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Re: I'd love to start ShenmueII but I have a problem/questio

Just burn a PAL and an NSTC copy of S2 disc one n check like that. Personally though I'd skip the DC version and get the Xbox version. No continued save file, but English dub > Japanese w/subtitles.

thank you , I may try to burn them
conserning the save file does it only matter if it is NTSC or Pal?does it not make a difference if it is NTSC U or NTSC J?
so if I played a USA S1 will the Japan NTSC recognise it's save file?

and I could get the XBOX version and play it on my 360 but my first toughts were to play the original,
even if I'll miss the english dub which I really liked in S1

As for testing your game, grab a copy of Dream Explorer to view the region of your save.
thank you for the response
how can I check the region of the file with that tool?
by Aki
Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:40 pm
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