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Re: Kickstarter Update #84 - Survey Info #1: Survey Started!

It's funny, sometimes I feel like I may be just about the only one who's actively avoiding most scraps of info that we get on the game. For all the money I spent on the kickstarter (good god, did I really spend that much?! Most expensive game I've ever bought, that's for damn sure) I'd rather the whole thing be as fresh as possible for me.

That being said, that survey video is actually impressive as hell to me. I've seen a few comments about the facial animations being bad, or about some of the effects feeling a generation or two behind.
Most important thing to me?

It actually has the same vibe as the original games.

Shucks to any of that complaining; I hope the whole game looks just like this. I didn't think they'd be able to do it, but despite the graphics obviously being far more advanced than they were in the originals, the overall visual style and the quality of the animation is weirdly comparable to the first two games, in terms of personality.
My biggest fear when the game was announced was that there would be some kind of ugly discord in visual style between games, so that going directly from a playthrough of S2 to S3 would feel jarring and unnatural. Jumps between generations can often be that way. I was one of those that used to always say, even as generations moved on, that I really wouldn't even mind if they just made S3 with the same graphics engine as the originals, in the interest of keeping the whole series as "harmonious" as can be. Always figured "next-gen" graphics would hurt it.
But no, it seems like they've made it so that the jump will be as seamless as is reasonably possible.
Serious kudos on that. It's just a throwaway survey video, but still. Fills me with a bit of extra faith that things are going well.
by OL
Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:11 pm
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