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Re: Shenmue 2 Rooftop inscription

The characters are 三不管. Read in Japanese as san fu kan and in Chinese as sānbùguǎn. It seems to refer to an area that is not under the jurisdiction of any government and thus a potential hub for unlawful activity. AKA No Man's Land.
by Rakim
Fri May 15, 2015 4:08 pm
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Re: If you donated to help Shenmue 3. Please post here.

They should add a limited award to be digitised in the game as an NPC. I'd pay handsomely for that just so I could say "ah, the day of the incident? " to Ryo when asked, whilst chugging a can of grape juice.

I might look hideously out of place though. :p
by jakester
Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:34 pm
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Re: Lets remake the Kickstarter video

Alright, so here's what I've come up with so far. It's really just the intro, but I'll get round to including all of the information in the OP soon.
phpBB [video]
by Jibby
Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:59 am
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Created some hi-res Shenmue logo PNGs for general use.

Hey, I was going to do some fan-graphic design but couldn't find any high res PNGs on a quick Google search. I probably didn't look very hard though tbh. So if there are already tons of similar logos out there, then fair enough, never mind. :)

Either way, I ended up making my own. They're not perfect but if you scale them down to normal web-sizes they should look ok.

I'm posting them here so people can be free to use a high-res logo however they wish. In youtube banners, twitch overlays, facebook, twitter etc.

LOGO (black)

LOGO (white)

LOGO (phoenix)

LOGO (dragon)

LOGO (Japanese)

ART (Tiger on Ryo's Jacket)

And here's a fanart boxart I did for good measure showing all graphics together. Shows how they look scaled down.

Edit: If anyone is looking for something specific let me know in the replies. Like if you want a twitch banner at A x B dimensions with image C and the logo in the middle etc.


Edit2: As a bonus, here's a high res box art of Sonic 3 (Japanese version)

I made this as a christmas present for a friend, and there's lots of sega fans here so I suppose I'll include it here. Feel free to use it, or get a print of it etc. if you so wish.
by ash55
Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:53 pm
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I've been looking at this place and Gaf from the backseat but the way you guys are going you won't hit the $10 million. I think we can all agree it should hit around $6 million just based on how it's going. The thing with the Bloodstained Kickstarter was they took control of the community and how they spread the word. Someone has to take charge of everyone and arrange something, set a calendar with what the community as a whole can do each day. One day tweet and the next day do something else. As it stands you have 200 people doing 150 different things. The Team Tu guys, Shenmue 500k, dojo members and Gaf members all have to come together under one roof and have a game plan. Not start a thread saying everyone tweet this hashtag and run off.

There are many sentiments like those above among the members of Dojo. We might need organization, just for the sake of efficiency. So I'm suggesting we create a poll to vote on OFFICIAL SHENMUEDOJO CAMPAIGN LEADERS. The leaders will gather input from all members into one unified topic (hopefully because we need to keep everything at one place), sort and put in writing priority tasks, delegate & designate specific people to handle essential "jobs"; And Dojo Representatives will then coordinate with other forums such as SHENMUE500K to get this all done as true teamwork.

This is my suggestion, but feel free to correct and implement on any of these ideas, just whatever to make this work, but we need to do it ASAP.

Anyone willing to step up and take charge? Hopefully older members? I'm willing to share the burden, but not alone.
by sand4fish
Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:56 pm
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Re: Lets remake the Kickstarter video

Look what's rendering!
It's 2:30am here, so once this has finished rendering, it will be uploaded tomorrow as a public video.
I'm going to make a new thread for it as this one has become quite cluttered with the production process. I really hope it makes a difference to the campaign.
Also, thank you Raunchy for the epic voiceover!
by Jibby
Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:45 pm
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Alternative Shenmue Kickstarter video now featured on KS!

Original Post
If a mod or news poster could feature this video on the homepage, it would really help!

The current Kickstarter video for Shenmue III is quite bad. It doesn't outline the achievements of Shenmue or have any real Shenmue feel to it. It only appeals to a a very small audience and does very little to attract new people to the franchise. That is why me and some other members of the Dojo have collaborated and put our ideas together to create what we believe the Kickstarter video should have been.

Here is the most popular version with no dub (and a slightly different logo)
Some really awesome people on YouTube have made subtitles in Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish too! You can find them if desired by enabling the closed captions.

There is also a dubbed version.
(Thanks to Raunchy for the voiceover!)
Please share this around. Tweet it out to people, embed it in forums, reupload it to your own Youtube if you like - you don't need to credit me. This video clears up misconceptions about the Kickstarter (eg where the funding comes from), advertises the stretch goals and markets Shenmue to new audiences. It could be VERY beneficial to the campaign.

Some people in the production thread even suggested trying to get it seen by Yu Suzuki in the hope he will replace the current Kickstarter video with this one. It's a very long shot, but it's worth a try. Shenmue III recently got an official Twitter if people would like to tweet it to them.

We can make a difference if we advertise this campaign properly. This, combined with $30 on the 3rd could just be our ticket to 10mil. Please help in spreading the word by showing this to people who are misinformed, unconvinced, or might be interested in getting into Shenmue. Let's do this!

"The fate of Shenmue is in your hands now"

Thank you!
My alternative Kickstarter has now been featured on the Kickstarter project under the "What's Shenmue" heading! Yu Suzuki saw my video and wanted to use it and as a result I have been working with Awesome Japan to create a version that SEGA deem acceptable which has now been completed.
Take a look here:
by Jibby
Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:10 am
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Twitter push to reach $10 Million! | #10MillionToShenmue3

Yu Suzuki just dropped this bombshell:

So unless you guys want to play Shenmue 3-lite, then we gotta push this to $10 Million, in anyway we can. So I thought we could take advantage of the social media to help with that.


In this hashtag, we will focus on the following:

- Explain that Yu Suzuki needs at least $10M from Kickstarter funding to make Shenmue 3 the proper Open World experience we all knew and loved.

- Clear the misunderstanding that Sony is footing the bill for the project, more information here .

- Overall promote the Shenmue series so that it might catch the interest of non-fans.

What say you? Am I going to find some energy here? or just cynicism? If this hashtags catches on, I'll create graphics like Avatars and sigs to help promote it.

by Rikitatsu
Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:24 am
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Re: The Know is going to ruin SH3

These guys are terrible. Down voted and left this comment.

Click-bait. Stop ruining the kickstarter. Yu Suzuki himself has already stated the majority of development funds are coming from kickstarter. You are actively detering people from contributing to helping us have a better game without having the facts to counter any existing facts. "The Know" is the Fox News of YouTube. Get your act together.
by Axm
Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:03 am
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Re: Shenmue III Preview/Research

I was saving my own questions for the time I would somehow meet Yu Suzuki in person and ask him myself but well... Now I see this thread, and so here goes my little research about the origins of the Shenmue Mirrors.

The mirror in the picture above is a replica bronze mirror (三角縁波文帯四神二獣鏡) found in the Archaeological Research Center in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan. There were specific round bronze mirrors called "Deity and Beast" mirrors (神獣鏡), such as the one mentioned, that were decorated with images of gods and animals from the Chinese mythology (such as the Phoenix and the Dragon!). One side was polished for practical use just like a glass mirror, while its back had representations of legendary Chinese creatures, Shen (like in Shenmue, as 神 meaning god or spirit) or Xian (仙 for immortal).

That style of mirror was common during the Han Dynasty, the three kingdoms and dynasties between the first and sixth centuries in the common era. Japan started producing such mirrors after the spread of the Chinese bronze casting technology through trading. There are records of Emperor Cao Rui of China gifting Queen Himiko of Wa (Japan) with "one hundred" bronze mirrors in 239 CE.

The characteristics of the Deity and Beast mirrors resemble the ones found in the Shenmue mirrors, as both had a circle in the middle of the mirror's backside and feature engravings of deity figures and animals in the surroundings of that circle (Phoenix and Dragon in Shenmue's case).

by sand4fish
Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:34 am
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Re: There Is No Reason For Negativity

Pointing out the fact that the kickstarter has been horribly run by an utterly incompetent company is not "being negative," it's stating a fact.

It's frustrating as fuck because as Henry pointed out, it puts the burden solely on us to raise an insane amount of money, which just isn't possible. Telling yourself everything is fine and then patting yourself on the back for "being positive" isn't doing anything to help, at all. At least the people being critical are actually telling Awesome Japan how to improve things.
by ElephantStone
Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:34 pm
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There Is No Reason For Panic (Yet)

Even Yama was on the brink of giving up and merging the forum with BioHaze.

Ugh, wut? Why in the world would I merge two sites that are series specific yet unrelated? That was never a possibility and makes no sense branding wise. Worked my ass off for years making this place Shenmue centric again and nearly got hung for it, knew it'd be worth it one day.

Mittens was kidding, since when did anyone take him that seriously? LoL
by Yama
Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:11 pm
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Re: There Is No Reason For Panic (Yet)

I would say the main thing we should stop doing is comparing Shenmue and BloodStained Kickstarters. BloodStained aka Castlevania is a more well known game than Shenmue. There are many Castlevania/Metroidvania style games out that gamers have played them religiously. The success of Bloodstained kickstarter was inevitable, not just because of the brand, but of the organization of the overall stretch goals. Iga-San had the correct approach for his kickstarter, I believe Shenmue was rushed into a kickstarter without a true identity or plan. Its just like "Hey game world here is Shenmue III." Its not a household name.

10 Million isn't impossible to reach for this project, but the tide of this KS must turn from now on.
by *Kenshin Himura*
Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:21 pm
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Re: Fucking Wang...

Tao-San has Wang by the balls. Wang is an illegal immigrant who is being sought by Japan's border control. Tao took advantage of this by forcing to him to effectively be his slave in exchange for keeping his secret/not giving him up to the feds, paying him in Chinese leftovers only (drinks not included). This is why he's so thirsty.

...I'd still rather keep the 100 yen, though.
by Chaikilla
Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:53 pm
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Cannot believe some of the people in this community. . .

We've seriously been begging for Shenmue 3 for 14-years and now that we are finally getting the game for sure at this point, I cannot believe that people are seriously complaining!

I am not even talking about the management of the KS page or the campaign in general, but people being like "oh, yeah I want Shenmue 3, but won't support it unless they announce a physical PS4 version." Or, "this game will suck if we don't reach 10-million!"

I have way more faith in Suzuki San than to think he'd only ask for 2-million just so he could give us a crap game just to finally shut us up. Apparently some people in the community think this is what he is doing :roll:

I know this is a fraction of the overall community, but it just blows my mind that some people are really complaining at this point. We are getting the game! Be happy! God damn! ](*,)
by bikingjehuty
Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:16 pm
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Re: Shenmue III Stretch Goals revealed!!!!!

Here's an idea guys: What if Yu Suzuki takes our 5 million, goes to Vegas and bets it all on black?

Would we want him to take this chance to double our money into 10 Million and make the game we all deserve?
by SMDzero
Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:11 am
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Shenmue II Game Music Download | Listen


Kowloon Playlist

Download: In-Game music
Download: Cutscene music


Guilin Playlist

Download: Guilin music

Shenmue II: Wan Chai Music

Wan Chai Playlist

Download: In-Game music
Download: Cutscene Music

Aberdeen Playlist

Download: In-Game music
Download: Cutscene music

Video editing/composition: Ziming
Image Enhancements & Text: Riken Productions
Background renders for character art provided by wude & Master Kyodai
Music recordings: LanDC
by Ziming
Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:30 pm
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Shenmue Game Music Download | Listen
Shenmue Cutscene Playlist

Download: (Part 1)
Download: (Part 2)
Shenmue FREE Playlist

Shenmue In-Game Playlist

Shenmue Passport Playlist

Shenmue Cassette Tape Playlist

Shenmue Misc Music

Shenmue Original Soundtrack Playlist

Lossless Quality (FLAC): Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Shenmue Orchestra Version Playlist

Lossless Quality (FLAC):
Shenmue Singles Download:
Lossless Quality (FLAC):
Shenmue JukeBox Download:
Lossless Quality (FLAC):
by Ziming
Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:22 am
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Re: How much will you sacrifice to get Shenmue 3 to $10,000

Don't worry about the Kickstarter man. You need to take care if yourself first. There's no shame at all with dropping some of your pledge. Donate what your wallet says first, then your heart will be good with that too. I fully expect them to open PayPal after the Kickstarter. So you'll always be able to contribute. just said these words: "Shenmue 3 could not have been announced at a worse time." Stop and think about that. Man, we're freaking getting Shenmue 3!!! Don't get stressed, everything's going to be fine.
by elfshadowreaper
Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:43 pm
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Re: 5 m is not enough

For Christ's sake, could you please wait for the Kickstarter to finish, first? No offence here, but the panicking over here is starting to go over the top. Pour into the KS as much as you can, wait for it to finish. Await Ys Net's statement on it.

If, after July 18 you should still think we have made too little money, I reckon you will be warmly welcome to make your monthly contribution to Ys Net via Paypal.
by Hyo Razuki
Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:56 am
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Re: Shuhei Yoshida Contributed $29 to Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

by NeoShredder
Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:04 pm
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Re: The Elusive Gold Dural

Yeah, pretty much giving up because of when I want to start Shenmue 2. Tried again on New Year's and nothing. I have wasted WAY too much time and money trying to get the damn thing. I wish I could find a gameshark code for ONLY that particular toy. I ain't too proud, and seriously those odds are ridiculous. I have FOUR silvers for crying out loud.

Then again RNG hates me sometimes. I have a herd of chicken legs and I STILL have yet to get a Solo-Wing. It also took me forever to get Jacky 2.
why would you do that? that really completely ruins the whole point of acquing the item if you cheat. my god I can't believe I read things like these. how hard is it to accept you won't get it? I was always doing these slothouses for fun and my girlfriend in her first playthrough gets 3 red 7's en wins the miniature slotmachine toy. winning that rare thing gives it way more pleasure than cheating your way out of it
by drunkensailor
Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:47 am
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The Villages: everything we know so far

I'm most excited by the new locations we'll get to explore, so I've collected images and descriptions of what we already know...


Concept art and photos:

Yu Suzuki said: Baisha will show off what Shenmue is all about. Live out a siege game reminiscent of the Warring kingdoms. See what strategist will come out on top.

May possibly feature an 'infiltration mission' into the Chi You Men's Guilin branch. The buildings shown in the concept art are called Tulous. They are between three and five stories high, can house up to 80 families and are easily defensible.


Concept art and photos:

Yu Suzuki said: Choubu is a riverside village with lots of shops, souvenir stores, hotels and temples. The quests in this village should be very enjoyable, I think.

And: Amidst the mystical scenery of the Li River, Choubu lies in a water colour painting come to life. The port of call will be filled with souvenir shops and hotels, shrines and village dwellings. Expect to meet a sage master of Nanquan there .

This area may feature the 'Magic Maze' technique of generating building interiors. It could also feature a part time job of some sort.


Concept art and photos:

Yu Suzuki said: Bailu is the village where Shenhua was raised and also a place that Ryo's father, Iwao, had visited when he was younger. Here as well the quests will play an important role as Ryo and Shenhua start their journey.

And: Shenmue 2 ends at Shenhua's house in the outskirts of Bailu village. Bailu village is waiting to be explored for real.

Have I missed any information?
by colacube
Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:33 pm
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Re: Does anyone have that old fan made sound clip....

The Dojo's channel has you covered.

phpBB [video]
by BlueMue
Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:21 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

Will I finally be able to eat the food I buy at Tomato Convenience Store?
by myshtuff
Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:29 pm
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Re: Super Villian Peter Moore supports Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

He must donate 1M if he wants to be forgiven.
by maurox1988
Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:17 pm
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I was featured in's Games Inbox

So, over the years, my sporadic 'Shenmue 3' google search often yielded a hit from Their Games Inbox, which I think is posted twice daily, is a collection of reader submissions. Usually anything Shenmue related was rather negative in nature, and it definitely seemed like those who run the blog aren't fans either based on some of their responses and just the mere fact they frequently post about Shenmue and it's usually in a bad light. Anyway, I wrote in a response this morning after reading yet another downer post about Shenmue's kickstarter. Here's the post I responded to:

I don’t know If you’ve been following it day-to-day, but the Kickstarter for Shenmue III basically seems to have stalled. It may have broken records at first, but it’s been hovering around $3.5 million for days now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Any chance of making it to $10 million seems to be out of the window and it’ll probably struggle to make $5 million.
I know that’s still a lot of money but I do wonder whether the popularity of the game was overstated a bit. It seems to me it’s more a meme and in-joke than anything else. I actually played the first one again recently and it is really pretty bad: awkward controls, terrible dialogue, pointlessly easy combat, and a story that goes nowhere.
That doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I do admire its ambition a lot, but I can’t imagine myself sitting down to actually play the whole thing again. I’m curious to hear from other readers that have also played it recently and what they honestly thought of it. To me it was a niche game back in the day and it’s probably going to be a niche game now too.

And here's my response which was put in the evening edition:

Speaking on behalf of Shenmue fans everywhere: We get it it. You guys don’t like Shenmue.
In the past couple of years, typing Shenmue in the little Google searchbox to see if there was any buzz has usually yielded nothing more than an occasional outlandish rumour – or some Metro Games Inbox blurb about how overrated the game is.
Now that the sequel’s been announced, you’d think Metro would back off a little bit and let the game’s fans have their moment, but already I’ve seen a couple snippets about how hard it is to understand that people actually love this game.
Granted, no one’s trolling per se, and all opinions are valid, but still: give it a rest. All Kickstarters stall in the middle. It’ll get a rush at the end, and I’m confident it will reach a solid $5 million – a huge success, by all means. As a fan who has yet to make his pledge but certainly will be before the end of the campaign, I’m perfectly content with how this is panning out, and I look forward to see where it ends up.
The stretch goals are ambitious – but ambition is the first word that comes to mind when you consider Shenmue. Sure, I’d love to see this soar to $11 million, and though unlikely, after last Monday’s announcement I will say this: anything is possible. It’s been 10 days and I’m still basking in the glow of this unexpected announcement – and I haven’t played video games seriously since, well – Shenmue II on Xbox. This series very effectively dulled my appetite for gaming, because to me, it’s just that good.
So let us fans who have stuck this out for 15 years continue to bask – and perhaps Metro can stay quiet about their distaste for Shenmue for a while.
Michael Chenard

Read more:

I don't think I was too off-the-mark: Definitely seems like there's a disproportionate amount of anti-Shenmue rhetoric on this blog, although I don't really follow it, or gaming news at all, in general. Has anyone else ever noticed this? I do think there's no reason for the negativity when us starving Shenmue fans have a 30 day window for redemption.

Regardless, I encourage you all to send in your praises for Shenmue!
by Lan Di-sama
Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:54 pm
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Rough transcript of the interview on Twitch

For those who missed the Twitch stream, I made a very rough transcript while listening to the interview.
Here we go:

"We have lots of very important things to get to so let's start right away!"

*They all pause to drink some Fanta*

Q: "One more time, explain Sony's role in Shenmue 3."

A: "Sony's providing us comprehensive support in terms of publishing and marketing, as well as funding of the project partially."

*Stream goes down due to technical issues*

Q: Once again they ask about Sony's role

A:"Sony is providing us comprehensive support in marketing, promotion, and funding. They are one of the most important partners of this project. But as we said before in our statement ... they are not receiving one cent from the Kickstarter... the funds collected in the KIckstarter project will be all used for development except for the fees used for the Kickstarter and for providing the Kickstarter rewards. Not a single cent will go to Sony from the Kickstarter funds."

Q: PS4 physical reward ?

A: "It's one of the most requested rewards and I personally want to prepare for it as a reward. We are now considering how we can provide the reward in such a way that satisfies the backers. Please be patient."

Q: Before you were talking about how the funds will be spent. Can you explain more?

A: "We have a pie chart for how the funds from Kickstarter will be spent. KS
Fees: 8 - 10 % Game development: 65 to 72% Backer rewards: 20 - 25% Most of the kickstarter funds are going to the game development. Everything excluding necessary fees and the reward fulfilment.. everything's gonna be used for development."

Q: "Will the real Ryo please stand up?"

A: "We're still improving the qualities of Ryo's face. Not satisfied with the face Ryo has right now. Today we have the latest version, a new pic or Ryo's face. (They show a pic) This new pic we're not satisfied with. Ryo still looks kind of 'frowny.' So I want to continue the improvement. I want to enhance Ryo's attactiveness and personality through not only the models but through the facial expressions and actions he does to make Ryo even better. So we are going to see an improved Ryo in the future. He'll be much better through the process of development."

Q: "Another big issue. Voice actors coming back to reprise their roles. Specifically Ryo. Will we be seeing them again?"

A: "So, I think that the original voice actors will be the best match for Ryo's voice. So I want them to come back as his real voice in shenmue 3 as well. I'm now in negotiation with them. Please wait. We'll have more details about that."

Q: "Will PayPal be an option to help fund Shenmue 3?"

A: "No definite answer, but we're looking into it."

Q: "Is Shenmue 3 going to be DRM free on PC?"

A: "We are now looking into it, but it's not something I alone can decide on. I'm talking to other parties to decide if that's possible... we're looking into it."

Q: "Shenmue 1/Shenmue II HD remaster: are we gonna see it?"

A: "I personally want to see them so that the fans can enjoy Shenmue 3 more. However the property rights belong to SEGA, so I'm not in a position to comment on it. But I want it, so I will talk to SEGA if that's possible."

Q: "More rewards?"

A: "Today we will have additional rewards. First of all we have the grab bags. A lot of surprises in different prize tears, starting from 1,000 dollars to 500 dollars. It contains Shenmue merchandise, and it is random, so you have fun in opening the bag. And also we'll have one more reward, that is the replica of Ryo's watch. There is only one. This will be in the 5,000 reward tier. *They show the watch*

Q: "What are the other rewards going to be like?"

A: "The grab bags will include for example special figures of Ryo. There are also Shenmue watches. (Not the one just shown.) They also include autographed art work. Check out the page later. The rewards will be up. Check it out! For today we have grab bags and watches but in the future we'll have more additional rewards so please stay tuned to the kickstarter page!"

Q: "Stretch goals... stretch goals... stretch goals. Can we get a little bit of explanation please, about the stretch goals."

A: "The budget we have right now, it's Shenmue with story elements. It will be Shenmue 3 up until the duel against the four big bosses. But with additional stretch goals, more areas are going to be added and expanded.

The Rapport system is the system that governs the changes in characters' attitudes toward you, depending upon actions you take in conversations. It will provide a new twist to Shenmue.

In Shenmue 3 there'll be a lot of occasions when you can obtain technique scrolls through special events, jobs, missions, etc. They can be used in battle right away as a QTE. However the advanced skill scrolls and arcane skill scrolls are managed in a tree diagram. Completing that tree will be another side of fun, and it links to the actual martial art learning.

Q: "More on stretch goals"

A: "With the area Baisha, we want to include new fun not included in Shenmue 2. Traditional tactics such as seige and infiltration that we see in warring kingdoms in traditional China are also added. But I want to make it Shenmue-like, easy to grasp, easy to play, and provide more fun.

There's an opportunity for the players to play as different characters. In that event you'll see different choices that different personalities offer, different from Ryo and other characters. That will provide more fun and more personality to the characters.

So there's a lot more stretch goals we published, but there will be a large amount of explanations and a large amount of fun still to come, so we'll leave it to other occasions to explain the other stretch goals.

Your cooperation is what makes this Kickstarter progress, so please support us!

Q: "How will Shenmue 3 at its current funding level be different from Shenmue 3 at the 10 million dollar level?"

A: "The current funding level - about 3.6 million - will have story oriented Shenmue. More focus on story. Exceeding 5 million will allow the development to include more things that are new, such as we explained about Baisha. Exceeding 10 million will allow for the players to enjoy a more open world like Shenmue."

Q: "When is Shenmue 3 going to be released?"

A: "It's expected to be released by the end of 2017. We're confident."

Q: "Is this the end of the story?"

A: "The initial storyline contained 11 chapters. With 1 & 2 it advanced to only a little bit of the 11 chapters. I considered doing the final game to include all the remaining chapters, but in the final consideration it would be skipping all the big arcs, and the completeness of the game would be less enjoyable. So this Shenmue 3 will have more storylines, but this structure will not finish the storyline with Shenmue 3."

Q: "When can we play the trial version?"

A: "It requires many of the basic systems to be developed. The release date of the demo version will be the latter half of the development stage. It might be after the new year of 2017. Until then it requires more development for the basics."


Please keep sending us your questions. We want to make Shenmue 3 the best we can. Please share the project. Get the word out. Let everybody know that Shenmue 3 is happening, and we need everybody to support and make sure that we make this Shenmue 3 spectacular."

Q: "Final thoughts?"

A: "I always want to do new things. I hope to achieve all the things I want to do in the new Shenmue, matching with what the Shenmue the fans want, to meet the ten million dollar goal. We ask your continued support, and that you spread the word around to make Shenmue a real thing! Thank-you very much!"

"Let's make this happen! Everybody has been so great the past fourteen years. Making it happen. It's happening now. #SaveShenmue! Let's do this! Thank-you!"
by benayun88
Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:17 pm
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Re: Awesome Japan

What really pisses me off, is that Awesome Japan will be able to write "record-breaking Kickstarter for both $1M and $2M" on their profile, without even lying.
by Hyo Razuki
Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:44 am
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Awesome Japan

For those who don't know, "Awesome Japan" are the company in charge of the Shenmue kickstarter.

Their staff :

Some statistics :
- Awesome Japan has "helped" 13 kickstarters prior to this (in a span of 11 months), only 7 were successful
- Only 1 videogame kickstarter ,Soul Knights (ex Nippon Ichi staff), barely met the goal of $60k with only 246 backers
- only 1550 backers and $170k for all their campaigns combined so far
- they had no native english speaker before this kickstarter apparently. All of their previous campaigns had significant spelling and translation mistakes
by Yokosuka
Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:19 am
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Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)
by Ziming
Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:55 am
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

I'm going through a complete disbelief phase right now, which will pass, but right now, I feel disgusted at the Kickstarter being ran by this "Awesome Japan", that they are handling the KS page and also looking after the rewards etc.

Right now, it's honestly put me off pledging anything.
by Peter
Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:33 am
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

If that guy has a degree i am Mary Poppins.

Seriously, chances are he was a good-for-nothing that got the job because he can speak both japanese and english.

He has a Twitter profile anyway @Jo3lRT... i know it's bad but i HAD TO tweet him my personal thoughts.
by Shenhua-Nani?
Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:47 am
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Re: Awesome Japan


"Excuse me, I'd like to put my project on Kickstarter..."
by Yokosuka Martian
Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:05 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

Yea this sort of harassment and lampooning is super shitty and incredibly immature. If the mods don't care to take this sort of garbage down then I suppose they won't mind my comment. Go fuck yourselves. Are you adults? That's embarrassing. I can understand why the gaming community has a lot people who pull shit like this. It's filled with 30 year old virgins and cynical teenage twerps who rely on escapism to make up for their pathetic lives and so they think its ok to try to humiliate others instead of looking in the mirror at their own mediocrity. A little clue, its not ok. Dude gave me quite the laugh but he just seemed like a harmless hyped Shenmue fan. Like a kid in a toy store and I don't blame him for that. He made what would have otherwise been a pretty dry and boring 50 minutes kind of entertaining. This is why the gaming community is so pathetic. They are just games and you take this shit waaay to seriously. The kickstarter is doing fine btw. If you want to take something serious don't watch gaming news, watch world news and instead of bashing harmless and powerless individuals go full ham on corrupt politicians and corporations. Spend the time making the world a better place instead of harassing insignificant people you worthless twerps. Fuk.

I had the very same thoughts while watching the Q&A stream last night. Many and I mean MANY couldn't stand the circus act we were watching with Yu Suzuki. He's a game designer whom everyone greatly respect in the video game world. He comes back to the public eye after 14 years to give us fans the game we truly want. Are we suppose to just sit back and pretend that was OK? Joel acted like some court jester during the entire interview. He made a complete mockery of Yu Suzuki in front of a live twitch audience. I had to return the favor by creating this very topic.
by Ziming
Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:07 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

We are at 3.75 mil with 3 weeks left to go.

That's because we got a huge boost at the beginning due to being advertised on an international stage at Sony's E3 press conference. We essentially started out of the gate with $2 million due to that. However outside of that we have been doing roughly 50% of what bloodstained achieved on a day to day basis. all the projections on Kicktraq now put us at 4 - 4.5 million.

Bloostained Shenmue 3
Day 7 $ 99667 $ 57244
Day 8 $ 84591 $ 44669
Day 9 $ 66261 $ 31074
Day 10 $ 49884 $ 25402
Day 11 $ 57399 $ 25293

A big push is coming on Friday with 30 on the 3rd, probably a lot more big investments with the next round of reward tiers, and of course the last minute bump. All in all it looks like Shenmue is on track to beat Bloodstained.

Bloodstained "last minute bump" was around 150k-200k (if you only take the last few days where the pledge amounts increased) and this was caused by aggressive social media work by the company managing the kickstarter and last minute panic pledging, why would people who have never played the previous two titles in a story heavy franchise panic pledge in the last few days? I think we will see a bump, but no where near as large as Bloodstained.

I also hope the fan led "pledge $30 on the 3rd" works, indeed I think it'll have the same affect the new tiers had yesterday, but even that only brought it in line with Bloodstained normal sustained daily pledge levels and only for one day due to the limited quantities available.

I hope you prove me wrong, I really do... I would love to "insert foot into mouth" on this occasion, but I'd be willing to bet actual cash we won't finish ahead of bloodstained.

Could the KS have been better, maybe. But it's doing relatively great and thus far there's nothing I can really pin on Awesome Japan as having done wrong. The twitch interview included which everyone is taking waaay to seriously. If there's a problem anywhere, its with the people on this forum and this thread in particular, who are being unsatisfiable and entitled cynical assholes who go around harassing and mocking undeserving people.

the whole point of a social media presence by a company tasked with 'promoting' is to encourage people to pledge/buy. Using a cheap camera, low quality microphone, not testing the setup before hand, not having images ready, not using the tools available within twitch to filter out questions and saying "meh going too fast, I give up" after 2 questions, all the while using an unprofessional (possibly high) interviewer isn't the way to do it, they even messed up the Reddit AMA and ended up splitting questions between two totally separate threads.

its not that people are being cynical or 'unsatisfiable' as you put it, its just people expect at least a minimum level of professionalism to put the whole kickstarter in a positive light, which is really needed considering how major media sites are being extremely toxic with misinformed click bait articles.

what I will say is we are getting Shenmue 3 and thats great and we owe it entirely to Sony, allowing Yu Suzuki onto the stage at E3, without that... I'm not entirely sure "Awesome Japan" would have breached 2.5 million yet.
by RiGoRmOrTiS
Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:27 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

The way the Q&A was handled yesterday was a debacle, that's for certain. However we need to come together as a community and bury it. Let's push forward for the sake of the Kickstarter, Shenmue III and Suzuki-san. At this point we can offer constructive criticism (there is another thread for the Twitch stream) and continue on with our own separate efforts.

I should not need to say this, but I will. We do not support or condone any form of personal attacks within this community. Let's carry on as we always have, positively and respectfully. That is the voice other parties will pay attention to, respect and trust. Thank you.
by Yama
Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:34 pm
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Corey Marshall Asks Fans To Help Get Shenmue On Conan

phpBB [video]
by mjq jazz bar
Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:54 pm
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Re: What in the world happened with the KS today?

How about a new hashtag? #FireAwesomeJapanOnThe3rd
by myshtuff
Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:50 am
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Get Shibuya Productions to manage/absorb KS?

I've bitten down on my criticism of this Twitch stream thus far, as negativity and losing of focus are not the things you really want in the middle of a campaign. But suffice to say, the communications and Kickstarter management through Awesome Japan, from things like the delay and confusion on the Reddit posting and timing and right the way through to this stream have been completely lackluster. YS Net themselves are a Japanese team, presumably working hard right now on development, who need a bridge between themselves and the global community. That bridge, when you're talking about millions of dollars and thousands of backers, needs to be airtight. It seems like Awesome Japan are comprised of about three people and one, now infamous, native speaker. The Kickstarter page has about 21,000 comments, largely in English. They couldn't even get through any follow up questions on the stream and cut it short.

But I don't think now is the time for a postmortem of what went wrong. We need momentum and to move forward. Hiring a new PR team at this stage is out of the question, if not for the matter of fees alone.

I've noticed that Cedric Biscay, as co-producer, has been pretty solid and professional in following up when asked. He insisted on direct answers and clarity to the fans. As soon as someone said to him, move the stretch goals to the top of the page, it happened almost immediately. They seem to on point and they've just got their Japanese office. Biscay is the CO-PRODUCER of the game. I think they need to absorb AJ's operation into their own and co-ordinate it themselves, or at least TAKE CHARGE of it. It's the most economical option I can think of.

Biscay on Twitter:

Shibuya Productions:
by NeoShredder
Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:58 am
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Re: Get Shibuya Productions to manage/absorb KS?

elmatto wrote: You guys are being unrealistic if you think Awesome japan is going to be replaced.

if shenmue 3 is possible then why not this?
by drunkensailor
Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:40 pm
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Re: Ryo's Watch is up on the Kickstarter

Since I already have the 5000 dollars pledge timex watch, I am sharing pictures again just in case someone else wants to grab it and dont get confused with the other watch.

This one is set as one of a kind for the Kickstarter but there's actually more than one. We do not have the exact number but its less than 200. I've seen like 5-10 of these in the past 10 years.

The 2 others are probably as rare as the one I've posted above, but they look kinda cheap.
by DEVILLE_David
Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:44 pm
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Re: Cutest Shenmue fan ever dancing to Tomato jingle in stor

I can tell you she didn't pay me any god damn licensing fees to use my theme!
by Tomato Convenience Store
Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:03 am
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Re: So... Arm Wrestling!

Since I have one of those turbo controllers laying around here again...

phpBB [video]
by BlueMue
Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:35 pm
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