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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

I have thought of yet more questions :D :

-Do you plan to release any game-play footage of the ‘The Old Man and The Peach Tree’ prototype? Its an important and fascinating part of Shenmue history and fans are curious to see what it looked like.

-Do you plan to release any more of the CG video sequences from Project Berkeley or any more in-game footage of the Saturn version of Shenmue. Again I emphasize that there is a huge interest and curiosity among fans to see versions of Shenmue in its earliest forms.

-Unfortunately a high quality video of the ‘Shenmue Premier’ event has never been released. Would it be possible to make this available to the fans at some point?

-You have said in the past that many of your ideas come to you through dreams. You have a notebook by your bed to record those ideas. Can you recount any of the ideas specifically relating to Shenmue that came to you through a dream?
-Did the idea for a magical ‘Spirit tree’ come to you through a dream?

-Some fans have speculated that in the creation of Shenmue you were influenced by Chinese Wuxia stories and the art and literary genre called ‘Magic Realism’. Are these accurate observations? Can you speak about your influences in the creation of the Shenmue story?

-Do you plan to create new version of ‘Shenmue Passport’ for Shenmue 3? Will this include online features like leader boards, detailed game-play stats, online capsule toy trading, gameplay guide, detailed character profiles ect.

-Will it be possible to have an online Player vs Player (PvP) competitive mode for the mini and betting games like lucky hit?

- Will winning cans be returning? And will it be possible to trade them in at a store rather than having the capsule toy appear out of thin air like it does in Shenmue 2?

-Do you plan to create a ‘Making of Shenmue 3’ featurette to be included with Shenmue 3 or available elsewhere?

- In Shenmue 3 will the NPCs in the villages have their own daily schedules of behaviour with a similar - if not greater - level of complexity as Shenmue 1?

-In Shenmue 3 will all NPCs be fully voiced?
by johnvivant
Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:38 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

Will there be a rapport/relationship system with Ren as well as Shenhua?
by shenmue852
Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:45 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

No worries guys. I can understand that some people want to have the choice between english/japanese voices etc. I am not going to ask for something specific but telling him that there's a demand and adding an option to allow us to choose would be great.

I am receiving all your mails so even if I don't reply, don't worry. Right now I am busy with my travel schedule etc, but I will read all your questions one by one, I promise.

I can't thank you enough for your support.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible !

Have a nice day.
Thanks David. I hope we can frame the issue in a way where it's not a conflict of dub vs sub fans since they could just sell a download for an audio or subtitle track or something, but what's important is that there's a way to get it with JPN audio and English text when it's released, even if it costs a little extra we're willing to pay! Although of course if there's a way to avoid paying extra, we trust in his goodwill :-o

I was really hoping that if technical or logistical limitations prevent shipping 2 language audio tracks, you could mention the idea of selling a separate voice track as DLC, or (effectively) allowing people to purchase the Japanese release with English text files?

I think everyone would be willing to pay extra instead of making unreasonable demands or having arguments over it. It seems like it's an easily solved issue that people care a lot about. In other words, there isn't necessarily a conflict over which version is released by default if they allow people to pay extra for something that's already produced, in which case not only do all Shenmue fans win, but they can potentially make some extra revenue on the game, which we as fans would be happy about as well.

One of the main reasons I don't argue against a dub is because a dub might expose people who are unwilling to read subtitles to the game- and that's a great thing. However, I myself simply cannot enjoy the dub.
by shenmue852
Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:30 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

- Were there plans for more meaningful choices in Shenmue I and II? One can guess that the conversation choices in Guilin with Shenhua in Shenmue II were an early version of the Rapport System and were meant to lead to different outcomes in Shenmue III (and there is also the oft-overlooked Fangmei sidequest), but I was wondering if there were any other areas you wanted to implement choices that had to be cut for time/budget/disc space reasons.

- Was there/is there a plan for multiple endings to the saga (be it in Shenmue IV or V), besides the taking-too-long style Bad Ending as seen in the first two games? You mentioned the main story being 11 chapters but there being more with branching chapters, is that what these branching chapters would be?

This is the Q&A I'm referring to:

Q. Were there originally 16 chapters in the Shenmue saga or were there 11? please elaborate as to why some say 16 and some say 11.

A. It is 11 chapters, but with branched story line, it will be more than 11.
by Amir
Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:01 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

-In Shenmue 3 and beyond, will the player's choices have a larger impact on the outcome of the overall story?
-Why did you call the fictional tree 'Sedge' 莎, when the tree in no ways resembles the Sedge plant in either its foliage or flower?
by johnvivant
Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:14 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

- There is a old screen-shot of a scene where Ryo is giving Xiaoqin (the little girl from 'Sunny Capital Pharmacy' in Shenmue 2) a ride on the back of a bicycle. Can you explain what was happening in this scene and why it never appeared in the final game?

- In South Carmain Qr. of Shenmue 2 there is a mysterious dead end alley just to the right of Sunny Capital Pharmacy. This alley has always intrigued fans. Some have speculated that this might have been the location for the removed 'Man Mo Travel Company' or a through road to a completely new location. There is also some evidence that Sunny Capital Pharmacy was originally located there. Can you provide any information about this alley?

-Are you aware of any secrets or easter eggs in the original games that still have not been discovered by fans?

- Can you give us any information about the village of martial artists that was completely removed from Shenmue 2? Was this a village in Guilin?
by johnvivant
Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:12 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

- Can we expect the new Shenmue merchandise before and after the launch of Shenmue 3? I hope the success of the Kickstarter rewards in enough to show the community's desire for more Shenmue related merchandise.

- Are you planning to secure product licensing from Coca-cola and Timex again? Many fans really appreciate these brands association with Shenmue.

Light-hearted question; 8)
- During and after the Kickstarter campaign many fans have noticed that in the majority of videos and photos in which you appear, you are wearing a white and navy-blue striped t-shirt. Fans have jokingly suggested that this is your lucky ‘Shenmue sailors’ t-shirt. Other suggestions include various speculations regarding your possible wash day schedules, or your preference for buying identical shirts in bulk. Do you care to comment? The Shenmue community awaits with bated breath! :D

(@David - i just thought it would be funny for Suzuki (and us) to hear that fans were talking about his t-shirt. if it sounds too rude or inappropriate then don't bother with it. most of the questions are serious so i thought a light-hearted one would add more variety)
by johnvivant
Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:58 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

I thought of a comment/question that I'm not sure has been addressed in the past. Chinese is like Japanese in that people are usually addressed by their family names unless they are exceptionally close, family, or much younger. Heck, Ryo and Nozomi only call each other by their family names in Japanese in Shenmue I. Thus, I found it a little bit jarring in Shenmue II where Ryo would call folks like Xiuying, Jianming, Guixiang, and even Delin by their first (given) names. Not sure if there was a reason for this that Suzuki-san can comment on.

I can answer this one, it's normal for Japanese classmates to call each other by their last names, especially if not super close, and Ryo is kind of conflicted and obviously very restrained about his feelings for Nozomi and doesn't want to admit to her that he wants to be close, especially once he's focused on finding Lan Di, so he continues to call her Harasaki like when they were classmates. With Naoyuki on the other hand, he's more casual because there isn't romantic tension between them and feelings that Ryo is unsure how to deal with, and that's reflected by the fact that he calls him by his first name with no honorific even in the Japanese version (his last name is Ito)

Ryo is close to Nozomi, he just doesn't show it. Nozomi shows it more than he does. Hence they address each other by last name despite actually being close enough to use first names, using last names to address each other doesn't necessarily make people not close anyway.

He doesn't address Fuku San or Goro or Tom by last name, for example. The last name without an honorific thing is really only for school/college/army contexts. Fuku san is like family and there's respect as training partners, so he uses his first name plus the honorific. Goro and Tom were met informally, not through school. Gui Zhang is also not a classmate he met through school, so he calls him by his first name. They have a slightly teasing/trolling friendship/rivalry dynamic so neither use honorifics with each other, plus people generally don't use them with people of their own age and similar status anyway, unless it's a formal context.

The last name thing is also used with elders whom it is customary to greet in a more formal context. He doesn't do this in hong kong for various reasons, because Jianming, Guixiang etc. introduce themselves by their first names and meet Ryo when he's an adult, while people like Yamagishi san in Dobuita has known Ryo since he was kid and it's common even in Western cultures to call such people Mr. so and so. Also, despite the fact that they speak Japanese, the characters in Shenmue II are Chinese, hence almost none of them are addressed as "san". Some Shenmue II characters speak Japanese with a Chinese accent as well. Although in Cantonese the word "saang" means pretty much the same thing as san, san is still used differently in a Japanese cultural context, and not using san would emphasize to a JPN audience that the setting is a foreign country.
by shenmue852
Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:56 pm
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by danny
Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:32 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki : a new interview about Shenmue III incoming !

- Why did you decide to reveal Niao Sun well in advance of the release of Shenmue 1 when she doesn’t actually appear in either of the first two games? Were there ever any plans to have her appear in Shenmue 1 or 2 in some way?
by johnvivant
Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:06 pm
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Re: TGS 2015 - Too Early?

According to Sega Nerds, Sega's line up has been announced. There are 2 rumored surprises aswell...we'll have to see what those will be. Not much from the list strikes me as Sega changing their ways and being more fan driven though, although they have announced a large amount of games, how many of these will see the light of day over here is another story though.

Some of the merch looks cool though, looks like a set of badges and a Dreamcast 2016 Calender! Would love to get these as both features Shenmue. Even just the little Shenmue button, I don't know if anyone on the forum is attending, but if they happen to get a few Shenmue buttons, please send one my way :D
by James Brown
Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:11 pm
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Re: New Famitsu Interview with Yu (Sept 8th)

Ok, here is a translation for Part 1 of the Famitsu article. I hope this will minimize the pain of having to read the auto-translation from Google.

The second part will follow as soon as it is completed, although I know it's probably where the most interesting snippets of information may lie!

What will Shenmue III be like? A post-Kickstarter interview with Yu Suzuki (Part 1/2)

Shenmue 3 has drawn a lot of attention, after breaking several records on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. We asked Yu Suzuki for his thoughts following the completion of Kickstarter, including the additional features that were reached through stretch goals.

How does Yu envision Shenmue 3?

The development of Shenmue 3 via crowd funding was announced at the Sony Computer Entertainment press conference, held the day before the opening of E3 2015. Through the crowd-funding campaign that was launched immediately on Kickstarter following the announcement, the funding milestone of $1,000,000 was achieved in record time; also a new record was set for the highest-funding for a Video Game on the platform, and total of approximately 780m yen of funding was gathered, making it the 6th most-funded project in Kickstarter history. carried out an interview with Yu Suzuki, director of the game that has been receiving all the attention: Shenmue 3. As this is the first interview after the end of the crowd funding, we also wanted to ask him about additional features achieved by the stretch goals. Check it out!

Looking back on a tumultuous month after the end of the Kickstarter project

Q: The Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 recently finished as the most-funded Video Game on the platform. Please tell us honestly how you are feeling now.

Yu Suzuki (YS): Honestly speaking, it's "Here we go!"

Q: So you're feeling keen to get underway, rather than sitting back after a successful campaign?

YS: Yes, what I'd really like would be to make the development period longer. So it's like, "Hurry up, let's get started!"

Q: Will you move forward with development without any change to the planned release target date of the end of 2017?

YS: Yes. The budget from Kickstarter has now been confirmed, so I'm at the stage of seeing how far I can stretch the width and scale of the project within that budget.

Q: Looking back on the period from the Shenmue 3 announcement at E3 until now, what has been the most memorable thing for you?

YS: Most memorable for me while I was away at the E3 conference has to be the moment of the announcement. Right before it, while I was waiting backstage, the remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced, and I could hear the tremendous commotion. I was worrying and thinking "I hope Shenemue's going to be ok, 14 years on (from the previous game)" but when the video was shown I heard a huge cheer...

Q: The cheering was really loud, wasn't it. People were getting to their feet in joy.

YS: Of the whole conference, that was the moment when the audience's reaction most sounded like screaming.

Q: Is it one you will always remember?

YS: A lot has happened since then, but that was the moment that touched me the most. Later on I watched videos of people's reactions to the Shenmue 3 announcement. There were people whose voices cracked with excitement, and others who didn't stop crying. I was really moved when I saw everyone's reactions.

Q: You have mentioned in previously that you had been considering Kickstarter for a long time. What things did you find most difficult or surprising when you actually ran the campaign?

YS: There was a lot to learn. I had heard that with Kickstarter, starting at a fast pace is important, so although I really wanted to announce something beforehand, I wasn't able to because it was to be announced at the Sony conference. So I thought about whether there was anything at all I could do, and on the morning of the conference I put up a photo of a forklift on Twitter… which got me scolded by someone from Sony (laughs).

Q: Fans will guess what's going on simply from seeing a forklift, you know! (laughs)

YS: But... it's just a forklift!

Q: I think it shows the extent to which forklifts have remained in everyone's hearts.

YS: That's true. In a survey of Shenmue fans, the third most popular thing people wanted to know was whether forklifts would make an appearance in Shenmue 3 (laughs).

Q: (laughs) By the way, approximately 780m yen was raised through the Kickstarter campaign; do you have plans for other ways to accept funding?

YS: I'm planning on accepting funding via PayPal. It is still being coordinated so I can't give details at the moment, but progress is being made on getting it ready.

Q: Depending on the amount of further funding, is there a possibility that stretch goals not reached during the Kickstarter campaign will be included?

YS: I would like to add them if possible. Kickstarter is a non-Japanese site and so I think it may have been hard for Japanese people to use. Even for the mailing address entry, people may have worried that making a slight mistake might result in their rewards not being delivered. So when accepting funding through PayPal, I'd like to ensure it supports Japanese language.

Q: That makes sense. With Japanese support, fans in Japan will feel relieved, won't they. Development work on Shenmue 3 will start in earnest from here, so are there any roles you are particularly looking for to help the development move forward?

YS: I would especially welcome any planners or programmers who would like to work together with us. Development will be carried out with Unreal Engine, so I'd be happy if they have experience in Unreal Engine development as well as in development for the home game market.

Appearance of new characters - and the return of some from the past, such as Nozomi

Q: Next I'd like to ask you in more detail about what kind of game Shenmue 3 will be. Firstly, there wasn't a stretch goal for "Japanese language support" in the stretch goals revealed on the Kickstarter site. But since Masaya Matsukaze has been announced as the voice actor for the lead character of Ryo Hazuki, there will be Japanese-language support, won't there?

YS: That's right. I won't be able to express subtle nuances unless I make it in Japanese first. After the Japanese version we'll make the English version, and then support for other languages will follow.

Q: So although the video for the Kickstarter project had the main character speaking in English, development of the game will be carried out with Japanese voices?

YS: Yes.

Q: I'm sure the fans are wondering who will be cast as voice actors for the Japanese version..?

YS: I haven't decided the cast of voice actors yet. Some of those who were cast for the previous games are no longer active in voice acting, so...

Q: But if you tell them "I'm making Shenmue 3!", maybe they'll come out of retirement for you!

YS: If that happened, I would be really happy. I'd love to have them return.

Q: I hope we can get everyone from the cast to read this interview. So, at the moment are you in the middle of writing the scenarios?

YS: Yes, I'm working on them now, and the main scenario is largely done. I'm discussing with Yoshimoto-san the parts I'd like to expand a bit more [Editor's note: scriptwriter Masahiro Yoshimoto, who is in charge of the scripts for the series].

Q: Have you already started making maps and character models?

YS: No, not yet. They will be done after we've finished adjusting things like the scenario structure and the order in which each of the maps will be traveled to.

Q: Shenmue 3 will feature the three villages of Bailu, Choubu and Baisha, with gameplay differing in each of the villages - could you tell us about the characteristics of each of the villages?

YS: The village of Bailu, which you visit first, is where Ryo ended up at the end of Shenmue 2. You will be exploring the mountain village and the inner depths of the mountains of Guilin. Choubu is more developed than Bailu village, more like a town. The size of the town will be set accordingly for the funding that was achieved through Kickstarter. It looks like I will be able to make its scale slightly larger than I had originally planned. In Choubu you can buy things and carry out quests. You will be able to play minigames, and there will be food stalls, souvenir shops, lodges, temples and other buildings there.

Q: So Bailu village will feature in the story as somewhere to enjoy the scenery, while Choubu will be where you can enjoy open-world gameplay like in the previous game?

YS: Yes, although the word "open-world" may lead to misunderstanding as there are now many great open world games around…. Choubu is a place with "Shenmue-like" gameplay - what I called FREE for the earlier Shenmue games. I consider Bailu village to be a place where you can enjoy spending time with Shenhua. And for Baisha, I'm planning to make it a place where you can play in completely different way from the earlier Shenmue games. It's the place I want to focus on most.

Q: Could you give a little more detail about Baisha?

YS: It has several enemy hideouts, and you can enjoy the situation of infiltrating one; protecting your friends from external attack as you battle with enemies to take it over. You will not simply be fighting, but will make full use of war tactics that resemble famous tactics from China's Three Kingdoms period, such as the Water Attack or the Fire Attack, as you fight. This may sound very difficult, but I plan to make it straight-forward when you try playing, so please don't worry about that.

Q: In a previous interview, you mentioned being able to change your player character during these operations, didn't you?

YS: That would be the stretch goal that was successfully reached during the Kickstarter, called the Character Perspective system. I'd like to allow you to be able to play not just as Ryo, but also as others like Shenhua and Ren, and clearly portray the characteristics of each of the characters. For example… Shenhua, a girl, wouldn't do something like suddenly hit someone else.

Q: She doesn't seem like the type to do that, does she.

YS: And so, if you have selected Shenhua, you won't have the option to hit. However, if it is Ren, he may well suddenly strike out (laughs). In this way, depending on the character the things you can do differ, and depending on your choice the outcome will change. I'd also like to portray the differences between men and women.

Q: Between men and women?

YS: In the places where Character Perspective occurs, there are events where you advance as a pair. At that time, if you are controlling Ren then he'll be like "Hey, I'm so cool" and try to put on an act, whereas if you control Shenhua she'll look at his posing and think "What an idiot…" - that kind of thing (laughs).

It's something that happens in real life too, right? It is said that if you talk to two people that have had an argument, they will give you completely different stories about it, although they have experienced the same thing. I'd like to express the difference in values between men and women, as well as the kind of everyday life situations that everyone can relate to. I don't think many games have delved into this kind of thing deeply, so I think it will be an attractive new aspect of Shenmue which sets it apart from other games, as well as from the previous chapters.

Q: It makes me want to try controlling various different characters. On that point, I'd like to ask about the characters. Could you tell us about Ren, once again?

YS: Ren is a character who appeared in Shenmue 2, and is the leader of a Hong Kong street gang. He's cunning, intelligent, and skillful at fighting. At first he travels with Ryo from impure motives - "I smell money involved!", but gradually starts to look up to Ryo. I haven't yet mentioned about how Ren makes this transition, but I hope you will enjoy it. Shenmue 3 contains some fun scenes with Ren.

Q: It sounds like Ren will be quite heavily involved in Shenmue 3's story...?

YS: Who knows? (laughs)

Q: We're looking forward to hearing more about that (laughs). Next, could you tell us about Niao Sun, a woman who will make her appearance in Shenmue 3?

YS: She is one of the four Chiyoumen leaders and rules over the South. Ruling over the East is the Blue Dragon ("Sōryū"), Lan Di. Niao Sun is the Flame Empress ("Entei") who rules over the South, and is a beautiful but cruel character. I'm really excited as I'm able to at last portray Niao Sun, in Shenmue 3. [Editor's note: Niao Sun was presented to the public prior to the release of the first chapter of Shenmue, and was introduced in the character introduction video but she did not appear in Shenmue or Shenmue II.]

Q: And in Shenmue 3, Shenhua will finally become fully involved in the story, won't she.

YS: I took a vote on the most popular characters from Shenmue up until now and, most likely because she didn't appear much, Shenhua ranked low. Even after the announcement of the Kickstarter campaign, all I heard was "Please include Nozomi" (laughs). So I've made it possible to make a phone call to Nozomi.

Q: In this next game, it has been announced that there will be parameters that represent your relationship with Shenhua. I believe that in Shenmue 2 Fang Mei also had an affinity parameter - will it be something similar but more in-depth than that? [Editor's note: depending on how favorable her impression of Ryo was, Fang Mei would change how she called him, and special events would take place].

YS: Well, I hadn't really been thinking of Fang Mei.

Q: Are you able to give more details about the parameters for Shenhua at this point?

YS: I haven't finalised them yet, but I'm thinking of setting up around 3 parameters like level of trust, level of intimacy, friendliness toward you… something like these would be the top contenders. With a high level of friendliness, cooperation with Shenhua will go smoothly, that sort of thing. With the Character Perspective which will feature in the latter half of the game, if you choose to play as Shenhua, her true feelings will be revealed, and you may be in for a shock - "So that's what she thinks of me…!" That's something I'd like to try to do. (laughs)

Q: You might find she actually doesn't think much of you! (laughs)

YS: I think male players make up the majority, so I think it will be fun to introduce an element where they will think "Ouch!".

Q: Will the parameters be set up only for Shenhua? Do you plan to set up parameters for any other characters, such as Nozomi?

YS: It would be more enjoyable if there were parameters for other characters too, wouldn't it. For example if you get along too well with Shenhua, Nozomi may get jealous and cut your phone call short with a cool "Oh. Really….". I haven't decided the details yet, but I'll consider it.

End of Part 1
by Switch
Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:58 am
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Re: TGS 2015 - Too Early?

For anyone going TGS, there's meant to be a Shenmue tshirt aswell :-o

by James Brown
Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:50 am
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Re: A new book about Yu Suzuki

I will try to reassure you friends, by saying first that I never wrote this book with the intention to harm anyone.
I started this book in 2010, in parallel to my trilogy on "L’Histoire des jeux polémiques." I love Shenmue, and from there I expanded the circle of increasing my research, and I've never stop writing, hence the 500 pages. As soon as I found a publisher, last year, I paused on the last volume "L’Histoire des jeux polémiques" (after two volumes published) and I'm dedicated myself only on Yu Suzuki, for whom I have great admiration.

Second, I am a journalist and foremost, my duty is to inform readers. My book does not have to serve the interests of a person or an editor. It is a biography, not an apology.
To help you understand what I mean, I'll give you a concrete example.
It happens that there is a book formalized by SEGA in France, called "L'Histoire de Sonic the Hedgehog".
It is a book made by people I know very well and I really appreciate in human terms.
On the form, the book is a beautiful object that provides a panorama of the Sonic games.
But I was saddened because the dark side developments of misfire games simply is not in this book, because SEGA would not permit it. This kind of censorship is to me unthinkable.

Last,if you go on the website of the publisher you will have the accurate presentation of my book:
"Discover Yū Suzuki as he is, through his childhood and adolescence, his philosophy of the game, visions, worship games and unfinished projects."
by Benjamin Berget
Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:42 am
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Yū Suzuki Biography - Le Maître de Sega

A new book by French author Benjamin Berget, which covers Yu Suzuki's outstanding career in the gaming industry, will be published on September 25th 2015 by Geeks-Line. An English version will be available in 2016.

Dojo member DEVILLE_David has also been working on the project as a Japanese to French translator.

You can preorder the book via the Geeks-Line website here .

Yū Suzuki Biography - Le Maître de Sega | Forum Discussion | News Archive
by Sonoshee
Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:12 pm
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Re: TGS 2015 - Too Early?

Himuro wrote: So last summer when they said they were going to reveal stuff for renewed fan trust, were they talking about the RGG 1 remake because if so...

Looking at it now, I think they were talking about Merch lol...they've gone nostalgia on the merch...not so much on the games.
by James Brown
Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:41 am
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Re: TGS 2015 - Too Early?

DEVILLE_David wrote: My life is complete !

The badge is from Gachapon tho.... Spent more than 1000 yen and nothing *grrrrrr*

"Maybe I should get another..."

by Amir
Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:37 am
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Re: TGS 2015 - Too Early?


by Esppiral
Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:43 am
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Re: Shenmue Prototype

He is cool to do an interview.
Dear shengoro86,

Hi James -- I would be more than happy to do an interview. I briefly popped in on the site a few years back. I love that there is such a great place for Shenmue fans to hang out. I am going to load the game up again tonight and try to cycle through the main menu debug screen. I recall that you could use the triggers to pull different stuff up on that screen as well. Maybe there is a version number there? I think you could also go straight into playing Hang On or Space Harrier from that screen as well. We had a tester high-score list for all the games within Shenmue. I think I held the darts high score. One of my guys killed it on Hang On. Anyway thanks again for the interest.

I'll handle it from here
by shengoro86
Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:33 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki New Interview


Je tiens également à indiquer que d'autres belles choses vont arriver, donc continuez à apporter votre soutien, y'a du lourd en route !


I also ask all Shenmue fans to keep providing their support as some beautiful things are on the way, trust me !


I was away for work last week and missed this.

I would be lying if I say that I'm not higly intrigued by this part of your post. Especially the original french sentence.

Since I do trust you, I believe you know a few secret stuff that are going to make the whole community really really happy.

I hope not to be wrong on this feeling [-o<
by Kiske
Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:17 am
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Re: Interview with the Lead Tester for NTSC Shenmue 1 at Seg

Interview completed!
45 minutes long and holy moly was it awesome.

by shengoro86
Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:03 am
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

You backed the game last week and still haven't gotten any email from YS Net? Maybe you did, but it went into the spam mail folder for some reason?

I personally haven't done the Paypal thing yet, just Kickstarter, but this does sound odd to me. Maybe it didn't work? Has your Paypal account been charged yet? I think you should directly contact YS Net about it. [email protected]

Hi, thank you for replying. Yes i still havent receive any official statement or acknowledgement form the Slacker backer paypal payment i made last week through their website. But only received paypal paymend made receipt.

my account has been charged. No problem in getting the money through but just that i did not receive like say a formal "we have received your order / or thank you for purchasing " sort of confirmation. So i am a bit worried. Some sort of order acknowledgement would have been nice and comforting.

Thank you. I just sent them an e-mail. Hopefully they will reply soon. Appreciate your help and for taking the time to write.
by arwinjohn
Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:42 pm
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

You backed the game last week and still haven't gotten any email from YS Net? Maybe you did, but it went into the spam mail folder for some reason?

I personally haven't done the Paypal thing yet, just Kickstarter, but this does sound odd to me. Maybe it didn't work? Has your Paypal account been charged yet? I think you should directly contact YS Net about it. [email protected]

Hi, thank you for replying. Yes i still havent receive any official statement or acknowledgement form the Slacker backer paypal payment i made last week through their website. But only received paypal paymend made receipt.

my account has been charged. No problem in getting the money through but just that i did not receive like say a formal "we have received your order / or thank you for purchasing " sort of confirmation. So i am a bit worried. Some sort of order acknowledgement would have been nice and comforting.

Thank you. I just sent them an e-mail. Hopefully they will reply soon. Appreciate your help and for taking the time to write.

You're welcome. Hope it works out for you. I'll ask a friend who backed the Paypal about the confirmation.
by Hyo Razuki
Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:05 am
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

Thank you David!

I would like them to add as soon as possible pledges upgrades for Kickstarter backers.
Then I will probably raise my pledge based on the new rewards.
by Kiske
Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:54 am
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Re: Recent Gaming Purchases

I have most of those, great choices, dare i asked how much you paid for them?
by AnimeGamer183
Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:19 pm
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Re: Shenmue Collections & Merchandise

^To David:

This guy on EBay is selling a set of the 5 TGS posters,including the Shenhua one.
You might want to ask him if he can sell you it individually. (Link below)

The seller definitely won't part with them individually. Many tried, including myself =).

BTW, lovely collection David!
by sand4fish
Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:22 pm
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Amazing work as always Esspiral. I'll send you a pm.

Can't wait for the next updates !

I am still up to help and provide a french translation of the game on my free time.

Keep up the good work !

Thanks. Hopefully, a french demo can be released for christmas aswell.

For pc what will be the specs? Requirments i mean?

Can't say for certain until its finished, but im pretty sure all of you will be able to run it. It's just a visual novel. Nothing extreme.

Back to work :)
by ShenSun
Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:24 pm
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Shenmue Cinematic Wallpapers and More

Aug. 22, 2017 (Tue)
Shenmue III -

Starting August 2013 I started making a series of Shenmue wallpapers, and so, I created this "Shenmue Cinematic Packs", each one containing 35 wallpapers, all in 1920x1080p resolution, and 2 posters.
If you want to see them individually you can check down below or you can download each pack with every wallpaper. If you have any request or suggestion, feel free to reply here. ;-)

01. Shenmue Cinematic Pack 1 -
02. Shenmue Cineamtic Pack 2 -
03. Shenmue Cinematic Pack 3 -

01. #SaveShenmue January 2014 -
02. A New Journey -
03. Amihama -
04. Cool Z -
05. Counting the Stars -
06. Daily Agony -
07. Dawn -
08. Departure on a New Journey -
09. Dobuita -
10. Encounter with Destiny -
11. Everlasting World -
12. Exiting the Cave -
13. Fangmei -
14. Flag of Lions -
15. Hazuki Dojo -
16. Heads or Tails -
17. Joy -
18. Lunging Strike -
19. Memories of Distant Days -
20. Nightfall -
21. Ren of Heavens -
22. Ryo Hazuki -
23. Sakuragaoka -
24. Sedge Tree -
25. Separated from Yokosuka -
26. Shenhua -
27. Tears of Separation -
28. The Initiator -
29. To Fly Vacantly Like a Hawk -
30. View to Guilin -
31. Wan Chai -
32. Xiuying -
33. Yamanose -
34. Yuanda Zhu -
35. Zhao Longsun -

01. Amulet -
02. Catching Leaves -
03. Chi you men -
04. Defeat -
05. From a Distant Land -
06. Golden Qr. -
07. Guizhang -
08. Hazuki Crest -
09. Heaven's Leader -
10. Heavens -
11. Here to Stay -
12. Iron Palm -
13. Izumi -
14. Like a Polished Mirror -
15. Lucky Hit -
16. Not You Again -
17. Nozomi -
18. Phoenix -
19. Rise of the Phoenix -
20. Sedge Flower -
21. Seeming Defeat -
22. Sneaking -
23. Tai Chi -
24. The Place Where the Sun Sets -
25. The Story Goes On -
26. To Continent and Sea -
27. Warehouse nº8 -
28. Wise Man Qr. -
29. Wude - DAN -
30. Wude - GON -
31. Wude - JIE -
32. Wude - YI -
33. Xiuying's Approval -
34. Xiuying's Sorrow -
35. Yellow Heads -

01. Beyond the Memory -
02. Close Friends -
03. Confrontation with Destiny -
04. Delin Hong -
05. Departing -
06. Destiny -
07. Determination -
08. Dou Niu -
09. Dragon Encounter -
10. Dragon -
11. Farewell -
12. Fated Destiny -
13. Fighters -
14. Finding Wan Chai -
15. Forest Path -
16. Hazuki Tiger -
17. Ine-san -
18. Iwao Hazuki -
19. Jiangyu Ding -
20. Master Baihu -
21. Master Zhoushan -
22. Memories -
23. Pigeon Park -
24. Pleasant Dreams -
25. Predetermined Destiny -
26. Rooftop Fight -
27. Snowy Memory -
28. Song of Good Luck -
29. Street Fight -
30. Sworn Revenge -
31. Terry -
32. Tom -
33. Waves of Morning Haze -
34. Wish -
35. Yuan -

01. Longsun Zhao -
02. Ryo Hazuki -
03. Wuying Ren -

01. Departure -
02. Guilin's Night -
03. Hazuki's Tiger -
04. Keep Training -
05. Lan Di -
06. Master Lishao Tao -
07. Mountain Training -
08. Nozomi -
09. Revenge -
10. Ryo and Shenhua -
11. Ryo Hazuki -
12. Shenmue Cinematic Bundle -
13. Shenmue III(2015) -
14. Shenmue III(2017) -
15. Shenmue Saga Bundle -
16. Waves of Morning Haze -
17. Wong -


01. Keep Friends Close -
02. Lan Di Poster -
03. Red Leaves -
04. Ryo's Poster -
05. Shenmue 500K -
06. Shenmue Poster -
07. Shenmue Poster 2 -
08. Shenmue Poster 3 -
09. Shenmue Poster 4 -
10. The Dragon Mirror -
11. The Phoenix Mirror -


01. Shenmue I -
02. Shenmue II -
03. Shenmue III (Xbox One) -
04. Shenmue III (PlayStation 4) -
05. Shenmue HD (PlayStation 4) -


01. Shenmue Saga Bundle Trailer

02. Shenmue Cinematic Trailer

03. Shenmue I Playthrough
Part 01. The Saga Begins -
Part 02. The Three Blades -
Part 03. Sailors -


DeviantArt -
Facebook -
Twitter -
YouTube -
This post will be updated with more, stay tuned. ;)
Feel free to suggest.

Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:05 am
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Re: Shenmue Collections & Merchandise

To David: Amazing collection!
by Gen
Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:52 am
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David, no need for apology. I also did not intend to act like I was the source of the Facebook post. Your name on Facebook is written in Japanese characters, so I was not aware it was you. I will be more careful next time. Just thought it was worth sharing with the thread.
by mjq jazz bar
Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:59 am
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I Had Lunch With Cédric Biscay

Hi All,

Yesterday, Sunday 10/22/15, I had lunch with Cédric Biscay.

It was really nice to get to know him a bit.

We spoke about Shenmue 3, both of our histories with the series, Shenmue Saturn, the Kickstarter, and the storyline.

We also spoke about modding Shenmue and my bike mod :)

Well, I am not one to say anything official about the game but I will say that the game is in great hands :mrgreen:

I did not conduct an interview with him as that is not what I was there for.

Please do not ask me any questions on Shenmue 3. Please ask the normal twitter handles.
by shengoro86
Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:23 pm
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Shenmue Modding Knowledge


"Creating, collecting & preserving knowledge of hacking & modding Shenmue games."


⋅  Dreamcast Information
⋅  Miscellaneous
⋅  Shenmue_I
⋅  Shenmue_II
⋅  Shenmue_IIx
⋅  What's_Shenmue
⋅  Links


⋅  Giorgio
⋅  shengoro86
⋅  Switch
⋅  IlDucci
by Giorgio
Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:22 pm
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Re: Recent Gaming Purchases

PS2 awesomeness. Got Suikoden 3 off PSN since it was on sale. We never got 3 over here, for some reason, but hey, it's on UK PSN now at a good price.
by Henry Spencer
Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:13 pm
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Crazy amount of work to fix his neck, the result worth it.



by Esppiral
Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:09 pm
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Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue by David Deville

Today we have a new Yu Suzuki interview from David Deville , you might remember his previous interview that happened last year. David met Yu Suzuki again to do a second interview about Shenmue 3. The gaming news site DualShockers also has released a new interview. Read them both below:

Interview Links: David's Yu Suzuki Interview | DualShocker's Yu Suzuki Interview
by Ziming
Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:17 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue

Awesome interview DEVILLE David! Thank-you so much for securing it and sharing it with all of us! :) I've tweeted it and posted it in the Kickstarter comments!
by Anonymous81
Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:08 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki's interview : A New Shenmue

Thank you for this great interview David! It was definitely Worth the wait :mrgreen:

Lot of interesting questions & answers here. I don't understand why S3 team doesn't describe more and better each stretch goal we are pointing at, especially while the campaign is still ON.
The AI Battling or Ragdoll reaction are both appealing but have never been explained this well until your interview and the DS one... unless I've missed some info of course.

Knowing that Yu Suzuki plans to have Choubu area as big as Dobuita is good news too!

Once again, thank you for this interview (in 3 languages!) David :)
by Kiske
Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:10 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 can't promise 60fps but can promise sexy girls

I can agree but there's no perfect game, there's always something lacking.

People were whining that Shenmue III wouldn't bring an ending, some were fine with it and wanted the full version. Same goes with graphics. Since Yu Suzuki said he wouldn't focus too much on the graphics part, people started whining. And now that we're talking about 30/60 fps when the game's development has just started, they still find a way to say something about it.

I will wait around one year or mid-2017 before judging. I don't even know if we could call Shenmue III an "alpha" as it is right now. So there's a long way to go. :happy:

And let's forget who Yu Suzuki is. I wouldn't even worry about Shenmue III being an "unworthy piece of crap". ;-)

I’ll certainly agree that it’s too early to judge the game. I mean…there is no game yet ;)
But…once again, after a 15-year wait, it’s all about hopes, wishes and dreams at this point, and vague announcements can certainly affect them all. The impact will just vary depending on the topic and the person.

Regarding Suzuki, sure, I would be more than inclined to believe in him as well…then again, the same applied to Star Wars fans back in ‘99. Sadly, anything’s possible after a long hiatus.

Realistically, in Shenmue 3’s case, everything will come down to budget and vision:
-Will Suzuki’s vision have evolved… or degenerated over the years?
-Can the very limited budget bring about something worthy of the title/legacy?
by punkmanced
Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:04 pm
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Re: Shenmue III on French TV

Legend, thanks David for your tireless work.
by fittersau
Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:06 pm
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Re: Shenmue III on French TV

Thank you for sharing David!

It gives me goose bumps to see Shenmue on TV :heart:

Cédric Biscay is really doing an amazing job.

Canal+ is a network very popular among 20-50 years old, it's most definitely a great showcase for Shenmue.
by Kiske
Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:38 pm
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Shenmue Gaiden 2015 Plan

Mini update. The following is the development plan for the rest of the year. If we stick to this vague schedule, we should be able to release a demo on Christmas day. Some crucial info may be missing. Updates to the page as we notice them.

October 21st - 31st 2015
• Base game / engine built. (COMPLETE)
• import all current backgrounds / characters (COMPLETE)
• complete basic structure for Guilin demo chapter (COMPLETE)

November 1st - 30th
• Incorporate events, ?, story branches, social events, image maps, music etc.
• Shenmue Gaiden update on the 3rd

December 1st - 10th
• proofread script
• Shenmue Gaiden update on the 3rd
• hand script over to David Deville for French translation
• Receive final demo script
• Have script voiced by voice actors

December 19th - 24th
• Have script voiced by voice actors
• Send copy to david and esspiral for approval.

December 25th
• Eat Christmas dinner and open presents
• Release Shenmue Gaiden Demo
• Presents for all.

December 31st - 1st January
• New announcements
• Feedback
• Party

Updates will continue, with major updates being released on the 3rd of each month.

Many Thanks.
by ShenSun
Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:14 am
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Re: Shenmue III on French TV

Updated English translation.
by Amir
Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:28 am
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RELEASE: Shenmue 2 Explore Mod Disc 4 BETA

Hi all,

Here is the first public release of Disc 4 of my Shenmue 2 Explore Mod.
Why release a BETA?
To give you all a taste of what is to come.
Areas Playable with No Clip Mode:

-Shenhua's House
-Stone Pit (Cave)
How do I use it:

-Grab the save file you need from the save files provided
-Put the save in the NullDC folder
-Boot up CDI
-Launch game
CDI is oversized. Only use on GDEMU or USB-GDROM on actual hardware
Can possibly crash on a console.
I removed Doors but they are not needed in these areas

Special Thanks:
Bluemue - For the info on the FLDD -> REGD sector
Ilducci - For the tutorial on Shenmue 2 notebook hacking
Giorgio - For giving us no clip in S1
Wude - For showing me how to do explicit mapinfo hacks in Shenmue 2
Sm1th - For making the PAL Eng Speech Discs which I used for this release

-Stone Pit
-Shenhua's House

How do I download it?
PM me and I will link you

Development Thread:
by shengoro86
Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:28 pm
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Re: PC version?

Same here, waiting for the pc version to be addded to the rewards. 8)
by abaww
Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:34 pm
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