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Ryo and Shenhua can't possibly retain their Shenmue 1/2 look

Face it, it's a fact that Ryo and Shenhua won't look exactly like what they did before, without literally copying it into the current engine it is not possible to replicate the models in it's entirety meaning there'll be inaccuracies in the final version.

So far as of this post I have to say they look pretty damn good and most of here can argue we would accept Ryo but Shenhua's clothing is out of touch, what made Yu Suzuki think that it had to be that way since it's obviously much a brighter yellow colour? Did she change her clothes? well it seems like inaccuracy to me but we have to welcome this change.

The fact that it's not final yet and we have yet to see what both Ryo and Shenhua look like in the end may make me seem like I'm talking out of my backside here but it will be different is all I'm saying. Most people are going to he disappointed with Ryo's face and his jacket colour so I just assure you know it won't be very much the in-game version of 1&2 we know and love. Personally to me I am okay because it's not like they aren't recognizable, it is important to at least retain the same sense of character and personality in the end anyway and Ryo being that serious guy he is, that will instantly make up for the different look he'll have. Shenhua needs slight tweaks especially her clothes but in the end I am thankful for what's been designed and mabye Ys Net will prove me wrong.

Mabye they can make the models almost exactly like 1&2 and in an updated form, thats the promise after all! but with Unreal Engine 4 I remain skeptical. I can't help but see all the upcoming awful bashing and comparisons of the final Shenmue 3 models to 1&2 by people and then claiming "1&2's models looked way better" what do you think?

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by saptape
Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:40 pm
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