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Re: Shenmue 3 music ?

This is what I was asking myself too, so I asked Iuchi-san on Facebook:

Me: [...]Wow, still can't believe! Will you compose original music for Shenmue III as well? :)

Ryuji Iuchi: I think so too :) maybe,yes.SEGA has all copyrights of shenmue1/2 musics.

Me: Glad to read that! I wish that everything turns out great! I know that you will make new masterpieces!! :)

Ryuji Iuchi: thank you so much! I'll do my best!! :) [...]

So yeah, while Iuchi-san composed the Shenhua's Theme and it's amazing news that he's back, there is also Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Shenmue's Main Theme composer! But knowing how he's still involved in projects at Sega, he actually is a Sega employee as far as I know, I'd be surprised if they manage to hire/make him compose the music for Shenmue 3 as well. But hey, today shows that nothing's impossible! \:D/
by disbeliever
Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:35 pm
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