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Re: Vote for Ryo in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transforme

Another big gaming site ( in France ) relayed the information :) ... ki-shenmue
by Shendream
Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:06 am
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Re: Vote for Ryo in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transforme

Our Friends ( Shenmue Master ) of Jeuxvidé agreed to speak about the votes concerning Ryo in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. Jeuxvidé is a huge site with a huge audience, hoping that it will bring many votes to Ryo.

It is thanks to Romendil, such a nice woman, really passionate about Shenmue, a big thank to her.
by Shendream
Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:08 am
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Re: Vote for Ryo in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transforme

HOLY FUCK! 1600?! First time in a long time the community even some of the vets who are more known for being distant in these things contributed. Awesome.

Don't be so surprised. There's a world of Shenmue fandom outside the Dojo's walls. One thing I hope people take from this experience is that different groups should be working together a lot more often, instead of the insular, almost tribal attitude that some people seem to have.

Earlier in this thread, when Ryo was struggling to pick up steam, someone asked "where are those Twitter guys now?" - referring to fans who participate in the monthly Tweetathons. But the question could just as easily be asked every 3rd of the month - where are those Dojo guys now? While some members of this site embrace it as a proactive movement towards Shenmue III, others seem to look down their nose because it didn't originate at the Dojo. But we are all one fanbase, we shouldn't be thinking in terms of us and them within what is already a niche community. I post wherever I can - here, Shenmue 500K, Shenmue UK, and of course Team Yu. If I had more than even a cursory recollection of my French lessons at school, I'd be joining the conversations at Shenmue Master as well. Integration and co-operation makes us all stronger, as this All-Stars Racing petition has proven. No single website or group could have done it alone, and I hope that resonates going forward.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:27 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3d/2d Art Download

Hi guys. Ziming asked me to write this because I found a rare image from Shenmue. It's the one of my avatar. He's been the 2nd to ask me for that so following his advice, I'll upload the picture and a bonus:

I have MASSIVE resolution pics like some of Ziming posted. But mines can easily pass the 2k 3k pixels so I thought it was maybe a good idea to post them:

Some examples first:

I specially love this. It's one of my favorite pics and I've always got a lot of problems finding it in HD res except a scan made:

The one of my avatar:

Rare picture of Ine San:

And what about this size? =P~

The file contains the first 3 pics + others I found on the net. There are also some bonus from Shenmue Online, a Zippo, Ryo for RPG Maker and other things I do not remeber now. Enjoy:
by Fenix
Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:01 pm
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Re: Skies of Arcadia HD news (GAF topic)

Apparent magazine scan here:

Bear in mind however that this is the same website whose own interview with Ben Harborne started the whole Shenmue/Skies HD excitement back in March, so they're naturally going to encourage any rumor that adds weight to their initial scoop. For fans' sake I hope an official announcement follows.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:19 pm
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Re: Shenmue Anime

I could make a good one. I'd only trust the people who made Monster to make a good one too. But I'd still want the game instead.
by KiBa
Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:41 pm
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Yep. After nearly a decade, it's done, people :D

Ever since casting my eyes upon screenshots of Shenmue published in the (now defunct) UK magazine Computer and Video Games, I have been absolutely enthralled by the series. This game was definitely something different. As the famous tagline proclaimed in the trailers before its release – RPG had changed. Sure, hailing the game as being its own exciting new “genre” with a somewhat silly acronym as its name (FREE- Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) was being a tad overzealous perhaps, but you had to admire Yu Suzuki’s ambition for this game. When I finally got to play it on the Christmas morning of 2000, it did not disappoint. The atmosphere created was just amazing to me – a realistic, living, breathing town with over 300 individual characters – all with their own specific daily routines and, in supplementary materials, all named and given detailed biographies! Throw in the fantastic music and the engaging (if not completely original) story and you really had something special. And this was only part one of the saga...

Bundled with the game was the ‘Shenmue Passport’ disc. Through the Dreamcast’s internet connection, this enabled access to all sorts of information about the game, as well as ranking leaderboards for the various mini-games and the chance to get exclusive capsule toys. One of the best features was the character profile section however; as you met and conversed with the characters during a playthrough, their profiles would gradually be added to the Passport. Now to some, giving all 300+ characters names, stats, and biographies may seem extraneous, (especially given characters that Ryo can’t even speak to have detailed information about them!) but it really shows the love and care put into the game by the developers and the amount of depth to Shenmue that few games have matched.

The Passport service was eventually taken offline in April 2002, but thankfully the character profiles had also been published in Prima’s strategy guide book for the game, so the information was still readily available to fans.
Which brings us to the sequel game, Shenmue II – which I got the following Christmas in 2001. This sadly could end up being the last game in the series, despite it ending on a cliffhanger and at a game-changing point in the saga’s story. Nonetheless, the sequel’s world was even bigger than the first’s– Ryo travels to Hong Kong to continue his quest, with most of its areas completely dwarfing Shenmue I’s in terms of size, as well as the amount of characters – around 700. There was also a lot more mini-games and sidequests to discover, and fans generally agree it is more action-packed and that the plot moves a lot quicker than the first game (though some will argue Shenmue I’s atmosphere has more charm) And what of these 700-odd characters? Were they all named and profiled as per the original game? As it turns out, yes – but these were not readily available to the fans outside of Japan.

Firstly, unlike the first Shenmue, there was no Passport. There was no Prima guide either, as the Dreamcast version had been cancelled in America. America eventually saw an updated version of Shenmue II on the Microsoft Xbox, and a Prima guide was finally published. However, unlike the Shenmue I book, there were only profiles on the main characters; Ryo, Shenhua, Xiuying, Fangmei, Ren, Joy, Wong, Lan Di, Dou Niu and Yuan. The Xbox version, with the new snapshot feature, did include profiles on some of the other characters; unlocked when you took pictures of them, but it didn't come close to having profiles for all the characters. Would we ever know the names and backgrounds of the reams of anonymous characters?

Shortly after I had completed Shenmue II, I looked around on the internet for fansites/information about the series, ultimately finding the excellent Shenmue Dojo website. I joined the forums, and this was in fact one of the first message boards I signed up to on the internet. My handle on the forum was (and still is) ‘Miles Prower’, as I am also a long-time fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games (and Sega games in general). I made a lot of good friends through the Dojo community and have many fond memories associated with the forums. I think between us we have probably discussed every single aspect of the games to death, but as many fans will attest, you find or notice something new with every playthrough of these wonderful games. Not to mention the very active hacking/modding scene that developed, mostly headed by longtime member LanDC, in which reams of unused content was discovered and many interesting and or humourous modifications made to the game. I still get a warm nostalgic feeling every time I watch LanDC’s Road to Amihama videos in particular.

And indeed, the question of whether detailed character profiles existed for Shenmue II’s cast was raised in discussion. In a thread from 2003, a member named Eek the Cat shared some scans of a guidebook he owned published in Japan called the Shenmue II Perfect Guidebook. The scans showed that there were indeed names and profiles for each and every character.
Eek was even kind enough to put all of the scans together on a CD for me and mail it to me, and even threw in a couple of audio CD’s he had compiled containing music from Shenmue II (sadly the second game never had any official soundtracks released).

The problem? Being that this book was from Japan, the character names were in Chinese and the information in Japanese. Through discussion in the topic, another forum member called khien agreed to help with translating the character names as she could read Chinese. And so began the effort to translate the many character profiles. I began by gradually posting them within the topic, and then eventually creating a website (which, thanks to Web Archive, you can still view here , albeit with most of the images missing).

Continuing into 2004 and beyond, progress was quite slow, mainly due to me starting university. Khien’s life ended up becoming quite busy as well, but thanks to the efforts of another forum member, Oda Ryo, the translation work still continued. The forum member Kiyuu (possibly Japan’s biggest Shenmue fan, and often referred to as the ‘Shenmue Queen’), also informed me that another book existed, the Shenmue II Complete Guide, which contained profiles for characters not included in the Perfect Guidebook; namely those for the many pedestrians who wander the streets of Hong Kong. I made the effort to acquire this book myself and make scans for the remaining profiles.

As the years went on, however, my free time became less and less. I studied for three years at university and after graduating in 2008, I was working full time; in short I was growing up. It was also looking increasingly unlikely that a Shenmue III would ever emerge. Life went on. However, my enthusiasm to complete the project was somewhat fired up again when Peter from the forums (who most likely owns the biggest Shenmue collection in Ireland) got in touch with me on Facebook asking if I was still working on it, as the Dojo staff had managed to get an interview with one of the voice actors for the English dub of Shenmue II (a very interesting read by the way, which can be found here , and they had requested that video clips be assembled of the characters he voiced, which he supplied a list of – but only by name and brief descriptions. Using the information from my project I helped with finding some of them. I then found myself wanting to get the project finished once and for all, and got back in touch with Oda Ryo who happily assisted me with getting the remaining names translated.

I had also spoken to the member ‘thegreatchai’, who had also been attempting to catalogue the character information on her wiki site, and over time we assisted each other greatly. I began transferring the information to an Excel spreadsheet with the intention of creating a complete database of all the Shenmue II characters – which after assembling a numbered list I discovered there are exactly 700 – surely a deliberate intention of the creators? At any rate, after a few months work the project was finally finished. I am glad that this information is now easily accessible to Shenmue fans, and while some may consider me obsessive or downright insane for pursuing with the project, it was worth it for a game series that I love so much and one day hope will be continued in some form. We can but hope. The saga may still go on....


Please feedback and let me know if you spot any mistakes or errors, or any factoids about the characters that I may have missed. Most of all, enjoy :D
by Miles Prower
Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:41 pm
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Re: Vote for Ryo in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transforme

Lan Di-sama wrote: Even if he doesn't make DLC, he won the contest and we've made our point.

Though the former is unjust, I completely agree with this point. The bigger task at hand has been completed, raising awareness. I'm also happy to see the communities unify on this effort, that's how it should always be.
by Yama
Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:53 pm
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New Ryo Hazuki Statue from


First 4 Figures announced on Christmas day that they will be creating a Ryo Hazuki statue. A teaser image was shown at the main site, they will start taking preorders in early 2013.
by ShenSun
Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:29 am
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Re: Shenmue 2 Full English Xbox Speech mod for Sega Dreamcas

Another mirror for this :)

Direct link. Fast! seems to almost max out my connection

Like my other mirrors
All 4 Discs compressed to .7z. Each .cdi is encoded with ECM, decode by dragging the cdi onto included "UNECM"
by bpear96
Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:10 am
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Re: Looking for the Sega Piano Nocturne CD

I'm uploading right now the track 1 of this CD, mate. Just wait a while and i'll send to you in PM the track, OK?

EDIT: Done. Already sent you a PM.
by Nankeiro
Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:19 pm
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Re: Shenmue Music Download

Amazing. There is music here i don't have yet! Thanks for all the effort here. Always like a bit of Shenmue music here and there. Oh! And for that track you're looking... well, i really hope have been helpful.
by Nankeiro
Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:33 pm
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Please welcome our newest moderator...


Admittedly the community has been quite tame as of late and has seemed to come into it's own once again. Despite that, having a team that works collectively is key. Due to some previous drops from months ago and time zone differences, we've discussed adding a couple of new moderators.

With that said, we're confident Wude will do a great job. There are more potential additions on the horizon, no eta as of yet though.
by Yama
Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:04 pm
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Re: Things That Made You Laugh Today

Ziming wrote: [youtube][/youtube]

remove the s in https
by Bluecast
Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:47 pm
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Re: Shenmue HD/3 Kickstarter

I wouldnt donate a penny, unless the fund was officially started by a credible gaming studio, or Suzuki himself.
by Peter
Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:52 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show On The 2nd/3rd Of Ma

Yu Suzuki déclare penser au Crownfunding type Kickstarter pour financer Shenmue 3 ! #MAGS

Yu Suzuki just said that he is thinking about a Kickstarter to fund the Shenmue 3 developement ! #MAGS

Here is the best translation I can give you all, this is great news ! :D

EDIT : This guy is legit, He works with pretty big independant french TV channel and is part of the event. He ask all the question directly to Yu ;)
by Shenman
Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:33 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show On The 2nd/3rd Of Ma

Yu Suzuki aimerait également poursuivre l'histoire de Shenmue en Anime ou en Manga. #MAGS

Yu Suzuki wants to pursue Shenmue scenario via Manga and Anime too. #MAGS

So this means, not only games but manga and anime too to be perfectly precise and clear ;)
It is still something that Yu wants, not something that will be done for sure...
by Shenman
Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:26 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show

2nd part of my videos, the most interesting I believe:
Thank you for the videos. I'll summarize what Yu Suzuki said about Shenmue in Japanese as directly as possible. So, forgive me if some part would not sound natural for English.

*He named Virtua Fighter as the most memorable game of all his games, for he had to go through various hardships while making it. And, he added "Shenmue as well" at the end of the answer.

*He admitted that he regrets Shenmue III hasn't been made yet.

*He has no concrete plans for the next generation consoles, but he'd like to do something for them.

*About "the crowd-funding," he plainly said "there's such possibility," showing no particular interest.

*He wants to make Shenmue III for sure, if a good partner is found. He used the same phrase twice; "if circumstances allow." He's glad that French fans are still talking about Shenmue a lot.
by Kiyuu
Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:16 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show

I think SEGA would go as far as to deny an ill child I'm afraid.
by Yokosuka Martian
Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:54 pm
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Ixion Saga DT

Anyone else at the Dojo into anime keeping up with this show? Ziming recommended it to me (thankies!) and so far I haven't been able to put it down. (at episode 20 thus far) The comedy in it is so hilarious at times that I can't recall the last time a show has made me laugh so hard. :lol:
by Sonikku
Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:15 am
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Re: Japanese Live-Action Movie Recommendation Thread

Ooh, has 13 Assassins been mentioned yet? ( the Miike one) I love that film.
by mue 26
Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:09 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show

Here a video of the complete conference of the Sunday March 3.

Thank you for the video. Now that I can hear the Q&A part clearly, I've fixed the inaudible part in my translation.

Can you please add time stamps to the duration of each Shenmue question.
Here's the translation of the Shenmue related Q&A:

21:24-TR: What is the most memorable game to you?
21:29-YS: Every game is memorable to me. But, Virtua Fighter is the most memorable as it was
the hardest game to make, having had to go through various hardships. Shenmue as well.

24:01-TR: Is there any regrets?
24:04-YS: Ah... I hate this (kind of question.) Not having been able to make Shenmue III yet, of course.

24:43-TR: Do you have any plan or project for the next-generation consoles?
24:52-YS: I don't have any concrete plans, but I'd like to do something for them.

25:23-TR: What do you think about using the service like crowd-funding, such as Kickstarter?
25:33-YS: There's such possibility, I think.
(Here, the translator took the liberty of connecting the answer of YS with Shenmue III, and the MC got excited.)
15:47-YS: That was a leading question, wasn't it?

26:06-TR: Perhaps you've already been asked this a lot, but everybody wants to know it. How is Shenmue III
going at the moment?
26:17-YS: I want to make it for sure, if a good partner is found.
26:30-YS: If the circumstances allow, I want to make it.
26:41-TR: Everybody wants to help you in anyway.
26:45-YS: Thank you. Merci beaucoup.

26:51-YS: May I speak a little here? French fans, especially, have been caring about Shenmue a lot and
always ask me about Shenmue III. I'm very glad about it.
27:18-YS: I sincerely want to make it, if circumstances allow.

36:50-TR: Now, there's a rumor that Shenmue I or II will be playable soon by downloading with PSN or Xbox...
37:06-YS: Where is it from?
37:10-TR: Huh? He (the questioner) says so.
37:15-YS: Well, I don't get it. Every year a rumor says Shenmue III is coming. I wonder who is making it.

42:24-TR: Do you have a plan to make Shenmue HD?
42:50-YS: The license of Shenmue I and II belongs to SEGA. Now that I've left SEGA, it's not my decision,
but SEGA's, to remake and sell them like that. It'd be possible for SEGA, I guess.
43:27-YS: I could make anything related to Shenmue series, though, by getting the license from SEGA,
if they say OK.

45:10-TR: Instead of a video game, will there be any chance that you depict the story of Shenmue 3
in other forms, like movie or novel?
45:24-YS: There will be such possibilities, I think. Even in such forms I want to do something related to Shenmue.
by Kiyuu
Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:00 am
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Re: Bombs in Boston

I weep not only for the victims in this, but for our rights. No doubt some politicians will be looking to angle this in such a way to take more away in exchange for "protection", as though a stroke of a pen was all that was needed to cure mental sickness.
by Sonikku
Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:16 am
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Re: Recent Gaming Purchases

Why didn't you just get a vga to hdmi transcoder box instead?
by Sonikku
Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:46 am
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Re: Universal video bbcode phpBB [video]

This has been implemented.
by Yama
Fri May 10, 2013 12:37 pm
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Re: Got any questions for a Shenmue game designer?

I think the main question that everyone wants to no is, WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO SHENMUE HD?
by ShenSun
Sat May 11, 2013 10:47 am
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Re: New Yu Suzuki Interview from MAGS Conferance

Shenmue III is not going to be a best seller, we have to be realistic here. If you start changing the core of the gameplay mechanics in order to attract more people, you will get Shenkuza with no sells and angry fans.
The same engine updated and modified would work, Irrational Games successfully used the Unreal Engine 2 to make Bioshock and if they decided to make another FPS today with it... it would still be awesome under the right hands.

Sandbox games aren't that groundbreaking anymore, like you said, today is not yesterday and most of the new games of this era are using concepts that were on Shenmue: Save file transfer between games (Mass Effect), "cinematic" experience (Heavy Rain), similar battle system (Batman AA or Sleeping Dogs), QTE, etc. All we need are those dem HD remakes and build something from it.
by killthesagabeforeitkillsu
Mon May 20, 2013 10:09 am
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Re: Would it be a good idea for Nitnendo to save Shenmue 3?

Yakuza HD comes out before Shenmue HD? Dafuq?
by Yokosuka Martian
Tue May 21, 2013 12:16 pm
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Re: Next gen XBox reveal May 21st

This reveal was shit. They did nothing to dispel the negative rumors. They showed some shit EASports games and Call of Duty.

No platformers, no mmo, no variety of anything.

Good god, the console is like a off self Dell PC and the name is shit.
by ShenmueTree
Tue May 21, 2013 2:09 pm
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Re: Toshihiro Nagoshi asked about Shenmue?

Ziming wrote: They asked Toshihiro Nagoshi something about Shenmue after the 8 minute mark in this video Q&A. Anyone here translate what was said?

Nagoshi says he would never produce Shenmue.
by Kiyuu
Mon May 27, 2013 1:12 pm
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Re: Toshihiro Nagoshi asked about Shenmue?

Its when they go to the comments section to see what games the viewers are talking about. They're saying something about Yakuza on Wii and the host mentions that there's a lot of comments saying to make shenmue.

"What about Shenmue?"


"Its almost like a tradition every show you have to say you're not making shenmue teh roflmao!"

Then he elaborates

"If you look back, me personally, I've never produced one of those games so you know there's that....."

According to Famitsu this is a monthly live broadcast on nico nico douga so expect more vague "that's not my game" quotes this time next month!

There is some funny stuff about this on 2ch I guess commenting on what he said about shenmue last broadcast:




Girl: What about a new game for PS4?

Nagoshi: We're working on it right now of course.

Girl: Oooh That's big news!

Nagoshi: Its not Shenmue

Girl: *facepalm*

Make Shenmue you puto!
by Rakim
Mon May 27, 2013 5:00 pm
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Re: Shenmue Dojo & First 4 Figures 70 Man Battle Competition

I have done my job by now. I did not do the best time (08+ minutes. Yes! Try to beat that!), but I have entered the competition just because I want to support the competition, the Shenmue community and thus the Shenmue game franchise.
by Giorgio
Fri May 31, 2013 1:35 pm
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Shenmue themed Dreamcast console

Hi all

Just joined forum although I've been here many times reading through threads etc.

Made a Dreamcast Shenmue themed console at work


Will be making some more soon. :D
by spinksy
Fri May 31, 2013 7:43 am
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Re: Random Thoughts

I'll let him know. ;-)
by Axm
Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:37 pm
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Re: Shenmue Tweetathon & 70 Man Battle Competition Winner

Haha thanks guys! Can't believe some of you still remember me, it's been about 10 years i think :D...

Couldn't figure out my log in, I thought my username was jamesbrown, but i can't get it to work is me :D

Super happy that I won, I couldn't believe it...I must have been playing for like 6 hours straight for like 3 or 4 nights remembering all the different enemies, what works on them, and what doesn't, and to be honest, I think it was like the last 20 and the boss that I managed to take out pretty quick, cause watching the video back now, the start is slightly embarrassing haha, me running kicking thin air, hehe. But yea awesome stuff! I'm surprised that only 9 people entered?

Although I won't be crazy active, I hope to post again from time to time, especially since this competition reunited me with the game I love, and it's amazing community that has supported and stuck around this long. It's nice to still see some familiar names.

All the best guys, and thanks for putting on this comp, I really enjoyed it. I'd have bought the statue anyways, but this is fantastic!
by SkillJim
Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:43 pm
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Happy Birthday Mr. Yu Suzuki!

Today's Suzuki-san's birthday \:D/, he turned 55. I want to wish him a happy birthday and many more to come. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks for the memories Mr.Suzuki.

phpBB [video]
by AM2
Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:01 am
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Re: UPDATE JUNE 2013 "Yu Suzuki & Shenmue at GDC"

Latest UPDATE: JUNE 2013 (This happened in March)

I actually met with Yu Suzuki again but this time @GDC 2013. (about 2 months ago)

And here are two pictures we got together :D

Pic 2

Pic 1

GDC 2013 is the same event as he met with Marc Cerny (perhaps, later on in the afternoon cuz we met at noon),

For those who don't know (I know you know): Marc Cerny is lead architect of the Sony PlayStation 4 & the one who interviewd Yu back in GDC11 and he's a genius as well.

How we met?

I was doing my visit @GDC and had NO IDEA that Yu Suzuki might come to GDC 13,
so I was wondering around that I suddenly saw a familiar face @ a booth (he was almost invisible) xD
I waited for him to finish his visit while asking from the lady @the next booth to PLEASE GET READY TO TAKE OUR PIC!
She was like, who's he? I was like he's a GOD of gaming! (later after he left and She found out who was he, she said

"Oh, I love Virtua Cop" xD

She said Ok!, so Yu suddenly saw me xD AND remembered me from GDC11,

I was like Hello Suzuki san, I am Ali, long time no see!
He said, Oh! Hi, yes long time no see!

Sorry guys, can't remember the exact every line of our short conversation but anyhow:

I was like WOW! we didn't know you coming this year (especially after his GDC12 absence).
I was shocked to be able to find him accidentally between so many people!
I immediately asked him can we have a picture :)

So, that lady at the next booth took our picture and then I talked to Yu,

Like how are you doing?, when did you arrive?
He was I arrived just now in the city and I'm hungry xD
I'm glad that I met you again, we look forward your new games...we will be waiting.
(I think I mentioned that I still have his biz card from back in GDC11 too but I am sure he remembers)

Anyways, I told him once again, it was very nice to see him, and wish him good luck.

So I let him go to rest and eat *however he continued visiting the expo" :D

Funny how,

later on within half an hour I bumped into Hideo Kojima as well (AGAIN just like GDC11),
this was like a repeat of history! xD

However, I spotted Kojima when he came out from back of his GDC booth suddenly xD and while he was running for a sec, he went eye to eye with me, LMFAO xD I know he's even busier that Yu with all that MGS V, Fox Engine & etc flying around, so I didn't even bother to get any close to him till next time.

Well, after all , GDC is a biz event, not a fan event.

The day after, I saw Yu Suzuki and Cerny's pictures in media,
so I decided to do not post my meeting with him here, until I back to Dojo again cuz I knew you know he's been @GDC13.

My personal thoughts on the current Yu Suzuki and Shenmue's feature

All I know is Yu Suzuki is back, and making games, he just released his latest game on iTunes & Google App store (if you check his growing studio's web page you can find it and don't forget to get his game somehow and give it a high rank 5/5), here's also a video of the game I'm talking about:

But the question is now burning even more:

Has he have made any progress with Marc Cerny or someone from Nintendo or even MS for teaming up with SEGA to finally bring us a Complete Shenmue Experience on PS4 or any other console?

A deal between SEGA and Sony/MS/Nintendo must happen if SEGA doesn't want to tackle this single handed.

I believe SEGA can still pull it off,

They have Team Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) headed by Nagoshi (he was so close to Suzuki back in AM2) along the current SEGA-AM2 (VF, Miku, Ghost Squad, etc...) plus Yu is still an adviser to SEGA,

So he can remain a key role to next Shenmue...

Let's say now that E3 has come and is gone, it's about time for SEGA to decide what console and when, from now on it's gonna be interesting, and I am sure the Shenmue nation won't stop posting on SEGA's social media until they finally do it. :)

My advice to SEGA is:

Don't wait anymore, get that next gen AM2 or Yakuza engine running along team Yakuza making assets and even re-using assets from Yakuza series along whatever is left from Shenmue III Dreamcast (I am sure, there's a none finished Shenmue 3 DC some where, if not what is Niao Sun video?) plus Yu Suzuki and YS NET can supervise along bringing their social media tools (from Shenmue City) to a Shenmue Complete exprience.

GIVE US SHENMUE BACK BY HANDS OF SUZUKI, we will do our best to support Shenmue "TRUST US"

We can make lots of fan art, videos, musics, even fan-made games or write and spread the word about Shenmue more!


"Just make sure, you'll release it on a console that people will actually BUY" and gonna last 5+ years for sure.



I just added some more stuff to this post along adding everything I posted here to the first post of the topic.

I will keep updating the first one and this one if I remember or want to add anything else.

Here's also another mini update that I added to first post (A master link to my edited/named pics from GDC11 & 13)!208
by alimn
Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:07 am
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David Cage Talks Storytelling with Ryan Payton and Yu Suzuki

Yu Suzuki, the creator of Shenmue, talks to David Cage about storytelling and the origins of the QTE in this video:

phpBB [video]
by Giorgio
Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:46 pm
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Re: Shenmue 1080p

Some moments will always be awesome and that scene is one of them.
by Who Really Cares?
Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:50 pm
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Re: Shenmue Piano Melody Vol.1


Oh and Ziming I haven't forgotten about our project, I'm still working on it. Just at a slow, lazy ass pace. I'll probably PM you soon with more updates.
by Rakim
Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:12 am
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GD-ROM Emulation.

I'm not quite sure where to post this since it's not my project and I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I am excited however because it looks likes it's finally happening. A user over at Assemblergames cybdyn has seemed to get some games up and running via IDE or SD ( think), which has been in development for quite a while now and I'm glad to hear after so long there's progress.

Another user, Ozone is also working on such a project.

GD-ROM emulation will allow full GDI rips (1:1 rips of Dreamcast games) to run on the Dreamcast.

Here is the thread discussion
Here are some videos

This could mean many, many great things. No needing to buy 99 minute discs or any discs at all, no more lasers wearing out, no more size limits, heavily modified games. Imagine Shenmue 1 undub, maybe even prototype games and such.

Theoretically you can even turn your Dreamcast until a sort of arcade machine that plays DC games and such.

Really cool and really exciting.
by ShenmueTree
Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:17 pm
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NullDC r150 specially compiled for Shenmue II

As you probably know, since NullDC r135 people have been getting this error when playing Shenmue II:

Fatal error :SHIL: Internal fatal error
in rec_shil_iNimp-> dc\sh4\rec_v1\sh4_cpu_shil.cpp:82

So I decided to compile a new version. The only change is that I deleted line 82 (the one that causes the crash) and everything works after some testing. Download link:!686&authkey=!AHu5oazJr3jAsSY .After extracting simply run NullDC-Debug and it should work fine.
by mike177
Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:57 pm
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Shenmue featured on UK Metro site

This week the website for the UK's Metro newspaper invited emails from gamers about HD remakes they'd like to see. Shenmue got a mention in today's first batch of selected responses ( last letter on this page ), and whether it makes another appearance in the second batch tomorrow remains to be seen. But one particularly detailed response has been used as a Reader's Feature , with very positive comments from other readers underneath. Take a look.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:13 am
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Hobby Project: Brands of Dobuita

Hi All:

I've been a member for a long time now but rarely post. I recently decided that it might be fun to start a creative project based around Shenmue.

My idea is to take brands or products in the game and give them new life by recreating them in high-fidelity images or mockups. My first stab is to tackle the flavors of Bell Woods (see winning can attached).

I'd like to reach out for the community for some assistance. I need the Shenmue I textures for reference. Since MegaUpload (a place where lots of stuff users on this forum uploaded to) got shutdown by the US Dep. of Justice I haven't been able to download them. If someone can share them, I can continue my work and share it right back!

by nebson
Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:47 pm
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