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Re: Monaco Magic 2016

Absolutely over the moon now that both my flights and hotel are booked!

I decided against staying in a hostel in Nice, and have splashed out a bit for a hotel in central Monaco. When i say splashed out, £163 for 3 nights in a hotel in Monaco is the cheapest i could find in and amongst the £400-£1000 hotels that is the going rate in such a place. Plus, since my French is poor, transport to and from Nice was a slight concern, so with the hotel being only 20 minutes walk from the Grimaldi Forum, i can get there nice and early in case theres a queue for Suzuki-sans confrence! Not only that, but i cannot wait to meet a certain few Shenmue fans who i know are also attending. You know who you are! ;-)

An excellent few months up ahead, with monthly Shenmue 3 updates, some Paypal promotions from Team Yu, Christmas, the end of the PayPal campaign, and then Monaco in February! I couldnt be happier! :D
by Peter
Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:00 pm
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