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Re: Shenmue III teaser is FINALLY HERE!!

Sat at my desk today I thought about how I would have handled the release of the trailer. Felt like writing it for shits and gigs and most of this was thought up in 15 minutes so it's not perfect. I also wanted my plan to cost as little money as possible.

For starters I've said since the Kickstarter that they need to create a Yu Suzuki twitter account that tweets in English, Kojima has both a Japanese Twitter and English twitter account that tweet at the same time.

5 days before the release of the trailer you release a short teaser which just shows the cave footage which fades to black and then gives a date for 5 days time with a message. "See the full trailer 22.08.17." You release this short teaser around 4:30PM BST. That way everyone on the West coast of America sees it before work, east coast sees it at lunch and Europe see it after work so you're striking when everyone is looking on Twitter/YouTube. This will create news articles and start 5 days of hype rather then the one day if you just release the trailer in full straight away. As much as people moan about teasers for teasers the fact is they work and this will get Shenmue talked about on places like Twitter and NeoGaf with people getting excited for 5 days creating their own hype. It also gives an impression that this is a big deal and something worth waiting for which can get people who aren't normally interested paying attention. Humans always want to know more and being teased makes them curious.

Every day leading up to the date at the end of the teaser you post an image or two on Twitter of a screenshot, like the ones which were posted on the PlayStation Blog. You do this at the same time everyday at 4:30PM BST. This keeps adding fuel to the hype fire for the five days between teaser and trailer.

The day of the trailer. You release the trailer yet again at the peak time for maximum coverage and exposure. Before the trailer there is a short message by Yu Suzuki who says something along the lines of.
"Hello everyone, it's been just over two years since we launched our Kickstarter and thanks to the support of our amazing fans Shenmue III will be a reality. You may have also seen recently that we've partnered with Deep Silver who're giving us amazing support which will make the game better then originally possible. I will now be able to make the Shenmue III I have always dreamed of making. To celebrate this we have a short trailer for you but I want to stress the game is still in development so some things such as the animation will not be exactly what you get when the game is released. Also I have something else very special. *Yu pulls out something that was laying around the office like a signed copy of Shenmue I on Dreamcast or a signed piece on concept art* . We will select a person at random from the list of people who retweet this video from the Shenmue twitter account to win this prize. Thank you for your time, please enjoy. *trailer plays but cut out some awkward parts*.

The result. Shenmue has been one of the most talked about games in a day for at least two different days. You're controlling the message by getting ahead of any issues which may be raised and creating hype. You've set up a contest which will make people promote the game for you and all it costs is the price of a stamp. After E3 and now 5 days of hype at Gamescom you're setting a precedent that Shenmue news is big news. News sites such as IGN and Gamespot will write first about the original teaser and then the second one, this keeps people coming back to their sites for Shenmue news and the more clicks they see for the series the more they will talk about it any chance they can which creates more hype for Shenmue. There is no talk about the faces as you've nipped it in the bud before it's become an issue and all talk focuses on how excited people are and how Deep Silver is making the game better.

If YsNet want to talk to me about the next push I'm willing to talk.
by Riku Rose
Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:59 pm
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