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Re: Wasting money on smaller languages

You know, now that I think about it, the 400k sort of bothers me. I'd really like to know how they came to this conclusion. Simple subtitles shouldn't really be this expensive. What am I missing here.
High quality translations can get a lot more expensive than you think, even without voice over. There's the agency, the translators and the reviewers that have to be paid and the subtitles have to be properly incorporated into the game which also takes some time. The developer also constantly needs to provide information and context for the translators for difficult and unclear passages (which is a problem with most clients, I'm experiencing it myself regualarly when working on texts).

Yeah, this is I agree with, well, most of it, :) but 100k still sounds too much for me. How much are these people getting payed? :D

EDIT: I guess a god damn lot.
I can't complain, some projects are really well paid. :)
But I wouldn't take the 400k too seriously, I think it's just a more or less random number like in other Kickstarter projects when it says "100,000$ more and you'll get another character" or something like that. I can't imagine it is possible to perfectly calculate stretch goal costs so early.
by Seraph87
Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:56 pm
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