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Postby Vyse Hazuky » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:23 pm

Ah well that's perfect then...

I'm sure sooner or later, when the situation is right, you'll want to add the baritone or go custom. The lack of decent local stores is a usual problem but these days quality control even in factory-made instruments is pretty good and online stores usually offer a trial period. That said you can always mess with dials, pickups and pedals if you desire a different sound. Be wary that a baritone might be a bit harder to play due to the longer scale length.
In the meantime you've got a professional instrument that will make you a better player, as you've surely felt by now. I don't know what guitar you were playing on previously but it seems like it was a big jump in quality and that really makes more of a difference than one imagines. Of course a great player can make a shoebox with strings sound great but a great instrument makes everything so easier and smoother.
I wouldn't worry about the aches from string gauge as that's something you'll grow accustomed to in time (assuming it gives you the tone you want). 13s seems like too much for an electric though! Be sure ESP recommends (or.. doesn't NOT recommend) using such a high gauge. It might warp the guitar's neck due to excess tension (unless of course you already play in drop tunings or.. you could tune it to standard but a half or full step down)

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Re: Latest Purchases

Postby Bambi » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:55 pm


Golden circle tickets for this. I can see why the concept of paying to be at the front pisses some people off though.

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