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Re: Need Help on Shenmue II Cover

Hi, All on Shenmue Dojo
I'm trying to make a Custom USA Black Dreamcast Cover and Back for my 99 Min copy of Shenmue II English Voice.

At this time I only have a good disc cover for the 2nd disc and trying to make the other 3.
(if you like to see my disc 2 cover you can if you like)

If some people can help me get some good photo of Shenmue II cover art and Shenmue locations that are on disc 1,3, and 4 .

Thank you for all your help.

I've look on google and other site to find photo but all the good ones are to little and bad looking.
also the cover art on "" is not what I'm looking for, someone on "" made a great cover and back but someone f*&$ it up by adding some logos on it in Windows Paint.

Hi Vash,

I'm the guy who did the ORIGINAL version of that cover. I didn't add the amateurish MS Paint logos. Holy crap. Slapping "SHENMUE 2" on the back? Really?

I did that custom cover when I was 18, in fact I think it was the last custom one I ever did. I was surfing around on Google and came here. I was so angry to see what some ********** has done to it that I had to sign up. I see that it's been adapted since for other covers, but that first one you posted is especially inept!

Not only that but I made the cover for US/Canadian gamers who had imported the Euro version of Shenmue II (I live in Europe but found Sega's EU DC cases and covers to be butt ugly). I didn't make it for "ISO zone" kids with CD burners who expect other people to finance their entertainment for them. Although I guess this late into the game, piracy is a moot point for Dreamcast games. (And I'm guessing you've sent a good amount of cash Shenmue's way, so adding English voices sounds like one of the better uses of a CD burner to me :) )

Anyway, here is the version that I did, with the front, back, and inlay (which would ideally be printed onto the backs of both sides). It's intended to fit a quad-CD case, like the US release of the first game.
by Lyris
Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:44 am
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