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Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

In the latest update that's what it says! It starts at 9:30 PM PST!

I have compiled a list of questions and concerns from users of Shenmue Dojo:


Updated questions:

1. Will Shenmue III enable PayPal or a means to donate the project when the Kickstarter ends? Projects like Star Citizen gained tens of millions in donations by allowing this.

2. In Shenmue III will Ryo's notebook and Timex watch return?

3. the kickstarter page seems to be lacking a detailed summary of the series so far, are there any plans to update the page in order to provide more information for Shenmue newcomers? It makes the series not come off as friendly for newcomers.

4. In Shenmue III, will battles return? There has been talk that you are simplifying them, does this mean we will no longer get Virtua Fighter like fights? How will fights work? Will they be entirely QTE-based as seen in modern titles like Heavy Rain or will they still have corresponding punch and kick buttons like before?

5. How accurately will Shenmue III be compared to your original vision of the game or will there be major compromises?

6. Will Shenmue III be at Tokyo Game Show, GDC, and PAX or only Monaco?

7. Many fans want the option to play the game with a Japanese voice track. Is YSnet considering implementing this?

8. Are all the towns listed in the Kickstarter stretch goals in the game already, or are the stretch goals only there as a means to help give them more features and spice?

9. Sony and other investors are only funding a part of the games budget. Does this mean most of the budget will come from the Kickstarter? More importantly, how much does Suzuki-san want the Kickstater to reach in order for him to make the FULL vision for Shenmue III?

10. It would be helpful if the Kickstarter made stretch goals more straightforward. As they are now, they are quite vague and confusing, even to experienced Shenmue fans. For example, what exactly is rapport?

11. Will the gameplay in Shenmue III be more contemporary or will it be more in line with past Shenmue iterations?

12. Seeing as how the game is set in a remote forested region how sparsely populated will the game be, will there be wildlife?

13. What will the level of npc interactivity be and how detailed will their behavior be?

14. How much of an influence will fan base feedback have during the making of this game?

15. Will you try to finish the story over the course of 2-3 more games as you originally envisioned?

16. Online is a big component of modern day gaming, is there any consideration for incorporating some type of online game play? Some type of mini-games, co-op missions or fighting modes?

17. I am new to Shenmue and don't find the Kickstarter promotional video to be terribly informative. Are there plans in making a new one? I'd like to back it on Kickstarter but nothing on the page is telling me what Shenmue remotely is.

18. Will character polls compromise your artistic vision?

GavinGT from Neogaf has a good set of questions for his AMA. What questions would you like to see or ask?! Post them here!!

Updated List of Questions for Friday's Yu Suzuki AMA

- Why no physical PS4 disc?
- What's the deal with the other two towns mentioned in the Kickstarter video?
- Can we have some more higher tier Kickstarter rewards, please?
- What do you forecast the final budget to be?
- Will the game have English and Japanese VO?
- Will Corey Marshall reprise his role?
- Will you finish the story with Shemue III?
- Do you have access to Sega-branded arcade games and capsule toys?
- Can you go into more detail about what the stretch goals actually mean?
- Will you update the controls?
- Will we see a return of some Shenmue I systems, such as lots of interactivity with objects?
- Will the free battle system still exist in the game?
- How will you update QTEs?
- How many developers do you plan to have working on the game?
- Is an Xbox One version out of the question?
- Do you have any specific cost-cutting measures in mind?
- Will the final game be at full price?
by Himuro
Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:51 pm
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Re: 10000 dinner reward back up for grabs!

I feel guilty now, Peter...

I feel like I need to explain who I am now.. I'm not a casual Shenmue fan. My brother and I are 35. We are identical twins and we help lead a school just outside Guilin in Yangshou where we teach poor kids English in helping them get scholarships to achieve better education.

This was inspired by Shenmue. My Avatar is of me laying on a raft on the Lijiang river just outside Guilin.

I've been there from the beginning like most of you. This will be a great experience in my life that I will treasure until I die.


You can find us on Facebook.

A lot of the pictures are of my brother and I.

Here is me with the kids.
by wdrpgwd
Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:23 pm
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Re: Reticence (Tears of Separation Remix)

I really enjoy your renditions, and the sheer amount of thought and talent you put into all your tracks. All of them are stunning and i always find myself listening to at least one of your tracks once a week...

Thanks for all the effort and contributions you've made over the years too, for me you were key to reminding me just how special and unlike anything else shenmue really was by putting it on the forefront of our minds. And it was always great to hear new shenmue content crafted with such skill that made listening to these classic tunes invigorating and fresh again... :-)

Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
by FlagshipFighter
Thu May 05, 2016 9:47 pm
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Ryo's bicycle animations (What's Shenmue mod)

Although the bicycle riding functionality was disabled in What's Shenmue before its release, it turns out that the animation data for Ryo has been left on the disk, tucked away inside the motion.bin file.

So as the next video following my investigation for the "Ryo jumping" mod, here are the unused animations for Ryo's interactions... minus the bicycle.

Edit 2016/10/08: added the bicycle animations contained in the PLYBCYL.MOT file on the Shenmue II disks to the top post.

Ryo pedaling bike



Ryo seated on bike




Ryo mounting bike




Ryo dismounting from bike




Ryo moving bike







Ryo kicking stand up/down


by Switch
Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:40 pm
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