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GAME Watch interview snippets

Here are a few quick Q&A snippets I translated from an interview with Yu Suzuki published online by GAME Watch ( June 19 article ). The interview timing was just after the first $2 million Kickstarter milestone was passed.

I skipped most of the Q&A since they were pretty much what has been covered before, and picked out the following few :

First Kickstarter goal reached! Interview with Yu Suzuki on Shenmue 3

--- Will you be adding members to the development team going forward?
YS: The core team members will be from Neilo, but I have in mind certain other people who I would also like to ask to join - “if this much funding is raised, I'll invite that person...”, there a few people like that.

-- As part of the Kickstarter rewards, there is the $10,000 “Dinner with Yu Suzuki” reward, and the 3 available places were filled in an instant, weren't they. What do you plan to talk about with the participants at the dinner?
YS: The reason I particularly limited the number to just 3 people is because I wanted to spend plenty of time speaking with each of them one at a time, and really get to know their thoughts. It's not so much a question of what topics we will speak about, but more that I want to be able to take in what they have to say.

-- Is there anything else you can tell us?
YS: Since we made the announcement at the PlayStation conference, I am frequently asked whether SCE will be providing funding support. I haven't been able to speak on this until now, but: they will be providing some funding support with respect to development costs. To go further on this topic, we also have other funding planned in addition, but even with that added on, the funding would not have been enough. The funding shortfall is the reason that we started Kickstarter.

by Switch
Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:11 am
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Re: Shu Yoshida clarifies "Are they or arn't they funding?"

I am confident that after all is said and done, Yu will be able to make the Shenmue 3 that he wants to make without holding back. I donated 300 and plan to put in at least another 200 before the Kickstarter is over
by JaySw34
Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:48 am
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Re: What in the world happened with the KS today?

I think this is the point we seriously need to approach YSnet with the idea of firing them. At this point Awesome Japan are about as useful as having literally nobody run the campaign, so even if it's a bit rocky during the transition, literally anything is better than letting these fuckwits bring the kickstarter to a grinding halt.

Admins of ShenmueDojo, Shenmue500K, TeamYu and every other Shenmue fansite need to step up and make it known that this isn't acceptable - fuck, float the idea of us doing it for free. Absolutely anything is better than Awesome Japan cutting a check for this shite.
by ElephantStone
Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:54 am
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The Villages: everything we know so far

I'm most excited by the new locations we'll get to explore, so I've collected images and descriptions of what we already know...


Concept art and photos:

Yu Suzuki said: Baisha will show off what Shenmue is all about. Live out a siege game reminiscent of the Warring kingdoms. See what strategist will come out on top.

May possibly feature an 'infiltration mission' into the Chi You Men's Guilin branch. The buildings shown in the concept art are called Tulous. They are between three and five stories high, can house up to 80 families and are easily defensible.


Concept art and photos:

Yu Suzuki said: Choubu is a riverside village with lots of shops, souvenir stores, hotels and temples. The quests in this village should be very enjoyable, I think.

And: Amidst the mystical scenery of the Li River, Choubu lies in a water colour painting come to life. The port of call will be filled with souvenir shops and hotels, shrines and village dwellings. Expect to meet a sage master of Nanquan there .

This area may feature the 'Magic Maze' technique of generating building interiors. It could also feature a part time job of some sort.


Concept art and photos:

Yu Suzuki said: Bailu is the village where Shenhua was raised and also a place that Ryo's father, Iwao, had visited when he was younger. Here as well the quests will play an important role as Ryo and Shenhua start their journey.

And: Shenmue 2 ends at Shenhua's house in the outskirts of Bailu village. Bailu village is waiting to be explored for real.

Have I missed any information?
by colacube
Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:33 pm
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Re: Big update to the Kickstarter coming today!

KidMarine wrote: A big update? On my birthday? I'll wish for some half decent new reward tiers when I blow out my candles, let's see if it works!

It's your birthday?

Happy Birthday! :new-bday:
by ConanTheKing
Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:11 am
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Re: In all of this can't we atleast give a thumbs up to Sega

JSRF was no JSR, but it was solid. VF5, VT3 were also both super solid.

JSRF was in every way better than JSR.. more precise and much more fluid controls and gameplay, an equally as good, if not better soundtrack, better optics, better stages, better bossfights, better everything. All in all simply a better game than its predecessor. Did you play the hd version of JSR? it's still good, but the controls haven't aged all too well. I would imagine a remastered JSRF to fare much better there.

JSR is the same game it ever was. How many times have you played JSRF? Once? Twice? I've beaten it once, loved it, never went back. How many times have I beaten JSR? One time I beat it three times in one day. I've lost count at this point. JSR is a much better designed, much better sounding, much better playing game than Future. I love Future, but it requires the game skill of a child. JSR is a much more refined game that requires much more from the player in the way of thinking, adjusting to mechanics, planning, trial and error. It has tension, requires skill, and is just generally more fun than Future. I love Future, but it took everything good about JSR and made it more boring.

Also, the people who say "JSR's controls haven't aged well" are usually people who suck at JSR, no offense. It has always had a learning curve. Which is much more than I can say for JSRF, which has no learning curve at all.
by Himuro
Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:38 am
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Re: New Famitsu Interview with Yu (Sept 8th)

Ok, here is a translation for Part 1 of the Famitsu article. I hope this will minimize the pain of having to read the auto-translation from Google.

The second part will follow as soon as it is completed, although I know it's probably where the most interesting snippets of information may lie!

What will Shenmue III be like? A post-Kickstarter interview with Yu Suzuki (Part 1/2)

Shenmue 3 has drawn a lot of attention, after breaking several records on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. We asked Yu Suzuki for his thoughts following the completion of Kickstarter, including the additional features that were reached through stretch goals.

How does Yu envision Shenmue 3?

The development of Shenmue 3 via crowd funding was announced at the Sony Computer Entertainment press conference, held the day before the opening of E3 2015. Through the crowd-funding campaign that was launched immediately on Kickstarter following the announcement, the funding milestone of $1,000,000 was achieved in record time; also a new record was set for the highest-funding for a Video Game on the platform, and total of approximately 780m yen of funding was gathered, making it the 6th most-funded project in Kickstarter history. carried out an interview with Yu Suzuki, director of the game that has been receiving all the attention: Shenmue 3. As this is the first interview after the end of the crowd funding, we also wanted to ask him about additional features achieved by the stretch goals. Check it out!

Looking back on a tumultuous month after the end of the Kickstarter project

Q: The Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 recently finished as the most-funded Video Game on the platform. Please tell us honestly how you are feeling now.

Yu Suzuki (YS): Honestly speaking, it's "Here we go!"

Q: So you're feeling keen to get underway, rather than sitting back after a successful campaign?

YS: Yes, what I'd really like would be to make the development period longer. So it's like, "Hurry up, let's get started!"

Q: Will you move forward with development without any change to the planned release target date of the end of 2017?

YS: Yes. The budget from Kickstarter has now been confirmed, so I'm at the stage of seeing how far I can stretch the width and scale of the project within that budget.

Q: Looking back on the period from the Shenmue 3 announcement at E3 until now, what has been the most memorable thing for you?

YS: Most memorable for me while I was away at the E3 conference has to be the moment of the announcement. Right before it, while I was waiting backstage, the remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced, and I could hear the tremendous commotion. I was worrying and thinking "I hope Shenemue's going to be ok, 14 years on (from the previous game)" but when the video was shown I heard a huge cheer...

Q: The cheering was really loud, wasn't it. People were getting to their feet in joy.

YS: Of the whole conference, that was the moment when the audience's reaction most sounded like screaming.

Q: Is it one you will always remember?

YS: A lot has happened since then, but that was the moment that touched me the most. Later on I watched videos of people's reactions to the Shenmue 3 announcement. There were people whose voices cracked with excitement, and others who didn't stop crying. I was really moved when I saw everyone's reactions.

Q: You have mentioned in previously that you had been considering Kickstarter for a long time. What things did you find most difficult or surprising when you actually ran the campaign?

YS: There was a lot to learn. I had heard that with Kickstarter, starting at a fast pace is important, so although I really wanted to announce something beforehand, I wasn't able to because it was to be announced at the Sony conference. So I thought about whether there was anything at all I could do, and on the morning of the conference I put up a photo of a forklift on Twitter… which got me scolded by someone from Sony (laughs).

Q: Fans will guess what's going on simply from seeing a forklift, you know! (laughs)

YS: But... it's just a forklift!

Q: I think it shows the extent to which forklifts have remained in everyone's hearts.

YS: That's true. In a survey of Shenmue fans, the third most popular thing people wanted to know was whether forklifts would make an appearance in Shenmue 3 (laughs).

Q: (laughs) By the way, approximately 780m yen was raised through the Kickstarter campaign; do you have plans for other ways to accept funding?

YS: I'm planning on accepting funding via PayPal. It is still being coordinated so I can't give details at the moment, but progress is being made on getting it ready.

Q: Depending on the amount of further funding, is there a possibility that stretch goals not reached during the Kickstarter campaign will be included?

YS: I would like to add them if possible. Kickstarter is a non-Japanese site and so I think it may have been hard for Japanese people to use. Even for the mailing address entry, people may have worried that making a slight mistake might result in their rewards not being delivered. So when accepting funding through PayPal, I'd like to ensure it supports Japanese language.

Q: That makes sense. With Japanese support, fans in Japan will feel relieved, won't they. Development work on Shenmue 3 will start in earnest from here, so are there any roles you are particularly looking for to help the development move forward?

YS: I would especially welcome any planners or programmers who would like to work together with us. Development will be carried out with Unreal Engine, so I'd be happy if they have experience in Unreal Engine development as well as in development for the home game market.

Appearance of new characters - and the return of some from the past, such as Nozomi

Q: Next I'd like to ask you in more detail about what kind of game Shenmue 3 will be. Firstly, there wasn't a stretch goal for "Japanese language support" in the stretch goals revealed on the Kickstarter site. But since Masaya Matsukaze has been announced as the voice actor for the lead character of Ryo Hazuki, there will be Japanese-language support, won't there?

YS: That's right. I won't be able to express subtle nuances unless I make it in Japanese first. After the Japanese version we'll make the English version, and then support for other languages will follow.

Q: So although the video for the Kickstarter project had the main character speaking in English, development of the game will be carried out with Japanese voices?

YS: Yes.

Q: I'm sure the fans are wondering who will be cast as voice actors for the Japanese version..?

YS: I haven't decided the cast of voice actors yet. Some of those who were cast for the previous games are no longer active in voice acting, so...

Q: But if you tell them "I'm making Shenmue 3!", maybe they'll come out of retirement for you!

YS: If that happened, I would be really happy. I'd love to have them return.

Q: I hope we can get everyone from the cast to read this interview. So, at the moment are you in the middle of writing the scenarios?

YS: Yes, I'm working on them now, and the main scenario is largely done. I'm discussing with Yoshimoto-san the parts I'd like to expand a bit more [Editor's note: scriptwriter Masahiro Yoshimoto, who is in charge of the scripts for the series].

Q: Have you already started making maps and character models?

YS: No, not yet. They will be done after we've finished adjusting things like the scenario structure and the order in which each of the maps will be traveled to.

Q: Shenmue 3 will feature the three villages of Bailu, Choubu and Baisha, with gameplay differing in each of the villages - could you tell us about the characteristics of each of the villages?

YS: The village of Bailu, which you visit first, is where Ryo ended up at the end of Shenmue 2. You will be exploring the mountain village and the inner depths of the mountains of Guilin. Choubu is more developed than Bailu village, more like a town. The size of the town will be set accordingly for the funding that was achieved through Kickstarter. It looks like I will be able to make its scale slightly larger than I had originally planned. In Choubu you can buy things and carry out quests. You will be able to play minigames, and there will be food stalls, souvenir shops, lodges, temples and other buildings there.

Q: So Bailu village will feature in the story as somewhere to enjoy the scenery, while Choubu will be where you can enjoy open-world gameplay like in the previous game?

YS: Yes, although the word "open-world" may lead to misunderstanding as there are now many great open world games around…. Choubu is a place with "Shenmue-like" gameplay - what I called FREE for the earlier Shenmue games. I consider Bailu village to be a place where you can enjoy spending time with Shenhua. And for Baisha, I'm planning to make it a place where you can play in completely different way from the earlier Shenmue games. It's the place I want to focus on most.

Q: Could you give a little more detail about Baisha?

YS: It has several enemy hideouts, and you can enjoy the situation of infiltrating one; protecting your friends from external attack as you battle with enemies to take it over. You will not simply be fighting, but will make full use of war tactics that resemble famous tactics from China's Three Kingdoms period, such as the Water Attack or the Fire Attack, as you fight. This may sound very difficult, but I plan to make it straight-forward when you try playing, so please don't worry about that.

Q: In a previous interview, you mentioned being able to change your player character during these operations, didn't you?

YS: That would be the stretch goal that was successfully reached during the Kickstarter, called the Character Perspective system. I'd like to allow you to be able to play not just as Ryo, but also as others like Shenhua and Ren, and clearly portray the characteristics of each of the characters. For example… Shenhua, a girl, wouldn't do something like suddenly hit someone else.

Q: She doesn't seem like the type to do that, does she.

YS: And so, if you have selected Shenhua, you won't have the option to hit. However, if it is Ren, he may well suddenly strike out (laughs). In this way, depending on the character the things you can do differ, and depending on your choice the outcome will change. I'd also like to portray the differences between men and women.

Q: Between men and women?

YS: In the places where Character Perspective occurs, there are events where you advance as a pair. At that time, if you are controlling Ren then he'll be like "Hey, I'm so cool" and try to put on an act, whereas if you control Shenhua she'll look at his posing and think "What an idiot…" - that kind of thing (laughs).

It's something that happens in real life too, right? It is said that if you talk to two people that have had an argument, they will give you completely different stories about it, although they have experienced the same thing. I'd like to express the difference in values between men and women, as well as the kind of everyday life situations that everyone can relate to. I don't think many games have delved into this kind of thing deeply, so I think it will be an attractive new aspect of Shenmue which sets it apart from other games, as well as from the previous chapters.

Q: It makes me want to try controlling various different characters. On that point, I'd like to ask about the characters. Could you tell us about Ren, once again?

YS: Ren is a character who appeared in Shenmue 2, and is the leader of a Hong Kong street gang. He's cunning, intelligent, and skillful at fighting. At first he travels with Ryo from impure motives - "I smell money involved!", but gradually starts to look up to Ryo. I haven't yet mentioned about how Ren makes this transition, but I hope you will enjoy it. Shenmue 3 contains some fun scenes with Ren.

Q: It sounds like Ren will be quite heavily involved in Shenmue 3's story...?

YS: Who knows? (laughs)

Q: We're looking forward to hearing more about that (laughs). Next, could you tell us about Niao Sun, a woman who will make her appearance in Shenmue 3?

YS: She is one of the four Chiyoumen leaders and rules over the South. Ruling over the East is the Blue Dragon ("Sōryū"), Lan Di. Niao Sun is the Flame Empress ("Entei") who rules over the South, and is a beautiful but cruel character. I'm really excited as I'm able to at last portray Niao Sun, in Shenmue 3. [Editor's note: Niao Sun was presented to the public prior to the release of the first chapter of Shenmue, and was introduced in the character introduction video but she did not appear in Shenmue or Shenmue II.]

Q: And in Shenmue 3, Shenhua will finally become fully involved in the story, won't she.

YS: I took a vote on the most popular characters from Shenmue up until now and, most likely because she didn't appear much, Shenhua ranked low. Even after the announcement of the Kickstarter campaign, all I heard was "Please include Nozomi" (laughs). So I've made it possible to make a phone call to Nozomi.

Q: In this next game, it has been announced that there will be parameters that represent your relationship with Shenhua. I believe that in Shenmue 2 Fang Mei also had an affinity parameter - will it be something similar but more in-depth than that? [Editor's note: depending on how favorable her impression of Ryo was, Fang Mei would change how she called him, and special events would take place].

YS: Well, I hadn't really been thinking of Fang Mei.

Q: Are you able to give more details about the parameters for Shenhua at this point?

YS: I haven't finalised them yet, but I'm thinking of setting up around 3 parameters like level of trust, level of intimacy, friendliness toward you… something like these would be the top contenders. With a high level of friendliness, cooperation with Shenhua will go smoothly, that sort of thing. With the Character Perspective which will feature in the latter half of the game, if you choose to play as Shenhua, her true feelings will be revealed, and you may be in for a shock - "So that's what she thinks of me…!" That's something I'd like to try to do. (laughs)

Q: You might find she actually doesn't think much of you! (laughs)

YS: I think male players make up the majority, so I think it will be fun to introduce an element where they will think "Ouch!".

Q: Will the parameters be set up only for Shenhua? Do you plan to set up parameters for any other characters, such as Nozomi?

YS: It would be more enjoyable if there were parameters for other characters too, wouldn't it. For example if you get along too well with Shenhua, Nozomi may get jealous and cut your phone call short with a cool "Oh. Really….". I haven't decided the details yet, but I'll consider it.

End of Part 1
by Switch
Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:58 am
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Yu Suzuki New Interview

FR / フランス語 :

Aujourd'hui, j'ai eu l'occasion de passer une bonne partie de la journée et de la soirée en compagnie de Yu Suzuki !

On a beaucoup discuté, de la vie de tous les jours, de nourriture et bien évidemment de Shenmue III !

L'interview ne sera pas disponible de suite, je reviendrai donc vers vous dès qu'elle sera terminée.

Je tiens également à indiquer que d'autres belles choses vont arriver, donc continuez à apporter votre soutien, y'a du lourd en route !

En dehors de Yu Suzuki, j'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer dans les locaux où le jeu est développé, une bonne partie de l'équipe en charge. Ils travaillent tous les jours du matin au soir pour vous apporter le meilleur et de ce que j'ai vu... c'est sur la bonne voie ! Ils sont aussi super gentils, c'était génial.

La prochaine étape sera le TGS (le 17 et 18 septembre) où je reverrai peut-être Yu Suzuki mais rien de sûr. En attendant, je retourne bosser sur ce qu'il y a à traduire.

Des journées comme celles-là, j'en voudrai tous les jours !

EN / 英語 :

Hey guys !

Today, I had the opportunity to spend most of my time with Yu Suzuki.

We've talked about many things from everyday's life to food and of course,
Shenmue III !

The interview's content won't be available right away and will get back to you once It's done.

I also ask all Shenmue fans to keep providing their support as some beautiful things are on the way, trust me !

Beside the fact that I've met Yu Suzuki, I also had the chance to meet the team in charge of Shenmue III where It's actually being developed.

They're working hard everyday to provide the best experience possible and from what I saw, It's going to be good.

The next step is Tokyo Game Show now (September 17th & 18th) where I might be able to meet Yu Suzuki again but nothing has been decided yet.

Until then, I am going back to work and will try provide another great interview !

See you soon !


JP / 日本語 :








by DEVILLE_David
Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:39 am
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Re: "I Could Do With A Bit More Money" Yu Interview @Eurogam

10 years ago, journalists had to write something worth paying for. Your occasional reader might get one mag once in a blue moon because the cover looked good but the core costumer base that appreciated good columns/articles was where most of the money came from.

This environment rewarded quality, while the current net news model rewards quickness and clickbait... It's no coincidence pretty much every single news publication (from minor to major) has turn into a tabloid in the past 5 years.

We expect gaming journos to have a vast knowledge on the history of videogames like they used to but they don't have it anymore. That's why none of them knows exactly what kind of project Shenmue was, nor what kind of budget it needs or why the fans are jumping over flaming loops to give Yu all the money they have.

Sadly most of the new generation of games journos don't even see gaming as a priority, so I can't say I'm surprised with the BS coming out of these trash websites. At this point youtube is a better place for in depth reviews, opinions and news.
by killthesagabeforeitkillsu
Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:01 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki in China promoting Shenmue 3 (Video Included)

Peter 蔡 has responded to my request to join the dojo forums. He says he'll be here tomorrow.
Hello everyone, I am so happy to be here :D :D :D . Shenmue dojo is very famous in Chinese shenmue fans club. Today another member or myself will share some pictures about the conference, such as the gifts and paints.
by Peter 蔡
Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:48 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki in China promoting Shenmue 3 (Video Included)

English captions are now added in for the Shenmue III part of the video. (You can use the label at the top of the video to skip straight there).

Thanks to sshen1127 for providing the translations for the Chinese in the Q&A and fan art section.

Captions for the first half of the video (which contains material seen previously) are in progress.
by Switch
Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:30 am
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Full pictures of gifts and photo session with Yu.

Hi guys,I shared the pictures with you. :P :P :P

The man who gave the gifts to Yu is Xingyunliushui, and the complete video of chinese conference was also conducted by him, and uplaoded by me.

Photo Gallery:

list some of the photoes
by Peter 蔡
Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:53 am
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Re: full list gift Yu received during china press conference

Here's an English translation from the Japanese (so hopefully it retains most of the original meaning!)

Hello Master Suzuki,

We are big fans of the Shenmue series. You have come to Shanghai this time to tell the young people of China about your experience with game development. On behalf of everyone, I would like to welcome you and express our thanks.

Most of us were part of the Dreamcast era, and so we have deep feelings for your creation, Shenmue. We experienced this wonderful game and Ryo’s adventures. It would not be going far to say this was a part of our life experience. In Shenmue we have seen many experiences of loneliness, growth, love and strength, and they won’t be forgotten as long as we live. It was such a shame that the story of Shenmue did not continue at that time. We felt as sad as if we had lost part of our family, or a girlfriend/boyfriend. We thought this regret would stay with us for the rest of our lives.

In the 14 years that followed, we avidly followed all news about Shenmue. Although occasionally we could not bear to see the reports, as our raised hopes would always be dashed. Little by little, we tucked Shenmue away deep in our hearts. As the Chinese poet Guo Moruo once wrote, “Disappointed year after year, Year after year, my hope's still fierce”.

At last, there was a turning point. At the 2015 E3 conference, you announced the Shenmue III Kickstarter project. At that moment, tears overflowed from everyone’s eyes, and we smiled with joy. We have a saying in China, “A man cannot cry easily. But when he can, it is true sadness”. Actually we have already turned 30, and have not cried for many years – some of us probably have not cried for 10 years. However this time we cried plainly. Tears of emotion, tears of happiness. We are really grateful to you for your efforts. Without these we would not believe we would ever cry so much again.

From the time of the Kickstarter project announcement, we have gathered together again and have continued to support Shenmue III. Everyone is putting in maximum effort, I am happy to say. The funds gathered in China may not be great compared to elsewhere, but it represents the hearts of the Shenmue fans across China. We will never leave the Number 1 Shenmue club. Thanks to Shenmue, we have all become friends, which has made us happy. We are grateful to you for this also.

We have one request for you, which is that we would like Shenmue III in Chinese. Naturally this will require budget but please consider it. It will please all the players who speak Chinese. We are also hoping for HD versions of Shenmue I and II.

Finally, we celebrate the smooth development of Shenmue III, and pray that it will be a big hit. We pray for great happiness and health to you, your staff and families from the bottom of our hearts.

Shenmue Fan Club of China
by Switch
Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:29 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki in China promoting Shenmue 3 (Video Included)

UPDATE: I've finished adding translations of Yu Suzuki's talk for the first half, completing subtitles for the whole video.

The first half mainly covers content that has been seen before at the 2014 GDC, but it was still interesting to see this second take on it. One thing that is new is the slide explaining how the characters' moves from Virtua Fighter were mapped across to some of the main characters in Shenmue.
by Switch
Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:25 am
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Cédric Biscay interview by Desert Bus de l'Espoir (15/11/21)

Most interesting parts :

(5:10) About MAGIC 2016 in February
There will be a progress statement. Normally, we have the ambition to show a trailer... well rather a teaser I'd like to clarify, with the first true reliable images so we're ambitious. At least, we'll see new things like images, explanations about the game, story, etc.

(16:29) About Yu Suzuki
He's very nice, infact we are basically great pals, that's the reason we work together as well and he's a very humble person ( note : Cédric stresses this point during the video because not all the creators he knows are friendly in the gaming/anime universe and sometimes act like divas ). I think he is humble because he did everything that was possible to do in the sector of gaming. I was always fascinated when he showed me photos of him with Spielberg or Mickael Jackson but with calm, not as someone like a stalker. And you know what, it was those people who were happy to be pictured with Suzuki because his games provided them a lot of fun and they wanted to collaborate with him. So he doesn't boast at all about it, he's really supercool, we get on very well, and above all, we often drink good wine together. He likes wine, so I do. It's generally the common lot of our discussions (laughs).
Question : Which wine is his favorite ?
Cédric : Well it's a bit of expansive wine (laughs). He enjoys the really great wines, the Château Margaux, etc.
Q : And Romanée-Conti, and goes on...
C : So, yeah I admit we didn't reach this level together yet but we drunk some Château Margaux from his own wine cellar.
Q : His Tokyo-based wine cellar, isn't it ?
C : Yeah, a mini wine cellar in his office at his home but I will say nothing because I own a wine cellar in my office too so I refuse to make fun of him (laughs).

C : The production is progressing well, we're not late at all, it's still planned for Christmas 2017 as we decided. You know, a big interest is there, it's a traditional month for the players. Ok there are other moments in the year but it's usually better to release a game at Christmas.

Q : Since when you're working on Shenmue III before the announcement exactly ?
C : I admit we're not talking a lot about things like that, I don't want to be already impolite but (laughs) it's kind of confidential.

Sega is the IP owner. So for us, making Shenmue III is a huge risk because we don't own the IP. If you own the IP, that means you make a big return on investment. In our case for example, our return on investment will only be from the sales, period. We will not see the money generated by the goodies for example.

I think there are 200 000 big fans.

About AAA status
(Shenmue III) will not be Call of Duty but it will be a really good PS4 game and will easily meet the current PS4 standards.

My hidden goal was $5 million (for kickstarter).

What I anticipate is that Sega releases Shenmue I & II HD. Of course I must make clear that's not official but just what I wish. For me, it's the only viable way for selling well Shenmue III, so beyond the fans network. We also thought about doing a little manga or animation based on Shenmue I & II story but that's nothing compared to remake Shenmue in HD version. About the question you ask me about the hype, while it did not influence us, I think it can for others. I have the feeling that now everybody is interested in Shenmue, for example, at the companies level, to release related goodies.

Q : When was your first encounter with Yu Suzuki, how, and around which wine you seduced him ?
C : Basically, I was interested to meet him. I met him in Tokyo thanks a common friend. Then we talked about a lot of things, firstly Shenmue of course as a fan but I'm also fan of Virtua Fighter so we had a lot of common things to talk. I also bring him to an event in the south of France, then the Anime Game Show at Monaco in 2013 where the official discussion about Shenmue seriously started out because before this moment, it was really impossible as Sega didn't want to let the IP at all. So we're become real friends and we met again several times at San Francisco. We also did together the GDC , the Napa Valley as you mentionned wine. So we indeed drunk all the great American wines while discussing about how to find fundings for Shenmue III. Well it looks quite simple but you know, I do my business since almost 15 years in Japan, you can't meet Yu Suzuki so easily but thanks my job, the doors open a little more easily.

Q : Indeed, a bit like the Jet Set. The hardest part is to get in, and you did it.
C : I would say rather the Jet Set of Gaming (laughs)

Q : How many people are working on Shenmue III development, currently and actively ?
C : Well, our friend Suzuki didn't allow me to talk. He said to me "Don't talk about it, they will discuss again, etc". So sorry I can't answer your question (laughs).

Q : But it's a lot of people, isn't it ?
C : Yes of course, it's a video game so there is a minimum. Moreover, since the annoucement in June, we received so many requests from people who want to participate in the developement, that never stops ! There are even developers who want to work FOR FREE, it's insane. Then it smoothed down a little. For the Shibuya Production mail, I receive personally only 3 or 4 emails per week while in June, it was crazy, they were dozens and dozens of people per day, phone calls with "We want to participate in Shenmue III". [...] There were Australians, Japaneses, Ukrainians... they weren't random guys in their garages but true studios !

Q : Can we suppose that the team, although mainly Japanese, is pretty international ?
C : The team is essentially Japanese but with indeed some foreigners who live in Japan, who speak Japanese. You know that if you don't speak Japanese, it's very complicated... well I'm saying but I don't speak Japanese (laughs), but if you're working among a team, it's difficult.

Q : Will the PC version be optimized compared to the PS4 version ?
C : Good question, I would say "Yes".

Q : Outside the kickstarter, will a physical version be available ?
C : Yes absolutely.

Q : Will the PS4 and PC versions cost a different price ?
C : No at the moment but it's something that can change for multiple reasons. But at the moment, no.
by Yokosuka
Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:27 pm
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Re: Translation requests here!

Giorgio wrote: Just struck me that the following video has not been translated. Any chance? :)

It would be a shame for it to remain untranslated. Will see what I can do. At least the narrator speaks clearly, unlike Yu Suzuki at his staff meetings ;-)
by Switch
Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:39 pm
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Re: Gametrailers include Shenmue 3 in its 2015 greatest mome

Honestly, until E3 this year I never payed much attention to this new version of GameTrailers. I dismissed them as just another games reviews website; a curious holdover from the days before YouTube became the primary means for releasing new video game trailers. However, after seeing Michael Huber's reaction to the Shenmue 3 reveal I really do have to commend GameTrailers for their earnest passion, both for gaming in general and towards Shenmue specifically. It’s refreshing to find people in the media still excited for the future gaming, as opposed to so many other internet personalities who want to only wallow in cynicism.

Years from now people will look back and seek to understand why the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter is one of the most profound moments in the history of gaming. It might be hard for people in the future to grasp that moment in time, not having been watching Sony's conference live to experience that pure joy first hand. Still, if there's any chance of conveying the significance of that event, when people all over the world celebrated the return of Shenmue, it's through a video of the GameTrailers' Shenmue 3 reaction. There’s something about the way Michael Huber (along with the rest of the GameTrailer’s panel) reacted to the news that really captured the energy of the moment.
by Kintor
Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:34 am
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Re: Holiday wishes

Those... those scratches on disc 2 weren't really an accident, were they Peter? :no:
by Let's Get Sweaty
Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:38 am
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Re: Translation requests here!

A new and short (Japanese) interview of Yu Suzuki has emerged! ... #ys_suzuki
by Giorgio
Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:02 pm
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4Gamer: Short interview with Yu Suzuki

Japanese site 4Gamer interviewed 147 Japanese game developers for their thoughts on the year that has passed, and a message going into 2016, one of them being Yu Suzuki. Here is a translation of his interview ( original article ). Thanks to Giorgio for sharing the article link.
Yu Suzuki
YS Net President
Representative works: Hang-On, Space Harrier, Out Run, After Burner II, Power Drift, Virtua Fighter series, Shenmue series

Q1: Of the games released in 2015, which title impressed you or amazed you most?

YS: The Last Guardian & Final Fantasy VII Remake
Although they’re not titles released this year, these two titles were announced when I was waiting for the Shenmue III presentation at E3. I could feel the huge cheers like earth tremors from back-stage, and I was overwhelmed especially at the popularity of Final Fantasy VII.

Q2: Of the entertainment content released or announced in 2015, which work was most memorable?

YS: This year there were a lot of movies I wanted to see, but things were so hectic with preparations for Shenmue III that actually I haven’t been able to see even one of them. I want to make time to see Terminator Genisys, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, 007 Spectre and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And although they are not new releases, in order to enhance the portrayal of Shenmue III I spent time re-watching the Zatoichi movie series and works by Kurosawa, as well as Hong Kong & Chinese Kung Fu movies and others.

Q3: Which person in 2015 did you follow (or are still following)?

YS: Personally, I like watching [tennis player] Kei Nishikori and watching table tennis matches, so I watch them as much as I can when they are being broadcast. In addition, it’s good that Japanese athletes are not just remaining in Japan but are increasingly stepping out globally, and I feel that they are pushing the ceiling higher. I hope many more people will gain an awareness of Japanese culture and history through the activities of Japanese around the world.

Q4: What are your aspirations for 2016, and please also give a message for 4Gamer readers.

YS: 2015 was a very significant year for the Shenmue series, and for me. And it was also a year in which I felt the great love for Shenmue.

I will continue on with development to deliver a creation that will shine radiantly in the hearts of everyone who has waited for 14 years.
by Switch
Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:59 am
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Re: Why? - Playing as Other Characters

I hope it's not like MGS2..... what if we play as Ryo in Bailu Village and then all of a sudden the "real" playable character shows up...Megumi!

We're then forced to play through Choubu and Baisha as Megumi in order to avenge the death of the cat from Yamanose!
by SMDzero
Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:03 am
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016

Shenmue Master released a conference video :

- The Shenmue III & Suzuki parts lasted only some minutes and no question about the game have been asked by the journalists.

- From 10:42 (about Suzuki as guest)
"We will be fortunate to get pictures and video of Shenmue III as worldwide exclusivity during the event. He will held a conference and a signing session."

- From 41:41 (screenshots release)
"As I said you before, there will normally be a teaser in MAGIC. For sure, a lot of new things will be shown. Today we wanted to expose you a mini-preview with 3 pictures. It's not a big deal but I only want to demonstrate that the development is progressing. It's WIP, we're at a very early stage of the production so obviously shenmue III is not going to look like that in the final version but considering what I've said, it's not bad at all."

"That aren't pictures specifically made for the conference, I only ask Yu to send me screenshots and he did so with no problem. It's a little taste of what we can show for MAGIC and I think we'll get a pretty exceptional conference for all gaming lovers."

Other infos not related with Shenmue :
- Cédric is pride that a lot of foreigners among the visitors are coming as it's still a little event. About 50 American people are expected because of Shenmue III and Romita according him.

- Simultaneous interpreting for all conferences

- Japanese embassy of France is the partner of MAGIC (memo : The place where the press conference has been held is mainly funded by the Japanese government).

- Magic is free (entrance, photos with guests, signing etc.) and there will be no shop. The places are limited to keep the event very friendly.

- Make the event free has been possible thanks the sponsors. Cédric was grateful to his sponsors during the conference.

- Amano highly praised Magic 2015 (Straight after, Cédrid joked "I didn't gave him money" )

- Q : Why will Magic only last one day ?
Cédric : The first reason is economic. The rent becomes very expensive over several days because we can't fill the loss of earnings with paying visitors and paying exhibitors (as the MAGIC is free). So we prefered to do a very exceptional day rather than an event divided into days. As we have not the need to fill a big warehouse like classic events, the idea is really to do our very own and intimate event (the registrations to the event are limited, you need to subscribe before). To make myself clear, the first MAGIC in 2015 should only have been a gala dinner for the opening of Sibuya Prod at Monaco as a promotional event. As we have a lot of star friends in these sectors (animation, manga, gaming), the dinner get bigger and bigger. Then the idea to share these moments with the public came out and the MAGIC became what it is now. [...]
by Yokosuka
Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:08 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 dreams

Don't wake me up.
by murdiaries
Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:55 am
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

What style for the fights ?
"I would like to get fights not too nervous like in Virtua Fighter, but more strategic with the use of the environment for instance. A lot of video game devs are working on. I really want physical chain reaction with falling elements and making fall other ones. I want to embed a mechanic where the enemies could find you and you could escape by leading them in a corridor to take them one by one instead fight all five of them at the same time which would be dangerous."

"In Shenmue I and II, I wanted to focus on the martial arts of North of China with their wide movements. In Shenmue III, it will be more South martial arts, more about the clinch, the velocity. I would like to put a lot of fights in close spaces like corridors or stairs."

"In very cinematographic video games like Shenmue, we often have combats like Virtua Fighter which are finally not very realistic. In Shenmue III, I want to be closer of realistic one of real life."

"Chai is one of my favorite characters so I would like to introduce him again. I think we'll reach a graphical level higher than I expected. He makes me think of Gollum from Lord of Rings. They're look alike a bit and are scary, very scary! He's not really attractive in appareance. I would enjoy to do little key rings with him."

About faces :
"I got many, many different opinions about the Ryo and Shenhua faces. I think people who waited 15 years have keep their faces in mind, I hope I can get closer to this. I'm still working on a lot and I will show you their new faces soon, they will look closer to the original idea."

Will be a Bad Ending ?
"In Shenmue III, there will be a close mechanic. There will be a limited time in some scenes and you could lose when it's over.

other quotes here but I have to go :
by Yokosuka
Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:42 am
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Rough translation (Some other quotes in some minutes.)

"We have already a lot of composed music but we didn't know yet exactly where to put them in the game. We will also reuse musics from the first episodes. However, there is no contact with Yuzo Koshiro at the moment"

"no Xbox one version planned"

"Shenmue tree is not "magic", more "mystical" . It's more the things I believe naturally. It's not fantasy, more supernatural"

How about the reused inventory in Shenmue 3 ?
"It's a good idea. As a saga, add these objects represents a continuity."

Why a fishing system ?
"During the development, we ask ourselves what job Ryo could do this time, and someone suggested fishing. The overall team was pleased with that. We're really excited about that. The way to throw your fishing rod, how the wire would react on the water, a lot of details like that have been worked on."
by Yokosuka
Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:28 am
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

I put together some of the clips that were shared on twitter. I expect a full conference video in the coming days.

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:53 am
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Well I hope you liked the coverage of the Magic Monaco so far ;)
by Shenman
Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:06 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

I wish I could post more, but my brain has literally flatland. It did a while ago during the day to be honest. I am going to try and get some sleep, fly home tomorrow, and then sit and try to type out anything I can remember from the past few days. It was so crazy, I haven't been able to do what all of you guys have been doing all day, and actually digesting the new information and images, as well as going nuts about them.

One thing I can remember and can be open about, is that when the "surprise" part of the confrence happened, and Cedric brought Suzuki-san back on stage, and the video of the Shenmue tree as well as the interior of Shenhuas home.... It legitimately almost brought me to tears. It's the best video I have seen yet, and I was unbelievably blown away by how faithfully it had been recreated, down to the last pot and pan. That blew my mind beyond words, and it's the video that has filled me with the most confidence about this game yet.
by Peter
Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:27 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

I hope you enjoyed the conference and the questions I've specially prepared for it.

Seems like people like the new images etc. That's what we wanted to show and if I ever get the chance again to work on a similar project, I'll try my best to provide new content again.

Thanks to the Shenmue Dojo members for the quick live updates and huge thanks to all the lovely fans I had the chance to meet today. You guys are awesome and I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Until then. ;-)
by DEVILLE_David
Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:04 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Yu Suzuki interview at MAGIC Monaco 2016 by

Julien : Hello Mr. Suzuki. I'm glad to meet you again today, even more in these fortunate circumstances where Shenmue III finally happens!
Yu Suzuki : Thank you very much!

What progress has been made in the development after 7 work months?
YS : Nothing has obviously been done properly. At the story writing level, I can tell you that the story is done at 95%.

You've been clear about the fact that Shenmue III will not conclude the complete story of the saga. But what will be the percentage of what remains to be told in Shenmue III ?
YS : The Shenmue story in its entirety will be normally divided, from the beginning to the end, into 11 chapters. Shenmue III will cover chapter 5 and 6.

Even a Shenmue 4 might not be enough to conclude the saga. Ideally, do you think a fifth or even a sixth episode would be necessary at this rate ?
YS : No, I wouldn't go that far ! Rather than going until Shenmue 6, I would like to rearrange things in order to reach the end sooner, even if it means to take some shortcuts... No I don't want to go until a sixth episode.

Five is the ideal ?
YS : I can't tell you more. Anyway I would like to especially focus on the third at the moment !

In the Kickstarter, a "trial version" has been mentioned. It's a playable demo which will be offered to the backers before the Shenmue III release. Have you an idea about when you will be able to bring it to us?
YS : This year, I fear that will be pretty complicated. It will be next year.

Can you tell us when Shenmue III will begin exactly?
YS : It will be just after the Shenmue II end.

Do you mean it will begin exactly there? In the cave?
YS : All I can tell you is that I don't want to skip a chapter. For instance, it might be the day after the Shenmue II end.

You talked about a lot of stuff during the conference like the combat system but not the QTEs. How will they evolve in Shenmue III?
YS : Yes that's true, I would like to add a new system to the QTEs. I will test different things to see what happens, then I keep the best. It's difficult to tell you more before the tests end.

But could these new systems change our habits?
YS : No, not that far. It would rather be an "advanced" QTE system. What would be revolutionary is to create QTEs in a world where they don't exist yet. Here, they do. The idea is more about adding things to what it exists. Ideally, I would like to create revolutionary things beyond the QTEs level. But with a release planned for 2017, the time is limited. I wonder if introducing them would be possible.

Can we get some precisions about these possible new features? Are they linked with the free battle for instance?
YS : Yes it might involve the combat systems. But above all, there is a new interface system and I'm thinking a lot about it. But I'm not sure yet if I can implement it in time. So I'm unable to tell you more.

It's so mysterious and exciting ! Let's go on to another topic. Can you give us precisions about the Shenmue I & II flashbacks which will occur in Shenmue 3?
YS : For instance, these flashbacks will occur at moments when Ryo touches objects that make him thinking about some things and memories. The kind of this.

So, will these flashbacks be videos captured from the previous episodes or fresh cutscenes powered by the new engine in order to keep a visual unity?
YS : I'm not sure yet but according the time it would require to make these cutscenes with the new engine, I fear that would take too much time. Once again, the remaining development time might be problematic.

I have a pretty specific question about something I loved in Shenmue 1 and disappeared in Shenmue 2. It's about the possibility to practice alone, for instance on the parking, then see the level of each move goes up... Will we be able to do so in Shenmue III ?
YS : Hmmm...

It was awesome! You have to make this happening in Shenmue III !
YS : I'll remember this!

I also would like to know if we will find back the same pace than the two first episodes. The same progression based on investigation where you had to ask questions to that person, who told us to meet another one, etc.
YS : Yes we'll continue in that direction. However the general feel is going to change as some systems will evolve.

Will you continue the idea of giving absolutely an identity to each NPC with their own house, workplace and individual schedule ?
YS : We will see if we can make it for all of them. In any case, that's what I want, yes.

My interview deadline has already expired. Here a little bonus question: at the Shenmue I end, Guizhang told to Ryo to leave Japan without him and said he will join him later... Does it mean we'll find back this character in Shenmue III?
YS : It's not planned at the moment.

Thank you Mr. Suzuki and good luck for the future!
YS : Thank you!
by Yokosuka
Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:42 pm
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"MAGIC - a fans retrospective"

Well hello everyone, As Peter did After the MAGIC 2016, I also did some kind of summary of this... Well "MAGIC" day but in video format. :)
I though it could be interesting for people wanting some backstage information...

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did when I recorded / edited it ;)

(do not forget to turn english subtitles on as it is a french video)

I don't think it really translate the pleasure I had in participating in that adventure but it is there for your enjoyement ! :D

Enjoy :heart:
by Shenman
Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:42 pm
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Re: Magic Monaco Shenmue 3 Press Conference - English Subtit

Here's the written translation if you need any quotation :
Thank you everyone for coming today. Again, hello everyone and thank you for coming today. I know many of you are awaiting news of Shenmue 3 but before talking about Shenmue 3, I would like to come back to Shenmue 1 & 2 with some questions. My first question is as follows: Yu Suzuki, first of all, could you explain the concept of Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 while showing us some images. If possible, could you talk about the concept of Shenmue while showing various concept art. Let me show you several pieces of concept art that I've brought along. You might be able to read the chapter number that each is from... Maybe it's a bit hard to read... Ah, so perhaps not. The one at the far left... Originally... I made Shenmue with Akira from Virtua Fighter. This is the very first concept art. The other ones I've brought along today are... Ah, whoops. The one next to it is from Chapter 1: Yokosuka. And the third illustration is of Hong Kong, which is Chapter 2. The last illustration says "Chapter 5"... This is concept art for Shenmue 3. This shows what kind of town Yokosuka is. These photos are of Yokosuka in around 1986. It has a US army base and the town has an exotic feel to it. From this town, the story moves across to Hong Kong. These pictures are of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also a place where a strong element of other cultures remains. Chapter 2 was set in Hong Kong because I wanted to portray the mingling of the Japanese and Chinese cultures. Shenmue 3 is set further inland, in the interior of China, in a region called Guilin. I want to portray its unique Chinese culture, which has had very little cultural interaction with countries outside. What are your favorite scenes from Shenmue 1 and 2? Actually I've got a video... I'm sure everyone also likes these scenes. Let's play the clips. Everyone loves the forklifts! A lot of people have been asking for forklifts in Shenmue 3, so... it's something I'm thinking about. It's won't stop. It's not stopping. Sorry about the sound. This is a scene in the bar. I want to stop this one. Oh, now they've all stopped. It's no good, is it. Sorry, the sound's a bit jumbled. From Shenmue 2, I like the scenes where you receive instruction about new moves. Let's just play them all together. Important elements of Shenmue are the cinematic scenes as well as the battles. So these were my favorite scenes. You have stated in a previous interview that you like the character of Niao Sun. What do you think of the other female characters of Shenhua, Joy and Nozomi? For Nozomi... This is a video clip of Nozomi. I like this scene with Nozomi. I wanted to depict a Japanese female who personifies what we call "Yamato Nadeshiko" in Japanese... An ideal Japanese woman: reserved, but with inner fortitude. It is gradually getting harder nowadays to find this type of person though... Joy leads a self-assured life in Hong Kong, in a multi-cultural environment. She's also very strong-willed. I wanted to depict a girl who's full of energy. And finally Shenhua... Shenhua is the heroine of the Shenmue series. Shenhua grew up surrounded by nature. She possesses very mysterious powers and has a unique outlook on life. Here too, I wanted to portray a female who has strength of character. Her character is one that holds the most profound memories for me. She has an abundance of knowledge about things in the forest... I'd like to include a light-hearted or comical scene where she leaves Ryo behind, or something like that. It has now been some months since development started on Shenmue 3... Do you have any comments about Unreal Engine 4? We've been carrying out development with Unreal 4 for just over six months now. Today I've brought along some Shenmue screenshots to show you some of what we are doing with Unreal Engine. These are from Shenmue 3. Some of them were just created yesterday. These are Shenmue 3 images. I really love the hues and coloring of Unreal 4. I think depth of picture and a high contrast are traits of Unreal. That alone is not enough to make it "Shenmue" though. Shenmue has a slightly more humid feel to it, more of a "wet" feel. If we can get to the point where you can almost smell things like uncooked food - that's when we will at last be at the Shenmue level. We're now able to create images such as these ones here, as well as recreating "dampness" - places that are more humid. Evoking a sense of smell in the graphics is something we will be working on going forward. At the moment, we're prototyping so we're experimenting with a lot of different things. Today I'd like to demonstrate the weather... How the clouds and time change dynamically is something we're now in the middle of working on. I've brought along a movie of our current work so let's take a look. From the morning, the sun rises gradually higher and grows brighter. We can also represent things like shadows... This is the first village in Shenmue 3, Bailu village. With software development, there are two common approaches... known as the Waterfall and Agile methodologies. The development methodology that I use is Agile. It is said that currently many developers use the Waterfall methodology but I use the Agile methodology where the software is pieced together from various parts that are worked on simultaneously, in parallel. It might be considered an unusual approach these days. But I think it's a very effective methodology when taking on new challenges. I feel that the Agile methodology is very easy to work with. With Shenmue 3 being currently in development, could you describe where and how the development is being undertaken? We started with a small number of people, and we were located in a part of Tokyo called Ebisu. The office in Ebisu was soon outgrown, so we created a development office, also in Ebisu. That development office also reached full capacity in about a month so now it has moved to the area of Gotanda. Development is being carried out not just here but also together with various partners outside. However this where the principle development team is, who we call the Brain Team. Please tell us about the themes of Shenmue 3. Fundamentally, it is about the universal themes of love, courage and friendship. While at the same time, it is a story that is centered around martial arts, about the growth of a boy on a journey of self-discovery, who crosses the sea to the continent of China to avenge his father's death. That's the overall story and concept. This time, Shenmue 3 will feature your relationship with Shenhua. I want to portray your relationship with Shenhua in a charming manner, through things like your spoken interaction and demeanor towards each other. There will be a lot of scenes together with Shenhua so I'd like to include scenarios that depict things like looking out for the other's well-being or slight changes in attitude. Shenhua feels quite at home going into places like a forest whereas Ryo can't keep up and gets pulled along. There will be some humorous scenes like that. In Shenmue 2 there were various QTEs set in the forest, and this time also... there will be things like ducking under trees through a narrow gap, jumping over trees, crossing rivers, crossing log bridges and so on. I'm considering various others apart from these too. I'm hoping to achieve something even more powerful with the new engine. In Shenmue 2 there was a scene where you jumped from stone to stone, wasn't there. Yes... this time I'd like to be able to enhance that further, if all goes well. We are really looking forward to seeing movie clips of how it turns out. Thank you. Last year you went to China and carried out various research... Was that to gather materials for Shenmue 3? Yes. I gave a presentation in Shanghai and after that took a plane from Shanghai to Fujian province. I carried out various research in Fujian. In Fujian there are donut-shaped buildings called Tulous, which are World Heritage sites. Long ago, when they were observed by US satellites, they were thought to be missile launch bases. There are many, in all sizes, from large to small. As you see, this is a large one and is donut-shaped. The top-left picture. The picture below that shows the inner structure. Some have three floors, some five.... Many have from 3 4 or up to about 5 floors. They have a courtyard in the center. For Shenmue 3 I'm planning to use one as the enemy hideout. While there I gathered materials and took photos of textures and so on. At the top-right is a well, for example. I collected various reference material. The middle picture is interesting. There was such a lot of washing on the line - I thought it seemed very typical of China. In Shenmue 3 I'd like to make objects like these move realistically in the breeze using physics. These pictures are also from my China research trip. The vertical picture in the middle is the door of a Tulou. I think it's a very distinctive door. The picture at the top right is the kitchen. It's a communal kitchen that's shared by everyone who lives there. The kitchen is situated in the inner courtyard. The lower-right picture shows various items like tables and chairs. In Shenmue 3, this is the kind of place where I want to stage a battle. It will get rapidly smashed up as things fly all around... I think it will be fun to hold a battle here. At the left side is a picture of a bike I took because it had "Suzuki" written on it. We're looking forward to seeing Shenmue 3 battles. Please hold on a little longer for battles - we will be experimenting further. In Shenmue 1 and 2, if too much time passes a bad ending occurs. Will a something similar occur in Shenmue 3? There will also be time-limited events in Shenmue 3. If you don't clear them within the time limit, a bad ending will be reached. So yes, there will be both deadlines and bad endings. I think the fans among the audience will be happy to hear that. This is a question about Ryo's face... If possible for Shenmue 3 we'd like his face to remain the same as in Shenmue 1 and 2. I have received a lot of feedback from all the fans about Ryo's face, Shenhua's face and so on. I'm sure those people who have waited patiently for 15 years have been looking at the Shenmue 2 face of Ryo as they've waited. So I believe that we have to properly look after those images from Shenmue 2. This is the Ryo, isn't it! We're currently working on making enhanced versions that will respect this image. It's being worked on at the moment, so I hope to be able to show you the new high-quality Ryo and Shenhua at the next opportunity. How did it come about for there to be a fishing system in Shenmue 3? I remember when we were brainstorming for Shenmue on what part-time jobs would be good to include, someone suggested fishing and everyone thought it was a great idea. There's the type of fishing rod, casting technique, types of lures, the bait... the best time to fish, the best spot to fish and so on. We all got really charged up about it. But there wasn't room to fit it in Shenmue 1 and 2... So it's something I have wanted to do ever since that time and I made the decision to include fishing in Shenmue 3. In Shenmue 3 there's not only one location where you can fish. There are several places. The first area, Bailu village, has a pond where you can fish. I've brought a video clip of it to show you. It's a pretty pond. Here you can, you know... [motions casting] We should be able to achieve an even higher quality for Shenmue 3 than I had been expecting. Of course, this will be rendered in real time, not a movie. Shenmue 3 has been under development for a few months but when you're seeing this kind of result, it already looks promising! Yes absolutely, I can't wait to see the end result. Let's hope it won't be too long. We have to be patient. Of course. We have been waiting for quite a while anyway. After waiting 14 years, I think we should still be able to wait 2 more years. 14 years, really? How time flies... Yes indeed. We're no longer exactly young. We're sure it will be worth the wait. Thank you! In Shenmue 3 will there be any chance to use items obtained in the first two games for example, the Mysterious Scroll? Since it's a series, being able to use items from the past will further strengthen the continuity. So I will plan a way for these kind of items to be used. I think reusing items from the previous episodes would be a great idea too. I think that finding these familiar items again is like going home actually. I was thinking the same indeed. We'll be happy to see familiar items again. It will feel like returning to one's own home. The next question may give nightmares to some here but If I pronounce the name of the following character, it may click. If I say 'Chai', does this sound familiar? The arcade... a pretty hard fight, at least one of the hardest fights of Shenmue. So my question is as follows: Will Chai come back to Shenmue 3? Will Chai make an appearance in Shenmue 3? I also really like the character of Chai. He's easy to incorporate into a scene... By all means I'd like to have him show up here and there. This is his character. Somehow... ...there's a similar-looking character in Lord of the Rings. Very nostalgic... He's a scary character, isn't he He even eats the boat ticket. He's quite a... creepy character. That's true! He's not... exactly beautiful. I'd like to make a key chain of him. Besides, he's really scary! Yes he really is. The voice actor for this character is great, isn't he. Yu said he is impressed with the way the Japanese actor uses his voice. That's not something you hear everyday. I agree, the Japanese voice actors are very talented in general. It's really well done. We were asking people who beat Chai in the arcade to raise their hand. There are a lot of game players who enjoy battles. What sort of battles can we expect in Shenmue 3? The battles in Shenmue 3... will differ a bit from those in Virtua Fighter. Rather than tactics, they will be about employing strategy. For example, positional advantage - making use of the terrain to charge inside or carry out an assault on the enemy. This time I would like to make battles in which this kind of strategy can be employed. Having things break or fall over when knocked into is something many games are now doing. So just doing that is not very exciting. However having one object knocking over another, which knocks over another and so on in a chain reaction - I think that will be fun. Also there will be a system that allows the enemy to discover you. If you are discovered by the enemy, they will chase after you. So if for example 5 enemies see you, then those 5 enemies will keep chasing you. Sounds scary! And so... for example in places like alleyways, if you are familiar with your surroundings then you can purposely draw them over to where you want and overcome them that way. I think it will be fun doing that kind of thing. So to sum up, the environment will play a key role in the Shenmue 3 free battle. So it will be important to make use of geographical knowledge in battles? Yes. Also in Shenmue 1 and 2 the martial arts seen are primarily of the style from the northern region of China. Martial arts from the north tend to involve much larger movements and use showy actions like jumping kicks. With Shenmue 3, I'd like to incorporate some martial arts from the south. With southern martial arts, the actions take place right up close. So in Shenmue 3 I would like to show martial arts that can be used to fight in confined areas. That's a such clear and detailed description There was already a lot of martial arts in the first episodes but I think everybody is looking forward to finding out the new ones. I think so. However I'm not sure whether the boy's position behind us is something we'll see in Shenmue 3. One thing is sure, he's more flexible than me! More than many people among the audience, in my opinion! I don't suppose a scene like this will appear in the game? Ah... I haven't decided about that yet. But for Shenmue 3 I'd like to make fighting possible in confined places. Places like in corridors, or on stairs... In fact, people like us who are used to using specific battle approaches in Shenmue 1 & 2 will have to relearn quite a lot. I think so. There will be quite a lot of changes. So the type of battles will be completely different than in Shenmue 1 and 2? Shenmue is more of a story-oriented, cinematic-style game whereas Virtua Fighter is a game that is specialized for exchanging blows. How can I put it... The movements are much faster than for normal human beings. So it's a bit too fast to be realistic. It's a fun game, but from the point of view of realism it's somewhat unnatural. I'd like to make the movements a little slower, closer to those of real fights. This is the last question. Could we hear a sample of the music? We have a number of pieces of music for use in Shenmue 3 but a decision hasn't yet been made as to which to use where. I've brought several pieces of music so feel free to choose which you'd like to hear. There are a lot! Although, some of these were used in Shenmue 1 and 2. Let's try one from Shenmue 1 and 2. Perhaps we haven't used it yet, it's maybe new music. It's much more likely to be a new one, isn't it? There is a stringed Chinese instrument called an Erhu with a range and pitch that is similar to that of a human voice. It's an instrument that has a nice sound and a very Chinese feel. Using this instrument evokes China. How about choosing another? Might it be possible to listen to a free battle music eventually? Oh wait! There's a problem, the music doesn't stop. I'll just terminate it... This should fix it. We want to prevent your ears from bleeding for those seated in the back. I think it'll be better like that. So what do you propose? Battle music... Yeah why not listen to battle music? That would be cool. If possible could we hear some battle music next? Battle music... it certainly sounds battle-like. That give us a foretaste of what we can expect to hear in Shenmue 3. That's the music we should broadcast in the dressing room... We should have listened to them beforehand, ahead of the presentation. Do you want to listen to something else if we still have time? What about the main theme? There's also one here that's like training music. A group of 30 or so people practicing their moves... I have four variations of the main theme like a music box version, one on a transverse flute... and a jazz one. Pick the one you want. Let's go for '034-12'! Oh it's not a main theme. Ok then '23-20'. OK... this one, the flute. - The flute? - Yes He likes this one. He wants to use it if possible. He imagines Shenhua playing the flute alone. He can see himself implementing cutscenes like this. There's still some time, about 5 minutes isn't it? Yes. While this charming music keeps playing in the background, I suggest we proceed to questions, if you have any. Can I choose? Yes, feel free. Will play be possible on Xbox 3? For the moment, it's PS4 and PC. I'm sorry if I pick randomly. Wait! As you're translating, I will pass the microphone to people so you don't have to move. I'll leave you with Yu Suzuki. Ok, this time I will take the opposite side. Please. Have you any information about Shenmue HD and Sega's situation? Sorry but I'll answer for him as we talked together about this subject yesterday. The IP is owned by Sega so no such project is currently planned. Any other questions? Are you working with composer Yuzo Koshiro, who worked on Shenmue 1? I haven't yet been in contact with him for this project. Another question? In Shenmue 3, will we learn more about the Shenmue tree or likewise about magic such as occurred at the end of Shenmue 2? Well... I wouldn't call it "magic", but rather mystical... like natural phenomena. For example drawing "chi" from the Earth and transforming it into power... Partly it's because I believe this kind of mysterious power exists. I'm not talking about an occult meaning here though. So I'd like to portray these kind of things. I don't want to depict them as being fantasy, but rather as natural phenomena, maybe super-natural. Do we have time for another question? No? Sorry, that was the last question. Thank you very much, Yu Suzuki. ~ Translations from Japanese by Switch, from French by Yokosuka @ Shenmue Dojo ~
by Yokosuka
Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:39 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 Press Conference - Magic Monaco English Subtit

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:51 pm
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Magic Monaco Shenmue 3 Press Conference - English Subtitles


The full Magic Monaco Shenmue 3 press conference is now available. Japanese translation by Switch and French translation by Yokosuka. Click here to watch.
by Ziming
Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:51 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Shenmue III music track names
Translation from Japanese to French by Kenji Seang for Shenmue Master

Spoilers :

Main Theme
Shenhua music box
Shenhua transverse flute
Shenhua Jazz
Shenmue Jazz


Lijiang River
Rural village
Rural village
Peasant leading a cow/bull
Woman planting rice
Peaceful village

Old Master of Nanquan style
Old capital
Enemy departure to the front
Mining location
Narcissuses and fireflies
Peeping into a bathroom
Kung Fu training
Investigating in Choubu
The charcoal burner's shed at dawn
by Yokosuka
Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:42 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Yu Suzuki interview by Journal du Japon

Journal Du japon : Hello Mr. Suzuki... The world has finally found out the Shenmue 3 project since the kickstarter launch by Shibuya Productions. How have you met Cédric Biscay and when the idea of that production has born?
Yu Suzuki : To be honest, I don't remember how I met him (laughs). I only remember that he was the person who loved games and mangas.

Has the Shenmue 3 project been initiated by Cédric Biscay or was it already planned?
No, it's not his initiative. I've already the project in mind but Ryan Payton and Mark Cerny are the ones who advised me. They're pretty famous people in the gaming world.

The Shenmue saga is famous for its gameplay innovations. Is still an objective for Shenmue 3?
Yes, I would like to bring new things. I think it's necessary to move the game forward. If I don't, my creator role makes no sense. I always want to renew everything but if I make a game where everything is different, people will be unable to follow. Shenmue 3 will keep its identity while adding new elements.

Martial arts hold an essential part in this saga. What are your references?
In 1992, I made a trip to China for Virtua Fighter 2, I studied martial arts there. I also entered Shaolin monk temples. I wanted to study blocks and the way to deal with an attack. To do so, I visited several Shaolin schools in order to study with them how to do blocks because their specificities didn't really stand out visually.
note : Yu Suzuki stands up to show us how to do a block. With his gestures, he explains us that slow training was useless, and that being said, he had to practice for real to reproduce this in Shenmue II. He even harmed himself several times, he admits with laughs.

Do you plan to introduce other martial arts like Bajiquan in Shenmue 3?
I would like to put Hanken and Heishunken (note : martial arts from the South of China) to do fights on a boat for instance.

In an interview, you said being influenced by cinema rather than games. Your references?
No films especially influenced me but at Shenmue time, there was not really "cinematographic" games yet. What I especially took from the cinema were the staging techniques : the view angles, the way to put the dialogues forward and goes on. To make my speech clearer, at old-time Hollywood, the storyboards were long and very well written while today, they have to pack a film into two hours. That leads to action scenes and scene changes being way too fast. In games, there's no such problem, it's like the old movies (those I prefer!). It affords a better scene and character development, thus you can add depth and taste to your game. About the emotions you can perceive from the character faces, I like to watch Pixar, they're very good about that.

Today a lot of games have also the purpose to be an "interactive movie" very scripted, strengthening the immersion at the cost of player freedom. What's the best balance for you ?
If a story is always telling the same thing, I don't think it will be interesting. If possible, I would like to progress in a "multi-story" with several interesting branches to play because making a game which is not funny and without branching paths, I can do it right now (laughs). But it's more difficult to make a game like this.

I think the next big evolution will come up when the AIs manage to analyse the phases by themselves to create their own dialogues. A lot of new technologies like synthetic voice or voice recognition have appeared now. I said earlier that making a game with multiple paths was difficult but if we continue to get technologies and be able to put them together little by little, all of this can perfectly become possible and affordable.

About new technologies, a lot of games invent new things since Shenmue 2. What's the most significant one for you?
I already worked a lot on new technologies during Shenmue 2 and I will follow this direction. The biggest difference with today is the computing speed. This is beyond compare. Thanks to this, without going into details, I would like to do all the things I was not able to achieve in the past.

About the game localization, do you plan to include the Japanese voices?
We're thinking about it.

About the release date, what could happen to change it? Apparently, the game is planned for the end of 2017, is still the case?
If Shenmue 3 is delayed, a bug will be the cause. As you read the end of 2017 as release date, I will try hard to reach that goal (laughs). However, I think we could make a better game if we can spend more time on it. Currently I have to take charge of the management besides the game, so I have less time to devote to Shenmue. If possible, I would like to devote more time to the direction, so more time to the game and lesser to the staff.

Good luck for the remaining work so!

Credits : Romain Lapi (author), Laurence Gauthier, Kenji Kojima (translator), Olivier Benoit.
by Yokosuka
Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:03 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Nolife TV interview with Yu Suzuki

direct link:

raw text: It was one of our topics earlier in the week, the MAGIC show was recently taking place in Monaco. Among the many guest artists, we could distinguish Yu Suzuki, the famous creator of the Shenmue franchise including the upcoming third episode, 15 years after the second one.
Over the last 15 years, the Shenmue III rumor spred out one time per year at least. Always around March or April. I responded : "Let me know when it happens". But this time, it's real.
It's an absolute iconic game but Shenmue was considered as a commercial failure since its release on Dreamcast in 1999 despite his reference status for a lot of players around the world. Shenmue is still remembered for having introduced the modern bases of open world and QTE.
At the beginning, I named this game "FREE". I wanted the player to be able to do everything he wants as far as possible. That's the reason I made Shenmue. When I saw a lot of similar games coming out, I realized that it would become an unique genre. That really made me happy. I didn't expect this at all. Furthermore, these games have often big budgets. I was rather surprised. About the QTEs, we made it for the players who don't always have a good skill so they could still immerse themselves in the story. That time, I had the feeling this system would become very common.
After a resounding announce during the last E3 and a crowdfunding campaign with tremendous success, the third episode of this legendary saga is currently under production. While the public exceptations are obviously high, the Yu's objectives remain clear:
For Shenmue III, our goal is to deepen the characters. Shenmue II has widen up the scope of possibilities. Now I want to focus on more specific points. The thematics are still love, courage and friendship but the episode 3 will focus on Shenhua the heroine and deepen every aspect of her character.
If everything goes well, we have to wait until December 2017 to discover the story of Shenhua who succeeds to Ryo Hazuki as main character. But no doubt one and a half year is worth the 15-year wait...
by Yokosuka
Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:11 am
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Re: Project Update #54: Shenmue 3 by Ys Net

Roughly translates to "Congratulates Shenmue on being successful."
by Hopeful
Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:41 pm
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

We'll have the English version of the Shenmue Master interview up later today.
by Ziming
Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:55 am
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Re: Monaco Magic 2016 - Official Discussion Topic

Exclusive Interview with Yu Suzuki from MAGIC 2016 by Shenmue Master - English
Captions by Yokosuka/Game footage recorded by Bluemue

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:57 pm
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Video: Breaking into Various Locked Apartments. (YT,DY,COGH)

Hi all,

Thanks to the released method from Bluemue, I give you some footage of the locked rooms of Come Over Guest House, Da Yuan Apartments, and the Yan Tin Apartments. These are all in HD via NullDC running no HUD.

Some things to mention:

The version of Xuying's Room is from the end of Disc 1, which is only seen in a cutscene. I have not spotted any differences from her room you can actually free roam on Disc 2.

I show you the interior of Guixhang's room and the Informant's room. (The guy who makes you pay for info related to Lishao Tao).


Da Yuan Apartments (Disc 1 Version)

Yan Tin Apartments

Come Over Guest House

Special thanks:
by shengoro86
Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:15 pm
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Re: The Silver Case Remake

Mainly, it's that it's Suda before he almost entirely lost his artistic edge. I would have named him as one of the few legitimate artists working in games back when he did Killer 7 and Flower, Sun, and Rain (the Silver Case precedes those).
But then he did No More Heroes, which was really just silliness for silliness' sake; a good game, but none of it meant anything. And ever after, his games seem to have leaned closer to NMH in style; crazy and WTF-inspiring (which is fun, don't get me wrong), but totally lacking in narrative depth. They're mainly just dick jokes and fourth-wall-breaking now.
So the excitement over the Silver Case, for me at least, comes from the hope that it'll have the same kind of unique depth to it that Killer 7 and FSR had. Not to mention that the Silver Case apparently takes place in the same universe as FSR.
by OL
Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:12 pm
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Re: Random Shenmue III Thoughts

I have personally contacted Twitter user 'da34ss' and he'll share with us any important information from the interview. Once he contacts me with the info I'll forward it to Switch to translate.

*Edit* da34ss has provided us scans from the magazine interview. Now we wait for Switch. 8)
by Ziming
Sun May 08, 2016 4:33 pm
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