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Re: Will Lan-Di and Ryo...

There’s no way Ryo can defeat Lan Di in Shenmue 3. I just feel like there’s way too much story left for the Lan Di arc to end. I imagine this is the outline of what will happen...

Shenmue 3
Ryo will fight muscle man and win
Ryo will fight Niao Sun and win
Ryo will fight Lan Di but lose

Shenmue 4
Ryo will fight the last chiyomen leader and win
Ryo will fight Lan Di and win but he won’t kill Lan Di
Ten Tei will be introduced
Lan Di and Ryo fight Ten Tei, Ren intervenes and dies, Ten Tei is killed by Lan Di or Ryo. Everyone walks off into the sunset

If Shenmue 3 sells really well I could see them stretching the story to Shenmue 5.
by elfshadowreaper
Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:17 am
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