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Re: #SaveShenmueHD Tweetathon

Nice campaign.
But just a thought...

It might meet with more success if It didn't come across as condescending so much. I mean, assuming that anyone at Sega will actually read this, one has to try and see things from their perspective.
Aside from the whole not being in Japanese issue, the tone of the article seems to have an air of superiority and criticality directed at Sega, which, especially considering this is targeted at executives (or their assistants) at a Japanese corporation, is highly unlikely to engender any positive response.

I'm not trying to hate on this, really I support the effort and what Team Yu is (and have been) doing. I really want Sega to, if not do it themselves, at least outsource a port or HD remake of Shenmue I &II. To that end I think this campaign is a great idea, but needs a little constructive tweaking in places because, realistically as it is right now it's shooting itself in the foot and more likely to be met with a negative reaction if anyone at Sega ends up reading it.
Which, in turn, will only re-enforce the standing intransigence and dim view concerning doing anything related to Shenmue that's been the MO at Sega for over a decade.

Again, just my humble opinion/constructive criticism; take or leave it. I just want this campaign and end goal of getting Sega to consider and approve of re-releasing or remastering Shenmue I/II to have as much chance for success as possible. I'm not implying that Sega doesn't deserve any criticism (intended or not) or isn't largely at fault for their handling of Shenmue or neglecting their fan base and more over the years. Just that, reminding anyone there about it/beating them over the head with it may not be the most effective strategy if we want them to listen and act in a way that makes sense to us. Keep in mind they've rarely done that at all in nearly 20 years; and from the view of those inside Sega things likely look vastly different compared to looking at Sega from the outside.
So, again I'd humbly submit to Team Yu that perhaps looking into a couple small changes in wording and tone of the letter, along with perhaps a (non-Google Translated) Japanese version (we want people at Sega to actually Read this) would really go a long way toward making this campaign effective and eventually enabling a Shenmue I/II HD release.
If nobody at Team Yu is proficient in Japanese, especially Business Japanese, I'd imagine there are members in this awesome community that can lend a hand. I'm one though certainly not the best.

Thanks and Good luck! T
by Tony_Clifton
Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:43 pm
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