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Re: You crazy sexy SOBS What is on your minds!

gboy here, just thought I would pass by and say hi after all this time, tried to log on my account but it has been deleted and renamed funnily enough

just to set one thing straight when I was banned I wasn't actually mocking ryudos health but got carried away and challenged him because of the argument, a lot seem to portray me as a monster here because of that it seems, as for why I might of appeared aggressive well we had our history following up to that and a lot of things that you're all pissed off about I was pissed off about back then, I won't get into it as people have said enough already and I don't really hate the guy to put him down further despite his continuous insults after I was banned

anyway I don't think I'll be a regular poster here anymore but I will pop in now and then to see what's up, so see you guys around ;-)

you thought this was going to be a panda didn't you
by justforlulz
Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:18 pm
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