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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter has new stretch goals

Update 6 just went up! Yu is coming to reddit tomorrow :D!!!! He going be answering a lot of questions! This is awesome! We really need to push the extra Tier rewards and try to get some clear info on the stretch goals! ... ts/1268191
by SheepheadCG
Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:45 pm
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Re: Famitsu scans

Found this at GAF.

- He noticed that fans were getting more and more despondent about the chances of a Shenmue 3 ever coming out, and being willing to settle for just about any format (novel, manga etc.) just to see the conclusion of the story, but he really wanted to make the sequel as a game even if it didn't have all the bells and whistles he'd like to put in it.
- He first learned about Kickstarter about 3 years ago through a fan who'd used it before, although it took a while before he decided that was really the way to go forward. Tried looking for a major company to partner with, but couldn't find one that met his criteria. Eventually, he decided Kickstarter was the best option.
- Sega readily allowed him to make the game, and SCE gave their support too (nothing specific here).
- It'll be out on PS4 and PC. No mention of other platforms, no mention of considering any other platforms.
- 2 million is the bare minimum for the game to exist, and if that was all they got, it would just be focused on the story. The more money it gets, the more of the things he wants to do will be possible.
- He wants to give the fans what they want as much as possible, asking for their opinions during development and incorporating those into the final game. Like if they have two ideas for a character, they might ask backers to vote on which they prefer.
- As far as money goes, he expects the game's investment will primarily come from individual backers, so he wants them all to be happy with the finished product. Doesn't sound like Sony and others are giving them all THAT much.
- The story will take place in Guilin, beginning immediately after 2's end. You'll be able to go around the town(s) in that area, back to the mountains, infiltrate the Chi You Men's Guilin branch, etc.
- Back when he made Shenmue 2, he was determined that Shenmue 3's focus would be making a deeper open world rather than a bigger one. Fewer characters means they can have more to say, they can have more complex AI, etc. The character Ryo will talk to the most in 3 is Shenhua, so he wants to develop her as much as possible, making it so that talking to her lots makes her behaviour towards him change, makes quests involving her proceed differently, etc.
- Not that any of this is to say it won't be an open world game. Stretch goals will determine how much the town(s) can be expanded (presumably this is referring to stretch goals like those we can already see, the 'other towns' in that video aren't addressed here.)
- QTEs were originally designed so that people who weren't very good at battles could still enjoy the game.
- He wants to make 'free battles' (which are likely to have their name changed) less about pressing buttons at the right time and more about making the right decisions.
- He also wants to make them less about practising and inputting commands and more centred around the Technique Scrolls, so obtaining and using those is enough to win battles. These Technique Scrolls will ideally connect a number of different elements in the game together in a natural way.
"Shenmue had a number of minigames, gambling spots etc. that you could spend time playing around in, but I wanted something that would connect all of them somehow. I mean, obviously you can obtain money through part-time jobs, use that in gambling to get more of it and then buy weapons...but not that kind of connection, a closer one. If we can meet a number of our stretch goals and make the open world elements more elaborate, I'm hoping to be able to connect these side elements together, centred around the scrolls.
- He's desperately trying to find some way to include forklifts in the game in a way that will make sense, because Shenmue fans seem to love them.
- He wanted to gather as many of the people who worked on the earlier games as possible because it'd be reassuring to fans. They're planning to publish staff comments from a number of figures working on the game, including the writer Masahiro Yoshimoto.
- He's asked about whether he has an idea in his head about what'll come after Shenmue 3's done (presumably 4, but it doesn't come out and say this). He says he does, but right now he's focused on working on Shenmue 3. Certainly doesn't sound like this game will be 'it' at any rate.
- As the Kickstarter page says, he's hoping the game will be ready to release at the end of 2017.
by Ziming
Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:16 pm
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Re: No Japan in Shenmue 3, Confirmed.

I don't have any objections whatsoever about Shenmue not taking place in Japan. In fact the prologue to Shenmue hints at that: "He shall appear from a eastern land across the sea." Meaning the hero of the saga will come from abroad and cross the sea westward into China. Shenmue 1 was only the introduction and is meant to give the audience an explanation why a Japanese small town boy embarks on this journey to China.

Remember that Shenmue 1 closes with the words "And thus the saga begins." I think Yu never meant Shenmue to have that much to do with Japan.

I've been to small villages near the city of Guilin in Guangxi Province, China like those Shenmue 3 will probably take place in and I absolutely love those places and the people there. It was one of the best holidays I've ever had and I'm happy to be able to "go back there", this time not as myself but as Ryo Hazuki. :D
You deserve a ban just for using that horrible text colour.
by south carmain
Sat Jun 20, 2015 5:23 am
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Re: New concept art from Suzuki on Twitter

A new piece of art posted by Yu Suzuki on Twitter.

鳥舞 客船 (=Choubu passenger boat)

by Switch
Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:50 am
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