will the skybox from Shenmue 1 be improved? (original was very pixilated) - UNKNOWN
-Were there any licenced products that had to be removed from the games? if so what? - UNKNOWN
- Will the loading times be significantly reduced? - UNKNOWN
- Will there be a greater number of save slots available for Shenmue 1 and 2? if so how many? UNKNOWN
- Will the 'save and exit' option remain for Shenmue 1 or will a 'save anywhere' feature be added? UNKNOWN
- Will an 'exit to title screen' option be added (rather than having to hold down face buttons and start)? UNKNOWN
- Will controller vibration feedback be added to the games? UNKNOWN

Developer of the re-master:
-d3t - are located in Cheshire, England, whose previous work includes the PS4 port of Witcher 3, Little Big Planet 3 and Sega’s Mega drive collection.

“We can finally reveal that the d3t team have been resurrecting Shenmue from the original source code written over 20 years ago! We are bringing Shenmue and Shenmue II to modern platforms: Playstation4, Xbox One and PC. It's been a journey of discovery, delving into the original code, also an honour and a privilege to work on such high-profile titles, delivering this classic franchise to new platforms and new audiences.”

Release info:
-Release date - 2018 TBA
-PS4 & XBOX ONE – both Physical and digital release (EU and North America)
-PC – Steam (EU and NA)
-Japan – PS4 ONLY

Price :
-US$29.99 (£20 -£25)
by johnvivant
Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:44 am
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Re: No Time Skip In Shenmue I

A lot of people calling this decision "admirable". My money says that Sega is too lazy to implement a time skip. They're adding zero features to the game that require any real work. It would be in everyone's best interest for them to add the time skip, but this is about getting some of the free money strolling by - not an attempt to help resurrect the series.

So getting shenmue 1 & 2 hd and being able to play it on pc and ps4 and whatnot is not enough...We've got nothing to complain about really, a couple of years ago the idea of shen 1 & 2 HD and s3 being released, let alone on the same year, seemed ridiculous...
I'm ecstatic that we're getting a physical release of Shenmue 1+2 on modern consoles. Just don't give Sega any credit for merely hopping on the gravy train. The fans and YS resurrected the series. Now Sega will cash in with a minimal effort.

I will play the hell out of this port, but I'm a fan of the original games already. Newcomers to the series will be looking to these ports to determine if they want to purchase Shenmue 3. The moment they are inundated with Shenmue 1's requirement of wasting time they will be turned off. That's a scenario that affects the future of Shenmue and should be a concern to everyone here.
by mrandyk
Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:19 pm
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Re: No Time Skip In Shenmue I

Just read some explanations (both here and in other sites) on why a Time Skip ("Wait" option) feature can not be implemented in Shenmue I, from a technical standpoint. I don't claim to be an expert nor I want to debate, but here's what I believe:

About the concerns that it will break the game (in technical terms, not aesthetic):
We have experience from the BETA 0.400. If you use the Debug Menu and in/de-crease time, things will indeed start to break.
If we think how Shenmue II handles time skip we'll probably understand that it's not a big deal to make this to happen in Shenmue I, too.
The point is, every time ...time is increased/skipped, the game screen fades away and a cutscene/event starts. Basically, things are being reset .
Even in Shenmue I, when you do a Quick Save, and then you start/load the game again, things start from that specific time. So things has been reset, and start from the point of a specific time.

Therefore, Time Skip will work in Shenmue I, provided there's also a (hidden, that is only the devs can do it) Reset function, which takes account what time currently is.
And, if we think about it, there is already a Reset function, which indeed is being called (for example) after the end of a cutscene. So, the code for that already exists in Shenmue I.

tl;dr: Time Skip ("Wait" option) feature is feasible to be included in Shenmue I, because the code for both the 'time skip' and the 'reset function' (that is, put things to work again relative to a specific time) already exists.
by Giorgio
Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:07 pm
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Re: Famitsu Article

Welcome Allan. Pleasure to have you on the forums!
by Peter
Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:52 am
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Re: Famitsu Article

I think its best I don't talk about 4:3 vs 16:9. All I will say is that for technical reasons parts of the game are currently limited to 4:3. If you play the game in an emulator with a widescreen hack you will see some of the issues.

We've ported the xbox version of Shenmue II so yes it does have stencil shadows.

Hello, just wanted too ask you to clarify something. When you say widescreen hacks, are you referring to the option in like NullDC to turn on extra geometry, or referring to a true widescreen hack like found in this thread? We have pretty much solved making the games widescreen on Sega Dreamcast and fixed the issue with the geometry clipping where it renders things off screen differently.

Old widescreen hack

New widescreen hack
by Anthony817
Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:52 pm
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Re: Famitsu Article

***Mod note: This was proven false on the following pages. Please keep reading***

Hello Allan. Thank you very much for interacting with us.
You will probably get countless posts about fixing up the XBOX versions texture issues and horrid bloom, but that is because a lot of us are very passionate about the original Dreamcast game. There are some glaring geometry issues with the XBOX game.

Also, the aspect ratio is wrong in the remaster. You're most likely already aware, but just in case...
by brad86
Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:10 am
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Re: How many copies are you gonna buy?

I will buy 3 copies for me (PS4/XB1/PC) and if they release the game on Switch I will buy it too. I dont even have a XB1 or a Switch but I want to have one for each system as a means to show support and for my collection.

I also plan to buy some PC keys, Im planning to buy around 10 keys to giveaway so I can help the game reach new players who might be curious but are unsure to buy one themselves.

If I can make at least one new person fall in love with the game then I will be satisfied.
by Shuyian
Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:04 am
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