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Re: Shenmue 2 save editor, released

szczuru wrote: Could any1 reupload save editor?

Please standby.

Making mirror

Here is a mirror of the editor. Just run the jar file in the main directory.!KdMTwZjK!2YKKdg72E ... jCkfrN6808
by shengoro86
Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:00 pm
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RELEASE: Shenmue Beta Disc 3 Exploration Mod V1 OUTDATED


I am proud to announce this new release.

This release is called the Exploration Mod. It has finally hit version 1.

What is it?
This is a mod of Shendream's BETA release of Shenmue 1 Disc 3.
This mod allows you to walk around most areas without clipping. This allows you to walk through walls and most objects.
It also contains playable maps for Beta Yamanose, Beta Sakuragaoka, and Wish Road!

I made this for my own purpose but I wanted to share it with everyone. I always wanted to go wherever I wanted to when inside of shops and stuff. It was also made as a framework for my upcoming bike mod.

Each mapinfo.bin has been hacked to remove all clipping data.

The original clipping method was developed by Giorgio.
The beta maps were hacked by Wude.
The Beta itself was released by Shendream.
The grunt work was done by me :)

Which areas can I free roam?
Here is the list: D000 - Retail Dobuita
JD00 - Retail Sakuragaoka
JD01 - Beta Sakuragaoka
JHD0 - Hazuki Residence
JOMO - Ryo's House
JU00 - Retail Yamanose
JU01 - Beta Yamanose
MFSY - Harbor
MKSG - Old Warehouse District
DYKZ - Nagai Industries
DURN - Lapis Fortune Teller
DTKY - Maeda Barber Shop
DSLT - Slot House
DSLI - Bar Linda
DSKI - Global Travel Agency
DRSA - Russiya China Shop
DRME - Manpukuken Ramen
DPIZ - Bob's Pizzaeria
DKTY - Antique Shop
DKPA - Nana's Karaoke Bar
DJAZ - MJQ Jazz Bar
DGCT - You Arcade
DCHA - Ajiichi
DBYO - Bar Yokosuka
DBHB - Heartbeats Bar
TATQ - Tattoo Parlor
JABE - Abe Store Candy Shop
MKYU - Harbor Lounge
YDB1 - Hazuki Basement
D001 - Wish Road

How do I use it? Just like in the original beta release, you can call these specific maps up with the main debug menu.
For the shops that are closed when you go into them with the menu, just use the 4th player controller debug menu to set the time in the game to a time where the shop is open!

Are there bugs?
Yes! Like all arcane Shenmue hacks, bugs will exist.
-Ryo's House is completely broken and invisible. (This will be fixed in the next version)
-Random textures disappear and pop in when you are walking through walls. (This is normal and cannot be fixed.)

NOTE: You cannot play through this as normal!!!!!! It is disc 3 AND the maps are hacked to the point where the normal game will not flow and cutscenes may not trigger. It is for exploring only!

What can I play it on?
Confirmed working on NullDC, DEmul, Reicast, Chankast, and actual DC hardware via CD-R or GDEMU.


How do I download it?
Send me a pm and I'll share it with you.
I don't want to get my MEGA account banned.
by shengoro86
Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:11 pm
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