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Re: Demul v0.7 alpha build 221215 - Updated 22/12/15

I tried this version and indeed it corrected shenmue 2 graphical glitches with its Zbuffer fix (I have an ATI GPU so I could see these improvements in particular in GD3 and GD4). Demul seems to provide a better widescreen support for shenmue II. I hope they'll release source code for these new builds in order to allow motivated developpers to give their help (unfortunately I'm not a developper). I really hope they'll reactivate texture scaling in their next release (I'm a bit impatient I know that xD).
I'd love to see shenmue II running in 1080P x3 without glitches. I could read (in their git) they deactivated texture scaling for precision. althought a X3 scaling shader made by them could do the job as well because they wouldn't have to reactivate it in their GPU plugin (I think). Or they could even add their new fixes in their old GPU plugin to make an alternate GPU plugin.
by Gensei
Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:45 pm
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