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Re: The Loading Screens - Kept or Removed?

I liked for the time, but there's not hardware limitations anymore.

They can be clever now and still keep the spirit of it. Add some kind of smooth transition of him going into a strangers home/business or new area. I imagine things being dim or blurry when Ryo enters someone's home or business to simulate Ryo getting his bearings and the uneasiness of entering a place he's never been. Cut the music slowly in. Exaggerate the act of him going into a sacred space(Home, business). Opening the door more tentatively or gently moving back a tarp curtain to cover for the loading time. Once he's been in the place, obviously a different story and he wouldn't be as nervous going in the next time(Depending on if they're a friendly person or not or if they have high status in the village ). I'm sure there's more than 1 way to do it besides a black loading screen.

I just don't believe loading screens to that extent work 18 or however many years later. I want them to at least try to advance the spirit of game considering they have better hardware and one of the most creative minds ever in the industry.
by Toua77
Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:23 pm
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