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SlotHouse Unreal Engine 4... Help.

Hey everyone,

I got a bit bored over the last couple of weeks since the end of the kickstarter, So I started remaking the Shenmue SlotHouse in Cinema4D and then shoving it into Unreal Engine, and honestly, I'm a little out of my depth.
I cant seem to get the lighting correct and materials makes my brain turn to mush. So I wonder if anyone here has had any experience with Unreal Engine 4 Who could help... I'm not sure of the help I need to be honest, but I'm just not happy with he results, I would love for it to look "realistic" but I'm never going to be able to achieve that by myself.

The empty picture frames are empty because I cant seem to get a copy of the correct text that was in the original.
The Change machine / Token machine thing has something I knocked together but due to the low quality texture in the game, I couldn't figure out exactly what it says.

Also, I just cant figure out how to get it to look sufficiently grubby. It looks a little bit to new for me...

Anyway, ill post a couple of pictures of the SlotHouse so you can see what I have at the moment.

by BluePink
Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:45 am
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