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Re: Shenmue III Mini Discussion Series

Maybe Zhu killed Zhao and blamed Iwao since it was him who gave the mirrors to Ryo's father to bring them to Japan.

Okay, I've been silently on this board for a while, but I had to register to respond to this. I agree with this idea COMPLETELY.

Also in Shenmue 1, did anyone else realize that CHAI, the skinhead creepy guy, said that Lan Di hates Zhu Yuanda?

Look here, go to 3:50

In that case, why did Zhu Yuanda say that he and Lan Di's father were best friends in Shenmue 2??? Lan Di wouldn't hate someone who was best friends with his father. Not only that, in Yu Suzuki's interview when he was asked about Zhu Yuanda, Yu basically said that he was a character that lies to protect himself and information. Connecting all of those dots together, I believe that Zhu was the one who killed Lan Di's dad. Then, Zhu took the mirrors and gave them to Iwao, and blamed Iwao for the stolen mirrors and the death so that Zhu could cover his ass. Iwao may have had no clue that he was set up, and was probably bound by promise not to tell anyone where the mirrors were to protect his friend. Somehow, Lan Di found out that 1 mirror was in Japan. But Lan Di figured out later that he needs/there is 2 mirrors, but he doesn't know where it is. So that's why Lan Di also wants to talk to Zhu in Shenmue 2 and had people working for him to capture him, to get that information! Lan Di knows Zhu Yuanda is keeping information from him, and knows he's lying about something.

And Zhu hid himself away in Kowloon because he knew that Iwao was killed and didn't want to deal with that aftermath of getting caught up by Lan Di.

Maybe this is a stretch, but it makes sense to me. Now I just need to know who was Shenhua's "father" who was carving these mirrors the entire time. That would make everything easier to understand.
by _dreaming
Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:02 am
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