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Celebrity Endorsements

This idea sounds far-fetched but I thought it might be worth a try. Why not include some celebrities with a large audience in the Shenmue campaign? These days many celebrities/athletes interact with their fans via social networking.

For example, what if Shenmue received the "Colbert Bump"? Colbert has given great attention to many random things before and there is no doubt in my mind he would do something on Shenmue if we brought it to his attention. We could ask through Twitter/Facebook or even if somebody in NYC goes to a taping of the show and talks about Shenmue during the Q and A, he would mention it on the show.

I know this is a long-shot but I'm just trying to think of ideas to help the campaign and this is what comes to mind. If we got at least one celebrity to join the campaign that would help our cause by significantly increasing the campaign's social outreach.

I think we should focus on one celebrity at a time. My suggestion is Colbert. I'd say most of the video game industry is already aware of us so lets try to explore some other horizons. Imagine Justin Bieber joining the campaign :lol:
by MartyMcFly
Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:43 pm
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