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Re: Review The Last Game You Beat

Telltale's Walking Dead: Season 2

Not quite as good as the first, but still decent in its own right. Clementine was the best part. She's gotten more mature and is wise beyond her years, but not so much that you forget she's still a kid. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of most of the adults being completely retarded. Hey, does anyone know how to work this electrical transformer? I know, I'll let the 11 year old handle it! I get that people aren't always rational under stress, especially during a zombie apocalypse, but it's a wonder these people lasted this long.

The main problem can be summed up as "missed potential". There's clearly been rewrites as the later episodes were developed, dropping developing plotlines just for "less-obvious" routes despite them coming out of nowhere. One of the biggest flaws from the first game, your choices not actually mattering most of the time, seems more prevalent in the second game. I can't tell if it's because I was just more aware of it going into the second game or if it's because it was more obvious. Characters you save all end up dieing later on, just in different stupid ways.

The ending though, at least the one I got, made the whole trip worthwhile.

by Calshot
Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:57 am
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

Thief wrote: Does anyone know offhand the day shenmue iix starts, in game?

by sand4fish
Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:08 am
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Re: Shenmue 3's overall reception

In the 70s. Same as every game that doesn't have a $100 million ad campaign behind it/the reviewer isn't personal friends with the developers. Take some points off for being Japanese too.
Oh please. To deny that the gaming media isn't massively corrupt and in bed with certain publishers is wilful ignorance.
I would love for you to bring up any evidence you have, but I'm sure you don't have any. enjoy your tinfoil hat.
Off the top of my head:

Polygon accepts $750,000 from Microsoft before they even launch:

Polygon writer gives positive coverage to developer he is not only friends with, but supports financially via Patreon:

Kotaku claim that anyone who complains about Call of Duty is "stupid", "idiots", "obnoxious elitists" and "assholes" whilst also running an extensive Call of Duty ad campaign on their site -

Kotaku and Polygon both extensively defended Diablo III's always online DRM, going as far as to attack anyone who criticised it as "ignorant" whilst also running extensive ads for the game -

Journalist is flown to resort by Activision, later whilst other reviewers marked the latest Call of Duty down for poor AI, linear gameplay, and uneven pacing, he praised it as the “ultimate refinement of the franchise formula” and “the best Call of Duty ever.”

Ubisoft hands out free $200 Tablets to reviewers at Watch_Dogs event. Coincidentally it's critical score is almost double the user score on Metacritic -

Oh and remember when review copies of Dante's Inferno came with $200 in cash? There's something to be said for bluntness -

And let's not even get into the big ones like the Driv3r debacle. Or the Kane & Lynch controversy. Or DoritoGate.

The idea that games journalism isn't massively corrupt and incompetent is just insanity. All journalism is rotten, I've worked in 2 different fields of journalism, but games journalism is the worst of the worst. I cannot fathom why anyone would ever defend it (unless they're a games journalist).
by KidMarine
Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:00 am
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Re: Riku not posting what's important! (SoulCalibur VI)

Was going to post it but forgot...
by Riku Rose
Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:36 pm
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Re: Riku not posting what's important! (SoulCalibur VI)

phpBB [video]
by *Kenshin Himura*
Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:02 pm
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Re: Xenoblade 2

Just like the previous two, the opening of the game is very easy. He said he's about 10 hours in. You only auto attack basic moves, you have to manually do your arts/magic for your MC. The further along you get, the more the difficulty ramps up. To the point to where if you don't stagger you will literally do 1 hp of damage to them. You will 100% not auto attack your way through any of these lol. Watching his game play, he's not using cancel arts or triggering any blade combos. He's just waiting for each cool down instead of doing what the game taught him.

JRPG's vary so much from title to title, and not everyone is going to like this game. But its almost universally praised. I'm 40-ish hours in and the story, characters and world are great. Not saying that everyone who plays it will like it, but I've watched his videos for awhile now. Ever since he was on Scottsquatch's flea market videos. Not for a second did I think he was going to like Xenoblade lol. Just based on the game he does like.

Not saying you two will like it, especially if you don't finish other RPG's, but you shouldn't base your judgment off his video. Watch some people who actually know what they are doing with the combat because the story and the world they've built are awesome.
by Raithos
Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:04 am
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Re: Daily Shenmue - Starting November 29th

I have to apologize for not updating recently. I just started a new job and just haven't had the time to sit down and play any Shenmue, unfortunately. I made it through the warehouse on the 14th, and did manage to play once on the 15th, but I haven't played at all since then. Gunna play some today and then write my journal entries tomorrow morning. Since both Monday and Tuesday are my days off. They might be a little less "daily" but I'll at least play catch-up on my days off for what I missed during the week. Anyway, good news is I'm back to playing :)

"New job"? Does that include forklifts?! On a serious note, I love your work so far. It'd probably be a best-selling book! That would be cool actually, to see it from Ryo's perspective! It could be titled something like "Ryo Hazuki: The journey to avenge my father's death"!
by Shenmue_Legend
Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:46 pm
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The 2017 7th Annual Dojo Award Show Hosted by Jeff Goldblum

Pre Show Red Carpet
Welcome to the red carpet coverage for the 2017 Dojo Awards which is promising to be the biggest ones yet! There's been a record amount of votes this year and the party has been going on all day, Just earlier today we had the Sonikku girls dancing down the red carpet.

This year Yama has also been kind enough to invite retarded kids who like colours from a local special needs school.

All the stars are here tonight and we now go to Thief who is interviewing Emma Stone.,c_limit/emma-stone-justin-timberlake-photo-bomb.gif

Thief: Hi Emma, just how happy are you to be here?
Emma Stone: The Dojo Awards has to be my favourite event of the year and I'm always honoured to be here.
Thief: It looks like Anime Gamer behind you is excited.
Emma Stone: Oh, his just never been this close to a woman before.
Thief: Well it looks like everyone is heading inside as Jeff Goldblum is already pissed and singing inside.

So come on in everyone and strap yourselves in.

The 2017 7th Annual Dojo Awards!!!

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 2017 7th Annual Dojo Awards live from the Kodak theatre. We've got a heck of a show for you tonight so let's get started.

*Riku Rose walks out on stage*

Riku Rose:
Welcome all. Last year was a quiet year yet again due to the delay of Shenmue III which we're all looking forward to but hopefully 2018 will finally be the year. Outside of the Shenmue forums it's been pretty quiet but I believe it's the members who have been here through thick and thin that keep me coming back.

We've gone all out this year by getting in Jeff Goldblum so to be honest with you we couldn't get the most in demand people to present the awards, still I'm sure everyone will have a good time.

On with the show.

Please see below for the list of previous winners:

Game of the Year :
2010 : Deadly Premonition
2011 : Batman: Arkham City
2012 : Assassin's Creed III
2013 : The Last of Us
2015 : Bloodborne
2016 : The Last Guardian

Buzz Killington Award:
2010: Ryudo and Dorian
2011: Dorian
2012: Ryudo
2013: AnimeGamer183
2015: Himuro
2016: Himuro

Biggest Bully:
2010: Ryudo
2011: Ryudo
2012: Ryudo
2013: QWERTY
2015: Riku Rose
2016: MiTT3NZ

Biggest Punchbag:
2010: Jokatech19
2011: Jokatech19
2012: Ryudo
2013: Animegamer183
2015: Animegamer183
2016: Animegamer183

Funniest Member:
2010: Kiba
2011: Spokane, OL, Animegamer183
2012: Kiba
2013: QWERTY and Let's Get Sweaty
2015: Riku Rose
2016: south carmain

Coolest Member:
2012: OL and MiTT3NZ
2013: Rakim
2015: St. Elmo's Fire
2016: OL

Worst Member:
2010: Jokatech19
2011: Ryudo and Dorian
2013: Animegamer183
2015: Brosause
2016: Animegamer183

Member of the Year:
2010: Kenny
2011: OL
2012: Peter
2013: MiTT3NZ
2015: Ziming
2016: Peter

Now please put your hands together for our host this evening, Mr Jeff Goldblum!

Jeff Goldblum:
Wa-welcome to the um, err, Dojo Awards which is, just, umm, err, fantastic. To get us, umm, err started is a nice, umm man to present the best, umm, err game award.
Woody Allen:
If anyone sees my daughter, sorry I mean wife let her know I'm looking for her.

In 3rd Place - Super Mario Odyssey
In 2nd Place - Yakuza 0
In 1st Place:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Jeff Goldblum:
For the umm, biggest buzzkill award we have, umm a man who is no fun for the umm ladies:
Louis CK:
If anyone wants to come to my room for a drink hit me up:

Buzz Killington:
In 3rd Place - Kintor
In 2nd Place - Shenmue_Legend
In 1st Place -

Jeff Goldblum:
For the umm biggest bully award we umm got the biggest bully we could umm find and a woman who doesn't umm want to be with him:
Harvey Weinstein:
It's so nice to be able to be out in public again:

Biggest Bully:
In 3rd Place - Shredingskin
In 2nd Place - South Carmain
In 1st Place -

Jeff Goldblum:
The next award is umm biggest umm punchbag which isn't umm nice but we have umm the biggest punchbag recently to present it:
Kevin Spacey:
I understand how tough it can be guys, I recently got fired just for just revealing I'm gay:

Biggest Punchbag:
In 3rd place - Animegamer183
In 2nd Place - Kintor
In 1st Place:

Jeff Goldblum:
For the umm funniest award we have a man who umm was kinda funny in that parent movie:
Dustin Hoffman:
Hey lady, want me to buy you a drink?

Funniest Member:
In 3rd Place - Riku Rose
In 2nd Place - Mittens
In 1st Place:
South Carmain

Jeff Goldblum:
The next award is the umm coolest member award. Our next umm guest can't actually umm enter the country so we have by umm the power of the umm internet:
Steven Segal:
Before I present this I just want to thank Mr Putin for allowing me to present this award.

Coolest Member:
In 3rd Place - South Carmain
In 2nd Place - Mr357
In 1st place:

Jeff Goldblum:
As umm always we have umm Kiba for the worst member award:
Net neutrality is the beginning of the end for us all!

Worst Member:
In 3rd Place - Animegamer183
In 2nd Place - Kintor
In 1st Place:

Jeff Goldblum:
This is the umm, final umm, award. So please put your hands together for umm, the present of the best umm, member award. The President!!!
Donald Trump:
Thank you everyone. I've won many of these awards myself, more then anyone.

Member of the year:
In 3rd Place - OL
In 2nd Place - Mittens
The Member of the year is:

Jeff Goldblum:
Wow, big wow. Amazing. Thanks umm everyone, now to finish up I want to umm welcome umm my favourite band. TOTO

See you all next year
by Riku Rose
Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:45 pm
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Re: Does Anyone Here actually like Simulation Games?

Based on this topic so far, I don't think I even understand what qualifies a game as being a "sim."
Previously I would have assumed a sim would primarily be a game that handles its subject matter realistically, in a realistic setting; most flight sims, for example, or something like the Gran Turismo series.
But now I'm seeing mentions of The Sims (which, despite the name, obviously isn't a realistic life simulator), Stardew Valley, Actraiser, Persona, Deadly Premonition, and Harvest Moon.
So uh... yeah. I'll just mention the Styx games as being my favorite murderous robbing goblin simulations. And Asura's Wrath is easily my favorite angry god on a quest for revenge sim.
I friggin love sims.
by OL
Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:20 pm
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The friends of Ringo Ishikawa

Hello, guys. If i'm breaking some law you'll just delete this post, i suppose.

I'm currently in development of the game heavenly inspired by Shenmue and Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. It's an open world game about japanese delinquents focused on story and small things that don't do much but matters a lot in the end (like feeding a cat in Shenmue).

So i'm just looking for players who could be interested.

Here's a greenlight trailer i made a year ago and some screenshots.

If you don't mind i'll be posting some news about the game once in a while.

Sorry for an adv.
by yeo
Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:42 pm
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Re: The friends of Ringo Ishikawa

> So is this going to be on Steam?


> Just looked up some of the earlier Technos-style gameplay too; have to say, I really liked the atmosphere in some of the videos where snow is falling and it's got soft jazz playing.

It's Chet Baker's Alone together:

It was a short noir game at first. Now i made it a little longer with proper story but still it'll be 4-5 hours long.

> I know you haven't finalized the music, but that was a nice touch anyway.

No, i actually finalized the music. I have 3 original tracks and more than 20 royalty free. Downtempo, trip-hop mostly. Here's one of the original tracks:
by yeo
Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:39 pm
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