Issues with Shenmue Undub on my Dreamcast?

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Issues with Shenmue Undub on my Dreamcast?

Postby timic83 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:11 pm

(I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask, but I actually have no idea where to ask a question like this)

As you can see, voice clips will cut out, be innapropriately matched to subs or sometimes not play at all. Does anyone know what might be causing this (bad disc, bad DC laser, i burned it wrong)

I really want to experience Shenmue in Japanese on the Dreamcast.
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Re: Issues with Shenmue Undub on my Dreamcast?

Postby chris1986 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:59 am

That isn't your fault, it's the way the undub was made, unfortunately, it's as close as we're probably gonna get in terms of playing Shenmue in Japanese with English subs, I came across this problem recently, since I've only just decided to give Shenmue another go, I mean I haven't played it in a while now since my Shenmue discs are either scratched, snapped or lost completely, so after reviewing my options online, and after testing the new undub, I've decided to go for just playing the original Shenmue pal version, I can live with the bad voice acting and odd sounding pedestrians, it's still nostalgic anyway.

My hope is that if we ever get Shenmue HD, that will include a Japanese audio track, so I'll be patient, but I can't cope with all the silence and miss-matching subtitles, I give plenty credit to the people that made the undub, but I'd prefer not to play the game like this.
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Re: Issues with Shenmue Undub on my Dreamcast?

Postby sm1th » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:40 pm

The japanese version has many more speech files than the english version does. If not close to double the amount of speech files.

The majority of the JP speech files once rebuilt into an archive are:
Differently Named

**This is why it is silent when the files were incompatible between both versions.

It took me many months just to get the subtitles to load correctly with the modified speech files. In many different previous iso versions the mod would produce subs that had a mix of JP and ENG including funky ascii. Also previous versions had issues with crashing.. Once I finally figured out howto swap and mod everything that was possible then rebuild the archives correctly, the final result is that some of the FREE speech is silent.

Free Speech has close to 60 percent complete undub.
Cinematics is more like 98 percent complete undub.

Anyhow it was a complete bitch to mod undub.
The project is complete..although Revive DC will someday do a repack for Disc 3.

Consider this undub a hacked undub. (Modified Files, Swap, etc.)
Play this version until a newer one is available...

The only way that a 100 percent complete undub can be done is if the subs are translated from japanese to english. (while using all the jp speech files)
Good news, Kogami is doing this exact translation of Shenmue 1 for DC.
Some day it will be complete and you will not have to play this version anymore.

Hope this helps.

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