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Re: Its not really Shenmue 3 without Yu Suzuki

Disagree entirely. It rests entirely on who Suzuki makes the game with. I don't have enough faith in him after seeing which studios Suzuki has been shipping the series off to in the past.

The last couple of times Shenmue got handed to another developer, we (almost) got Shenmue Online which featured an entirely different look and feel. Nice CG cutscene, but you could definitely tell it wasn't the same team. The gameplay looked cheap and crappy.

This fantasy belief that if Yu Suzuki is involved no matter where he takes the project, it will be perfect are in for a rude awakening.

Again, look at Shenmue Online which had Suzuki's involvement; Dragonball Z style fireballs shooting out of everybody's hands and the character designs were like something out of a cartoon rather a realistic look. Not to mention the MMO structure just felt weird for a series like Shenmue, spin-off or not, it didn't look like it belonged. And it was meant to be "canon" but the gameplay was so terrible looking. Then there's Shenmue Gai, a crappy phone game the less said about that, the better. Again, Suzuki was involved with that and it didn't exactly take off.

Shenmue 1 and 2 were both a team effort and since that team is no more, the game will be completely different. Ultimately, the best scenario would be for Suzuki to be working at Sony Japan, where the teams there can create amazingly realistic looking character models set in Asian countries (example: Siren PS3) and fantastic art teams (example: Toyama's team and Ueda's team), all made on a relatively decent budget. In my opinion, they're the best team to make Shenmue 3, outside of the likes of Atlus (who often make games set in Japan in various time periods and are now owned by SEGA and they were "open" to bringing back old SEGA IP), Koei Tecmo [specifically Omega Force] (look at Dynasty Warriors, Fatal Frame, Ninja Gaiden etc and tell me they don't have great art/design teams who can damn well recreate ancient time periods in both China and Japan).
by Henry Spencer
Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:48 pm
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