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Some concerns over the Kickstarter video and vision

Hi everyone. A lot has been said about the announcement and it's so overwhelmingly positive and filled with excitement, I feel like I'm a terrible person for what I'm about to say.
Most of you here don't remember me, and those that do know I've rarely spoke about the game and my relationship with it. But I guarantee you it means as much to me as it does to so many of you.
But that video on the kickstarter page... that video fails to excite me.
They go through the trouble of making 3D models to show a scene we've already played, that doesn't exactly represent the overall spirit of the game. And the voice acting was also terrible, making the scene even... stranger and awkward. If I didn't know the originals, I'd be asking "Okay... what is so special about this?".
The characters, to me, look tragically different from the original artwork I loved, and while I understant it's not final, I wonder why not just use the old models and upscale them? When I look at then, it's like I'm looking at an only somewhat competent fanart. It's the same reaction I got when I saw the Shenmue Online FMVs and cringed at Ryo's face, only amplified 3 times.

Lots of people seem to be getting the impression I'm assuming the images we saw are representative of the final game. I don't believe in that the slightest bit.
But I do think that the recreated scene was useless. Sure, the scenery looked great, but the scene added nothing new, and the models were disappointing just because they don't look at all like the original characters. So why even do it? The video could have been better with a much simpler scene. I don't even think showing off any sort of graphics is necessary in this stage. I think it's a lot more important to answer the questions I raise later in this post.

I'm sure Shenmue is many different things to each one of us, but I believe we can mostly agree that it's a story about morality, cycles of revenge, friendship and the many layers of people. With a dash of fantasy as well, sure.
So what I would have preffered to see, was a video focused on that - on Yu breaking down the essentials and giving hints on why you should look into this game - you know, other arguments than "People keep asking me about it and notice how many are losing their sh*t at this conference.". You wouldn't need that Ryo/Shenhua scene, with the pretty scenery and that robotic voice acting, you'd only need artwork, a confident assertion of what the core values are, and a tease on the story's direction.

Instead, we get an announcement that for some reason values scrolls that give you moves you can instantly use in battle without practicing, which you can win in mini-games. I mean, I love me some move scrolls and fun mini-games, but... this doesn't tell me "Okay, he can do this. He's realistic.". I know he's competent (it's frickin' Yu Suzuki), but this doesn't even touch major concerns like how you're going to downscale what was a budget-hungry, complex project, to a limited-funding, and seemingly smaller developer team one.
We can certainly agree that the next chapter probably won't take you to a place like Kowloon - and maybe won't have as many characters, maybe won't have as many little details to mind over, and maybe it won't be as long as Shenmue II.
But the games we've fell in love with were extremely ambitious, and I'd love to see what other ambitions the next game has, even if they're smaller. Afterall, it's no longer incredibly hard making a Shenmue I in this day and age - but conceptually, it's still a huge undertaking, and I have no idea how Yu is tackling that.

My point is, the video did nothing to calm the many questions I have over putting a game like this on that platform. What makes Yu believe that he can deliver the kind of experience he envisioned through Kickstarter? I mean, you should at least tell us that, that's how you sell a project on this kind of platform.

Anyway, that's that. Am I missing something? Am I totally wrong and a terrible person? If would kindly share your thoughts, I'll listen - I want to be wrong about this.
by Atlantean
Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:51 am
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