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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show

Unfortunatelly my interview about my visit to MAGS from The Netherlands especially for Yu Suzuki, wasn't used for Monaco Channel's Broadcast.

But luckily Yu Suzuki is showed during his autograph session:
by rdk_nl
Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:01 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki At Monaco Anime Game Show

Hi Shenmue fans !
Let me clarify this for you. After a travel of 1200km made just to meet Yu, I was in Monaco this weekend, where I met Richard ( rdk_nl ) from this board. He filmed me when I asked this question that was misinterpreted since...

The question was " If Mr. Suzuki ends up being unable to find the financial resources or the good circumstances to develop Shenmue 3, would it be possible to him to decide to finish the story as an Anime in 3D, or even cheaper : as a book ".

His answer was, if I can relate to the translator (really not sure about that) : " Maybe, it's a possibility... Even in that form, I would like to make some more Shenmue ".

2 things :

1. With the conference translation, I still don't know if Yu Suzuki means that "Even in that form...some more Shenmue" means : "If I wanted to do it, I would not make one episode, but a series of anime or books" or "If I chose to release Shenmue on those medias, I would still want to release more Shenmue as a videogame". Maybe one of you japanese speaking fans might translate Yu's answer there, it would be really nice ;-) .

2. I never said anything about a "manga", I spoke about a book (refering in french to the word "romancé" that relates to a novel, a written adaptation of the original script). I hope it's been well translated to Yu Suzuki. It's that french journalist who made the connection between an Anime and a manga book, not me.

Let's hope we'll have something concrete in the near future... Thank you !
Lucky you for having been there. Here's the direct translation of the Q&A in Japanese:

The translator: "Instead of a video game, will there be any chance that you depict the story of Shenmue 3 in other forms, like movie or novel?"

Yu Suzuki: "there will be such possibilities, I think. Even in such forms I want to do something related to Shenmue."
by Kiyuu
Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:03 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 on PlayStation 4

1tb since you seem to enjoy using up space for useless bullshit.
by south carmain
Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:30 am
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Re: Random Shenmue III Thoughts

I have no words guys. My mind and body have been stretched to the limits in Japan, from partying with voice actors, Sega staff and Shenmue 3 developers, the dinner with Yu-san, a Shenmue pilgrimage of all Shenmue pilgrimages and secrets galore (some not even Shenmue related!!!).......

Maybe I will try a full blog when I get home, but God knows when I will post again. My mind and body need a complete backup, reset, restart.
by Peter
Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:01 am
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Translation requests here!

Note: Index to all completed translations referenced in this thread below.

I've created this thread for anyone to request English translations of anything relating to Shenmue III, so we can share the content of non-English media with the community as soon as possible. This will also make it easier for people to check here to see if there's anything they can help out with.

Request a translation : if you have come across an article / interview etc that hasn't yet had a translation into English, just post its link here.

Working on a translation : anyone is free to help with translation! Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated by all members of the Dojo. Just post a quick reply to let everyone know which item you are working on. Once completed, the translation should be posted to a separate thread for better visibility.

Please double-check that the item is not already being worked on / has not already been translated elsewhere before posting.

Index of English Translations
⋅  GAME Watch interview with YS, 6 June 2015
⋅  Twitch interview with YS, 27 June 2015
⋅  Blog entry by composer Ryuji Iuchi, 2 July 2015
⋅  The Second #youAskYou Q&A
⋅  Spanish language interview with Cedric Biscay, 9 July 2015
⋅  YS tweet, 12 July 2015
⋅  NicoNico video interview with YS, 15 July 2015
⋅  Screen captures from interview with the Shenmue III Video Director
⋅  Screen capture from interview with the Shenmue III Scriptwriter
⋅  Kickstarter Countdown on Twitch video
⋅  Photo caption on YS visit to China
⋅  Dorimaga article about Shenmue, September 2001
⋅  Hanging scrolls in Shenmue games . Also here
⋅  Dreamcast Magazine article about Project Berkley, November 1998
⋅  Famitsu interview with YS, September 2015
⋅  SEGA's founding principle
⋅  YS tweet, 16 September 2015
⋅  SEGA merchandise screen at TGS 2015
⋅  Live Action Ryo & Ren video, August 2000
⋅  "70-man battle"
⋅  Interview with SEGA Holdings COO, Hideki Okamura, 16 November 2015
⋅  Dreamcast stick controller prototype article
⋅  Dreamcast Magazine article on Shenmue Part 1, January 1999
⋅  4Gamer interview with YS, 29 Dec 2015
⋅  Beta Footage "What's Shenmue" video from 1999 subtitled
⋅  Slide from YS event talk at TCIC, March 2015
⋅  Weekly AM2 article: Young Ryo's Meal Recipe, June 2000
⋅  Shenmue VHS Promo video (1988)
⋅  MAGIC Monaco - Shenmue 3 Press Conference
⋅  Yu Suzuki Interview: Bessatsu Shonen magazine, May 2016
by Switch
Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:13 pm
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