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Re: Playable demo of Shenmue III

High resolution photo from Shibuya's Facebook page. Maybe Switch can translate what's on the whiteboard?

Here's what I can make out. The content is non-spoilerish.

"Dynamic seeds" sounds intriguing. (At least that's what I think the most likely translation is.)

Also the filename displayed here on the monitor suggests that the concept art we saw recently shows Bailu, "Hakka" being what its called in Japanese.
by Switch
Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:45 am
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Re: Playable demo of Shenmue III

Could be :


Characters variations ????

But without a better picture it's hard to read.
I think you've got it! Yeah, with the blurriness it feels like trying to interpret one of those inkblot tests.
Hey Switch do you think the second slightly blurred kanji could be 我そう (monk), it is a 我僧 as a compound but perhaps the person who wrote it didnt know the second kanji.
Definitely looks on the right track. Based on the suggestions and squinting at the image again, another possibility that looks like it would fit is: 服そう (clothes / costumes).

Edit: grasping at straws a bit now, but with this theme in mind, the word written before this looks like it could be "かみ型" - hairstyles.
by Switch
Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:45 pm
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Re: Playable demo of Shenmue III

I wish we could get a clearer look at the image on the screen. I'm almost 100% certain it's meant to be just above Bailu Village (I think I can see the bell tower), but there's something on the horizon, and a building of some kind on the right.
Here's a composite of the screen image, with slight adjustment to lightness & contrast. Looks like the structure to the right could be a bridge of some sort.
by Switch
Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:01 pm
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Shenmue Gaiden: Christmas Event

Lead programmer on the postponed Shenmue Gaiden visual novel, ShenSun , has created a Christmas special of the long-awaited point and click adventure.

Shenmue Gaiden: Christmas Event is a 30 minute lighthearted title with multiple outcomes across various playthroughs.

For more information, a synopsis and how to download, please visit ShenSun's topic here .

On a similar note, we'd like to wish a Happy New Year to all Shenmue fans across all communities. Here's to an exciting 2017!
by Sonoshee
Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:34 pm
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Game*Spark Interview with Yu Suzuki [Full Translation]

Here's a new article translation from Game*Spark Japan, interviewing Yu Suzuki and executive producer Hideaki Morishita.

I think it contains a lot of interesting insight. They speak about the fuss surrounding the teaser trailer despite the fact that many of the characters in the trailer are nowhere near their finished form.

Read the interview here:
by Switch
Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:05 pm
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Re: Dengeki and 4Gamer interviews quick translations

Thanks David & fittersau, it's great to have a team of translators in the community!

I began some work on the new 4Gamer one.. but it's quite a bit of work. But hope you guys get something out of it. Switch etc will do a better job and faster.
Hey, not at all. Really nicely translated, and thanks for picking up the slack!
by Switch
Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:10 am
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Re: Dengeki and 4Gamer interviews quick translations

Here is a full translation of the Dengeki interview.

Link to article:
Dengeki Online Interview with Yu Suzuki @Gamescom

by Switch
Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:49 am
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Shenmue Dojo interview with Yu Suzuki (Gamescom 2017)

At the Gamescom 2017 event, we were very lucky to have a quick interview with Shenmue 3 director Yu Suzuki. Unfortunately, over the 3 days available with Suzuki-san, it was very hard to secure an interview with the team due to the general media already having pre-booked all of the time slots available with Suzuki-san through their new publishing partner, Koch Media. But thanks to a few people behind the scenes (especially the community's own Shenmue Ambassador Ali Novin!), we were able to be squeezed in for some quick interviews at the end of the final day, and got to experience the Deep Silver media area! (and rub shoulders with other developers in the area. 5 points to who can guess the developer in the chequed shirt.) Possibly a happy accident, but quite hilarious that Shenmue 3 was allocated Wareho...errr room number .08!

For this interview, we are unbelievably thankful, as both Suzuki-san and Harry-san were understandably extremely tired, and in light of that, our time with them was very short. Despite having upwards of 20+ questions prepared, i only had time to ask a very short number so apologies in advance that i did not get an opportunity to ask a lot of gameplay based questions. I didnt get to that stage, and before i was out of the "introductory" questions stage, it was time to wrap up the interview! Either way, its always an honour to be in the company of Suzuki-san, and we are so grateful for his time at Gamescom. Enjoy :)


SD. So hello Suzuki-san. Welcome to Germany! Have you been to Germany before? Have you been to Gamescom before?

YS. It’s my first Gamescom, but however, for Germany, I don’t remember… 2 or 3… around 3 times. I have a feeling the number grows with each interview (laughs)! It’s around 5 times… I think. Although, just before when you asked the question, I said twice! But I think 5 times is the right number.

SD. So we know you are in Cologne for Shenmue, but I know you have a love for art and architecture. Do you have any plans to do any sight-seeing whilst you are here?

YS. On the day we arrived, or maybe the day after, I went to see the Dom (Cathedral). It’s splendid! I also walked around the Old Town. Yes, it was amazing. It was more impressive than the Tokyo Tower (laughs). I am joking! But it was amazing. I could say amazing over and over.

SD. We are at Gamescom for Shenmue 3. But I have to ask, why Gamescom? We just had E3, and Gamescom is a little bit after, so did it just feel right?

YS. The reason for the timing was that I wanted to make the announcement in conjunction with the forming of the contract with Deep Silver. The agreement, to put it simply, was not ready in time for E3.

SD. Ok, so I just want to bring it back a bit, to the Kickstarter update where you announced that you had to delay the game. How hard was that decision, and were you worried about disappointing the backers?

YS. Hmmm, yes of course. I was most concerned about the backers. At the time, we had already made progress in our partnership talks with Deep Silver. So for us, being able to aim for something above what had been the plan with the original Kickstarter, it would have been extremely difficult to implement an open world with the initial plan we had at the time of the Kickstarter. So I continued to look for a partner after that. I really wanted to create an open world somehow. So I kept searching, and eventually we were able to form a partnership with Deep Silver which enabled us to upwardly revise the plan.
So at that time, I took into account what we would be able to achieve with Deep Silver. I felt positive we would be able to achieve a “scaled-up” Shenmue 3. If conditions improved after forming a partnership with Deep Silver, we would be able to expand our plans. That would bring along with it more tasks to complete, and I hoped to announce the good news to everyone along with the schedule change. But at that point the contract with Deep Silver hasn’t been finalized, so I wasn’t able to mention it. That was the situation.

SD. In the same video, you mentioned “new technologies, possibilities and new expressions” for Shenmue 3. Could you tell us more about those, and have they changed what you originally thought Shenmue 3 would be like?

YS. We have a complete set of basic shaders, although these need to be tuned for Shenmue. But having a full set of basic shaders is one of its (Unreal 4 Engine) advantages. Also it’s an engine designed for games, so there are all sorts of libraries for 3D games. So when you’re at the prototype/building stage, it’s very quick and efficient. That’s another benefit.
With Shenmue 1 and 2, my program forms the base, so I understand all parts of the program. However this time, the innermost working are a “black box” so I can’t obtain a full understanding of every part, and that can sometimes be a problem. From an overall perspective, it’s a really marvellous engine, especially when it’s used by multiple people. For example, we take the case of 30 or 40 people, or more, are developing the game simultaneously. It can handle management and so on, and do things like analysing the workload, rendering load, CPU usage and various others. Product management has also been made easier too, so overall, I think it’s a superb engine.

SD. I’m glad you mentioned shaders because I remember a conversation we once had about how important the colours of Shenmue were important to you. How difficult has it been to achieve the “look” and “colour” of Shenmue with Unreal 4?

YS. The basic attractive colours in Unreal 4 are formed with High Dynamic Range, and there is a wide range of colours from light to dark which can produce images where you can really feel the light and shade. This was the key deciding factor for my selection of the Unreal Engine. For me, the light and the shade are the most important part. For Shenmue, there are 2 things which are necessary to add. The next stage is there has to be a feeling of humidity. Shenmue has to have a slightly “wet” feeling to it. A damp kind of feeling in the air. I don’t mean actual rain, but the air should have a kind of moist feeling to it.
It’s difficult to achieve this with the standard Unreal 4 shaders, so I think we will have to write our own. The Shenmue teaser we have shown has achieved that look of “wetness” I think. We have now reached the second step. We are not yet at the third stage, but that will be images that you can smell. For example, in China they may chop up a pig like this, and then, without storing it in a refrigerator, sell it under the hot sun. It has that kind of raw stink, and that’s something I think we managed to achieve in Shenmue 2. Shenmue 3 will also be going onto this stage next. A “smell shader”, or a “stinky shader”! (laughs).

SD. I have a lot of questions to ask, but I know time is very short, so I will ask my final question. With being president of your own company, you have hired new staff members to work on Shenmue 3. How does it feel to pass on all those years of knowledge and experience to young new developers? Have you had any difficulties managing a team like this?

YS. Well not all of our staff are young, there is someone who is 50 years old… all ages really. But management is the most difficult part. They have entered the company going through interviews, and it’s hard to get to know someone properly at the interview stage. So after that process it turns out there are some people who speak extremely little, for example, so yes it can be pretty difficult. Various strategies are needed in order for each person’s performance level to reach 100%, and that’s the part that’s most difficult. I would prefer to lose myself in the creative work, but quite a bit of time is used up on management.

SD. Suzuki-san, thank you.


...and in the blink of an eye, it was all over! Apologies again that we could not have had more time to ask more questions, but there maybe more inverviews coming out from the Shenmue Online Community in the near future with lots more questions so stay tuned for that! ;-)

But before we left, as always, we had to surprise Suzuki-san with a gift! Thanks to a fantastic idea from 500k owner Aaron Barstow, we decided to try and somehow put Suzuki-san into one of his favourite bands, Van Halen. So working together, we came up with the idea of having an artist design an image of the band members but also insert Yu Suzuki in amongst them! After contacting one of our contributors to the Instagram page, @r_wuying, he understood the concept, and very quickly came though with an awesome piece of work!

Of course, we couldnt give Suzuki-san an image on a PC, so we had it framed and brought it to Germany to present it to him from all of the Shenmue Community, for which he was extremely surprised and thankful (as always!)

My Gamescom experience was one i will always remember, and i have to say thank you to so many people including David and Kenji from Shenmue Master, Aaron and James from 500K/Team Yu, Silvia from 500k, Chao from the community and of course Ali Novin for all his hard work behind the scenes to make the interview happen. On a personal note, it was fantastic to meet long time Dojo members YS, Snoopbob, B-Ren and Bluemue at the event too!! Its a shame we couldnt have all spent more time together! Also, of course how could I forget (which I did :oops: ) the amazing Switch for being on point with translating duties as always!

But with that, another event has ended, and the long journey continues! See you all again soon :D
by Peter
Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:53 pm
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#Shenmue Tweetathon: Spread the word every 3rd!

This Sunday, June 3rd, the monthly #Shenmue Tweetathon enters its final phase: promoting the series to attract new fans for the launch of Shenmue I & II this year and Shenmue III in 2019.

By letting gamers around the world know exactly why you're excited for Shenmue's revival, you can help it achieve the success required to secure a fourth game in the saga, which will not be concluded in next year's sequel.

A pre-loaded AutoTweet can be customized at to make regular participation even easier - so join in, have fun, and make the most of this new era for the Shenmue fan community! :heart:
by Team Yu
Wed May 30, 2018 6:42 pm
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Kickstarter Update #83 - Survey Info #0

Hello Backers!

We know the backer surveys have been a long time in coming and apologize for the wait. The backer surveys are almost ready and will be going out to everyone soon.

The surveys will begin with a soft open for a few randomly selected backers. Those of you selected will receive an email from Fangamer with a link to your survey. The survey will be sent to the email address you have registered with Kickstarter for Kickstarter backers, or either your PayPal or registered email for Slacker Backers. Please answer the questions and hit that continue button!

The official survey start and end dates will be announced after backer feedback, system tweaks and a thorough FAQ has been compiled. The survey questions address both physical rewards and in-game content rewards.

The dev team will be eagerly awaiting your responses and would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Good to see the surveys are now starting! Be sure to let us know if you have gotten a link from Fangamer!
by Peter
Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:14 am
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