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Re: Ryo Hazuki vs. Kazuma Kiryu

This whole argument of how Ryo is stronger than Kiryu is completely and utterly wrong.....................
here are the true reasons why Kazuma Kiryu is far more powerful than Ryo Hazuki:
1-People are claiming that Ryo is faster than Kazuma, but Kazuma is infact much faster than Ryo in Yakuza 5 Kazuma was able to dodge a freaking rocket! can Ryo dodge a rocket?? NO
2-People are saying that Ryo took out 70 gang members with a partner and they are saying that due to this he is stronger well this is completely wrong too, in Yakuza 5 during the Tojo clan raid of Nagasugai (i think) Kazuma was able to take on hundreds of Tojo clan Yakuza armed to the teeth alone, and Ryo could only take down 70 gang members with a partner.
3-Kazuma was also able to take down two feral tigers, can Ryo take down two tigers? i dont think so
4-Kazuma has almost never been shown in his prime, whereas in Shenmue Ryo was like 18+ and was shown in his prime the whole time, Ryo isn't as fast as middle aged Kazuma in his prime, wtf makes you people think he's faster than Young Kazuma?!
5-Kazuma also has lots of skills in weapons and Ryo doesn't have much knowledge about weapons.
Bottom Line
Kazuma Kiryu is far more powerful than Ryo Hazuki, if you match Kazuma's strength with Lan Di they might probably be equals, Lan Di has a very powerful blow that can kill someone in one hit, but Kiryu also has speed on his side he can either dodge that strike or block it, Lan Di is also very fast but so is Kiryu they both are extremely fast so if you match both of them up it is definitely a draw
here's a message to all you arrogant Shenmue fans out there (i myself am a huge huge shenmue fan) get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions
keep in mind im not a Ryo hater or anything i like Ryo alot almost as much as Kazuma.

Bottom Line
Kazuma Kiryu > Ryo Hazuki
Kazuma Kiryu = Lan Di
(I hope to see a future crossover between Yakuza & Shenmue both are one of my favorite video game series of all time)
by ossama_2010
Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:17 am
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