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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

It's painfully obvious - like someone else already said, if we even just had the same PR people who did the Kickstarter for Igarashi's Bloodstained, we would, for most intents and purposes, probably already be closing in on the 11 million + mark. As it stands right now, we probably won't even hit the final dollar amount that the Bloodstained Kickstarter reached..

while i generally agree they are fudging the kickstarter, it was never going to hit 10/11 million. No video game has ever gotten close to this on kickstarter, especially not a sequel for a series of games that came out 14 years ago. With a proper company running the kickstarter we would have easily beaten Bloodstained and exceeded 5.5 million (probably 6 - 6.5 million). But 10 million was never a possibility.

With the way Awesome Japan are running this kickstarter we should be ecstatic with anything between 4-4.5 million.

Oh really? I must have been looking somewhere else then cause last I checked the kick starter is doing quite well actually. If it ever got hurt to begin with its thanks to shitty journalism, x-box fanboys shit talking, and a general lack of understanding of how businesses work on the part of many in the gaming community. We are at 3.75 mil with 3 weeks left to go. A big push is coming on Friday with 30 on the 3rd, probably a lot more big investments with the next round of reward tiers, and of course the last minute bump. All in all it looks like Shenmue is on track to beat Bloodstained. Could the KS have been better, maybe. But it's doing relatively great and thus far there's nothing I can really pin on Awesome Japan as having done wrong. The twitch interview included which everyone is taking waaay to seriously. If there's a problem anywhere, its with the people on this forum and this thread in particular, who are being unsatisfiable and entitled cynical assholes who go around harassing and mocking undeserving people.
by go-ren
Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:05 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

Yea this sort of harassment and lampooning is super shitty and incredibly immature. If the mods don't care to take this sort of garbage down then I suppose they won't mind my comment. Go fuck yourselves. Are you adults? That's embarrassing. I can understand why the gaming community has a lot of people who pull shit like this. It's filled with 30 year old virgins and cynical teenage twerps who rely on escapism to make up for their pathetic lives and think its ok to try to humiliate others instead of looking in the mirror at their own mediocrity. A little clue, its not ok. Dude gave me quite the laugh but he just seemed like a harmless hyped Shenmue fan. Like a kid in a toy store and I don't blame him for that. He made what would have otherwise been a pretty dry and boring 50 minutes kind of entertaining. This is why the gaming community is so pathetic. They are just games and you take this shit waaay to seriously. The kickstarter is doing fine btw. If you want to take something serious don't watch gaming news, watch world news and instead of bashing harmless and powerless individuals go full ham on corrupt politicians and corporations. Spend the time making the world a better place instead of harassing insignificant people you worthless twerps. Fuk.

edit: Sorry 30 year old virgins, I didn't mean to bring you into this.
by go-ren
Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:39 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

I cannot believe what I am reading right now.
He made a complete mockery of Yu Suzuki in front of a live twitch audience. I had to return the favor by creating this very topic.

I think attacking people is crass and pointless and does nothing for our cause.

Maybe not, but it's fun.

So this is how the Dojo operates now? By taking some sort of 'justified vengeance' and making a mockery of an individual because of the way he acted in an interview. Turning him into a laughing stock, criticizing him, posting links to his social media pages, claiming that he is ruining the Kickstarter campaign, and having fun doing so? How can somebody find hurting the feelings of another person fun? Joel Tess does not deserve this at all.

Absolutely disgusting.
The people acting like this should be ashamed.
by Jibby
Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:54 pm
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Re: confronting the 4 bosses.....

We learned from the twitch stream that we will in fact b confronting the 4 bosses in shenmue 3. We know that each boss represents a cardinal pole ie north south east west. Do you think that these directions refer to the possible 4 entrances to the chi you men base in baisha?

Will we get the showdown with land di?

I think just in my opinion of course

Hopefully going to each one if a rewarding expeirence and have many missions and advancements without too much talking and back tracking. Hopefully more missons and a bit more fighting where it makes sense.

I think it would be great to fight Lan Di, even if you win there should be some cut scene where he simply thrashes you and you are still on your way to future revenge.

I think getting to a point in sh3 where ryo feels he is about to confront di and have his revenge is a good plot piece. Simply leaving ryo beat and broken down would also be a good story piece and a good movement for SH4

I feel that Lan di should really destroy ryo in a fight, sort of like that rocky stuff lol

I mean, he should almost basically kill him, break him, destroy him. Building your self back to strength to face him in the future would make for an epic game. I hope Yu has such a thing planned over the course of the story

Beat him phsyically but more importantly mentally. Make him question his quest, make him return home to work as a teacher or question his very being.
by Jackie Fhan
Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:18 pm
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Re: The KS is a huge success and we shouldn't be discouraged

2 words - Yu Suzuki.

That's who's hands this project is in. With the original members of the Shenmue series to date. This will look like a Shenmue game. Feel like a Shenmue game. Sound like a Shenmue game. Have environments like a Shenmue game.

I don't give a shit what the final amount is, the money will come from somewhere. The litmus test of the Kickstarter has been successful, with all sorts of records set once again by the franchise. We are all gonna set Shenmue 3, with boxes of Shenmue goodies delivered to our door to boot. Id day it's a safe assumption that Sega will want to grab the easy money and release Shenmue and Shenmue HD in 2016. I'd hazard a guess it's already been green lit. Why wouldn't it?? Sega have money there waiting to be given to them!

It's a fucking fantastic time to be a Shenmue fan, the best time ever! From Kikizo articles, to darkness. From "we'll see" and "I think Sega will let me make it". From photos of Suzuki looking tired and dejected, to photos of forklifts and him walking onto the Sony stage to the fanfare of Sedge Tree. Fuck "we only made 8.5k", and "ooohhh well Bloodstained....". Fuck some goober acting a pillock on camera for an hour!

Sorry for the language but rant over!

It's Shenmue 3!!!!!
by Peter
Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:50 pm
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GameTrailers trying to organise Suzuki interview

I tweeted Michael Huber and GameTrailers about doing a Skype interview w/ Suzuki-san, seems they're trying :)

Image ... 1038273536
by Amir
Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:51 pm
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Re: A suggestion re this fridays q&a with yu Suzuki...

I have access to the Dojo's twitter but I'd probably rather leave putting the most important questions up there up to someone else for now as I'm still not very good with Twitter and we don't want to mess this up.

So you think it will be best to ask the questions on friday, while this is running? It makes sense but I thought it maybe he has by then already picked his questions and will answer them. So maybe it's better to post the question earlier?

I guarantee they will pick some, if not all, questions before hand. They don't want what happened in the Twitch to happen again. I would say we should ask the major questions on Friday afternoon(USA time) and then ask them again that night. We can also ask the smaller questions that night.

I think it'd be good to start asking straight away. I've just downloaded d twitter app. Who do we send the tweets to? Is it @shenmue_3

I'd say #SaveShenmue and #YouaskYu. Definitely #YouaskYu though if space is a problem.

"you canTweet to Yu Suzuki by including the hashtag #YouaskYu in your message along with your question."
by elfshadowreaper
Wed Jul 01, 2015 4:48 pm
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Re: Your picks for the Dojo's #YouaskYu question

How much development was actually done on the Dreamcast version of Shenmue III? Will we ever see some more of it?
by Yama
Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:12 pm
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The Kickstarter Just Hit $4 Million!

Woo! =D>

- $4 million reached - stretch goal: Baisha Village Expanded & 5x Mini Games
(isn't that between $75-100,000 today?)


- 5 new reward tiers
- PS4 physical copy added
- 30onthe3rd boost

What an awesome, solid day for Shenmue!
(I also noticed AwesomeJapan added an apology for last weeks Twitch mess).

...But no time to breathe:

- Next step is $5 million, we need that character system that Yu really wants implemented
- Paypal option (still 14 days to go, hopefully they'll add this after the KS is over)
- Like always, keep pushing #SaveShenmue and #10milliontoShenmue3 every day
by Sonoshee
Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:36 pm
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Re: Your picks for the Dojo's #YouaskYu question

Mine are:

I'm going to aks him how far they got Shenmue III developed for the Dreamcast. Was thinking about asking him on Twitter anyway. This is the perfect opportunity to do it now.

another VERY important question. will you keep donations coming in after ks ended through paypal? if they do this, this is the only way to get 10 million dollars

#YouaskYu were there originally 16 chapters in the shenmue saga or were there 11? please elaborate as to why some say 16 and some say 11.

If the fighting system will resemble the first two games (i.e. Virtua Fighter style) or be QTE based.

And one of my own... Some may not find it that important but for me it was another unique trait Shenmue had.

Q: Will you be bringing back the original menu music from Shenmue 1 & 2?
by Sonoshee
Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:17 pm
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30 on the 3rd: A Roaring Success

I think this was the best day this community has ever seen. What a display of discipline, effort, and enthusiasm.

1. 335,960 dollars in one day.
2. 1276 new backers in one day.
3. Twice as many Kickstarter comments as any previous day.
4. Love from Kavinsky.
5. Peter's dreams of meeting Suzuki came true.
6. Kotaku tried to go negative, but their own news editor called the writer out for it in the comments. Upbeat rebuttals dominated the comment section. The tide of public opinion has turned.
7. Apologies from Awesome Japan and much better handling of everything today. Cedric Biscay heard us, and continues to engage with the community.
8. Great new tiers. Limited ones are selling out. Physical PS4 copy was a game-changer.
9. Unprecedented noise made on Twitter.
10. On the verge (only about 10,000 left, will make by mid-morning on the west coast) of overtaking Torment as the 2nd most funded Kickstarter game ever made.
11. Great Q&A with Yu.
12. Have had bunch of people saying to me on GAF today that even though they haven't played Shenmue, the fan passion has inspired them to pledge for the game.

You are all incredible. This is an amazing moment.
by Erevador
Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:17 am
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A Gamer's Journey: The Definitive History of Shenmue

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming Shenmue documentary was released today. A film by Adam Sipione and Definitive Films. Please share this video everywhere!

Links & Hashtags: #SaveShenmue #10milliontoShenmue3
Shenmue Documentary Trailer | Fauxpop Media | Shenmue 3 Kickstarter
by Ziming
Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:11 pm
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Alternative Shenmue Kickstarter video now featured on KS!

Original Post
If a mod or news poster could feature this video on the homepage, it would really help!

The current Kickstarter video for Shenmue III is quite bad. It doesn't outline the achievements of Shenmue or have any real Shenmue feel to it. It only appeals to a a very small audience and does very little to attract new people to the franchise. That is why me and some other members of the Dojo have collaborated and put our ideas together to create what we believe the Kickstarter video should have been.

Here is the most popular version with no dub (and a slightly different logo)
Some really awesome people on YouTube have made subtitles in Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish too! You can find them if desired by enabling the closed captions.

There is also a dubbed version.
(Thanks to Raunchy for the voiceover!)
Please share this around. Tweet it out to people, embed it in forums, reupload it to your own Youtube if you like - you don't need to credit me. This video clears up misconceptions about the Kickstarter (eg where the funding comes from), advertises the stretch goals and markets Shenmue to new audiences. It could be VERY beneficial to the campaign.

Some people in the production thread even suggested trying to get it seen by Yu Suzuki in the hope he will replace the current Kickstarter video with this one. It's a very long shot, but it's worth a try. Shenmue III recently got an official Twitter if people would like to tweet it to them.

We can make a difference if we advertise this campaign properly. This, combined with $30 on the 3rd could just be our ticket to 10mil. Please help in spreading the word by showing this to people who are misinformed, unconvinced, or might be interested in getting into Shenmue. Let's do this!

"The fate of Shenmue is in your hands now"

Thank you!
My alternative Kickstarter has now been featured on the Kickstarter project under the "What's Shenmue" heading! Yu Suzuki saw my video and wanted to use it and as a result I have been working with Awesome Japan to create a version that SEGA deem acceptable which has now been completed.
Take a look here:
by Jibby
Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:10 am
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Re: [Video] Yu Suzuki SM3 Interview on Niconico Live [Englis

The full transcript, taken from the subtitles of the video, is now available as a document for reading.

Sample snippet:
J: I'd like to move on to your latest game that has been announced: Shenmue III.
YS: Sure.
J: Could you tell us about what led to it being revived - What was behind this decision, in terms of reasons and timing?
YS: Well... it has been about 14 years since Shenmue II and during this period I have had the chance to speak overseas fairly regularly. And pretty much every time I went, I would get asked questions such as when Shenmue III would be released. In fact about 80% of the questions I get asked relate to Shenmue; about 10% on the Virtua series; and the rest are about my other games. So the majority is overwhelmingly about Shenmue.
J: Oh, even more than the Virtua series.
YS: That's right. So, a lot of questions have focused on Shenmue and for the past 10 years, each year around March/April, rumors reach me that Shenmue III is going to be released. Whenever I used to hear that, I would say to myself "I wonder who's going to be releasing it" [laughing]


Spoiler protection: the main spoilers in the document have been made invisible with white-colored text, but can be revealed using copy/paste.

View full transcript: Niconico Interview Full transcript (pdf)
by Switch
Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:17 am
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Re: Does The Gang Edition know about this recent news?

Hey James - yes, the movies are all still on sale at our website, though at the moment, I'm working on putting them all on a single blu-ray disc and releasing that in the next week for the 1 or 2 people who might actually want to buy it, lol.

To answer the original question of this topic - yes, we obviously heard about Shenmue III and are very excited to finally see this game come out. It was a crazy night for us when the E3 announcement was made, because at the same time, the Chicago Blackhawks were winning the Stanley Cup Championship. So I was engrossed in the game with my friends, then went on Facebook to celebrate only to see my feed blowing up about Shenmue III of all things! I called Terry in LA right away, first to yell about the Hawks (he was watching the game too) and also to yell about Shenmue III.

Another movie is pretty unlikely at this point, but I'll never say never - a lot can happen between now and the release of Shenmue III. Several cast members from Shenmue III: TGE were at my 30th birthday earlier this month, and we all talked about how ridiculous it is that this game is coming out after all these years and how even more ridiculous it would be for us to try doing another movie with everything that's going on in everyone's lives. We did take this picture however:
In case you can't recognize us cause we're so fucking old, that's Niao Sun, Ren, Wong, me, and Shen Hua.

I'll also say I'm very excited to be a part of the Shenmue documentary that's currently in production. Adam and his crew came out to interview me in Chicago a few months ago, and they just interviewed Terry in LA last week. Pretty neat!
by Ocky27
Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:06 pm
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Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue

Hello guys,

As promised, I've received Yu Suzuki's approval to publish it, so here it is !

Meeting Yu Suzuki in Japan once again was awesome. I had the opportunity to meet with the development team and saw some footage and can say that Shenmue is definetly in good hands.

This interview do not contain major spoilers, however, DO NOT read the question/answer #14 if you do not wish to know about Shenmue III's bosses.

Enough said, here you go !

English version / 英語版 :

PDF version : coming soon

Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue (2015)

1) David : Hello Yu Suzuki. Today is September 14th and 2 months have passed since the end of the Kickstarter's campaign. Could you tell us how you've felt during the campaign ?

Yu Suzuki : Many people asked me how it was during E3 so I'd rather talk about what happened after that, the development and so on. That's what is the most interesting to me. The game's budget has been decided with the Kickstarter and we're working on it accordingly. We're currently testing the Unreal Engine 4.

2) David : 14 years have passed since the release of Shenmue II. If you had to think about it, was there anything that could have been improved in the previous games ?

Yu Suzuki : When I was making Shenmue II, my goal was to make it better than the first one. Of course, there are many things that could have been better. If I had to provide an example, that'd be the use of time. How long you had to wait until the next event.

In Shenmue Yokosuka, the player had no other choice but to wait until the next event occured. The concept was to add many different features for the player to enjoy while waiting for the said rendezvous. After the first Shenmue was done, people provided their feedback and many of them were frustrated having to wait, that's why I've decided to add the « Skip Time » feature in Shenmue II. By using it, you could skip time and jump to the next scene.

3) David : During the trailer of Shenmue Online, we could see Shenhua summoning a Phoenix to fight Lan Di. Is it linked to the original story of Shenmue ?

Yu Suzuki : This is a story I made up specially for Shenmue Online. So no, It has no link to the original story.

I would like to ask you some questions regarding Shenmue III and the Kickstarter campaign if you don't mind.

4) David : You've planned to add scenes from the first 2 games « Story Digest » in Shenmue III to describe the story. Are you going to use the previous games original scenes or do you plan to recreate them under the Unreal Engine 4 ? Is there any chance you're going to add Chapter 2 « the boat » in it ?

Yu Suzuki : The boat chapter won't be added. Regarding the « Story Digest » we're thinking about the best way to add it.

5) David : A fan has made a suggestion and wanted you to hear it. Is it possible for Ryo to hold a camera and take some pictures that the player could save in the inventory ?

Yu Suzuki : Ryo holding a camera doesn't match with his style and the way he is. However, the fact that the «player» himself is taking the pictures sounds like a nice idea. To be honest, I already thought about it before, so if that's possible, I would like to make this possibility happen.

6) David : In your previous interviews, you've mentioned that Shenmue III's size would be around the size of Shenmue's Dobuita. Each village will be around the same size as Dobuita or where you talking about the full game ?

Yu Suzuki : I want to make Choubu as large as Dobuita. Now, about the remaining villages, we're thinking about it.

7) David : Characters will be linked to Ryo through the « Rapport System ». But is it going to change the main story and why not, make some of the characters disappear at some point ?

Yu Suzuki : This system has been built for Ryo and Shenhua. We are thinking about the possibility to make it work with other characters but that's undecided. Regarding the impact that it's going to have on the story and the game itself, that is currently under experimentation.

8 ) David : The exclusive Kickstarter content « S3World telecom» will provide the possibility to call some characters of the previous games. But are the conversations going to be limited to some lines only or will they offer some variations ?

Yu Suzuki : No, It won't be limited to a single conversation.

9) David  : The Stretch Goals «AI Battling», «Ragdoll Reaction» and «High Ground Battle System» have yet to be reached, but is there anything we could learn about these Stretch Goals ?

Yu Suzuki : Some of you may know what the Ragdoll physics is. If you release the strength of the body, it becomes like a doll, that's not really natural. That's why we're working on the «Motion Blending», adding some resistance to the muscles for example, to obtain realistic moves.

In a Virtua Fighter scene, patterns were determined by the Motion Capture, but with the Ragdoll physics, moves won't repeat over and over. If you get into something (like a wall) the reaction won't be the same. In fact, I'd like to combine the «Ragdoll Physics», the «Motion Blending» and «IK Constraint» to make the NPC and battle's reactions as real as possible.

Regarding the «AI Battling» Stretch Goal, if I had to explain this simply, that'd be, for example, when you're hitting the punch button of your pad to hit your opponent. A jab when he's close, to hit him when he's away from you and to move to hit him when he's even more far away. I would like to create a system that is taking account of the distance, conditions and the position of your rival. During normal fights, if you push a button, your character will use the same move over and over without considering your current situation. I don't really like that and would like to use the «AI Battling» to add some variations to the movements depending on your current state.

And finally, the «High Ground Battle System», is the interactivity with the surrounding environment. I want to create and add strategy and realism to the battles. For example, throwing your opponent on a barrel and making it break or hitting a wall and making it fall like a wave on your enemy. I'd like to create more complex battles using the UE4's physical phenomenon.

David : These features were not available in the first two games right ?

Yu Suzuki : To say the truth, I've already used it. You could see something like that during the «70 Man Battle». But these techniques were used 14 years ago and I am sure that the result will be more interesting if we use the actual technology.

10) David : Is Shenhua going to be with Ryo all the time or is Ryo going to be on his own from time to time as well ?

Yu Suzuki : Both. Moments where Ryo will be on his own and some where Shenhua will stand by his side.

11) David : Just like in Shenmue I and II, is it going to be possibile to grab the items around us and examine them ?

Yu Suzuki : I would like to make it.

12) David : Some people would like to know more about the Paypal campaign and its rewards. Is there anything you can tell us ?

Yu Suzuki : The campaign will start on September 17th. With Kickstarter, people were limited to one reward, but this time, they will be able to add other rewards. Also, I'd like Japanese users to browse this page, all details will be in Japanese. The remaining Stretch Goals are also a part of this campaign and if we reach them, as promised, they will be made. I am counting on you !

13) David : Niao Sun has been presented during the first Shenmue events but is only appearing for the first time in Shenmue III. Why did you show her so soon during the promotion of the game ? Is there a special reason behind this ?

Yu Suzuki : There's no real reason. She was attractive and I liked her, that's why I wanted to show this character to all of you as soon as possible !

14) David : Looking at the development's schedule, 4 big bosses will be added to the game. Have you decided to cut some parts of the story and add the 4 main Chiyoumen bosses ?

Yu Suzuki : All I can tell you is that you're going to face Niao Sun of course, and also Lan Di !

15) David : Many players would like to have the possibility to switch between the Japanese and English voices. Do you plan to add such a feature in Shenmue III ?

Yu Suzuki : We are considering the possibility to switch between English and Japanese voices. So, many people would like Japanese voices and English subtitles ? I will probably start a poll about this to see what people are looking forward to.

Here is the last question !

16) David : Any special message that you'd like to say to the fans and why not, people who never played Shenmue until today ?

Yu Suzuki : My message towards the fans :

Thank to all of you who have been waiting for the last 14 years. I will bring with Shenmue III a new way to play and many things that were not in the first two games. I am aware that many of you are expecting Shenmue III to be the same as the first games but as a game creator, I am always challenging myself and I'd be very happy if the fans appreciated Shenmue III. Thank you for welcoming the new Shenmue !

Now the message toward players who never experienced Shenmue before :

I am developing it in the best possible way to make sure that you are going to enjoy the experience even though you have never played the first Shenmue. So even if you have no idea what the Shenmue I and II were, please do not hesitate to try it out please !

The interview is now over. I would like to say thank you to Yu Suzuki who allowed me to do this interview. A huge thanks to all the people working at YsNet, for their warm welcome and kindness.

I'd also like to say thank you to Cédric Biscay, french co-producer of Shenmue III. I had the opportunity to meet him and I can tell you that he's really motivated and he loves Shenmue as much as we all do ! Shenmue III is in good hands and I am really looking forward to it !

My next interview should happen during the Magic Monaco in February 2016.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the answers.



Japanese version / 日本語版 :

鈴木裕さんのインタビュー : 新しいシェンムーへ

1) ダビッド : 鈴木さん、こんにちは。本日、インタビューを行わせていただくことになり、ありがとうございます。宜しくお願い致します。それでは、はじめましょう。シェンムーⅢのKickstarterのキャンペーンが終了してから、二ヶ月ぐらい経過しました。よろしければ、キャンペーンの間の印象を教えて頂けませんか。

鈴木氏 : 皆さんに良く聞かれたのはショーの期間中の印象でしたので、その代わりにE3(ロサンゼルスで行われるゲームショー)が終わったあとや開発について話したいと思います。バジェットが決まったので、そのバジェットに合わせてゲームのフローに従って、現在はUE4のテストに入っています。

2) ダビッド : シェンムーⅡが発売されてから14年が経過しました。今、思い浮かべると、シェンムーⅠとⅡには改善点があったと思いますか。

鈴木氏 : シェンムーⅡを作るときはシェンムーⅠを改善して作ったので、もちろん改善点が沢山ありました。一つの例を挙げると、待ち合わせの時間です。シェンムーⅠでは待ち合わせの時間までただ待つことしか出来ませんでした。なので、シェンムーⅠでは待ち合わせの時間までに遊ぶ要素を沢山入れてあります。待っている時間に違うことをやって欲しいというのがシェンムーⅠのコンセプトでした。シェンムーⅠが終わったらそこに対してストレスが溜まると言うプレイヤーの声が高かったのでシェンムーⅡでは待つシステムを入れることに決めました。その時間まで待つというシステムを使うと、その時間と場所にジャンプすることが出来るようになりました。 

3) ダビッド : シェンムーオンラインのトレーラーでは藍帝(らんてい)は龍を、シェンファは鳳凰を召喚して戦っているシーンがありました。このシーンはシェンムーのメインストーリーと繋がっているのでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : シェンムーオンラインのために作った外伝なので、オリジナルストーリーと繋がっていません。

4) ダビッド : まだ、シェンムーをやったことがないプレイヤーにストーリーを分かってもらうために、シェンムーⅢにシェンムーI&Ⅱのストーリーダイジェストコンテンツが追加される予定があります。
それは、昔の動画(シェンムーThe Movie)か、あるいはUnreal Engine 4でリニューアルしたもので追加されるのでしょうか。そして、カットされた「二章 船」の動画版を追加されますか。

鈴木氏 : シェンムー「二章 船」 は追加されません。ストーリーダイジェストに関してはどの形がいいかどうか検討中です。

5) ダビッド : シェンムーファンからのアイデアを聞いたので、お伝えさせていただきます。シェンムーⅢの涼がカメラを持って、写真を撮って、アルバムに保存できるシステムというアイデアでしたが、いかがでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 涼がカメラを持つというと、ちょっと彼のイメージに合わないと思います。プレイヤーの方が写真を撮ったらいいと思っています。写真の機能が使えるのは以前からやりたいと考えていたので、出来ればやりたいです。

6) ダビッド : 以前、他のインタビューを受けていたときに、鈴木さんはシェンムーⅢの世界のサイズはシェンムーのどぶ板と同じぐらいになると言いましたが、それは全部のエリアですか。それとも一つずつの村がどぶ板と同じぐらいのサイズになるということでしょうか。

鈴木氏 :鳥舞をどぶ板くらいの大きさにしたいと思っています。他の村については検討中です。

7) ダビッド : 今回は好感度システムによって涼が他のキャラクターと繋がっていることは変わりますが、そのシステムでストーリーの変更や仲が悪いと仲間と会えなくなってしまう設定がありますか。

鈴木氏 : 好感度システムは涼とシェンファーに向けて作ったシステムです。他のキャラに使うかどうかは検討中です。ストーリーやゲーム進行にどれくらいの影響を与えるかどうかは現在実験中です。

8) ダビッド : キックスターター限定の国際テレホンカードで前作で出てきたキャラクターに連絡することが可能ですが、出来る会話が一つ限りなのか又はバリエーションがたくさんあるのでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 会話は一つ限りではないです。

9) ダビッド : 「ラグドールリアクション」や「AIバトル」や「ハイグランドバトルシステム」というストレッチゴールはまだ達成していませんが、それについて詳しく説明してくださいませんか。

鈴木氏 : 皆さんはご存知かもしれませんが、ラグドール物理演算というのがあって、人体の力を抜くと人形みたいなものになって、キャラクターがだらんとしてしまいます。これだけでやると動きが不自然になってしまいます。


ハイグランドバトルシステム は、キャラクターの周りのものを使って、バトルに臨場感と戦略を加えて作りたいと思っています。例えば、敵を投げたらドラム缶が崩れてきて敵をやっつけるとか、闘おうとしているときに壁を叩いたら波のように崩れてきたり・・・UE4の物理現象を連鎖させて、より複雑で楽しいバトルを作りたいと思っています。演算を使ってやりたいなと思っています。

ダビッド : シェンムーⅠ・Ⅱではやっていなかったシステムですね?

鈴木氏 : ちょっとやっていました。70人バトルのときにドラム缶が崩れてきたりとか… ですが、あれは14年前の技術でやった表現なので、現在の技術でやったらもっと楽しいものになると思います。

10) ダビッド : シェンムーⅢではシェンファがシェンムーIIと同じように常に涼と一緒にいるのか、彼が一人になることが多くなるのでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 彼女と一緒にいるときもありますし、一人になるときもあります。

11) ダビッド : シェンムーとシェンムーⅡでアイテムを細かく観察することが出来ましたが、シェンムーⅢでも同じような動作が出来ますか。

鈴木氏 : 出来るようにしたいです。

12) ダビッド : Kickstarterのキャンペーン終了後、更に支援したい方がPaypalで支援出来るシステムが発表されました。それについての詳細を説明して頂けますか。

鈴木氏 : 9月17日からPaypalを開始対応しています。Kickstarterでは1個しか買えなかったのですが、今回は追加の購入が出来ますし、あとは特に日本のユーザーが日本語で申し込むことが出来ますので是非ページを見に来て下さい。基本的にはストレッチゴールにも対応していますので追加金額でストレッチゴールをクリアすると約束している部分が実現出来ます。皆さん、宜しくお願いします。

13) ダビッド : 鳥隼(ちょうじゅん)は昔からプロモーションキャラクターとして使用されていて、シェンムーⅢから登場することになりましたが、どうして14年前からそのキャラクターを紹介されましたか。特別な理由がありますか。

鈴木氏 : 特別な理由がありません。キャラクターが魅力的だったので、僕がそのキャラクターが好きで、早く皆さんに見せたかったからです。

14) ダビッド : 開発の構成によって、シェンムーIIIでは4つのボスがいるということが分かってきました。つまりストーリーを短くして、四天王(らんてい、こうてい、えんてい、げんてい)を含めることにしましたか。

鈴木氏 : 一つだけのことを言います。四天王の藍帝(蒼龍) と炎帝(鳥隼)が出てきます。

15) ダビッド : 日本語と英語音声を選択するオプションが欲しい方が多いそうです。このような選択肢をシェンムーⅢに追加するつもりでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 日本語版と英語版の音声切り替えが可能かどうか検討してみます。海外では日本語音声で英語字幕が欲しい人が多いですか。出来たら、一回アンケートを取ってみたいですね。


16) ダビッド : シェンムーファンや又はシェンムーを初めてプレイする方々に伝えたい特別なメッセージがありましたら、どうぞ。

鈴木氏 : シェンムーファンの皆さんについては14年間ぐらい待ってくれて、本当にありがとうございます。シェンムーⅢではシェンムーI&Ⅱにない、新しい遊びをチャレンジしようと思っています。シェンムーI&IIとか全く同じ遊びを期待している人がいるかもしれませんが、鈴木裕は常に新しいことにチャレンジするクリエイターだと思って、シェンムーⅢを応援してくれると嬉しいです。新しいシェンムーを応援して下さい。




by DEVILLE_David
Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:29 pm
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Re: Kickstarter Update #47

The jacket will probably be toned down abit but it is obvious that they're still experimenting with the lighting. They're also not utilizing any Post Processing at the moment and if they are it's only for a slight color node but I don't think they're using any in the second and fourth screenshot. I think it goes without saying that this will change and right now they're experimenting with an engine that they probably never used before so it takes abit of time and energy to figure these large frameworks out.

Hey, welcome. So in your personal opinion, do you think there's plenty of time for Yu and his team to master Unreal and learn to use it to its fullest (or at least to a high degree of proficiency) before Shenmue 3 releases? I know Yu has been out of the loop a while, and I don't think refusing to play modern games helps that, but, I'm curious to ask, from someone who has experience in UE, how realistic it would be for Yu and his team to catch up fairly quickly? What do you think?

Thank you for the welcoming! Oh of course! It took me about a full year to learn everything and that was me going in with very little game development experience. Team Yu will be able to figure it out quite easily i'm sure. Even if it takes a year to learn the minute details it will still leave them with plenty of time for polish and effort.

If I had 6 months, a full animation set and the 3d models necessary and a few level designer's I could probably re-create Shenmue 1's systems entirely from the cutscenes (Minus the voice acting and lip syncing), to a combat system to the general movement and transitions in Unreal Engine 4.

Working with C++ in UE4 is great. Typically with alot of Engines you end up with some sort of... well, a high level language but a minor scripting language at that without the ability to use pointers. I won't turn this into a programming lesson but let me just say that pointers is why C++ is still around after all these years which makes everything pretty easy!

It's true Yu Suzuki has been out of the modern game market for a while... but Shenmue wasn't really like any other game was it? That could've been why it did so poorly but it was easily the best to me. Mixing RPG elements into a fighting game while taking HUGE risks on an emphasis of building an atmospheric environment (Not just the levels but the NPC's) while giving you a variety of options on how you wanted to perform. Shenmue was way ahead of it's time by a decade at least. I don't know the specifics but if I had to speculate i'd say the budget went over originally because of the technology switches from the Saturn to the Dreamcast, the re-creation of thousands of textures and hundreds of models and easily thousands of lines of code. People seem to forget that building an engine (A stable one anyways) takes years to do and is easily one of the hardest type of frameworks to make that requires huge teams.

So what is my point? If I could do this then Team Yu should have no problem. I wouldn't worry about it at all... plus we're all forgetting one important fact here. IT'S SHENMUE 3!!!
by Mark James G
Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:49 am
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Re: Making of Shenmue

7heavens wrote: Any updates on the translation if the video. Is it almost ready?

Yes. It will be up soon.
by Ziming
Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:27 pm
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Yu Suzuki's Conference at MAGIC 2018 [ENG]

Subtitles have now been completed for the video footage of Yu Suzuki's conference taken by Peter Campbell at MAGIC 2018.

(Translations by & Shenmue Forever.)

There is also a full written transcript up on the Phantom River Stone blog:
by Switch
Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:25 am
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