What is going on?

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Re: What is going on?

Postby TaoLishao » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:02 am

Fuck, y'all still here?

Just fell into the dojo's yt channel a while back and decided to pop in for a look. Hope life's been treating you all well! Good to see some familiar usernames. A lot's changed for me since then but things are going good for me.

Excited for Shenmue 3 development; I backed that shit on kickstarter the moment I heard about it.

Proobably won't be checking in that often in the future, until maybe when new shenmue news comes out. Anyway good to see this place is still kicking and welcoming new fans!
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Re: What is going on?

Postby MiTT3NZ » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:46 am

St. Elmo's Fire wrote: Hey Spokes, do you still want Mexico and the entire Middle East to be nuked?

And do you have an answer to Mittz question that almost made you flounce last time? Like, are you on some kind of therapy or prescription mind-altering medication, or are you "just, y'know, actually LIKE that"? ;-)

(that was one of me favourite Mittz's questions, that's why I remember it!)

When was this? And yeah, I am pretty mint tbh.
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Re: What is going on?

Postby beedle » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:40 pm

why is my avatar Gerry Adams and a goat
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"After Burner...Great!"
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Re: What is going on?

Postby Sokora » Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:00 pm

Spokane wrote: It's like climbing back into the womb I thought.

*walks in and memories flood in*

What is that peculiar noise? *echo echo echo*

Who's there? *echo echo echo*

But I was only 13 at the time of July 2003. Who knew this place would shape my teenage years?

Yet there are others who don't even care about this game or this place. Even my brother who is a gamer told me he forgot Shenmue even existed and he liked the Dreamcast.

*slap in the face*

I spent so much time here, but my brother is just a half brother and has as much not in common with me as in common.

*kick in the groin*

Oh its you kicking. One of the reasons I left. I won't give you the satisfaction of me saying who you are.

*stab in the back*

And I see its someone not much different than you, another reason I left. Yet again I won't give you the pleasure of me saying your name.

*Shenmue III is announced*

And I had just started getting over this damn game and the community.

*past regrets seep in*

I am sorry, I shouldn't have treated you like that. I actually have more in common with you than I would ever admit to when I was younger. And I am not speaking of my brother.

*more regrets*

You were such great friends as far as online standards go. Why didn't I say goodbye? Why have I treated you like a part of my past I want to forget.

*familiar faces*

All these people...... these profiles. They bring back so many memories. Most of them are good.

*life* *echo* *life*

What are these crossroads I am at? Life isn't much better than it was when I stopped coming here. But I guess it isn't worst.

*warm comfy couch*

Stay? Its so tempting. It looks so inviting. Maybe. Maybe.

*reality starts to get thinner*

Or is it all just an illusion?


............................ Who knows what the answer truly is to anything?

You were always such a cock tease
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