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Goodbye old friend....

Just a quick message to say goodbye to a place where myself, and others i'm sure, have called their internet "home" for all these years. Ever since stumbling across this place in 2004, it has became my most visited site, and its still surreal that its about to close. I just want to say thank you to Andy Bandos, who created the original Ryo's Place site which soon was renamed to the Shenmue Dojo. If it wasnt for his vision and determination, this place simply would not exist. I would also like to thank the previous owners HellRaiser/Ziming and Yama for all the work and time they have put into the site, moulding and shaping it into the Shenmue resource that it is today. Every action leads to a reaction, and all roads have led to where we are today. I also am so grateful to Yama for staying on as a trusted and proven administrator of the new site and forums. He isn't going anywhere, and as been instrumental in helping shape the new future of the Shenmue Dojo.

Finally i would like to thank everyone who has ever visited the site, and to those who have participated in these forums. There are so many names, but everyone played their part, and the simple fact is that you made these forums what they are. All the fond memories were made by you all, and i humbly thank you for that. It will be hard to let go of this place, but its something that just has to be done. The dark days of Shenmue are now over and if someone had of told us in 2010 that one day Shenmue I & II would be re-released, and Shenmue 3 would be in development, they would have been laughed out the door. But it's true, and its happening, so with that, we have to change too.

We have begun the process totake the site offline, and in the next hour or so, we will begin the switch over the new site. In regards to downtime, i cant give a definitive time-frame, but it wont be long at all. Its best to just keep checking the url below (get it bookmarked!), and our social media outlets.

Thank you everyone! This is it. I really hope you enjoy the new site and forums! We have made some great memories and friendships here, and it's now time to do it all over again. See you soon!

by Peter
Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:34 am
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