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Re: Facebook on the 15th

It's a nice idea for some people but put simply, none of my extended family or friends want to see me droning on emotionally about a video game they never heard of.

Even if everyone here were to be 99% for it and hyped up to do it, I would still never do it. I'm only nerdy to a certain degree and have some humility about sharing my obsesive hobbies. And this comes from someone who does a whole podcast just about Shenmue..
by Axm
Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:35 pm
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Re: KS Suggetion- 2 player VS Fighting 5.5m- NPC head re. 10

Thanks for understanding. I respect your opinion, I'm just strongly stating mine as I want to see the best for the game. At the end of the day we all do, surely.
by Yama
Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:17 pm
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Re: How much "magic" will be in Shenmue III? (spoiler Shenmu

I've always seen the fortune tellers as a gameplay mechanic to help the player go on their path more than an actual hint that magic exists in the world of Shenmue.
by Himuro
Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:59 pm
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Re: Game Informer Shenmue Chronicles Playthrough

The second episode was decent (way better than the first one)!

phpBB [video]
by Giorgio
Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:47 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter sets new record - LIVE REACTION

I just got an acquaintance of me to pledge $60 for Shenmue III. Someone who isn't into Shenmue or video games for that matter at all. He didn't feel this was a good thing in any way but I still convinced him. For Shenmue III!
by BlueMue
Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:34 pm
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by Guest
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Re: Final Day: What did you pledge?

I looked my bank account(s). Ugh, I really can't afford to pledge anymore. I threw an extra $6 as a token measure and because that other dude said if we all put in at least $6 each we'd get to $6million. It's worth doing all we can.

I wish I could have put in more money though. If this was a year ago, I would have put in thousands :cry:
by Reprise
Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:09 pm
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Shenmue HD: Attacking Sega with it now (prefab email inside)

Shenmue 3's KS campaign will finish today (tomorrow for Europe, Africa and Asia). It will be the most-funded video game ever on Kickstarter, perhaps even the first video game to surpass the $6 million mark and for that reason Shenmue 3 will be all over the headlines of world wide gaming media once again.

So here's what I thought. With this hype around Shenmue 3 in our sails, now is the perfect time to let Sega know, we want those Shenmue 1 and 2 ports! I've written up a text which I have sent to Sega. If you don't want to write your own email to Sega about S1 and 2 HD, please take the time to copy and paste my text and send it to them. It just takes 3 steps which can be done in less than a minute:

1. Go to Sega's customer support form:
(Since I am in Europe, I went through Sega's UK branch website which is in charge of European markets, but it let's you choose the region you are in, even North America, South America, Asia and so on)

2. Fill in your email address, the platform (PC or PS4), etc.

3. Copy and paste the text below into it (or write your own) and send it off to Sega.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today, Shenmue 3 broke the all-time funding record in the video game category on Kickstarter. See the Kickstarter here:

Many Sega fans, to this day, consider Shenmue not only the greatest Sega franchise ever to be created but the greatest franchise ever. Shenmue 3 is scheduled to come to PS4 and PC in 2017.

Your CEO, Mr. Hajime Satomi talked about "trying to win back back fans' trust" in last week's Famitsu interview. Starting with HD ports of Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 for PS4 and PC would be a great way to do that. The games' resolution would just have to be uspscaled and made widescreen. Other than that, not much would have to be done. Maybe some minor additions like a waiting option for Shenmue 1. Keeping in touch with YS Net who are currently developing Shenmue 3 and making the Shenmue 1 and 2 HD port's save state compatible with Shenmue 3 would be the icing on the cake.

Tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of old fans would come running back to Sega for that port. The strength of the Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 has shown that the appetite for Shenmue games is stronger than ever. This can also be seen on eBay where Shenmue merchandise and games are fetching above their original retail value! Creating HD ports would be not only a popular decision with the fans it would also be highly profitable as well.

Moreover, Shenmue 3, even though it is not going to be a Sega game, is still Sega's IP which they licensed to YS Net. Throughout the last four weeks, Shenmue 3 has repeatedly been making headlines in gaming media all over the world and even made it into the Guiness Book of Records. I think it would be a big image boost for Sega to make those Shenmue 1 and 2 ports and have their name associated with Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 3 and the sensation it has stirred. Making those ports would get Sega positive headlines all over the world and it would be seen as something they have done for their fans.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, seize this chance and bring back Sega's old glory!


Please note: I am not a native speaker of English. Thanks to Benwah for proofreading! Also it might help if you take the time to write your own text as they might see it as some kind of spam if everybody uses the same text. If you don't have time for that, you are of course very welcome to use the above text.

And yeah, I got a bit sentimental with the text, but don't blame me. It's Shenmue. :D
by Hyo Razuki
Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:22 pm
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by Guest
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by Himuro
Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:59 pm
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Re: 6M Lottery!

Knowing Shenmue 3 will exist is about as exciting as winning the lottery.
by mjq jazz bar
Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:23 pm
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Re: Anyone worried that Yu might listen to the fans too much

I can tell you from experience that games start turning sour when the developers cater to what the fans say they want. Most of the time, people don't know entirely what they want, and when they realize what they want through playing the game, the impact is much greater. For example, when I first started Shenmue 1 I didn't even know that fighting was a part of the game. After I got used to it, I discovered that it was extremely satisfying, and it's now one of my favorite parts of the games. This is coming from someone who blows at Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. and typically does not enjoy fighting games.
by Mr357
Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:17 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki officially announces Paypal support for Shenmu

One thing to consider about PayPal that I had completely forgotten about: PayPal hasn't always gone smoothly with crowdfunding projects.

Skull Girls, Dreamfall Chapters, and several other projects that were Kickstarted and then added PayPal afterwards, had their PayPal accounts frozen, with PayPal saying for some time that they would not be unlocked until such time as the games were actually released. They said they were trying to "protect their customers." This has happened several times, and it took a monumental - if fortunately brief - effort to make PayPal see reason and unfreeze the accounts again.

There are different laws in different countries governing PayPal's policies (as they attempt to remain adherent to their interpretation of those laws on a country by country basis,) which causes all sorts of unexpected complexities and conflicts. So things aren't quite as cut and dried as "just do it."

As I've said before, we're not sitting there with Ys Net and AJ, privy to their discussion or decisions. We don't know everything going on behind the scenes or all the reasons for what they do (and don't do) or why. Personally, I'm inclined to always give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless I have proof of pure ineptitude or bungling.

And even were that the case... what can we do about it? We have two choices. 1) Plough ahead and support this process to the hilt, or 2) Fall apart and be less supportive. Even though I know it's frustrating as heck, which of those two courses will best serve the game? It's not as if our outrage is going to force them to put PayPal up more quickly. We waited 14 years for this. We can wait a few more days. I share everyone's frustration. I do. I just want to stay positive and motivated to relentlessly support this, whatever happens, and no matter how bad things get.

That's what got us to where we are now, and it's what will get us to where we want to be. *Insert something about life and lemons here*
by Anonymous81
Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:40 pm
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Shenmue Gaiden on Hiatus

Shenmue Gaiden has been placed on hold for the time being due to Esspiral no longer working on the project. While, I currently have a some assets for the game, more are needed in order to achieve the desired result.

I'll have to wait for more assets to become available from the modding community

The project will be released at a later date. Stay tuned for further updates.

Apologies, if this disappoints some of you, but it is what it is.

In the mean time, look forward to other community projects coming out on a regular basis on the shenmuedojo forums.

Thanks again.
November 2015 update
Greetings everyone. Today, I thought id update you all on the Shenmue Gaiden project. Everything is going according to plan and we're making great progress. It's certainly a very ambitious project, but i'm confident we can all make it a reality.

Shenmue Gaiden currently has two types of models, original and new. The upcoming demo will contain the original models, whilst the full game will contain the new detailed versions. These new renders take time unfortunately. Here's a sample of both types.

The image on the right is the newer model. It has improved lighting, textures, details and special effects. Esspiral continues to improve and his work is simply amazing. I wish I could show you more :)

Fully animated weather has now been implemented into Shenmue Gaiden. Currently, only rain is functional. Expect more in the full game.

Although this is a still image, the rain particles are fully animated when playing. This effect gives the game a more professional a authentic feel.

We now have the original Shenmue Modder, LanDC working with us. LanDC will be composing music for the title. I've heard a few sample tracks from him already and they sound GREAT!!!. Check out his latest public Shenmue remix below.

In addition to, we've also been given some other great amazing music for the project. Samples to come in following updates.

I'm happy to say that after some testing, Characters will now be able to blink and have their mouths move when speaking in a conversation. Here is a prototype shot of one of the characters.

During certain periods of the game, you'll be able to freely explore various areas. To do so, we've implemented a world map containing the playable areas of Guilin. Simply choose an area which you wish Ryo to visit and you'll be taken there instantly. Pick carefully, as each area will have different sub stories.

Throughout the game, you'll be given the option to spend more time with certain characters. You'll be given a ton of choices to choose from when engaging in conversation. Choose wisely. Each choice will alter the character's response and perception of you.

We now have a sample script for those who wish to do voice acting. Please record as many characters as you'd like and upload your demo reel to youtube or email them directly to [email protected]


Finally, we'll be posting a new help thread in the community section. This thread will be use to request specific help from everyone. We can't make this project fully without your input. Please help as much as you can. Link to follow.

That's Novembers update for you. Please give us your feedback, suggestions and questions. If you'd like to help out on the project, please send us an email. [email protected]

Thanks everyone.
Weekly update
- New Shenmue Gaiden Facebook Page
- New staff
- Amazing new voice actress
- More Faqs
- Exclusive release items
- General updates to the page
- Click the following link for the full breakdown

Send all your questions and requests to [email protected]
Facebook Page

Hey Shenmue fans. So over the last few months, me and the amazing Esppiral have been working together on a special project. We originally planned to reveal it back in June but chose to delay it as Shenmue 3 was announced. Never saw that coming lol.

Without further delay, the Shenmue Community would like to present to you all.....

Title : Shenmue Gaiden
Platform : PC/????
OS: Windows XP/7/8 / ????
Release date : 2016 / (Demo 2015)
Game Type: Visual Novel
Story: Non-Cannon. (This is a fan made game. Do not take the story seriously. It's something we threw together and does not represent the actual Shenmue story at all.)

All images are a work in progress. Expect massive improvements as the year goes on.

Shenmue Gaiden will be a spin off non-canon story and take place just before Ryo reaches Shenhua's house in Guilin. A second story based in Hong Kong will also be included. Shenmue Gaiden will focus on the Shenmue Online characters. The lady in red and Lan di will be involved, however, they will take more of a background role. This will be done as we dont wont to interfere with the original story too much. We would like it to feel as authentic as humanly possible.

After walking through the beautiful forest of Guilin for hours, Ryo and Shenhua finally reach their destination. This brief moment of peace is quickly interrupted as the pair are approached by a young girl begging for help. The Xiangjin village has been attacked by a woman dressed in red and group of men wearing black suits. Ryo and Shenhua make their way to the village to investigate. What sort of danger awaits them?

After being defeated by Ryo and his friends, Dou Niu and Yuan are determined to get revenge. They team up with an old foe and seek out the Heavens and Xiuying within Hong Kong.

Ryo - Hero of the series. He promises Lui Hui that he'll find the people responsible for the attack on Xiangjin village.
Shenhua - Heroine of the series. She is good friends with the children of Xiangjing village and accompanies Ryo throughout his travels in Guilin.

Lan Di - The main villain of Shenmue. His reasons for being in Guilin continue to be a mystery.
????? - Mysterious woman dressed in red.

Xiuying - One of the masters of Hong Kong. A very strong and independent woman. She is determined to stop Dou Niu and Yuan once and for all.
Ren - Leader of the Heavens. Nemesis to Dou Niu.

Luihui - An orphan child from Xiangjin village. She looks up to and respects Shenhua.
Shui - Another child from Xiangjin village. He is good friends with Lui Hiu
Maggie - A fearsome and mysterious woman

Chi You Men - The Henchmen of a mysterious organisation.

More to be added.......

All characters sprites will be in full HD and receive noticeable upgrades to their models. Different expressions will also be added to their faces depending on the situation. This will allow us to deliver an extra layer of realism.

Sprites will also receive various lighting effects depending on the background and time of day.

Finally, each sprite will have their eyes and mouths move when speaking or on screen.
Hopefully, all of these improvements will add an extra layer of realism and provide a better overall experience.

Character Model Improvements list
- HD Models
- Dynamic lighting
- Animated faces

All backgrounds in Shenmue Gaiden will be in FULL HD and optimized to support widescreen. Those who played the previous visual novel may have noticed the game running at a 800x600 resolution. This new entry will run at a minimum 1080x720 and support other resolutions.

The backgrounds will also received noticeable upgrades such as lighting and special effects.

Guilin Langhuishan Area

Textboxes has been customized to reflect the feel of Shenmue. The text itself is a work in progress. Here are some sample images from the game.

Ren And Joy

Yuan and ???

Chi You And Village Boy

Ryo and M

Cutscene images will also make a return. However, this time they will be custom made and not directly ripped from Shenmue 1 or 2.

Ryo Training

Ryo and Shenhua by a campfire


Ryo and Shenhua walking through the forest

Mechanics / Others

Shenhua's House
Each night, you'll return to Shenhua's house. Before you go to sleep, you'll be able to discuss the current events of the story, along with having a general discussion about every day life.

Shenhua will also teach you the game's system mechanics and give you advice about future events.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Image maps
Certain sections of the game will give you options to explore various areas at your leisure. Each path leading to a different area of the game.

Conversation choices
Those who played the first game knows that it was full of conversation choices which led to different responses. This game will have the same features but expand on them further.

Voiced characters
One feature we would really love to include is voiced characters. We would love the community to contribute to this. Adam Koralik, his girlfriend and others have already expressed their interest in doing voice over work.

More unique jobs than the first visual novel.


Music will consist of tracks from Shenmue online, Shenmue Orchestra, Fan made music and Shenmue 2 Guilin music.

More info to be revealed soon!!!

Q - What type of game is this?
A - This is a visual novel title. A visual novel is an interactive narrative driven game using static images, text and sometimes video clips. Think Pheonix Wright.

Q - Why did you make this?
A - This is a passion project and was made for the Shenmue Community. We haven't had a Shenmue game in 15 years, so we thought it would be nice to create one.

Q - How many people do you think will play this title
A - Not many. Maybe around 50 - 100.

Q - The character portraits look strange?
A - Esspiral is practically remaking the character models. Its hard work. Expect them to improve in the final game.

Q - Copyright /Sega/Ys net/Cedric Biscay
A - This is a non profit simple fan game. There are hundreds of Sega fangames all over the internet. That said, if Sega, Yu Suzuki, Cedric Biscay or anyone else involved with Shenmue want us to stop the project, then we will cancel it immediately. No questions asked.

Q - How did you make Niao S......i mean the lady in red
A - Me and Esspiral broke into SEGA HQ and stole the plans for Shenmue 5. In all seriousness, Esspiral has put a ton of work into creating this model. The result is magnificent as you can see.

Q - Can I help on the project?
A - Absolutely. Scroll down to the bottom of the thread and see the list of available jobs. Whichever one suits you, send us an email and we will go from there.

Q - You shouldn't interfere with the Shenmue story
A - This game is non canon and will focus on the characters that have been written off from the series (Shenmue online characters). Lady in red and Lan di will take a more background role.

Q - Can you make chapter 2? (Ryo traveling to Hong Kong via boat)
A - Its possible. One day, we may try it.

More FAQs coming soon....

The following individuals have shown interest in taking part in the Shenmue Gaiden project. More staff will be added in the coming weeks. Some individuals may want to withdraw from their current positions in the future. Staffing not final. Wishlist staff are the ones we would like to recruit. Current staff, please email us regarding any additional info. [email protected]
- ShenSun (Producer/Director)
- Esspiral (Producer/Director)
- David Diville (Shenmue Master/French coordinator)

- Shengoro James (Shenmue 500k coordinator)
- Ziming
- Yama

A sample of various phrases/lines/part of the script will be sent out to the voice over team in the coming weeks. Casting of characters will then take place.
- Adam Koralik & Mrs Claus
- Adoxographist
- Shengoro James
- Laura Eliza
- Axm
- David Diville
- Ceej & Brother
- T'Pei
- Heather Chu Bishop
- Giorgio
- Ryo911
- Bryan Figueroa
- More to be added.....

Shown interest. Awaiting Confirmation.
- Eternal Dragon
- Happy Console Gamer

- Esspiral
- Riken productions
- Matthew Velazquez
- François Bilodeau
- More to be added

Needs to confirm
- David Formston

- LanDC
- Miles Prower
- Adrian Farrugia (Editor)
- Redandwhite
- ShenmueP1

If you would like to help on the project, let us know. This is a community project, so all help is welcome.

Current jobs
-- Voice Overs (To voice certain characters in the game)
- Fan Artist (To draw Shenmue fanart)
-- Voice Ripper (To rip voice files of specific characters from Shenmue 1/2)
-- Editor (Read the script for spelling and grammar mistakes)
-- Video Editor (Create trailers for game and to demonstrate updates on youtube)
-- Photoshop Designer (Create wallpapers and promotional images for the game)
-- Music Creator (To remaster or create original Shenmue inspired soundtracks)
--Any other unique skill that you may have, let us know. Contact us at [email protected] or message us through Shenmuedojo

The following is the development plan for the rest of the year. If we stick to this vague schedule, we should be able to release a demo on Christmas day. Some crucial info may be missing. Updates to the page as we notice them.

October 21st - 31st 2015
• Base game / engine built. (COMPLETE)
• import all current backgrounds / characters (COMPLETE)
• complete basic structure for Guilin demo chapter (COMPLETE)

November 1st - 30th
• Incorporate events, ?, story branches, social events, image maps, music etc.
• Shenmue Gaiden update on the 3rd

December 1st - 10th
• proofread script
• Shenmue Gaiden update on the 3rd
• hand script over to David Deville for French translation
• Receive final demo script
• Have script voiced by voice actors

December 19th - 24th
• Have script voiced by voice actors
• Send copy to david and esspiral for approval.

December 25th
• Eat Christmas dinner and open presents
• Release Shenmue Gaiden Demo
• Presents for all.

December 31st - 1st January
• New announcements
• Feedback
• Party

Updates will continue, with major updates being released on the 3rd of each month.

Many Thanks.

If you would like to speak to me or Esspiral about the project, jobs, or anything else then please send us a private message through the Shenmuedojo forums. Alternatively Email us at [email protected]

Like our Facebook Page to get updated on new developments

Shenmue Gaiden Facebook Page

Thanks a million guys. We hope you all enjoy the game.

by ShenSun
Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:28 pm
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Re: Gamespot : Is Shenmue a Good Game? - The Lobby

I think the best and most succinct answer to the question, "Is Shenmue a Good Game?" is simply:

"At least good enough for thousands of people all over the world to lose their minds when a sequel was finally announced, and for somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 people to voluntarily donate more than 6 million dollars to see it happen."

Enough said.
by Anonymous81
Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:42 am
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Re: I'm gonna start saving for a SIV Kickstarter...just in c

I'm happy to help Shenmue get itself up and running again by giving to the Shenmue III kickstarter, but I'm not gunna keep this thing on life-support for the rest of my life. If Shenmue is going to succeed then it's going to have to stay up on its own two feet. We've helped give it another chance, now it's YSnet's turn.

It'll be fine though, I have no worries.
by Thief
Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:34 pm
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Re: Post your best!

3 hits this time I believe.

Demon Drop cheese, that's exactly what I did too. :rotflmao:
The funny thing is that throws never crossed my mind while fighting Chai lol. I always went for low kicks as it was always the safest way to beat him.
I used to use Mud Spider but this is more reliable.

I didn't think you would go for the trouble as I was just teasing lol. It's already great your attempt video btw!
Haha, it's no trouble, I should be able to do this as I could back in the day, in saying that I never found free battle as fidgety as I do now.
by Bambi
Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:51 am
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Re: Thanking Sony

I've been thanking Sony since child birth.

If I get a Tattoo it will read:


With an etched drawing of Kaz Hirai on my belly.
by Axm
Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:14 am
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Re: Thanking Sony

How about the Shenmue community makes a card with our names or whatever signed on it and then send it to Sony HQ?
by Himuro
Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:49 pm
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Re: Random Gaming Thoughts (Read OP Before Posting)

If you have yet to play Super Metroid, and refuse to because of some reason or another, than please watch this video and then GO PLAY THE GAME!

I truly believe Super Metroid to be the best game ever created, period. But regardless of that, the reason I'm so adamant about people playing the game, is because I heard talk around here of people writing off Metroid (in general) because they played Prime (or something) and didn't like it. Prime sucks and it should not influence your opinion on Super Metroid at all. Go play Super Metroid and be happy! I just want you to be happy!
by Thief
Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:46 pm
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Re: Random Thoughts

^ it really is a great bond theme. My personal favorite is "Nobody does it Better" from The Spy Who Loved Me.

phpBB [video]

Runner up being...

phpBB [video]
by Thief
Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:25 pm
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Re: Pre-order Shenmue 3 with PayPal

Hello Everyone

I see lots of concerns/questions about PayPal, this all must be directed 1st to KS team at KS page first and foremost!

As you see only Kickstarter page, official site and @Shenmue_3 have posted about the paypal 1st not @Yu_Suzuki_Jp

or @YSNET_Inc, this must clear the fact that YSNET is busy with focusing on publishing/developing,

while other teams such as KS team (AJ), Shibuya, etc must stay focused on their own tasks.

(Publishing-Developing= Making and releasing the actual game which is YSNET's main task)

So in regards to Kickstarter, PayPal, Etc:

I suggest you 1st to use the Kickstarter page's contact me feature:

(Simply click on YSNET logo and KS Team as YSNET representative will respond)

Don't forget that you can leave comments on KS updates too!

Alternatively you can use 's contact.

Don't forget that you can also tweet @Shenmue_3

At the end,

You can tweet @CedricBiscay or (me myself) for further follow up if really needed.

Thank you very much as always.

Best, Novin
Shenmue Brand Ambassador for YSNET
by alimn
Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:18 pm
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Re: Ryo Hazuki IS in Project X Zone 2! For Reals!

New screenshots by Famitsu, of Ryo Hazuki's solo unit appearance in Project X Zone 2!



Image ... 9cb6e.html
by Giorgio
Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:22 am
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Re: What movie are you watching right now?

I watched Big Trouble in Little China this year for Halloween -- it's not a scary movie, but it's a damn good one, so it'll suffice.
by Thief
Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:20 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki: Le Maitre de Sega - Book Review

Here's the Sumo Digital guy rhetorically asking about a Shenmue III Kickstarter:

Here's Biscay with the "contrepartie" quote:

And here's another post from Biscay on the Shenmue Master Facebook from April 2013:

He says that the photo with Mark Cerny was just a publicity shot for GDC 2013 (i.e. no confirmation of deal with Sony), and that Suzuki is thinking about Kickstarter as well as trying to find funding partners and convincing Sega.

Here's more context to Moore telling Naka to fuck off:
by Amir
Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:43 pm
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

People telling Shenmue fans that are blinded by nostalgia. I guess those people are blinded by stupidness. Also, those people consume the thoughts of others, without making their own. They can't think for themselves. They are so shallow and narrow-minded (and mind-numbed), who of course cannot understand and feel the APPEAL Shenmue has on the fans. When something is deep and requires you to philosophize on it, you cannot expect airheads to give it the green light.

Furthermore, the term "nostalgia" is their cliche explanation on why fans love a game, who the former cannot appreciate in the slightest. Personally, I love Shenmue not because of nostalgia, but because it's the only interactive audiovisual experience that touches my symbolic heart. It lets you feel human in a virtua reality space. It evokes emotions on you, which are of empathetic and uplifting nature.

Additionally, it's a portal to another cultures (and history, geography, mythology, wisdom etc), those of Japan and China, and lets you learn and experience that interactively, without you actually visiting those places. I can feel free, in a open world, to explore the sights and inspect the minute crafted details, without being forced or chased. Especially, it is a play-space/story-world of teaching morality/ethos. Finally, the mundane/everyday and familiar/ordinary are elements that you can really identify with in your life.
by Giorgio
Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:39 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 Opening Scenes

The game Fades into a scene of them walking out of the cave and Ryo says "I feel live I've slept for years"

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
by jackmonte1987
Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:53 pm
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Shenmue 15th Anniversary (North America) & Making of Shenmue

Today is the 15th anniversary since Shenmue was released in North America on the Sega Dreamcast. (December in Europe) To commemorate this day we are sharing a special video that goes behind the scenes in the making of Shenmue. Back in the late 90's NHK aired a TV program on the development of Shenmue at SEGA. They spent 6 months with Yu Suzuki as he was developing Shenmue on what would be Sega's last home game console. English translation provided by Switch .

Making of Shenmue: Youtube | DailyMotion | Vimeo

Available Captions/Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.
by Ziming
Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:17 am
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Re: Recent Gaming Purchases


Meant to grab it at launch, but it hit at a bad moment.
On amazon yesterday it went from 40 bucks to 15... so hell yes I swiped that up.
by OL
Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:34 am
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What did you all get for Christmas?

The topic sums up with the purpose of this is. Here's some pics of what I got. I hope all of you had a great Christmas.
by Tpgb12
Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:21 pm
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Re: Recent Gaming Purchases

This was against my better judgment...

by Sonikku
Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:33 am
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Re: Latest Purchases

For wrestling Bears?
by Crimson Ryan
Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:52 pm
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Re: Latest Purchases

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Replacement Port Covers

Unfortunately, I've also fell victim to my cover ports snapping off which in turn nullified my phones waterproofing.

Seemed to be quite a common complaint about the Z series before they made the ports waterproof without the need for covers.

I was browsing whether it was worth claiming on my insurance before stumbling on a repair video to replace them and it looks painfully easy to do. The example in the video had just the frame disassembled, but the author said they could be put in place with no disassembling required.

£8 purchase from eBay. Wish me luck!
by Crimson Ryan
Tue Oct 18, 2016 5:14 pm
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Shenmue voted #1 in "Top 200 Dreamcast Games 2016"

Was it ever in doubt? Not really. A clear margin of victory, more than double the number of 'best overall game' votes (and that was to it's own sequel - it received triple the number that 3rd placed JSR received) and for the 3rd DCJY best games list, Yu Suzuki's masterpiece is a deserved winner. There's been so much said about this game, so much love and passion from it's loyal fan base, that it's hard to describe the game without simply getting a bit emotional. A beautifully realised vision of mid 80's Japan, intricate, highly detailed environments with graphics that were nothing less than mind blowing at the time, an adventure that felt truly epic, with a classic tale of vengeance and redemption. Yu Suzuki is a gaming genius, and there are so many little touches in the game - from playing classic titles in the Arcades, an out-of-time Saturn to play at home (and versions of the Arcade games to win), motorbike section, fighting system, forklift racing...there's a reason the game was the most expensive ever made, and it can be seen in the incredible attention to detail. The music is just incredible, the game is emotionally touching (yes, even with the slightly wooden voice acting of the western releases), and whilst there are plenty who don't 'get' the game, for many, it transcends the medium. How many people gained an interest in Japanese culture from playing this game? I can think of few other games where the words 'emotionally impacted' are said more, when describing Shenmue . It defines the DC more than any other game, and the memories it invokes in so many..well...I'll just leave some of them here:

Daniel Quince: "...Sat in my tiny caravan bedroom lost in a great story, back in a great time. Sometimes I would just let days pass me by either playing in the arcade, practising Karate or chatting up the terrible voice acted girls... Them's were the days!"

Bridger: "There was nothing like it at the time. You could take your time and explore every area and see the time and detail that was put into every minute of the game..."

James Wakefield: "I know it's an obvious one, but it's the reason I bought a Dreamcast when I was a kid."

Richard Troupe: "Shenmue was a truly revolutionary gaming experience....Shenmue still manages to marvel and astound with its never before seen attention to detail, beautiful soundtrack and stunning atmosphere."

Jonathan: "It was the first time I felt an emotional connection to a game. The story is so deep and the characters are so well developed."

Cameron Allen: "The most engaging video game I have ever experienced.... my wife who does not play video games sat next to me for a complete play through of Shenmue, utterly entranced by the story and characters. With it's time appropriate accuracy and wildly unique feeling I am yet to play a game that matches it's atmosphere."

Mathew: "A game beyond awesome, it really broke me from turn based RPG's and opened my mind to a ton of other games I love today."

Ted: "This is a game that resonated with me deeply. It was a revolutionary game for the time and still holds up well as not only a genre defining game - but as a definition of a new type of media..."

Nicolas Oberlé: "This game allowed me to discover Japan 5 years before my first trip to the country."

Rico Tyrell: "On a personal level, this game started me on my journey to becoming a game programmer..."

Dan Glosier: "It strives to develop a story in a fully imagined world without relying on pure action to keep the player entertained."

Matthew Smith: "Of all the video games that I've ever played, no game more than Shenmue has made me feel like I was visiting a real place. The setting, the music, the character design and the focus on your exploration of everything from the town to your closets make it an unforgettable experience."

Chris: "Shenmue introduced me to not only the wonderful world of the Sega Dreamcast but also the simple joys of exploring a small Japanese town, which subsequently has fueled my love for both video games and Japanese culture ever since."

James Brown: "The single greatest video game that affected m physically and emotionally. Completed it roughly 30+ times...always have slightly different experiences each playthrough..."
by ShenGCH
Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:18 am
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Re: What TV series are you watching?

St. Elmo's Fire wrote: Black Mirror. S3 Ep3. Holy FUCK that is probably one of the darkest bits of TV I have ever watched, I could feel the tension just watching it!

I keep hearing that..! Gotta get into that series asap I guess.
by Monkei
Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:55 pm
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Re: What TV series are you watching?

Black Mirror. S3 Ep3. Holy FUCK that is probably one of the darkest bits of TV I have ever watched, I could feel the tension just watching it!
by St. Elmo's Fire
Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:09 pm
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Re: No Shenmue 3 Until E3 2017!!!

I'm honestly surprised to see so many Shenmue fans so disappointed. I thought Shenmue fans were used to disappointment by now. ;-)
At least we're getting the game...that's all I care about. The less the game gets spoiled the better.
by Henry Spencer
Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:26 pm
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Re: No Shenmue 3 Until E3 2017!!!

Fan feedback scares me. There are a lot of people that donated. Some of them have no idea about what made shenmue great. All it takes is a vocal minority to mess things up. One teaspoon of oil can mess up a ships water supply. Or so they say.

Can you imagine some teen going: "wtf this is boring. All you do is walk and talk. I paid for this? Lawl, shenmue sucks. Add more combat!"

Also, anyone who is familiar with game development knows that a demo takes months out of regular developmet. Watch the god of war 2 "making of" documentary on YouTube. Their struggle to get a demo ready for e3 as well as how time consuming it was is well documented there.
by ChiefNeo
Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:40 am
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Re: No Shenmue 3 Until E3 2017!!!

At this point, I'm guessing that if you criticize Shenmue III upon release you might even be banned. How dare you criticize our lord and savior!

Really? After you saying that Shenmue 3 deserves SO MUCH that it MUST have a E3 screening because it's an equal to a title like Final Fantasy VII Remake (without a solid base for such opinionated claim), you really dare to imply that the rest of us are simply fanboys?

Sandfish said I want constant promotion. I really don't. I just want an update on the game and do not find the recent updates satisfactory. I do expect to see an update before E3, but if they don't have one as the OP of this thread surmises, then they have left their hands to fate.

I find my position fairly logical and reasonable. Certainly, after having the support of over 70k people world wide, Yu and his team would agree that not having an big update on how the project is going before or during E3 would be unacceptable. Only a complete fanboy would argue otherwise.

If they haven't shown anything before and during E3 then I mean, it's on their inaction to show the fruits of their labor that has the sum of nearly 7 million dollars over of 70k people's hopes. The fact that they'd not show anything before or during E3 despite those numbers is begging for bad press anyways. Also, this has more to do with the trailer and more to do with what they're doing with peoples money if they have managed to miss two E3's in a row. Concern for the status of the development would legitimate, especially with a supposed December 2017 release date.

How would I know that you will not want more after your demands are met? When usually threats are attended to, it just means they work and now people feel like they gained power in their hands. It's just a natural course to continue doing so. And soon other people will follow (or did you think you are the only one with wants and needs?) Do you see the really DANGEROUS TREND you are trying to set here? Even if you don't follow through your intentions, others might think it's okay to threaten the development team to get what they want. When said demands can't be met, Ysnet will have to waste money and resources just for damage control and waste time (which is literally our money) that would be otherwise spent on making the game.

Please answer me this: What real difference does it make if a "substantial trailer" is shown RIGHT NOW or 2 years from now in the long run? After all people know the game has evolved to some extent, because some backers have already seen it. And there's simply no fact that keeping up with "substantial updates" (and of the like suggested documentaries and creation of in game items) will bring worthwhile money to cover its costs (unless you show me the numbers or statistics for comparison). But it's a logical conclusion that it will be detrimental to the final product, because the team will have to allocate more time and money (resources that we paid for) on making fans "happy" that could be focused solely on the development process of the game. The opportunity cost Yu chose in the end is the wise one, as seen with other successful Kickstarters. How am I a fanboy here? I really think what I wrote so far makes sense.

I noticed also that you, Himuro, wrote some post about how the entire campaign could be improved. First of all, most of the suggestions are just to keep fans "happy" while waiting for the final product and it does not improve on the game itself which is all we really care about in the end. Your jacket suggestion actually just makes the entire gaming process harder. Besides having to go through the trouble of creating such artifact, they have to test it throughout the final build for possible crashes and bugs. Plus it will be another added promise that Yu will have to fulfill to the backers in the end. Where does the laundry list stop for such a limited budget and small scale team? And FYI any company or organization has room for process improvement, including your workplace or business. There're entire jobs just focused on that area. So don't just go treat everyone like idiots as if no one knows what they are doing, but a few selected non fanboys. We don't even know at what capacity the jobs of the members from Awesome Japan extends to in the end. Probably Yu would have to raise their salary in order for them to perform according to your standards.
And if you are still so keen on improving whatever it's being done, why not do it yourself? Go draft those improvements and send to them. The team will surely make some good use of your improvement suggestions if it's within their job description and capacity. Otherwise talk is easy to go around and everyone just loves to play the boss.

The entire discussion is circular and no one is budging an inch.

Not circular at all. I have no beef with you. I apologize if any of this offends or insults you. I certainly know you are as passionate about Shenmue 3 as the rest of the community. My only intention is just to STOP YOU from planting these ideas to other people that just because you are a backer Ysnet has to listen to you. Threats are not okay. You are willing to take measures to your own hands while not having the consensus from the rest of the community. I just hope that with my posts people understand that no one here is a shareholder of the company and Ynet has no OBLIGATION whatsoever to entertain backers, and not even promote Shenmue 3. Their only obligation toward us all is to deliver a finished game some time in the future (no deadlines requirements, read carefully the stipulations of a Kickstarter project), and the respective perks for those who paid for them. Just let them do their jobs.
So far, the project is on track as some backers already witnessed further development of the game process, unless you want to doubt them. There have been consistent updates (in the form of small interviews mostly) just to let people know that the project is doing okay. There are simply no red flags at all.

Sorry for the long post and thank you to those who read it.

You know what, you're right. I cooled off today for whatever reason and I agree with you. I will not apologize for my behavior because it's how I felt at the time but reconsidering it, I'd say you're right.

As for a trial, I don't view it as necessarily a good thing but also not a bad thing. I will be playing the trial so I can give Ys Net my thoughts on it so I can see if it presents a pure Shenmue experience and I will be articulating this to them through my impressions of the trial. I think the more Shenmue fans who play the trial and give Ys Net impressions the better the final game will turn out. If a lot of us fans don't get the trial because of a fear of spoilers or a pure experience, we are allowing non-fans to articulate their thoughts the most. This cannot happen and we must make it a priority to give the team our thoughts as fans.

And you're right I'm passionate about Shenmue, if my posts hopefully have shown you.

I will definitely be writing drafts on how the KS can be improved and send it to them. I hope I get a response.
by Himuro
Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:22 pm
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Re: No Shenmue 3 Until E3 2017!!!

I only give a shit about shenmue so everything else is a wrong opinion.

And my opinions are not opinions, are facts.
by shredingskin
Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:56 pm
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Re: Politics

by Sonikku
Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:20 pm
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