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Re: Cannot believe some of the people in this community. . .

anyone not supporting it doesn't deserve to play the final product. I mean, the ones that refuse to support. I can understand being skeptical (time, budget, team developing) and those are realistic concerns. But, if you have extra money to spare, lay off fast food for a week and help support it if you have some interest in the game.
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:03 am
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

1. do you (Yu) look at/read the shenmuedojo forums?
2. will there be loading screens in shenmue 3?
3. to raise money can you (Yu) produce some t-shirts for the fans which we can buy?
4. we know shenmue has a magic element as shown in the original shenmue-sega saturn trailer. can ryo hazuki somehow go back in time and save his father in an awesome fight please

I sort of covered your number 2 in my edit earlier, man... I hate loading but I love love the music in sh's loading screens
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:42 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

To be honest Im concerned about the status of free battles and qtes/scrolls.

apparently hes creating a new fighting/ qte gameplay style. - 14 years of planning, you know Yu Suzuki is going to have some great ideas, which every other game maker is going to copy.

new question -

5. will we see any more, new sega saturn shenmue footage in S3.

I've covered this iea before so I'll add to it. :D

Murdi, I think these clothes look good. Having alternate outfits would be great I think
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:01 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

I'm indifferent to the other ones, but I wouldn't ask the first question; what's the point?

VIEWING it in a pre-movie-like thing, like with Shenmue II, sure. But there's no need to replay the beginning of 1, it feels redundant to me, IMO>
Oh, maybe I and a lot of gamers just like the idea of seeing Ryo's home in a brand new engine. To me, that actually sounds more fun than visiting the forrest and mirror room lol. Also, it's a good way to see the new character models for Di, and Ryo. It's a good chance to introduce the game's controls and have an interesting start.

It seems the game will start a little slow from what I can guess.... but I'd honestly pay 100 dollars just to have that dream sequence . It's like a new game system getting annouced, seeing all that in a new engine and having a few new details to play with is a dream of mine.

I feel like that home should be one of the most special parts of the game for most. It's like getting a fan favorite track re made for the new mario kart. Or a fan favorite halo game making a return in a new game.

I have always loved re visiting areas in games sequels when they had it. This one would be one of my favorites.
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:45 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 - All stretch goals announced.....

We have to hit atleast the job tier, that would make for a good experinece overall with everything else.

We also need to get him to clairify if we an hit these marks through paypal and through a year or two years of funding via paypal and other means.
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:48 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

Ok, I'll add and make a few edits. We obviously don't want to sound rude :)

Thanks guys for the interesting questions to be added. Really enjoy them.
by Jackie Fhan
Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:28 am
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

We should really have a question in there regarding Paypal as a means of funding after the Kickstarter has finished. We really need to push this question to Yu and Biscay every single chance we get.

It's there. I'm hoping one of you can take the questions and be in charge of handing them over to the staff , email or whatever just before the stream starts. I'm also emailing it as I already said.

Who can be the one to handle that? We are well aware that maybe no questions get answered, but atleast we are trying.

7. to raise money can you (Yu) produce some t-shirts for the fans which we can buy? Can you create a paypal account and leave it open through out the production of sh3 and all future sh related games? Giving updates and where we have met content goals for the game? (paypal donations collected for the life of the product, we hope)
by Jackie Fhan
Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:07 am
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Re: subtitle in Portuguese added.Brazilians fans come here p

They play on PC though, right? That's Shenmue 3's main platform.
Not really, it's honestly all lol. if you go to a computer place it will be like 90 percent lol. Some CF ( cross fire) that shit shooter... seriously bad I tried it once

A lot of the girls like those cute anime inspired girl games. China is a different culture as well, they are really mute tot he world more than most think. Only if your in bj , sh or a few other cities will they not be quite different culturally. You can't ask a chinese person how are you doing or what's up. If you say we should hang out, they will always say I'm busy now. Even though the ? isn't about now.... They don't understand western culture very well nor do they adapt to it very well.

There are a few more simple minnded gamers here and I know some that do play ps2, xbox , cod etc but that is a very lower number. I hardly ever meet anyone randomly that has a game system.

They are huge into iphones and phone games though.. Chinese people are use to being around hundreds of people, so they often need to be around others to go out and have a good time. It's a very pair up and go out culture. Ignore everone else around, they are as bad as you think when they have that strange by standard effect as well. I think they are like ants, just use to running around each other and ignoring one another.

Most of their games are on some sort of free to play system as wel, they don't buy movies either. I have only found legit movies from hk in book stores. Everything else is boot legs in the back room at the music stores.

Basicaly, they don't want to buy games , especially pc.

With that said, I'm not saying the game can't work here. But the ks has a better chance of hitting 10 million than me ever running into a person that knows what shenmue is.
by Jackie Fhan
Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:45 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

I don't mind his quirkiness too much - the main issue I had was the lack of preparation and efficiency. The guy would repeat the exact answer that Yu Suzuki gave to us as a question, which has to go through the translator, back to Yu, back through the translator. There were a bunch of questions that were already answered 4-5 times in the kickstarter updates before the stream started, so he should've just compiled a list of all of those common questions and just went over them rapid fire in the beginning of the stream so we can get to new questions.

There should've also been someone dedicated to picking out questions from the comment section. All you have to do is scroll up to see all of the comments, and they would stop "moving too fast!". Let alone the video and audio quality was poor. Twitch streamers who stream for fun have better set-ups.

I agree with others who say that in the grand scheme, who knows how much a KS campaign management team REALLY affects the outcome. I think people want to buy a good product (Shenmue III) and cool shit (all the goodies from the tiers). But of course, you'd like for Shenmue III to get all of the positive help it can get.

Sometimes when we are a bit new to things or whatever... it comes down to a point where we find our selves doing something that is a bit stupid and takes time and understanding to see how it should have been done. I can agree with you that it seemed silly, but he obviously had no idea about it at the time. We all make these mistakes.

I was actually most unhappy about he quality of the ideo, mic and production...

The shimmering video and not being able to hear anything was the worse thing in my eyes. They really need to get a regular streamer to set them up or something.
by Jackie Fhan
Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:20 pm
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Re: Raising funds for Shenmue - Post your auctions

Absolutely everything I'm auctioning between now and the end of the kickstarter is going toward Shenmue.

Of particular interest to Shenmue fans might be:

3 Shenmue music albums, including the Shenmue Juke Box:

And the issue of TV Guide with the Shenmue cover:

There's also a bunch of games, Star Trek, and anime stuff in there as well. More being put up there soon!
pretty crazy that tv guide had a shenmue cover lol... I need to collect some magazines that has shenmue, not sure why I never did that before. I have a ton and i mean a ton of MGS, mario, sonic mag covers
by Jackie Fhan
Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:04 pm
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Re: confronting the 4 bosses.....

We learned from the twitch stream that we will in fact b confronting the 4 bosses in shenmue 3. We know that each boss represents a cardinal pole ie north south east west. Do you think that these directions refer to the possible 4 entrances to the chi you men base in baisha?

Will we get the showdown with land di?

I think just in my opinion of course

Hopefully going to each one if a rewarding expeirence and have many missions and advancements without too much talking and back tracking. Hopefully more missons and a bit more fighting where it makes sense.

I think it would be great to fight Lan Di, even if you win there should be some cut scene where he simply thrashes you and you are still on your way to future revenge.

I think getting to a point in sh3 where ryo feels he is about to confront di and have his revenge is a good plot piece. Simply leaving ryo beat and broken down would also be a good story piece and a good movement for SH4

I feel that Lan di should really destroy ryo in a fight, sort of like that rocky stuff lol

I mean, he should almost basically kill him, break him, destroy him. Building your self back to strength to face him in the future would make for an epic game. I hope Yu has such a thing planned over the course of the story

Beat him phsyically but more importantly mentally. Make him question his quest, make him return home to work as a teacher or question his very being.
by Jackie Fhan
Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:18 pm
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Re: What in the world happened with the KS today?

It isn't that hard there are a lot of things he could do. He doesn't have to have a dinner and script. He can do an office tour and give a session to a group of gamers. Signing whatever they feel the need to bring in. Show them his car or whatever man.

Make it a shenmue fan's fun park. Might as well just throw it up there. I have a hunch it would work out right?

So, crank the dinner's to 5 or 7?

Have a shenmue and studio tour, maybe offer the chance to visit some kind of sega headquarters and a private meeting and autograph session? 10 spots for 10,000

Would any of you with the ability to pay for it actually be interested in that 2nd one?
LIke you said, that would be another 100,000.

Add in the physical which I assume could hit at least 1.5 million in total for that award over time

Mirrors another 50,000 or more?

Maybe more one price items between 5 to 10,000

That is close to 2 million in possibilities in my opinion and then the hope we can pull at least 1 million in the last day.

If these things happen, seems like we could be looking at the 3 million mark and hitting 7 million. So, not sure where the other 3 million could come from.
by Jackie Fhan
Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:54 am
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Re: Fan feedback compilation on the Kickstarter

Need's more big price big gifts. The major drive for most sub 300 tiers is obviously the ps4 physical disc. This is where the bulk of the money is going to come from. They really need to push the physical like it's the 2nd coming of god.

Basically here is what they need to do with tiers (since every high priced gift has been selling out ultra fast to hardcore fans, why not throw many more up there?

1. Physical release in 3 tiers $70 for ps4 disc, case, manual map $125 metal case edition possible soundtrack etc
$300 Metal Case - Extra Dreamcast Case with the same art style of the dreamcast originals, Dreamcast Manual, Map

2. PS4 Physical and PS4 Special Edition Controller $1,000 Includes Dreamcast Case etc Limit (1,000) Possible Pledges $1,000 (and this one could be a big one, cause it's right in that ground for affordable... Possible Pledge Amount $1,000,000

2. Shenmue 3 Special edition Dreamcast $5000 - PS4 Metal Case - Dreamcat Case with CD soundtracks (no limit), Matching color scheme controller 200 (limit) If they can get the dreamcasts to make this happen the more the better of course. I think for that price they can find a few to buy over time to have a custom theme made.

3. Studio Tour , Special screening of artwork, old game engines etc 10,000 ( limit 50) tours and sessions set to 10 people per tour Total Possible Pledge $500,000

4. Full size toy machine filled with toy's and capsules . Signed by Yu and memebers of the team 10,000 (limit 50) Total possible pledge $500,000

5. NPC and voice in the game $10,000 (limit to 10) Possible Pledges $100,000

6. Supre Rare and high quality mirrors (10,000) *5) 50,000

7. Sonic capsule toys signed capsule by Yuji Nake , yu $1,000 1,000 limit

8. Streets of Rage Full 3 game character Set Capsule Toys $2,000 100 limit

9. Virtua Fighter 1 Full Game character Set Capsule Toys $3,000 100 limit

10. Daytona USA Capsule Cars (3 pack) $1,000 100, limit

11. Virtua Racing, Outrun , Hang on 3 toy pack $1,000

12. Uncharted Capsule Toys Drake, Sully etc (4 pack) $1,000

13. Special Edition RC Forklift with Ryu Toy $5,000 *Comes with crates , 3 tier steel and is an accurate toy that lets you lift tilt and drive like a real forklift.

14. Super Lmited PS4 Shenmue 3 edition KS only ($3,000) no limit Comes with the game, dreamcast game aware etc White console with the shenmue 3 logo. Special lights that are green instead of blue. Numbered

I don't think the toy machine would be that hard. They are already making toys, just have it have some amazing sega art.

Yeah, I was thinking bit, an they want to hit 10 million . well, gotta do these things I feel. Have to promote more while offering these things as well

If they could get permission to do some of these toys, I think they could try and do what nintendo is doing with amibos. They could release more an different toys at retail (sega could I mean) while allowing Yu to put them in the game as a sort of promotion process. Anyways, I hope these can be given and seen as ideas for the KS team.
I have faith if they do some of my tier suggestions it can move us in a realistic possibility of 10 million.

Sonic is more popular than shenmue in a big way, and I feel shenmue fans are sonic fans as well. It could be a good push if sega and YS work together to try and find a common ground.
by Jackie Fhan
Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:19 pm
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Re: Big update to the Kickstarter coming today!

If it does end up being the ps4 physical, we really need to hit it hard all week and spread the word to all previous backers and new fans the best we can. should be awesome if it ends up being that along with special editions and other tiers.

are we hoping for too much, ah ah hehehe
by Jackie Fhan
Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:03 am
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Re: Kickstarter Update #21 : To the Sea and the Continent Be

They are no doubt doing a lot of updates since a week ago.

"Magic Weather Warning: There will be a storm of updates on the way, so bring your umbrella with you tomorrow!"

The biggest take away

Weeeeee hope so, we hope so
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:02 am
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Re: I am a bit confused why the Ryo model looks so bad

If the development hasn't started yet, why they waste time redoing characters when they can recycle them, that's the point.

To show that this will look like a modern game ? And that probably would attract more people ?
But the character models don't look modern and they just look bad to the fans.

So, I am not seeing a very clear or coherrent answer half the time.

I do appreciate some of you actually discussing this and not giving a snide silly remark that makes no discussion like a few have.

I also said 3 times that I understand this is not what the final models will look like and this is just what they threw together.

The question was always why did they use these and not their high target scans that look quite good.

And to your point, if you did that? the models look even worse. I didn't do that as it seemed too easy to see how bad they look, but since you brought it up. We don't even need to see ps4 models to see how bad they look. PS3 is good enough.
who are the guys behind sh2 working with now, wish they could get these guys on the team For those who didn't play it (yes it's a bit bad) but it is a game that truly impresses more than any other in visuals in spots.

If they are trying to make them look modern then they failed. I don't think they were aiming for that, just trying to show they are working perhaps?

And finally to be fair this is also from a game that had barely started production

Now I hope we can be friendly, I know what is going on here "final" versus "perhaps" thrown together character models. But, they do have a long way to go. They are semi ps2 models they have right now ..

Let's see how it looks next year when the game is in development and they aren't worried about this KS and things.
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:12 am
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Re: *Poll* What will be the new reward tiers?

I think the mirrors won't be that big... atleast technically shouldn't be as sought after as the jacket imo

I wish it was a special edition dremcast case as well as physical.

But, I'm banking on journal and mirrors...
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:36 am
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Re: Your picks for the Dojo's #YouaskYu question

These are the questions I am personally interested in. Hope we all can help each other. I am not sure how much or when I'll be around for the actual event. I'll probably be t work again I am guessing

@Shenmue_3 #YouaskYu 1. Can we get a 10,000 studio tour tier, sign session, round table and more included?

@Shenmue_3 #YouaskYu 2. How will loading be handled compared to SH 1/2? Can we enter, walk up steps more easily?

@Shenmue_3 #YouaskYu 3. Can you create a Paypal account and keep it updated through out SH3's development cycle?

@Shenmue_3 #YouaskYu 4. Can we get more Saturn, Dreamcast video of Sh123 in SH3? interview, development videos as well?

@Shenmue_3 #YouaskYu 5. Will you be considering 2 player versus fighting? Arenas brought from the bet locations in the game?

@Shenmue_3 #YouaskYu 6. Can you try to add a tier for a Dreamcast Special Case Edition, with full color manual?
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:07 pm
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Re: Your picks for the Dojo's #YouaskYu question

And ask about more dinners. That's a no-brainer to raise more money. There are plenty who would jump at that opportunity. Like Peter.

If he added 2 more, then maybe because its also giving someone else the opportunity, which id be cool with. But i dont wanna waste time with a question thats only beneficial for myself.
That isn't the case though man, there could be quite a few people wanting such things. I strongly believe in the studio tour with goodies, sign sessions. Playing the game early and seeing all sorts of things. That is a true Shenmue dream imo and it could be done in small groups if enough people buy into it.
by Jackie Fhan
Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:08 pm
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Re: 30 on the 3rd: A Roaring Success

Overall happy with it, but I want us to push to 10 million as best we can. Now, want to get some physical ideas going. I'm going to try to make some images for it
by Jackie Fhan
Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:01 am
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Re: Will there be micro transactions in Shenmue III?

I think it's the best idea for the franchise and makes sense for this game than others. Especially ince people are asking for payal. Why not give the team work with more missions to buy, more things to buy for the game to support it and keep it going into the development of sh4?

Since I love Shenmue, I have no problem buying a season pass for this game if hey are adding features such as

1. Extra missions that are not affecting the main story - battles and expanded areas
2. Sega arcade games played in the game world and in the ps4 menu

sonic, sega genesis, panzer dragoon, burning rangers, nights, Daytona 2, scud racer and 100's of more

3. Hundreds of casule toys from sega,soni, sony and popular third party characters to be bought

4. A virtua like fighter set in the Shenmue world with arenas brought from all 3 SH games


1. Outside Ryo' home

5.Forklift race creator

These are just a small example of the posibilites of Shenmue world. I'd pay atleast 20 or more each for the fighting version. Racing and I'd probably buy everything they made. I'd rather have a 100 dollar by all content option though

Besides arcade, Saturn game, wish they could make it a hub for all of sega and make it huge.

I'd do a 60 dollar subscription to play 100's of sea arcade and console games. Gimmie!

I don't want 2.99 skin packs and whatever. But, buying fighters with detailed move sets for the 2 player versus fghter would be so welcome.

For the record I only buy tracks and things for games I really enjoy such as Motorsotrm pacific Rift.
by Jackie Fhan
Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:14 am
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Re: Serious proposal: #30to3point6 - 1/10th of backers donat

I'm glad we're thinking about the future after the Kickstarter, but what about the final push here guys?

Yes,I'm hoping we can get on the ball with the disc version and tweeting it. (that thread we got up)

And we need to create a very special campaign for the final 3 days, one for each day imo

My basic idea is, artwork and other special things, we count down from 3 (SH3) 2 (sh2) and (sh1) stories, gifs, videos ,use videos of each title. So for example streaming SH 2 on (2 days left of the KS) things like that.
by Jackie Fhan
Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:17 am
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KS Suggetion- 2 player VS Fighting 5.5m- NPC head re. 10,000

I thank ash for helping me spring this idea in my head.

People were saying we need something big between 5 an 6 million and I honestly can' think of something much more big than this. Probably a little more work than we think. But it can add so much to the game if implemented right. If they create a decent 2 player fighter mode then we have many options for income, exposure and more fans to play the game.

2 player Versus Mode
-Using many characters from the game
-Charcters from SH 1 2 and 3
Fighting arenas from SH 1 2 and 3
-DLC packs for characters from S1,S2, S3 (Ryo's dad etc)

DLC Packs for upgraded character models from
-Yakuza pack 5 characters
-Virtua Figther Pack 5 characters
-Yakuza Pack 2
-Virtua Fighter Pack 2
- Additional Fighting Arenas
-Clothing packs 10 pieces for $3.99

I know people want a new VF, FV (well, this is probably the best way to have this and do well) imo

Not only do we get a superb mode in sh and with sh characters, we also get Virtua Fighter basically. The fighting model just transfers over to Shenmue for double whammy.

I think the idea is to make it huge, perhaps as it does well. Give a different team a majority of the work and put the funding toward SH 4 and things such as this for SH4.

The next big reward would be

Your head model and clothes for the Fighting arena


Maybe the majority of the post launch work could be handled by a different team and imo this is the best way to have mp in Shenmue so it doesn't affect single player. I guess it could be optional to have a fighting tourney in the game and have 2 players go at it.

by Jackie Fhan
Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:34 pm
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