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Re: Interview with the Lead Tester for NTSC Shenmue 1 at Seg

Its up!

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by shengoro86
Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:03 pm
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

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by Giorgio
Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:38 pm
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Re: Thanking Sony

Why not devote one of the 3rd Tweetathon days to Thank Sony?

I think we would use the 3rd in a better way trying to push the Paypal campaign along the #SaveShenmueHD.

If ever Sony should be "target" of the tweetathon, it should be in my opinion, by asking them to put pressure on SEGA for the HD Collection.

Looking at the Paypal campaign last numbers... we desperately need something to push it :|

Yep agreed, also being grateful as well helps. :)

@giocorsi @amboyes
Thanks Sony for Shenmue III, please also bring Shenmue I & II HD to PS4!

Something along those lines.
by fittersau
Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:47 am
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Re: A new book about Yu Suzuki

I do not know what time it is in your country, but here in France, here came the release of my book on Yu Suzuki!
Unfortunately I have not yet received the book, and if I could, believe me, I will push the postman on the back for that pedal faster!
I promise you some pretty pictures when the book will be in my mailbox...
Meanwhile, I took out a beautiful T-shirt SEGA AM2 to mark this day, come see my blog:
by Benjamin Berget
Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:14 am
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Re: Interview with Shenmue’s Creative Director

Yes, it was even the first interview we got. You can see all the interviews in the Shenmue Dojo youtube channel, they're subbed in English and French with the original voice.

The reason why Hirai is trying to go in the water is still a little intriguing.
by Yokosuka
Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:05 am
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Vote Shenmue as the most anticipated game

1) Register
2) Make Shenmue 3 number one
3) Fill all the rest of your list because more you add games on your list, more your higher game gets points.

Jun 21, 2015
Two days ago, it was at #36. Today it has reached the top 10. Keep it up to give Shenmue 3 the maximum publicity!

Do the same with any community gaming site you belong if it is possible.
by Yokosuka
Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:21 pm
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

Yesterday I dreamed about Shenmue 3 :rotflmao: :roflmao: It was about that tech demo that Cedric tweeted about.

It started with a snowy place, showing the new weather engine, there were rabbits deers and other animals there, then the camera panned out, a lot of flowers in blossom and petals started to fly around the sky, in a beautiful manner, and suddenly it changed to a beautiful spring with green mountains and hills plenty of life.

A figure appeared from the distance, it was Shenhua, she was walking around the environment, she seemed very happy and plenty of life too, her outfit was different but similar to her traditional one, she was wearing a hat and had longer hair than before ( I know it makes no sense, but I don't have control over my dreams xD)
While she was walking she meet Ryo, our Ryo, it was the CG Ryo xD, and then when everything was getting interesting I woke up T_T

In my dream Shenhua's dress was gorgeous, I am not very good at drawing, but I tried to make a sketch of the basics.

Man I wish I could take a photo out of my Dream that whole thing was gorgeous.
by Esppiral
Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:45 pm
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Late night playing Shenmue Gaiden. A joy to play, but very time consuming to produce. It's Shenmue though, so can't complain too much

We're still on track for a demo release this year.

25th December. Christmas day :D

A lot more updates to come in October

This looks amazing. Any chance other platforms could get this?

Oh yes. I wont say which ones though, not until im 100% certain i can make it happen. For now, the only current working version is on PC.

Any updates? :D

More in October, I promise.
by ShenSun
Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:54 am
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

Cédric Biscay Tweet to Keanu Reeves...

That's where I start to dream about a Shenmue related collaboration :-o

That's not Keanu's Twitter account (he doesn't have one). I tweeted Cedric to contact the Screen Actor's Guild instead.

I think it's more likely he wants Keanu for Shibuya's Astro Boy remake than for Shenmue III.
by Amir
Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:37 am
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

I've sent an email to Cedric about this (no confirmation mail, shipping fees charged while it was supposed to be free) etc.

There's a lack of communication coming from Awesome Japan who is in charge of the campaign and It's really hurting it.

I will get back to you whenever (and If) I get a reply.

By the way, I have something to ask you :

What would you like to see added to the Slacker Backer Campaign page ? What kind of content are you looking forward to ? Do you expect some things ?

If I can backup and provide your feedback to someone else in charge, I will. I can't guarantee anything but we have to make sure this Paypal campaign provide the best results for Shenmue III.

Thanks for your feedback guys.
by DEVILLE_David
Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:16 am
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Re: So is Shenmue NOT mass market?

10.6 Million dreamcasts sold worldwide, an estimated 1.2m copies of Shenmue 1 were sold. That's a good conversion rate. The dreamcast was in its coffin by the time Shenmue 2 was released on the dc (late 2001 in Europe, no dc release of s2 in NA) the system was dead and buried. I was a hardcore fan of the series after Shenmue 1 and I can remember only coming across finding a copy of 2 in store by chance, I didn't even know the game was out at the time. There were no advertisements that I could remember.

When Shenmue 2 came out on the Xbox a year later, again, there was very little advertisement of the game and Europeans had no real reason to re-purchase the game if they had already bought it on dreamcast a year earlier. Then you have to take into account that the original Xbox wasn't selling particularly well at the time itself. Another crucial error was the decision to not re-release Shenmue along with Shenmue 2 on the Xbox, I'd assume that this isolated many potential newcomers to the series.

I honestly think that the reason the Shenmue series didn't become mass market was largely down to the games being on consoles that sold poorly at the time. Along with some bad marketing decisions.
by Chaikilla
Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:06 pm
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

Cedric has replied to my mail. Regarding the discussed problems he's going to contact the people in charge. So the feedback has been done on my part, we have to wait now.

About new rewards, I will tell him about it as soon as possible.

Have nice day guys !
by DEVILLE_David
Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:30 am
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Re: How did you react to the announcement?

Like most people, I stopped getting my hopes up and ignored E3 for years. As much as I hate the website, I sometimes check the Dreamcast boards on GameFAQs. Someone posted a thread about Yu making that twitter post and it really got me thinking. I concluded that if the creator were to mislead us like that, I would consider giving up hope... but part of me felt like he wouldn't do that to us. I was doubtful but my conscious told me to check out the conference.

I had the event streaming live on my TV. At first, I paid attention to it but quickly became hopeless and turned my chair to my computer to play my online game and completely stopped paying attention yet left it running. I don't remember exactly what I said but as soon as I heard the song start, I freaked out and quickly turned back. I said "omg" and "holy shit" plenty of times eventually. I couldn't sit still. I was flipping out so much that I missed most of what was being said... which very quickly made me scared that it was just an announcement for HD remakes (this seemed to happen in a lot of reaction videos). I kept shouting "remake or three?! remaster or sequel?!" or something along those lines. Part of me was almost ready to scream and cry "don't do this to me!!!". After it was confirmed, I couldn't stop my body from trembling, my heart was racing so fast that I was having chest pains, and I was sweating. I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs but I was temporarily in a place where the walls were very thin, so I couldn't.

Like someone else said, despite how overwhelming this was, part of me was offended that one of the best announcements of my life was being forced into public funding... big corporate business backed away for financial fears and acted like this was some homebrew that they didn't want to lose out on. But it wasn't enough to ruin the moment. I donated $500 to kickstarter, couldn't calm my tremors or heart for nearly a hour, and I only slept for 2 hours that night. The next day, I shed a tear or two. Also like others have said, I spent hours and hours watching reaction videos and couldn't believe how much joy they brought me - I've archived many of them. For weeks, I would watch Michaels reaction multiple times per day - it made me so happy to see.
by xbluemystx
Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:17 am
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Re: NoconKid (Shenmue HD) working on Shenmue III :)

The point is: Nocon Kid is pretty awesome… even if he doesn’t speak d*ck.
by punkmanced
Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:11 pm
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Re: NoconKid (Shenmue HD) working on Shenmue III :)

To make matters worse, Japanese is possibly the hardest language in the world to learn

No it's not. English is harder. You can learn kana in a week. If pressed, 2,000 kanji in six months. The grammar is flexible and simple, and words are easy to pronounce because they're consistent.

I wrote a guide on how to learn Japanese without taking a single class. You can read it here:

the Japanese language was never designed to allow complex interactions with people

What the hell are you talking about?

Japanese is highly practical. Far more practical than English for example. Everything within it fits and works. You have no idea what you're talking about.
by Himuro
Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:44 am
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Re: Response from Kickstarter Team regarding Shenmue Exhibit

Within the span of a few hours I received two responses from the Kickstarter team regarding having a Shenmue Exhibition. As expected, it would require permission from Sega which would take some time.

Hello Amir,

We at the Kickstarter team are delighted to hear of fans wanting to support Shenmue in this way.

I have taken the liberty to forward your message to the Ys Net team.

We will contact you with their response as soon as we can.

Thank you very much for all your support.


Oscar &
The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Team

Hello Amir,

We have already gotten a response concerning the Shenmue exhibition.

In order for us to officially support a project like this, and possibly provide you with artwork or other things , we will first need Sega's permission since they own the rights to Shenmue.

We would have to submit your project to Sega for review, and it will most likely take a lot of time until the details with Sega are worked out.

In regards to this we would like to ask you there is already a planned schedule of when the exhibition would take place.

Also if you would have any mock-ups, documents or material that would give us a concrete idea of the exhibition, please forward these to our email
( [email protected] ) so we can present them to Sega for review.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us through here or through email.

Thanks again for your support.

Best regards,

Oscar &
The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Team

I'm currently writing a piece on Shenmue but once that is done I'll spend the rest of the week coming up with mock-ups and documents for the exhibition. If anyone else wants to help that would be amazing!
by Amir
Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:45 pm
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Shenmue Dicussion Podcast with Myself and The Shenmue Guy

Hi all,

I recently did an interview podcast with Old Geek Young Geek podcast.

For those who do not know, "Young Geek", is the Shenmue Guy from the E3 Shenmue 3 Stream:

We had a 1 hour discussion about Shenmue.
Topics we discussed:
- The meaning of Shenmue
- Why it is more than just a game
- NPC Living dynamics
- My history with the series
- Modding
- The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter
- The Shenmue 3 Paypal campaign
- General Gaming

Check it out!




MP3 Download
by shengoro86
Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:15 am
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Re: Ryo Hazuki IS in Project X Zone 2! For Reals!

New pictures:

"Ryo Hazuki Solo unit. Voice actor:Mayasa Matsukaze"


by Giorgio
Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:39 am
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

Hi guys,

I've contacted the Kickstarter Team in order to get some information. Here's what they had to say about the rewards system/upgrade :

"Ys Net says:

Hello David,

Thank you very much for your message

We are currently working with the designated parties to make add-ons / upgrades available for Kickstarter backers.

It will indeed be possible to back a higher tier by backing the difference between it and your current tier.

Further details as to how the system will work will be explained in a later update when the add-on / upgrade system launches.

Thanks again for your support and for saving Shenmue !

Best regards,

Oscar &

The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Team"

So whoever was worried about it, you don't have to anymore : upgrade system is coming.

Have a nice day !

by DEVILLE_David
Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:01 am
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Re: What's Shenmue: Article about the saga's history

While Sega stopped supporting the Dreamcast with their final release, Karous, for the console in 2007, companies such as Hucast continue to publish games for the Dreamcast to this day, and a dedicated community of indie developers take advantage of the ease of coding for the system as well as it’s lack of software protection to program games for the cult system.

Another! :)

Thanks, looking at that first sentence as well it's too stop-start, changed it to:

While Sega stopped supporting the Dreamcast with their final release for the console in 2007, Karous, companies such as Hucast continue to publish games

Made a few more changes and decided to publish them on Medium, feel free to share!

Part I: Of Dreams and Dreamcasts:

Part II: The Death of the Dreamcast and Shenmue’s Uncertain Fate:

Part III: The Brief Lives of Shenmue Online & Shenmue City, the Birth of Ys Net, and the Seeds of an Idea"

Part IV: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and Hope:
by Amir
Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:21 am
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Re: What pace will you play through Shenmue III?

I'll never beat it. I'll have Ryo spend the entire time in the small arcade, playing QTE Fight, Darts and whatever SEGA arcade titles they can get in there.
by Henry Spencer
Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:05 am
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Re: Making of Shenmue

The English translated video will be ready by early next month. We'll also have captions in French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.
by Ziming
Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:10 pm
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Re: I Had Lunch With Cédric Biscay

You guys are killing me with your soft hints :-$

Well, I am not one to say anything official about the game but I will say that the game is in great hands :mrgreen:

Good things are on the way. We will just have to wait. ;-)

I understand you can't tell us anything since it's not the right time nor the right channel for official news... but still, you are killing me!

"Good things are on the way"... like good good or just good meh? :mrgreen:

I'd say good good ;-)

Cedric loves Shenmue and is doing a lot to make sure Shenmue III will succeed. We can trust him, no worries. Yu Suzuki and his team are also working very hard so I am not worried about what kind of game Shenmue III will be !

Regarding the Magic Monaco, since some of us will attend the event, It'd be nice to gather and record some kind of video, share our thoughts etc. 8)
by DEVILLE_David
Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:25 am
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Re: I Had Lunch With Cédric Biscay

You guys are killing me with your soft hints :-$

Well, I am not one to say anything official about the game but I will say that the game is in great hands :mrgreen:

Good things are on the way. We will just have to wait. ;-)

I understand you can't tell us anything since it's not the right time nor the right channel for official news... but still, you are killing me!

"Good things are on the way"... like good good or just good meh? :mrgreen:

I will ask Biscay about what I can and can not say.

Sorry but yeah lol I just wanted to post that we met up.
by shengoro86
Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:29 am
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Ryo Has Come To

A little Shenmue III fun for those of you who also enjoyed Metal Gear Solid V:
phpBB [video]
by Ocky27
Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:54 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki New Interview

Hi guys,

I've got the latest version of the ITW from Yu Suzuki today. I am checking it one more time (in french, english, japanese) and will try to publish it today or max tomorrow.

Sorry that you had to wait and hope you will like it !

by DEVILLE_David
Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:57 am
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Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue

Hello guys,

As promised, I've received Yu Suzuki's approval to publish it, so here it is !

Meeting Yu Suzuki in Japan once again was awesome. I had the opportunity to meet with the development team and saw some footage and can say that Shenmue is definetly in good hands.

This interview do not contain major spoilers, however, DO NOT read the question/answer #14 if you do not wish to know about Shenmue III's bosses.

Enough said, here you go !

English version / 英語版 :

PDF version : coming soon

Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue (2015)

1) David : Hello Yu Suzuki. Today is September 14th and 2 months have passed since the end of the Kickstarter's campaign. Could you tell us how you've felt during the campaign ?

Yu Suzuki : Many people asked me how it was during E3 so I'd rather talk about what happened after that, the development and so on. That's what is the most interesting to me. The game's budget has been decided with the Kickstarter and we're working on it accordingly. We're currently testing the Unreal Engine 4.

2) David : 14 years have passed since the release of Shenmue II. If you had to think about it, was there anything that could have been improved in the previous games ?

Yu Suzuki : When I was making Shenmue II, my goal was to make it better than the first one. Of course, there are many things that could have been better. If I had to provide an example, that'd be the use of time. How long you had to wait until the next event.

In Shenmue Yokosuka, the player had no other choice but to wait until the next event occured. The concept was to add many different features for the player to enjoy while waiting for the said rendezvous. After the first Shenmue was done, people provided their feedback and many of them were frustrated having to wait, that's why I've decided to add the « Skip Time » feature in Shenmue II. By using it, you could skip time and jump to the next scene.

3) David : During the trailer of Shenmue Online, we could see Shenhua summoning a Phoenix to fight Lan Di. Is it linked to the original story of Shenmue ?

Yu Suzuki : This is a story I made up specially for Shenmue Online. So no, It has no link to the original story.

I would like to ask you some questions regarding Shenmue III and the Kickstarter campaign if you don't mind.

4) David : You've planned to add scenes from the first 2 games « Story Digest » in Shenmue III to describe the story. Are you going to use the previous games original scenes or do you plan to recreate them under the Unreal Engine 4 ? Is there any chance you're going to add Chapter 2 « the boat » in it ?

Yu Suzuki : The boat chapter won't be added. Regarding the « Story Digest » we're thinking about the best way to add it.

5) David : A fan has made a suggestion and wanted you to hear it. Is it possible for Ryo to hold a camera and take some pictures that the player could save in the inventory ?

Yu Suzuki : Ryo holding a camera doesn't match with his style and the way he is. However, the fact that the «player» himself is taking the pictures sounds like a nice idea. To be honest, I already thought about it before, so if that's possible, I would like to make this possibility happen.

6) David : In your previous interviews, you've mentioned that Shenmue III's size would be around the size of Shenmue's Dobuita. Each village will be around the same size as Dobuita or where you talking about the full game ?

Yu Suzuki : I want to make Choubu as large as Dobuita. Now, about the remaining villages, we're thinking about it.

7) David : Characters will be linked to Ryo through the « Rapport System ». But is it going to change the main story and why not, make some of the characters disappear at some point ?

Yu Suzuki : This system has been built for Ryo and Shenhua. We are thinking about the possibility to make it work with other characters but that's undecided. Regarding the impact that it's going to have on the story and the game itself, that is currently under experimentation.

8 ) David : The exclusive Kickstarter content « S3World telecom» will provide the possibility to call some characters of the previous games. But are the conversations going to be limited to some lines only or will they offer some variations ?

Yu Suzuki : No, It won't be limited to a single conversation.

9) David  : The Stretch Goals «AI Battling», «Ragdoll Reaction» and «High Ground Battle System» have yet to be reached, but is there anything we could learn about these Stretch Goals ?

Yu Suzuki : Some of you may know what the Ragdoll physics is. If you release the strength of the body, it becomes like a doll, that's not really natural. That's why we're working on the «Motion Blending», adding some resistance to the muscles for example, to obtain realistic moves.

In a Virtua Fighter scene, patterns were determined by the Motion Capture, but with the Ragdoll physics, moves won't repeat over and over. If you get into something (like a wall) the reaction won't be the same. In fact, I'd like to combine the «Ragdoll Physics», the «Motion Blending» and «IK Constraint» to make the NPC and battle's reactions as real as possible.

Regarding the «AI Battling» Stretch Goal, if I had to explain this simply, that'd be, for example, when you're hitting the punch button of your pad to hit your opponent. A jab when he's close, to hit him when he's away from you and to move to hit him when he's even more far away. I would like to create a system that is taking account of the distance, conditions and the position of your rival. During normal fights, if you push a button, your character will use the same move over and over without considering your current situation. I don't really like that and would like to use the «AI Battling» to add some variations to the movements depending on your current state.

And finally, the «High Ground Battle System», is the interactivity with the surrounding environment. I want to create and add strategy and realism to the battles. For example, throwing your opponent on a barrel and making it break or hitting a wall and making it fall like a wave on your enemy. I'd like to create more complex battles using the UE4's physical phenomenon.

David : These features were not available in the first two games right ?

Yu Suzuki : To say the truth, I've already used it. You could see something like that during the «70 Man Battle». But these techniques were used 14 years ago and I am sure that the result will be more interesting if we use the actual technology.

10) David : Is Shenhua going to be with Ryo all the time or is Ryo going to be on his own from time to time as well ?

Yu Suzuki : Both. Moments where Ryo will be on his own and some where Shenhua will stand by his side.

11) David : Just like in Shenmue I and II, is it going to be possibile to grab the items around us and examine them ?

Yu Suzuki : I would like to make it.

12) David : Some people would like to know more about the Paypal campaign and its rewards. Is there anything you can tell us ?

Yu Suzuki : The campaign will start on September 17th. With Kickstarter, people were limited to one reward, but this time, they will be able to add other rewards. Also, I'd like Japanese users to browse this page, all details will be in Japanese. The remaining Stretch Goals are also a part of this campaign and if we reach them, as promised, they will be made. I am counting on you !

13) David : Niao Sun has been presented during the first Shenmue events but is only appearing for the first time in Shenmue III. Why did you show her so soon during the promotion of the game ? Is there a special reason behind this ?

Yu Suzuki : There's no real reason. She was attractive and I liked her, that's why I wanted to show this character to all of you as soon as possible !

14) David : Looking at the development's schedule, 4 big bosses will be added to the game. Have you decided to cut some parts of the story and add the 4 main Chiyoumen bosses ?

Yu Suzuki : All I can tell you is that you're going to face Niao Sun of course, and also Lan Di !

15) David : Many players would like to have the possibility to switch between the Japanese and English voices. Do you plan to add such a feature in Shenmue III ?

Yu Suzuki : We are considering the possibility to switch between English and Japanese voices. So, many people would like Japanese voices and English subtitles ? I will probably start a poll about this to see what people are looking forward to.

Here is the last question !

16) David : Any special message that you'd like to say to the fans and why not, people who never played Shenmue until today ?

Yu Suzuki : My message towards the fans :

Thank to all of you who have been waiting for the last 14 years. I will bring with Shenmue III a new way to play and many things that were not in the first two games. I am aware that many of you are expecting Shenmue III to be the same as the first games but as a game creator, I am always challenging myself and I'd be very happy if the fans appreciated Shenmue III. Thank you for welcoming the new Shenmue !

Now the message toward players who never experienced Shenmue before :

I am developing it in the best possible way to make sure that you are going to enjoy the experience even though you have never played the first Shenmue. So even if you have no idea what the Shenmue I and II were, please do not hesitate to try it out please !

The interview is now over. I would like to say thank you to Yu Suzuki who allowed me to do this interview. A huge thanks to all the people working at YsNet, for their warm welcome and kindness.

I'd also like to say thank you to Cédric Biscay, french co-producer of Shenmue III. I had the opportunity to meet him and I can tell you that he's really motivated and he loves Shenmue as much as we all do ! Shenmue III is in good hands and I am really looking forward to it !

My next interview should happen during the Magic Monaco in February 2016.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the answers.



Japanese version / 日本語版 :

鈴木裕さんのインタビュー : 新しいシェンムーへ

1) ダビッド : 鈴木さん、こんにちは。本日、インタビューを行わせていただくことになり、ありがとうございます。宜しくお願い致します。それでは、はじめましょう。シェンムーⅢのKickstarterのキャンペーンが終了してから、二ヶ月ぐらい経過しました。よろしければ、キャンペーンの間の印象を教えて頂けませんか。

鈴木氏 : 皆さんに良く聞かれたのはショーの期間中の印象でしたので、その代わりにE3(ロサンゼルスで行われるゲームショー)が終わったあとや開発について話したいと思います。バジェットが決まったので、そのバジェットに合わせてゲームのフローに従って、現在はUE4のテストに入っています。

2) ダビッド : シェンムーⅡが発売されてから14年が経過しました。今、思い浮かべると、シェンムーⅠとⅡには改善点があったと思いますか。

鈴木氏 : シェンムーⅡを作るときはシェンムーⅠを改善して作ったので、もちろん改善点が沢山ありました。一つの例を挙げると、待ち合わせの時間です。シェンムーⅠでは待ち合わせの時間までただ待つことしか出来ませんでした。なので、シェンムーⅠでは待ち合わせの時間までに遊ぶ要素を沢山入れてあります。待っている時間に違うことをやって欲しいというのがシェンムーⅠのコンセプトでした。シェンムーⅠが終わったらそこに対してストレスが溜まると言うプレイヤーの声が高かったのでシェンムーⅡでは待つシステムを入れることに決めました。その時間まで待つというシステムを使うと、その時間と場所にジャンプすることが出来るようになりました。 

3) ダビッド : シェンムーオンラインのトレーラーでは藍帝(らんてい)は龍を、シェンファは鳳凰を召喚して戦っているシーンがありました。このシーンはシェンムーのメインストーリーと繋がっているのでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : シェンムーオンラインのために作った外伝なので、オリジナルストーリーと繋がっていません。

4) ダビッド : まだ、シェンムーをやったことがないプレイヤーにストーリーを分かってもらうために、シェンムーⅢにシェンムーI&Ⅱのストーリーダイジェストコンテンツが追加される予定があります。
それは、昔の動画(シェンムーThe Movie)か、あるいはUnreal Engine 4でリニューアルしたもので追加されるのでしょうか。そして、カットされた「二章 船」の動画版を追加されますか。

鈴木氏 : シェンムー「二章 船」 は追加されません。ストーリーダイジェストに関してはどの形がいいかどうか検討中です。

5) ダビッド : シェンムーファンからのアイデアを聞いたので、お伝えさせていただきます。シェンムーⅢの涼がカメラを持って、写真を撮って、アルバムに保存できるシステムというアイデアでしたが、いかがでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 涼がカメラを持つというと、ちょっと彼のイメージに合わないと思います。プレイヤーの方が写真を撮ったらいいと思っています。写真の機能が使えるのは以前からやりたいと考えていたので、出来ればやりたいです。

6) ダビッド : 以前、他のインタビューを受けていたときに、鈴木さんはシェンムーⅢの世界のサイズはシェンムーのどぶ板と同じぐらいになると言いましたが、それは全部のエリアですか。それとも一つずつの村がどぶ板と同じぐらいのサイズになるということでしょうか。

鈴木氏 :鳥舞をどぶ板くらいの大きさにしたいと思っています。他の村については検討中です。

7) ダビッド : 今回は好感度システムによって涼が他のキャラクターと繋がっていることは変わりますが、そのシステムでストーリーの変更や仲が悪いと仲間と会えなくなってしまう設定がありますか。

鈴木氏 : 好感度システムは涼とシェンファーに向けて作ったシステムです。他のキャラに使うかどうかは検討中です。ストーリーやゲーム進行にどれくらいの影響を与えるかどうかは現在実験中です。

8) ダビッド : キックスターター限定の国際テレホンカードで前作で出てきたキャラクターに連絡することが可能ですが、出来る会話が一つ限りなのか又はバリエーションがたくさんあるのでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 会話は一つ限りではないです。

9) ダビッド : 「ラグドールリアクション」や「AIバトル」や「ハイグランドバトルシステム」というストレッチゴールはまだ達成していませんが、それについて詳しく説明してくださいませんか。

鈴木氏 : 皆さんはご存知かもしれませんが、ラグドール物理演算というのがあって、人体の力を抜くと人形みたいなものになって、キャラクターがだらんとしてしまいます。これだけでやると動きが不自然になってしまいます。


ハイグランドバトルシステム は、キャラクターの周りのものを使って、バトルに臨場感と戦略を加えて作りたいと思っています。例えば、敵を投げたらドラム缶が崩れてきて敵をやっつけるとか、闘おうとしているときに壁を叩いたら波のように崩れてきたり・・・UE4の物理現象を連鎖させて、より複雑で楽しいバトルを作りたいと思っています。演算を使ってやりたいなと思っています。

ダビッド : シェンムーⅠ・Ⅱではやっていなかったシステムですね?

鈴木氏 : ちょっとやっていました。70人バトルのときにドラム缶が崩れてきたりとか… ですが、あれは14年前の技術でやった表現なので、現在の技術でやったらもっと楽しいものになると思います。

10) ダビッド : シェンムーⅢではシェンファがシェンムーIIと同じように常に涼と一緒にいるのか、彼が一人になることが多くなるのでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 彼女と一緒にいるときもありますし、一人になるときもあります。

11) ダビッド : シェンムーとシェンムーⅡでアイテムを細かく観察することが出来ましたが、シェンムーⅢでも同じような動作が出来ますか。

鈴木氏 : 出来るようにしたいです。

12) ダビッド : Kickstarterのキャンペーン終了後、更に支援したい方がPaypalで支援出来るシステムが発表されました。それについての詳細を説明して頂けますか。

鈴木氏 : 9月17日からPaypalを開始対応しています。Kickstarterでは1個しか買えなかったのですが、今回は追加の購入が出来ますし、あとは特に日本のユーザーが日本語で申し込むことが出来ますので是非ページを見に来て下さい。基本的にはストレッチゴールにも対応していますので追加金額でストレッチゴールをクリアすると約束している部分が実現出来ます。皆さん、宜しくお願いします。

13) ダビッド : 鳥隼(ちょうじゅん)は昔からプロモーションキャラクターとして使用されていて、シェンムーⅢから登場することになりましたが、どうして14年前からそのキャラクターを紹介されましたか。特別な理由がありますか。

鈴木氏 : 特別な理由がありません。キャラクターが魅力的だったので、僕がそのキャラクターが好きで、早く皆さんに見せたかったからです。

14) ダビッド : 開発の構成によって、シェンムーIIIでは4つのボスがいるということが分かってきました。つまりストーリーを短くして、四天王(らんてい、こうてい、えんてい、げんてい)を含めることにしましたか。

鈴木氏 : 一つだけのことを言います。四天王の藍帝(蒼龍) と炎帝(鳥隼)が出てきます。

15) ダビッド : 日本語と英語音声を選択するオプションが欲しい方が多いそうです。このような選択肢をシェンムーⅢに追加するつもりでしょうか。

鈴木氏 : 日本語版と英語版の音声切り替えが可能かどうか検討してみます。海外では日本語音声で英語字幕が欲しい人が多いですか。出来たら、一回アンケートを取ってみたいですね。


16) ダビッド : シェンムーファンや又はシェンムーを初めてプレイする方々に伝えたい特別なメッセージがありましたら、どうぞ。

鈴木氏 : シェンムーファンの皆さんについては14年間ぐらい待ってくれて、本当にありがとうございます。シェンムーⅢではシェンムーI&Ⅱにない、新しい遊びをチャレンジしようと思っています。シェンムーI&IIとか全く同じ遊びを期待している人がいるかもしれませんが、鈴木裕は常に新しいことにチャレンジするクリエイターだと思って、シェンムーⅢを応援してくれると嬉しいです。新しいシェンムーを応援して下さい。




by DEVILLE_David
Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:29 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 can't promise 60fps but can promise sexy girls

I'm sorry, but I see Yu not playing games and keeping up with trends as only a good thing.

I want Shenmue 3 to feel consistent with the style of the first 2 games. I agree with Yu that it's better to have your own vision and not let yourself become to heavily influenced by other games.
by Reprise
Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:20 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 can't promise 60fps but can promise sexy girls

I haven't kept up with most of the S3 news lately, so forgive me if this was already confirmed before, but I think the most interesting thing mentioned in the topic post is that Lan Di will indeed be a boss fight in the game. Suzuki describing characters as "cute" or "sexy" is practically a non-issue to me, but confirmation that we'll actually be challenging the main villain of the series this time around? Gold.
by OL
Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:28 am
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Shenmue III on French TV

Hello guys !

Cédric Biscay has been interviewed by a famous French TV channel (Canal +). They talked about Shibuya Productions and Shenmue III !

A great way to promote the game again !

Thanks to him and CANAL+.
by DEVILLE_David
Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:09 pm
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Re: Shenmue III on French TV

Here's the full script (sorry about the mistakes, I've worked on it as fast as possible) :

Chaque semaine vous découvrez une personnalité qui veut changer le monde à travers les médias ou internet. C'est dans notre rubrique : "Le Tube d'avance".

Et aujourd'hui on va parler d'un jeune français : "Cédric Biscay". Il a 36 ans et il a récolté plus de 6 millions de dollars sur le net, un record, Pour relancer un jeu vidéo japonais culte : Shenmue. Shenmue avait disparu des consoles depuis 15 ans. Et bien Reza Pounewatchy a rencontré le français qui va ressuciter un des héros des gamers.

Cannes, au début du mois, la croisette déroulait son tapis rouge à l'occasion du Mipcom, l'Hypermarché international des programmes TV. Une centaine de pays représentés, 12 000 participants, dont cet homme : Cédris Biscay, ce jeune producteur qui a l'air perdu dans les couloirs du Palais des festivals, a rendez-vous avec une productrice japonaise d'un dessin animé culte. Un indice se trouve d'ailleurs sur la table.

- Il voyage tout le temps avec moi
- Il vous porte chance ? (rires)
- (rires) c'est la seule figurine que j'ai
- Il faudrait d'ailleurs qu'on envisage de créer de nouvelles figurines d'Astro Boy

Des figurines en préparation, mais ce qui les réunit ce jour-là, c'est surtout la nouvelle adaptation en série d'Astro Boy. Cédric Biscay devra en co-produire 26 épisodes.

- Ben en fait on a des scénarios, on a un teaser. Là le next step ce sera d'annoncer les chaînes de télévision qui vont participer à l'aventure.

Cédric Biscay ne se contente pas de remettre au goût du jour une icône de l'animation Nippone. Il y a quelques mois, il a fait sensation en participant à une levée de fonds record pour la création d'un jeu vidéo. Cet exploit lancé sur le site de financement participatif Kickstarter, ce français l'a réalisé avec Yu Suzuki, une légende chez les concepteurs japonais de jeux vidéo.

Petit retour en arrière pour mieux comprendre. 15 juin dernier, le Los Angeles Convention Center accueille l'E3, un des plus gros salons du jeu vidéo. Parmi les moments les plus attendus, la conférence de presse de Sony. Dans les coulisses, Cédric Biscay n'est pas loin. En plein milieu du show, débarque timidement sur scène Yu Suzuki. Devant 10 000 personnes conquises, le créateur annonce vidéo à l'appui, le lancement d'un financement participatif événement.
C'est officiel, le troisième volet de Shenmue arrive. Shenmue, un jeu vidéo culte, une saga lancée il y a 16 ans sur cette console : la Dreamcast, une relique de la marque Sega.

L'information abasourdit la foule. Certains sont au bord des larmes, d'autres qui suivent la scène depuis leurs ordinateurs sont même hystériques. En 24h, 2 millions de dollars sont prélevés, un record ! En grande partie grâce à Cédric Biscay, producteur officiel de Shenmue III quand il ne pose pas à côté de Yoda.
Monaco, à quelques minutes du Casino dans une rue calme du Rocher, nous avons rendez-vous dans les bureaux d'un homme plutôt content de lui.

- Bienvenue chez Shibuya Productions !
- Pourquoi vous être installé à Monaco ?
- Monaco c'est un cadre de vie agréable et en plus nous sommes la seule société de production d'animation et de jeux vidéo. C'est toujours sympa d'avoir un mini monopole sur un si petit territoire.
Ici à Shibuya Productions, une société une société lancée il y a un peu plus d'un an que ses employés et lui travaillent au marketing de Shenmue III. Une partie de l'équipe est au Japon. Une équipe assez prudente devant nos caméras.

- Anything new ?
- J'apporterai demain ici une nouvelle table plus grande. Ce sera un grand bureau.
- C'est parfait. On pourra organiser de grandes réunions comme ça !

Mise à part l'acquisition d'une nouvelle table, nous apprendrons ici que Cédric Biscay a rencontré Yu Suzuki il y a 5 ans, le temps nécessaire au producteur français pour convaincre le créateur qu'un financement participatif pourrait relancer le développement de la suite d'un jeu très attendu comme Shenmue.

- On a réussi à mettre en place un système avec la possibilité d'avoir une part d'investisseurs traditionnels et d'autre part le crowdfunding. Quand on a lancé ce crowdfunding en juin de cette année, on savait que ça allait cartonner mais ça a cartonné au-delà de nos espérances.

Au total, plus de 6 millions de dollars sont levés pour Shenmue III, du jamais vu. Une opération de communication réussie. Pour Cédric Biscay et sa société de production jusqu'ici inconnue dans le milieu. Mais l'aventure japonaise de l'entrepreneur a commencé bien avant, en 2002.

- Lorsque j'ai fait ma première rencontre au Japon, j'ai été taper aux portes et il y a un président de société qui s'appelle production IG qui est un studio très connu qui a fait "Ghost in the Shell" qui a bien voulu m'ouvrir sa porte. Et en fait j'ai commencé à travailler avec lui, il m'a donné une petite émission.

S'en suivront 12 ans d'émissions ou plutôt de conseils pour ce professeur de jeux vidéo. Cédric Biscay a depuis perdu sa frange, mais rempli son carnet d'adresse avec le gratin de l'animation japonaise.

- J'ai mon ami Yoshitaka Amano, le créateur des personnages de Final Fantasy. J'ai rencontré Reiji Matsumoto le créateur d'Albator. Go Nagai le créateur de Goldorak. Akira Toriyama le créateur de Dragon Ball.

Un large réseau qui lui permettra sûrement de relancer d'autres jeux et films d'animation japonais cultes. En attendant, la sortie de Shenmue III est prévue pour Noël 2017.
by DEVILLE_David
Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:46 pm
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Re: La Odisea de Shenmue, a Spanish book about the saga

Hi there!

Im Ricardo Martinez, editor in chief in Heroes de Papel, and editor of "La Odisea de Shenmue". We are so happy to see our book on this important forum! and with so enthusiastic comments!! Thanks a lot :)

Im going to try asnwering your doubts one by one... And you can ask whatever you want ;):

1. ENGLISH/FRENCH Editions: We would LOVE to see our book in other languages. Actually, is almost 100% sure our book is going to have a french version. We are working on it right now. Regarding English edition, we are in touch with some UK publisher, but we do not have an official deal with any of them. We are a tiny publisher here in Spain, so we simply can't afford an English edition... to get it, we have to make a deal with an English language publisher. But Im sure we'll achieve this target: is a matter of time, because Shenmue Fans are so enthusiastic with our book! ;)

2. Versions of the book: Red edition is NOT an overcover: it is a completely diferent version, sealed and numered (up to 500 copies only). This red version can be purchased only through our website and, sadly, shipping cost are expensive (it is a delicate item, and shipping cost here in Spain are expensive. Sorry about that!. Nevertheless, the white version (not numered, but exactly the same in contents) will be available this week on ( so if you are interested in the book there's no problem getting on it.

I think that's everything right now. When I have news about int versions of the book Ill let you know :)

If you have more questions, please just ask.

by ricochi
Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:40 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 can't promise 60fps but can promise sexy girls

Team Yu and Sega Nerds have just released the definitive article responding to the fabricated controversy about Shenmue 3's crowd-funding campaign, and explaining the whole situation in regards to the faux outrage, click baiting, provocateur whores, and pseudo journalists.

its clear, eloquent and really nails it! its the article to share in case you need to correct naysayers in the future. Thanks Team Yu!
by johnvivant
Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:15 am
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Re: Sega Europe comments on Shenmue

So anyone wanna fill me in. Fake? Not fake? Anyone have any clue?

Well, IF we assume the original article from Marketing Week has not been hacked then It's not fake.

Since the phrase "Sega is exploring ways to re-release the original two Shenmue titles" is not quoted as Jon Rooke exact words unlike most of the interview, I still have my doubts about this beeing an interpretation from MW.

I think that's the thing to keep in mind for now, I had updated my original article with the same thought. Even if the article is accurate as the author intended, it's still not a direct quote from Jon Rooke stating there's a re-release in the works.

In the meantime, multiple people have reached out to Jon Rooke and SEGA Europe for confirmation. I've reached out to Sega , Rooke , and Thomas Hobbs , the author of the article, to verify the article's accuracy and to ask if Rooke did in fact say anything at all about it.

Meanwhile, the regular games media runs it as fact without hesitation, despite what the fan press has already ran into creating some doubts.

I guess we'll see what the truth of the matter is eventually.

Also, I was very surprised to see I didn't have an account here. I though I made one a decade and a half ago!
by Chakan
Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:25 am
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Re: Sega Europe comments on Shenmue

I received a response from Thomas Hobbs regarding the article. I've posted my story here .

The exact response he was given was

"There are lots of opportunities for legacy titles. We are exploring. We know what fans want as they have a petition."

Hopefully Sega sees the fanfare over the past day and feels prompted to do something, though!

Actually this DOES sound to me like they are "exploring" re-releasing Shenmue 1 and 2. The petition he refers to is likely the one for Shenmue HD . Reason to be very optimistic IMHO \:D/

Which one? I've signed several petitions for Shenmue HD in the last month #-o

Here is one :

There are probably several others. It definitely seems like he is talking about Shenmue. Especially since he was talking about Shenmue 3 earlier in the interview.
by Gavan
Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:26 am
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Re: Sega Europe comments on Shenmue

If SEGA of Europe wants to see only one petition about Shenmue, then this is it: It has 70K+ signs signed with money. ;)
by Giorgio
Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:09 pm
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Shenmue at the retrogaming section of Paris Games Week

Shenmue is playable in the official retrogaming section of the Paris Games Week. The initiative is from , an association defending the heritage of video games and computer science and taking charge of the section.

(photo from

(photo taken by Sergey Galyonkin )

(photo taken by Romain Mahut )

(photo from Sega Europe)

You can see that the presentation board is illustrated by Orioto (Mikaël Aguirre), the illustrator who made these artworks :

Visitors can also buy the biography of Yu Suzuki.
by Yokosuka
Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:35 am
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Re: Sega Europe comments on Shenmue

If you're in Paris and want to play some Shenmue, feel free to go to the Paris Games Week. Even the children are playing ! ;-)

by DEVILLE_David
Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:12 pm
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From The Desk of Yu Suzuki: A Community Update Pack

[NEW UPDATE OCT 30th 2015]

From The Desk of Yu Suzuki: An Exclusive Community Update Pack is here! Scroll down over the official Shenmue 3 Kickstarter page or web site for the link to it along update #47:

Direct link: (ALT:

From the desk of Yu Suzuki post picture photoshop edit: J. Hamill of Team Yu fan community.
by alimn
Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:56 am
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Re: Kickstarter Update #47


The art direction in the last two shots are all I want. More of that please.
by Himuro
Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:10 am
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Re: Kickstarter Update #47

The tatched house is what I think when I think Shenmue. An atmosphere. What's in that box near the front of the house doors? Who lives there? What kind of story do they have? Will they tell me how that house was built like how Shenhua told me her house is made of dirt? You just know that house has a story. This is Shenmue and it means something and it's not just there for environment.

Imagine controlling Ryo and exploring the outside of that house.

The barks of the dogs, the moos of the farming cows!

That image is Shenmue distilled.

If Ryo were somewhere in that shot, like this for example

I'd have lost my shit in excitement.

Compare that Hazuki 1080p shot to the thatched house shot. The thatched house looks almost as detailed as Hauzki exterior in that screen Kyodai made for us.
by Himuro
Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:53 am
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Re: Kickstarter Update #47

Anyone think Lan Di's character model in Shenmue 3 will be as detailed as the new F4F statue?
Can Unreal 4 achieve this?

by Ziming
Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:29 pm
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Re: BlueMue's Shenmue videos

Gotta love how much extra dialogue you can get out of the move instructions. This one even has a longer alternate scene after learing it when you've failed for a while. I actually like that more then the regular one.

phpBB [video]
by BlueMue
Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:24 am
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Re: Open World Fatigue and Shenmue III

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

PSA: I helped proof read the article. Still agree with it pretty much from top to bottom though, and it's worth reading.

I'm sorry to point that out, but the article is riddled with typos. And while I like the point it's attempting to make, I don't think it's particularly well written to be honest. On the contrary.

I have edited the post and it's now typo free! Could you tell me exactly how it isn't well written? I could always use constructive criticism.

great article, i'm going to read it a couple of times to absorb.

what i will quickly mention is that shenmue gives you the impression and therefore the feeling that the world is living and that there are events occurring even when you aren't directly seeing them. you really are viewing this living world from one mans perspective and following his particular story. you are constrained to behaving in ways that are within the limits of Ryo's character, but you have complete freedom within this range. this really assists in drawing you into the story. its congruent and therefore compelling. definitely not a power trip type of game.

most other open world games you feel that the world exists only for player, stuff happens as the player initiates it. this maybe convenient for the player but lessens the immersion hugely.

I completely agree and this was exactly what I was going for. Open-world games, from GTAIII up until now, have largely existed as simple playgrounds for the player. But that sort of restriction on the environment actively limits the genre's fullest potential.

This mires the genre with power fantasies and wish fulfillment, two emotions gaming abuses. By making their scope larger, often these games limit the emotions and diversity of play that could benefit from smaller worlds. That isn't to say the open-world game as it is shouldn't exist - quite the contrary. It has its place, but it shouldn't be seen as the only true interpretation of the genre.

Outside of a few, all of my friends complain about how so many games these days are just busy work and how they feel like they're wasting their time. As it is, some of the games become gaming for the sake of gaming - literal time wasters.

Surely there's room for a little more than that in gaming?
by Naomi Daniels
Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:54 pm
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Re: Making of Shenmue

Translated subtitles are now complete for the Making Of Shenmue video, in multiple languages. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the project!

Shenmue 15th Anniversary (North America) & Making of Shenmue
by Switch
Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:29 am
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