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Re: Playable demo of Shenmue III

High resolution photo from Shibuya's Facebook page. Maybe Switch can translate what's on the whiteboard?

Here's what I can make out. The content is non-spoilerish.

"Dynamic seeds" sounds intriguing. (At least that's what I think the most likely translation is.)

Also the filename displayed here on the monitor suggests that the concept art we saw recently shows Bailu, "Hakka" being what its called in Japanese.

Hey Switch do you think the second slightly blurred kanji could be 我そう (monk), it is a 我僧 as a compound but perhaps the person who wrote it didnt know the second kanji.

Welcome to the Dojo Jacko! I think you might be right on this!

@Switch thank you for translating!
by shengoro86
Wed Jun 01, 2016 12:09 pm
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