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To All The Donators of "Shenmue 3" worldwide: Roll Call!

Hello everyone,

with this message i want to particulary adress all the 73000 people who already donated, but of course the ones who didn't yet are also spoken to.

As you all know there is a bit less than 3,4 Million Dollars missing to make "Shenmue 3" a real Open-World-Game like the first 2 games. I don't know how you feel about this, but I guess we all don't want to end up with a halfassed game that feels rushed and unfulfilling. In my book it has to be as great and as legendary as the first two installments. We have been waiting 15 years now and its been way too long. Especially way too long for a third installment to be shitty. It has to give you the same chills and epicness the franchise has already given you over the last years. But this greatness can not be achieved if the game is not a fully Open-World-Game. Therefor the 10 Million Dollar mark has to be exceeded. And it first sounds like a Hard-To-Achieve-Goal, but it isn't. Really folks, it actually is pretty easy. Let me tell you why. We got less than 3,4 million missing right? Lets make this easy and lets say it is exactly 3,4 million. Then we have even over 73000 donators worldwide, that already proofed that they really want this game to be made so bad. Lets make this easy again and say 73000 donators. So what you get is this:

3400000 : 73000 = 46,575 $ per person

Just for the hell of it we make this easy again and say 47 Dollars. That is the amount of money all of us 73000 donators have to donate again to reach the final goal of 10 Million Dollars and make "Shenmue 3" legandary. Just 47 Bucks per Individual! Thats all it takes folks! Please I'm begging you! We have come so far already and this is just the last step. We can't let it drown now. And of course all the ones who havn't donated yet please donate too. You can donate even more if you like, the game will definatly benefit from it even if the 10 million mark already has been exceeded; the more the better. But I'm just saying you don't nessesarily have to donate a lot of money. 47 Dollars per person is enough to make this game legendary. But for that we all have to pull together to achieve this goal. Only if we act in concert we can accomplish something and make this third game as great (maybe even greater) as the first 2.

We all can make it! And I damn well know that we all don't want a "meh" Shenmue 3, we also dont want an average or a good Shenmue 3...We want a GREAT Shenmue 3. A LEGANDARY Shenmue 3. A Shenmue 3 that will finally conclude the Saga, that we have been waiting on to be concluded over a decade and a half. A Shenmue 3 that will give us the chills and make us sympathise with every character there is even with the bad guys.

So lets do it!
Please share this and make people aware of the fact that if we all work together its a piece of cake to make this game great!
by LeRoi
Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:14 pm
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