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Re: Shuhei Yoshida Contributed $29 to Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

by NeoShredder
Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:04 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

I'm indifferent to the other ones, but I wouldn't ask the first question; what's the point?

VIEWING it in a pre-movie-like thing, like with Shenmue II, sure. But there's no need to replay the beginning of 1, it feels redundant to me, IMO>
by Truck_1_0_1_
Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:41 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

I'm indifferent to the other ones, but I wouldn't ask the first question; what's the point?

VIEWING it in a pre-movie-like thing, like with Shenmue II, sure. But there's no need to replay the beginning of 1, it feels redundant to me, IMO>

Off topic: Hey, aren't/weren't you from that certain fan forum for a 90s band I won't name here?..... :P
by Reprise
Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:59 pm
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Re: Questions for Yu during twitch compiling the list

I'd like for us to try and make sure we have a good list of questions and suggestions for YU during the twitch event. I may actually miss it because of work but I hope I can have a few questions get through.

We need Yu to understand that there are some certain things that need to be done to the KS page to make it more appealing for one.

Obivously, rather they can be done or not is something Yu probably knows, but there may be a few things we can suggest that he strongly takes into consideration.

If you guys can nominate questions/suggestions to be asked. I'll compile a list and we can use that set of questions to try and get answered.


1. do you (Yu) look at/read the shenmuedojo forums?
2. will there be loading screens in shenmue 3?
3. to raise money can you (Yu) produce some t-shirts for the fans which we can buy?
4. would you (Yu) consider teaming up with ryuichi sakamoto to produce some new music for shenmue 3
by redline
Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:39 pm
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confronting the 4 bosses.....

We learned from the twitch stream that we will in fact b confronting the 4 bosses in shenmue 3. We know that each boss represents a cardinal pole ie north south east west. Do you think that these directions refer to the possible 4 entrances to the chi you men base in baisha?

Will we get the showdown with land di?
by 7heavens
Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:08 pm
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Re: Joel "red shirt" Tess Discussion Topic (Twitch)

The way the Q&A was handled yesterday was a debacle, that's for certain. However we need to come together as a community and bury it. Let's push forward for the sake of the Kickstarter, Shenmue III and Suzuki-san. At this point we can offer constructive criticism (there is another thread for the Twitch stream) and continue on with our own separate efforts.

I should not need to say this, but I will. We do not support or condone any form of personal attacks within this community. Let's carry on as we always have, positively and respectfully. That is the voice other parties will pay attention to, respect and trust. Thank you.
by Yama
Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:34 pm
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Re: Your picks for the Dojo's #YouaskYu question

And ask about more dinners. That's a no-brainer to raise more money. There are plenty who would jump at that opportunity. Like Peter.

If he added 2 more, then maybe because its also giving someone else the opportunity, which id be cool with. But i dont wanna waste time with a question thats only beneficial for myself.
That isn't the case though man, there could be quite a few people wanting such things. I strongly believe in the studio tour with goodies, sign sessions. Playing the game early and seeing all sorts of things. That is a true Shenmue dream imo and it could be done in small groups if enough people buy into it.

Oh dude that is an epic idea. I would take a studio tour over dinner i think. But as long as i would be meeting Yu-san. Thats the deal maker.

I would donate my $10,000 happily as long as that it involved going to Japan and meeting Yu in some capacity.
by Peter
Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:17 pm
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$30 on the 3rd - PLAN OF ATTACK

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve been encouraged to make a thread that will detail our plan of attack. This is the really difficult part because it’s hard to pick a time that’s good for everyone. I’ve decided on UCT 6 p.m. because the main countries representing the Shenmue fanbase seem to be in the Americas and Europe(apologies if I leave your country out of my generalization of the fanbase).

So I’ve calculated the times based on that and included them below. Don’t feel like you have to donate exactly at this time. I’m trying to give us the biggest spike in donations so we make an undeniable impact.

PDT 11 a.m.
MDT 12 p.m.
CDT 1 p.m.
EDT 2 p.m.
UCT 6 p.m.
BST 7 p.m.
CEST 8 p.m.
EEST 9 p.m.

Donating is the easy part. Our other job on the 3rd is to post to Facebook, tweet on Twitter and comment on the Kickstarter page. Make sure to included #SaveShenmue and a link to to explain the campaign(especially on Twitter as space is a factor). Don’t bother with a $30 on the 3rd hashtag as #SaveShenmue is the fans’ official Shenmue hashtag and is recognizable. I’m going to need Dojo and 500k mods to PLEASE retweet and share the major social media posts. These official groups have the reach we need to boost our posts to the biggest audience. My twitter is @nicknichols2049. Please, join my 9 followers. Joking, I really don’t care about followers as I didn’t care about Twitter until this Kickstarter. I only tell you that so you’ll know the posts that are mine. I’ll be tweeting and posting to Facebook all day.

I’ll also update the website to show the times to focus our Kickstarter donations. If any of you can translate the times into the other languages that would be VERY helpful. I have no idea how other countries write their time.

This could be the last big push we the Kickstarter gets before the end. And we can’t rely on Awesome Japan to provide incentives for those who have donated to donate more or those who haven’t donated to donate at all.

And please understand me when I say this…This campaign is by no means meant to strong-arm anyone into donating more or make anyone feel like they haven’t done their part. Your responsibility to take care of yourself and your family are of much more importance than a video game and in December 2017 you’ll still have the chance to play the game whether you helped fund it or not.

Dojo mods, please sticky this or post it on the home page for maximum exposure.

This is the time! For Yu!!

Let’s get sweaty!!!
by elfshadowreaper
Thu Jul 02, 2015 3:19 pm
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Re: $30 on the 3rd - PLAN OF ATTACK

BTW- maybe I missed it but which one of you is master15 at neogaf?? haha

Me. Why?

I just seem to notice your posts a lot and was just curious. You have been pushing the KS well =D>

I was thinking I might have been elf

Trying to do my small bit for the brethren. I figured Neogaf gets quite a lot of traffic and the Shenmue thread has constantly been on the first few pages of the gaming board since the KS announcement.
by code l name
Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:31 pm
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Re: Maximizing kickstarter profit for S3 development

I may be wrong, but I think that when he said "we need the KS to make 10 millions", he's taking into account all the extra fees, probably. Although, if people want to donate without taking any rewards, that's great and I'm sure Ys is grateful. Personally, I just can't pass up on the book at T-Shirt :)
If one day I see somebody while out on the street, and we're both wearing the S3 T-Shirt, I will high-five the shit out of that person for sure!
by Three Blades
Sun Jul 05, 2015 9:10 pm
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